Over a year ago this man predicted a worldwide unprecedented crisis. He  developed a strategy which would enable any ordinary man or woman to  make £2,803 a month during 'normal' times, but then really bank a huge  cash  pay-out once the implications of the crisis hit.

 Well the crisis came sooner than anyone thought. The opportunity he  planned for is about to hit. And you can be in on it. But only if you  are  one
of the first NINE people to apply. Here are the full details...

    Dear Streetwise Customer,   

   I know you’re skeptical right now, so I’ll get straight to the point:

   It’s a 100% legal and little-known loophole, but I can only take so much before they realise 
what I’m doing and possibly try to block me. But they won’t block  you, so if I show you where
to find these codes, and tell you what to do with them (it only takes sixty seconds), will you pay 
me 10% of the money?

   Yes? Then please spare me a few minutes, and I’ll explain what’s going on here, and right off
the bat let me put your mind at rest about a few things…

         100% Legal, Zero Work Income…

   Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal and involves virtually ZERO work. I’ll be telling you exactly what
to do in 1-2-3 steps a 5-year old child could follow. You don’t have to leave the house, this
simple sixty-second task can be done by phone or Internet, your choice.

   You just do exactly as I say, like an obedient robot! Can you handle that?

   I couldn’t ask anyone else to do this, and believe me I’ve tried, including asking close
relatives, but very few people have an open mind and the entrepreneurial attitude to even hear
me out.

  These fools are literally turning down MONEY! 

   But you’re different, and that’s why I’m now speaking to you about regularly skimming you
just a teensy-weensy slice from this £3.7 TRILLION Pound money-mountain…

 Skimming from their £3.7 TRILLION  Pound Money-Mountain… 

   Yes, this dirty pile of cash is that big, and this loophole is the key that opens the money-
floodgates! And because it’s so big, they’re hardly going to notice a missing £2,803 a month, are
they? It’s not even a drop in this massive, grimy bucket! 

   In a second I’ll explain why I call this money “dirty,” but can I first ask an important question: 

    Would £2,803 make a difference to your life? This won’t make you an overnight 
millionaire (what will?), but this would certainly make your life easier, wouldn’t it? Even when
you deduct my 10% cut that’s £2,522 a month, and with that you could: 

  • Live rent or mortgage free… 

  • Buy the toys of your dreams

  • Pay your kids’ university fees or send them to a better school… 

  • Lump all your debts into one low rate loan, and use this to pay it off…

  • Downsize your life and use it to retire…

  • Or simply be able to enjoy all those little extra luxuries of life… 

      All from a sixty-second task! Nice work if you can get it…? 

   This money has been made from this, FACT on public record, so there are no “ifs”
about it! You just need to decide if you want in on this because I can only get the payoffs to
3% of people reading this.
It’s under the radar so I have to keep numbers down. 

   But I know the question you must be asking yourself: 

Why isn’t everyone doing this…? 

   I get it. In this cut-throat world everyone is out to take our money with some kind of cheap
scam, and if something seems too good to be true it probably is. It’s a funny thing, but every
time I ask myself this question after stumbling across an opportunity I end up making money. 

   In this instance, the answer to this question is very simple: 

          1. Most people will NEVER get to hear about this in the first place
              because “The  Establishment” wants to keep a lid on it.

          2. Even the people who do know about it don’t want to believe it’s
              true so they simply can’t let themselves exploit this loophole.

   Think about it. If you don’t want something to be true, you’re hardly going to try to make money 
from it, are you? 

    I’ll level with you… 

   There’s a very dark side to what’s going on here. It’s 100% legal, but we’re siphoning money out  because of a massive scandal that these corporations hope goes away. Everyone in “The
Establishment” is heavily invested in these “dirty” accounts, and they all need to keep the party
going. But the truth is that it’s a cover-up of biblical proportions, and people like me are the trigger
that could widely expose it- another reason why only 3% of people reading this can get in on 
the deal.

   But that’s too bad, and not my fault. And that’s why I see this money as a payoff. 

   So, yes, there is a scam going on here, but it’s not at my end, and this £2,803 a month is
entirely possibly because of it!

    As I’m about to explain, the real scam is the one going on behind these “dirty” corporate
accounts we’ll be targeting, so I’ll sleep just fine after taking this money, and you can too…

                      These trashy corporations had it coming… 

   So, I’ll show you where to find these PIN codes, and you just take sixty seconds to use them
according to my instruction. 

   But I’m sure you’re curious about what’s going on here, so I’ll put it in simple terms… 

   When a person runs into money difficulty, they often borrow money to artificially boost their
finances, right? 

    Only that extra debt now makes the situation even worse, so they borrow even more... 

    And then, because of adding even more debt, their credit rating is getting lower, so they have to pay higher interest and guarantee the loan with personal property or the family home... 

    And then they have even less money available because they have to pay all these monthly loan payments… 

    And, eventually the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. A sad and familiar story,

    Well, corporations are no different to people. Only now there’s much more money at
stake… and much more money to take. Late fees, interest, all this extra money is made by 
banks at their expense.

    Never before has so much money been lent to corporations in financial difficulty. And never
before has such a simple moneymaking opportunity existed!

    Consider this money as me getting a share of the “late fees” on these “dirty” corporate

   I wouldn’t take advantage of an individual’s financial difficulty, but a fat-cat corporation? I’ve got no problem profiting from them being in such a situation, have you? Especially because, in some cases, these corporations are covering up their financial problems, and lying to the public.

   One of the companies behind these dirty accounts is now under investigation by the police
authorities, but the money we take as a result is 100% legal.

   Again, you don’t need to worry about any of this as I’m just telling you what to do, but just to put
your mind at rest… 

  • You do NOT need any special technical knowledge or experience…

  • You do NOT need a good credit rating…

  • You do NOT need ANY experience of ANYTHING at all…

   To pull this off, I’m NOT getting into debt, I’m NOT buying and selling cheap assets, I’m NOT buying stocks, it’s really like money out of thin air. You just have to know how to exploit this loophole, and I’m doing that for you, so don’t worry.

   £2,803 a month has already been skimmed out of these accounts. The next payoffs could be routed into YOUR bank account from just doing as I say.

    As a member of the public, you’re entitled to this compensation but very few people know about it. And that’s deliberate because ‘they’ don’t want you to help pull down this house of cards by siphoning money out of it…

 Siphoning money from “dirty” accounts…

   So what are these “dirty” accounts, and how do we get our money?

   Again, please remember that I’ll be doing all the work for you and simply telling you what to do, so you don’t need to worry about this explanation. But I understand you need to know how I’ll be pulling this off for you, so let me tell you how it works…

   I call these corporate loan accounts “dirty” because the corporations with them have lousy credit, and the banks are acting like loan sharks.

   What I’m doing is legally targeting these dirty loan accounts with what I call a PIN code (because in this case it’s linked to a specific account). 

   If enough people know and use these PIN codes, the corporation’s financial situation gets even
worse. When it gets so bad that the corporation hits rock bottom, that’s when I get these payoffs
from them, so they can get a fresh start.

  The payoff comes indirectly from these dirty corporate accounts. When you get your
the corporation gets what they want- a clean slate.

   This is like money on a plate, from me to you, if you’ll give me 10% of the take. You don’t have to pay me anything until you make money, and it’s on a trust basis as I’ve no way of knowing how
much you’ve made.

   I’m sure you’re eager to get started, so let me explain how you can get your hands on these PIN codes at NO RISK TO YOU…

   I’ve documented all the information you could ever need on finding and using these PIN codes,
and compiled them into a ten part course titled Cash from Trash.        

  Normally this course is only available in 10 monthly parts at £35.94 per month...but nothing about  now is 'normal'... 

You need to learn about this fast! 

   The course was written over 12 months ago, and in it  I predicted that a unprecedented crisis would come along and throw the world's economy into disarray. 

   Am I claiming some kind of mystical powers?  

   Not at all. It wasn't a question of IF this would happen, but WHEN. I didn't expect it to come along so quickly, but what I do in the course is explain exactly how you can turn this to your advantage. It  actually makes the course infinitely more powerful right now. 

   And that's why I don't want you to have to wait months to get this working for you. You need it RIGHT NOW! 

   That's why, for the very first time I'm making the whole course available in one package. All ten
lessons delivered to you at one time so you can work through everything at your own pace and in
your own time. 

   Perhaps you have more time than normal right now? Perfect. This is the ideal time for you to learn how to do this and the optimal time to capitalise on it. 

 And this just gets better... 

   You see, to get the whole course would normally cost you £359.40 over ten months. But as I said before, there's nothing about now that's normal. So I'm going to send you the whole course for just  £259.40, a saving of £100 on the usual fee. 

 But you will genuinely have to act really fast... 

   My publishers, like everyone else, are on lockdown at the moment. They have just NINE COPIES of the course in stock. Once they're gone, they're gone. They won't be in a position to supply any  more until all of this is over, and then the Turo-charged opportunity I just told you about, created by this Pandemic, may have passed. 

 This is REALLY easy to do... 

   Once you’ve set everything up with my instruction, it’s a simple matter of copying exactly what I do and following these PIN codes all the way to profit! 

   PLUS, with this course you’ll also get a FREE subscription to our popular channel which comes
with surprise bonuses, and NO CONTRACT. You can unsubscribe at any time, without obligation.


   But look I don’t want you to risk a penny today…

    I understand you need some assurance, so for your peace of mind, here’s a guarantee that just couldn’t be anymore risk-free for you…


    So now you have nothing to lose by at least applying- so you can see what this is all about without risking a penny. And, as an additional token of our appreciation for taking a no-risk peak at this course, I’ll include these completely separate, additional bonus video investigations. 


  Those two bonus episodes alone could give you all the money you need, and they come FREE of charge with the package. And remember, there’s ZERO RISK by just taking a peak at Cash from Trash, and being exposed to that should convince you that you could start getting your share of this cash right away. 

        How do you get one of those places? You have to ACT NOW… 

  This could dramatically change your life if you make it on board. And if you don’t? Well, sadly, this “dirty” corporate scandal wedded to the pandemic will end in tears for the whole world, the fall out possibly wiping out your current income and savings... 

                                   Will this crisis make or break you…? 

  This could make or break you because this is the biggest financial time bomb since the 2008 financial crisis. Last time it was dirty loans in real estate, this time it’s dirty loans to corporations. 

  Sure, we can skim a tasty £2,803 a month out of this until the bomb goes off...the fuse is burning fast...and when it does go off, that’s when a really big payoff WILL be ours… 

  But if you’re not on board with this not only could you miss out on this easy £2,803 a month, but you would also miss out on the mother lode payoff that could be a life-changing HALF a MILLION pounds! 

  Worse still, not only would you miss out on all that easy money, but your livelihood and financial security would be severely damaged by the crisis- think 2008! 

  It is VITAL you are prepared, and positioned to make a fortune from what’s coming. And a nice £2,803 a month while you’re waiting 

  I’ll also require 10% of that half a million you’d make, but if you end up receiving half a million from this why would you mind writing me a cheque for £50,000 from the take? Again, it’s on a trust basis, but I trust you. 

  So don’t pass this up, don’t get blindsided by what’s coming down the tracks, and get your pockets wide open so I can route all these payoffs into them..

 To start taking your share from these profiteering ‘Dirty’ corporations today CLICK HERE

   Alternatively, you can order by phone on our 24 hour credit card hotline on
01709 361819.

Enjoy the show,



     P.S. These corporations are making money every single day. Each day you pass this 
            opportunity by, there’s another set of PIN codes that could be paying YOU
            £2,803 a month.

                                             Order Today By Clicking Here 

    PPS  Remember you can get this risk free and without obligation for the very first time in one 
             package for just £259.40...but only if you are one of the first NINE people to apply.



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