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"How To Stop Working And
Make A Million Pounds

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For Free. No Catch, No Obligation
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Dear Reader,

It’s true! I want to send you a copy of my 148 page book, ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’, completely free of charge. . No catch and no cost. I’ll even pay the postage. Why? Well I have a good reason, which I’ll come to in a moment, But first let me tell you about the book.

For more years than I care to remember, I tried the ‘traditional’ way of making money, and it got me precisely nowhere. Ten years of ‘hard labour’ and I was struggling to meet the mortgage repayments on a shoebox of a house, driving a beat up VW Beetle that looked for all the world like it had been peppered with a shotgun, and taking my annual holidays in a damp Mablethorpe Caravan. Wealth (or even financial security) seemed a lifetime away.

The Secret

And then I discovered ‘the secret’ - something pretty amazing. To make money….serious money…you have to stop working, You see, working gets in the way of making piles of cash. Ever felt you were too busy earning a living to make any REAL money? Well you’ll know what I mean. It was only when I gave up work and tried ‘something else’ that the money started to flood in. Truck loads of it!

This ‘something else’ was to turn an ordinary bloke from Rotherham into a multi-millionaire. The mortgage was quickly paid off, the Beetle replaced by a succession of Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes, and the holidays became whenever and wherever I chose.

Want to know about that ‘something else? Like to know how you could copy me. I’ll tell you, but first it’s important you understand this.

Anyone Can Do this!

I didn’t have anyone to give me any money to get started with this, and I didn’t borrow or invest a load of money to get rich either. That mortgage I told you about is the only money I’ve ever borrowed in my life. Truth is, my fortune was built on the back of a £30 investment...thirty quid!!

That investment made me a multi millionaire. Don’t be misled, I’m not talking about ‘paper’ wealth you can’t spend - like all those Dotcom ‘millionaires’ a few years ago. I’m talking about real cash - the stuff you can go out and exchange for nice houses, exotic holidays and fancy cars. Yes, lots of fancy cars!

But I had to stop working before I could do any of this...and if you want to do it so will you.

The more money I made, the more I realised something really important....95% of conventional wisdom about making money is wrong. Dangerously wrong. Nothing more than claptrap put about by good writers with lousy bank balances - useless people just teaching you to fail.

Why on earth would you want to learn about making money from someone who doesn’t have any? Does that make any sense to you? Me neither. And that’s why I decided to write a book, detailing exactly how to do what I’ve done, starting from scratch...

How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead

The big difference between this and other books you may have read is that it’s written by someone who’s actually done it!

Some of the things I’m going to tell you will surprise you...shock you even. As I said before, it’s going to turn much of what you thought you knew about making money on its head.

Everything is practical, down to earth, and easy to put into profitmaking action. I won’t bore you with psycho mumbo jumbo, I won’t get you to chant affirmations to yourself, I won’t be encouraging you to hypnotise yourself - nothing like that. That stuff has it’s place but it isn’t here.

This is the place where you’ll learn exactly how to stop working and make an obscene amount of money for yourself starting from zero - right here in the UK.

No More Excuses!

Do you think you need capital, education, experience or youth on your side? Wrong! I’ll show you why not, and why these things might actually work against you if you want to make it really big. Remember...anyone can stop working and make a million pounds instead. But not everyone can. First you need to learn how.

Scroll down and have a look at what readers have said . Remember these are people who have paid £19.95 for the book and were delighted that they did. But I’m going to send you a copy for nothing…zero…zilch…not one penny either now or in the future.

I know what you’re probably thinking though...

Why would this guy send me a copy of his book for free? There has to be a catch! Well there isn’t (I’m even paying the postage for goodness sake!) but I DO have a reason for sending it to you. What is it? Well for a full explanation…to fully understand it…you’ll have to read the book. But here’s a little clue….

It’s possible…and I can’t make any promises here….that we may be able to work together in the future. I’ll provide you with all the tools you need to go it alone, but some people like to work with me at least part of the time, and when they do the rewards can be massive. I paid one reader £127,624 over the last 2 years, and that’s a tiny fraction of what he’s made by himself after reading the book.

And guess what? When we worked together, I made money too!

Still not convinced? Still looking for the catch? Still think, it’s too good to be true? Well, thanks for reading this far, but remember, I’m offering to send you a copy of ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’ at my cost. It’s a book which tells you how to do exactly what it says on the cover, and is a gift from me to you, that won’t cost you a penny or obligate you to anything…now or ever.

There is no ‘catch’ apart from the possibility that at some time in the future, we may decide to work together, and if we do, we’ll both make money from it. If that bothers you, then please don’t send for your free copy of the book. 

What Readers Have Said About The Book
 I Want To Send You
For Free

"Many thanks for the ideas you have given me. I’ve gone from having a boring, underpaid 9-5 job, to running my own business and still having enough time to pursue my career as a musician. I can also give to charities now. That makes me feel absolutely brilliant about myself."
S Tyers

"I must write and congratulate you on your was the best £20 I ever spent, and my income has increased by £100 a week for about 10 minutes work a day."
J Bateman

"Your words in the book were very inspiring. I could not put the book down. It’s made an immense difference to my way of thinking. ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’ is the best book I have ever read. It really is amazing how your words, which are nothing more than ink on paper, can inspire a person to immediately think about changing their life."
S Parry

"A brilliant insiders look at how anyone can get rich starting today - by someone who has actually done it. If you’ve ever aspired to making a big bundle of money as quickly and easily as possible, then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy right away."
O Goehler

"Your book brought everything into perspective for me, and the cover is now falling off because I am re-reading a lot of the content."
P Godfrey

"A fascinating and inspiring read. The kind of book that makes you act on something NOW, instead of tomorrow, or next week."
G Flintham

"It is down to you that I have found the confidence to set up my own business."
M Crowther

"I’m a partner in a joint venture started from one of your ideas, and I’m very busy making money."
A Potts

"I’ve just finished your book, and this idea has everything. I was about to give up, but now I have hope again for my own business."
J Marais

"It’s because of you I’m now venturing into a business of my own and making good money from it."
S Nixon

"I have steadily implemented a number of your most excellent ideas. They are working extremely well for me. Thanks to you my future is secure."
S Tarry

"I wish to complement you on a publication which is eloquently written in a language and format that is easy to understand and follow, as well as being simple and straight forward. Congratulations on an excellent work."
J Rogers

"That’s got to be one of the greatest entrepreneurial books of all time. And I’ve read lots!"
Peter Juszko

"It changed my whole perspective to life. I have used 2 of the business ventures you suggested and they are doing fine. My life has been turned around. Thank you very much."
Kofi Samuels

"One of the best motivational books I have ever read."
Lee Wood

"Inspiring, informative and very entertaining."
Roger Bugden 




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