"If You Can Tell A Tomato From
A Sprout, This ‘Lazy Cheats'
Betting Tool Can Make You
An Effort Free £225-£650  A
Week In Your Spare Time."


Plug It In, Switch It On
And Sit Back While It Stuffs
Your Bank With Cash!


Dear Streetwise Customer,

Here’s what this is all about in a nutshell…

  For the last nine months, I’ve been quietly winning serious money from home, almost every day. And it’s all thanks to a simple but ingenious piece of gambling software that I was almost ‘forced’ to try out.

You can win money with this too - provided
you can tell sprouts from tomatoes!

I’ll tell you more about that later.

   The whole shooting match takes me about three minutes to set up each day, and that’s it. I just fire up on my four year old PC and then leave it to do it’s thing. Work practically done for the day!

  Child’s play doesn’t even come close to describing how easy this is, and yet it’s changed my life forever.

   Okay, let me introduce myself and tell you how this came about.

  My name is Graham Carter and I’ve been in and out of work for the last 10 years. It’s pretty hard to keep things going or plan for the future when you have a wife and family to support and no regular income you can rely on. Perhaps you know what that’s like? I don’t mind admitting that times have been tough.

  Anyway about a year ago, I was at a loose end – yet another attempt at making some money from home had just failed - and then I had an idea…

  To be honest I’d got cheesed off with all the letters I was getting through the post and email promising to make me “a millionaire in a fortnight”. I’d started thinking most of it was pie in the sky and after trying a few ‘sure fire things’ and making nothing I became convinced of it.  I decided to write to some of the people sending these letters with a bit of a challenge. I think I wrote to about a dozen of them.

My challenge, which I sent out to all those
biz opp’ companies, went something like this…

“Look, I don’t expect to make a million by next Thursday, In fact I don’t expect to get rich at all.  I just want to make some decent  money from home. I don’t care what I do as long as it’s legal, honest and moral. Prove there’s something out there for people like me that really works. And if you do, I’ll tell the world”

  I didn’t expect to hear back from any of them, and I didn’t for a couple of months. But then I received an intriguing letter from Streetwise Publications. In a nutshell, it said that they were testing out a new internet based gambling system and asked if I’d like to be a guinea pig?

   Wow…they’d replied and they’d called my bluff. I almost turned them down flat there and then though. That would have been a mistake! You see, I knew less than nothing about gambling and  told them as much.  They said it didn’t matter because everything was automated on a piece of software and just as long as I wasn’t colour blind I had everything I needed.

   Almost reluctantly, I agreed to test it out (what a wimp!) and a few days later, a single computer disc arrived in the mail, together with a confidentiality agreement which they insisted I sign.  The words ‘Project X’ had been hand written in felt tip on the disc. Not very impressive, I thought.

  Anyway, I signed the agreement, read the instructions…four pages of A4 (really pushing the boat out!)…popped the disc into my PC, and I was away. It was as quick and simple as that. All done and dusted in a morning.

  Nine months later I can hardly describe how my life has changed. From being permanently in debt, all the bills are paid on time, we have plenty of spare cash for eating out and treats and I’ve just ordered my first brand new car. Okay it’s only a Ford Fiesta, but it’s a big deal for us. I’ve just booked our first foreign holiday for five years as well, and I can’t tell you how excited the kids are about that.

  And it’s all thanks to that crummy looking computer disc. I just totted it up and I’ve made an average of £415.22 a week in the time I’ve been doing this – and because this is gambling, it’s all tax free! 

  That might not seem a lot to you, but it’s a big thing for us. I just looked at the last few days profit…

Nothing huge or dramatic but it adds up over time.

   And when it’s all set up in just three minutes a day, (that’s really all it takes) it’s something that easily fits in with the rest of my life. I can spend time with the kids, tinkering with my motorbike or just doing a bit of work around the house.  After 10 years of little or no money, it needs it!

  The feeling of freedom it gives you when you’ve got a few hundred quid a week dropping into your bank account has to be experienced to be believed.

  Anyway, enough about me. This letter is really about you. They kept their side of the bargain, and it’s time for me to keep mine. Let me tell you how you can join me, and what it might mean for you if you do.

Is this for everyone? Erm…not quite!

  Before you jump in feet first, there are a few things you need to know before you decide...

First a question…

  Are you totally broke with no hope of scraping together a few quid from anywhere? This probably isn’t right for you yet then. You’re going to need about £500 to play with to get started. Why? Well this is a gambling system and brilliant as it is, you’re not going to win every single bet. I hope that doesn’t put you off (because this could change your life like it has mine) but you have to be realistic. Only seven or eight bets out of ten will win. That means two or three out of ten will lose.


   Not really if you have a sensible betting bank.  I actually borrowed mine from my father in law but paid him back in a fortnight. The way the software works is to minimise losses and maximise profits, so winning seven or so bets out of ten puts you well in profit most days, but there will be days when you lose. There may even be weeks where you don’t win (although that hasn’t happened to me yet). I lost forty two quid one day last week, but won £87 the day before and £69 the day after so it didn’t really matter. But if I was playing with my last fifty quid it would have. Does that make sense?

   You’re also going to find this difficult if you can’t spend at least some time around a PC or laptop connected to the internet via broadband. The software does all the work for you but you do need to  fire it up, and you do need to be around to act on what it tells you to do. You need to place the bets. It’s all done online of course but if you live in the middle of a field with no broadband, this isn’t something you can really do.

  The good thing though, is that you can do it at pretty much any time of the day or night. So you don’t have to be around at certain hours (say 9.00-5.00) but you do have to be around some of the time.  I usually set the whole thing going in a morning (just before I take the kids to school) until about lunch time, but afternoons, evening and even night time is just as good.

  Back in November I made £150 at 3.00am in the morning! I couldn’t sleep and so fired up the software while I made a cup of tea. Within five minutes, there was an alert and I thought, why not? I put my bet on and bingo – a hundred and fifty quid!

And the final thing… oh yes that brings
me back to the sprouts and the tomatoes!

   Okay, you don’t really need to be able to tell them apart, but you do need to be able to tell green from red. Truth be told, that’s just about the only skill you need to make this thing work for you.

  You don’t need any special talent or ability, and you don’t need to know anything about betting to make it work. You don’t even need to know anything about computers, (I can still only just about surf the internet on mine) because this software does all the hard work for you.

    I think this is a good time to explain exactly what you’ll be doing in those three minutes each day, and how the software will alert you to a money making opportunity.

Here’s How It Works…

  Once the software is loaded on to your PC or laptop, all you have to do is select which betting markets you’ll be looking at today. You have a choice and that’s why this works pretty much around the clock. There’s always action going on somewhere around the globe.

  Next?  Well that’s about it for you. That was a hard day wasn’t it? The software now scans the market you’ve chosen, hunting for profit opportunities. When it finds one (and this is where your colour identifying skills come in!) a red light on screen changes to green. I’m guessing you’ve seen something similar happen when you’ve been waiting at traffic lights. Assuming you knew what to do, then you’ll know what to do now!

Go! Advance…Place Your Bet!

  Right there on screen you’re told what bet to place and how to structure your stake. There’s nothing complicated or difficult about any of this. Apart from the odd flutter on the Grand National, I’d never placed a bet of any kind before I got cornered into trying this out. It took me no time at all to figure it out, and it was all covered in the simple four page instruction ‘manual’ anyway.

  I leave the tool running and monitor it for just a couple of hours in the morning. That brings in enough cash to keep me satisfied, I’m not greedy. But if you want to really make some serious money there’s nothing to stop you working this all day. That’s not for me (I’ve got other things I enjoy doing) but with twenty four hours a day profits at your fingertips, I suppose the sky’s the limit!

  In fact, now I think about it, my profit figures are a bit of a joke – I’m only scratching the surface, but I don’t want you to get carried away. It’s easy to think that you’d  sit there all day waiting for the alerts, but life has a habit of taking over in my experience. Let’s just stick with what I’ve found out…

Three minutes preparation each day...a couple of
hours being close enough to my computer to know
when a red lightchanges to green equals an average
of £415.22 a week profit!

  Think you could do that? Think you’d like to do that. Well you can if:

  This last one is a ‘biggie’, and you need to think about it. When I first started, I thought this would be easy, but it isn’t. When you’re winning big it’s so easy to be tempted to up stakes, let bets run or have ‘bets for fun’. When you lose (and remember,  two or three bets out of ten will lose) it’s tempting to cut stakes or take profits before the system says you should.

  You have to do EXACTLY what the system says, and if you do you’ll make regular, consistent and predictable profits. No exceptions. This is a system that doesn’t just work today, it will work for as long as the markets we bet on are operating. And I can tell you now, that they’re not going away any time soon.

Just to be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with:

  In fact before I got involved in this I didn’t even know you COULD place a bet on this activity, and it may be the same for you. I don’t think it’s something the general public get to hear about very much – if at all. There might be quicker, easier and more effective ways to make money from gambling, but if there are, I don’t know what they are.

  Still with me? Great, so how do you get your hands on this revolutionary betting tool and start banking regular weekly profits for yourself?

  Well the good news is that you can. But the bad news is that you’ll have to be quick. You see, I was part of the initial trial of this software tool by Streetwise Publications, and now they’re looking to move to the next phase…

A limited release to just 100 customers they’re calling their "Discount Pioneers!"

  And that’s the real reason for me writing to you today.

  Here’s the deal in a nutshell…

   When Project X  goes on general release in three months time the price will be £997.  I reckon that’s a huge bargain. After all I’ve averaged close to that in profit every couple of weeks for the past nine months, and I’m only scratching the surface of what this thing can do.

  But here’s the thing. Streetwise know this is one of those products which is going to make their customers a packet. They also know that the best way to prove that to people is by having a huge pile of success stories from people who have tried it out and made a pile of cash. So they’ve decided to release these first 100 pioneer places at less than a third of the usual price – just £297. After that the doors will be closed and won’t be re-opened again for 3 months – and then the price will be at least £997. Maybe more if the profits are even higher than they’re expecting.

Your Profits Are Guaranteed…

  If you want one of these discounted pioneer places, read on and I’ll tell you how you can join me. You can be up and running and in profit  – in less than a day. And what’s more your profits come more than fully guaranteed!

Your 90 Day Test Drive
Money Back Profit Guarantee

Send for Project X on a home trial basis. Try out the system in the comfort and privacy of your own home for the next 90 days.

Take advantage of the help and support via the members-only help-line. And then if for you fail to make a substantial return on your investment, let Streetwise Publications know (no need to return anything) and they will return your money in full!

 Please note that this isn’t one of those airy-fairy guarantees you see a lot these days. The Project X software tool is really easy to copy. There’s no big complicated  manual  and once you’ve seen how it works, and have it loaded up on your computer, it  can’t be taken back again.  So if it came with one of those silly guarantees where you can send the product back for refund if you don’t like the look of it, I think Streetwise would be crazy. This is the real deal!

  So just to be clear, if you’ve got any thought about ordering this just to ‘have a look’, it’s probably better you don’t order. If you’ve got any thought about ordering so you can copy it and get a refund, it’s definitely better you don’t order! But if you intend to order and put the system to a proper test, then you’re fully and completely covered by the money back guarantee.

  Fair enough?

 Here’s How To Get Hold Of Your Copy Of Project X On Approval...

You can order online via secure server by
Or you can call Streetwise credit card hotline on
01709 361819.

Either way, Streetwise will  rush your start-up package straight out to you. This will contain the secret Project X URL and access codes so that you can download the software and simple instructions direct to your PC or laptop.

Assuming you already have your broadband in place, there’s no reason why you can’t be up and running and primed to make money…the very same day. That’s how it was for me.

Just 100 Discounted Places Available…

   Don’t forget, if you want to test this out on approval, do it today. At the moment, there are just 100 places available. I expect these places to go very quickly, and there may be no more after that at this heavily discounted price.

This Could Be Your Escape Route Too…

   There seems no end in sight to the doom and gloom we’re all experiencing both in the UK and around Europe, but please believe me when I say that you don’t have to be part of that any more. There is a way out. Join me in it today and start winning  some serious reliable cash in your spare time from home.

  The first stage is to test drive one of these 100 discounted places for yourself on approval, and find out first hand how easy this is.  

  I look forward to hearing that you’ve joined me in this, and that you’ve started reaping the benefits.

  Reserve your place today, while there’s still time.

 Very Best Wishes,


Graham Carter

PS.    Anyone who tells you that you can’t make reliable regular profits from gambling is wrong. I’m living proof and this Project X software will help you do it.

PPS.   With growing redundancies and business failures, there couldn’t be a better time to get into this. It’s completely immune to Government cuts, recession or anything else these turbulent times might throw at you….and your profits are tax free.

PPPS. I’ve just heard that the software I used has been upgraded to include an audio alert, so you don’t even need to be looking at your screen to know when a recommended bet has surfaced.

You Can Order Online Via Secure Server By
Or You Can Call Streetwise Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819.


 *The software needs a constant stream of live data from the markets to do its work.  The cost is around $25 per month. It’s next to nothing when compared with the profits it’s possible to make. 


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