Find Out The Full Story Below
(And Why Reading This Short  Letter  Can  Bring  You  All  The  Cash  You  Can Possibly Handle, For Less Than The Price Of A Couple Of Coffees, And All From Your Favourite Armchair…) 
  Good Morning, 

  She was young. She was pretty. And she had what I wanted… 

  But I wasn’t exactly dressed to kill. In fact, I’d just come out of the gym and smelt like a skunk’s armpit in my sweat-stained tracksuit top over a t-shirt and jogging bottoms, as I entered my local high street bookmakers that grey December afternoon. 

  So in fashion terms I fitted right in, especially as the ‘turf accountant’ regulars looked like rejects from a Jeremy Kyle casting session – and acted like them too. Now I’m no prude but I’d never heard so much effing and blinding before, as they placed – and lost – another load of ‘fantasy’ bets. 

  The issue was these guys were regular losers. A few quid here. More than a few quid there. But they never won a penny. And they were more than a bit rough around the edges. Not exactly church wardens or flower arrangers, let’s put it that way. 

  That’s why I kept a low profile that day. You see… 

If they’d known what I had in my pocket, it could have turned very nasty… 

  But when I gave what I had in my pocket – a small white slip of paper - to the woman at the betting till, she looked shocked and shrieked those immortal words: “Oh My God!” 

  And rushed outside for the next 10 minutes to smoke two cigarettes! 

  I was worried: were they going to ‘stiff’ me and not pay out? Of course not. 10 minutes later she came back in and plonked a fat wad of banknotes into a white envelope for me (she even wrote my first name on the front…) 

£1,610.29 In Used £10s and £20s To Be Exact… 

  What do you think I did? Well as you might expect I was very happy, but my afternoon was only just beginning… 

Yes… That’s only half the story – it gets even better 

  Trousering £1,610.29 in cash. Not a bad afternoon’s work, but that wasn’t the end of it. Not even close. 

  You see once I’d collected my winnings from Corals, I still had unfinished business. I went straight down the high street to the nearby Jennings Bet betting shop, my £1,610.29 in cash still burning a hole in my pocket…

   So… Was I going to lump it all on the 3.45 at Newmarket? Or on another ‘can’t lose certainty’? 

   Well I’d just won a small fortune hadn’t I, so I must have been on a ‘hot streak’ right? 

   Wrong. I wasn’t a loser like the Jeremy Kyle lot in the other bookies. No, I was there on business. The same business I’d just done at the Corals down the road. 

   Yes, that’s right. I was there to… 

                          Collect Another 4-Figure Winning Cash Payout… 

   But this time there was no reaction from the till staff. They were all business. As soon as they saw my winning betting slip, they looked at it – stony-faced – and nodded to each other: ‘it’s him’. They were expecting me… 

   And brought out a massive wad of £10 and £20 notes from their safe, after they’d emptied out the front till, putting it all into a huge brown envelope… just like a football manager’s transfer ‘bung’. 

   But this payout was 100% legal. 

                                          £4,582.29 in £10s and £20s to be precise… 

   You read about it happening to other people. But when it happens to you, well, you never forget it. All those banknotes spread over my living room table… 

   And when I paid in the lion’s share at the bank (and cleared all my bills in one go, for several months in advance), well, it was the first time they’d used that fancy electronic money-counting machine for me. You know the ones, like you see in the Hollywood films…and it got blocked! I was in dreamland. 

   I kept about £600.00 in cash for ‘pocket money’, and spent it on a gold sovereign, a full service repair for my bike, and a Turkish meal, with plenty left over. Funny what you get when you aren’t worrying about the price. Just having that much cash in my wallet (getting on for an inch thick) made me feel like a millionaire. 

   Why am I telling you all this? It’s not to boast or brag. I’m not like that. The reason I’m writing this is simple: 

   I want to prove that you can win decent amounts of cash from football betting. 

       So how did I do this? And yes, I bet you’re wondering, did I really do it? 

   Fair enough: when you see a claim of winnings, especially for this much cash, you want it backed up by concrete proof. With this in mind, here’s how I won, and the best part is… 

    I’ve included photocopies of the actual betting slips for you to see.

   At the beginning of December 2015 I placed two football bets as follows, both of which won: 

 BET 1: a £300 4-fold accumulator with Jennings Bet,
again for four winning teams in the Capital One Cup

Stoke City - 4/5 

Everton - 7/5 

Man City - 2/7 

Liverpool - 7/4 

Return: £4,582.29, Net Profit: £4,282.29


BET 2: A £27 Yankee with Coral, on four teams tow
in their respective Capital One Cup quarter-finals:

Stoke City - 8/13 

Everton - 13/10 

Man City - 1/5 

Liverpool - 8/5 

Return: £1,610.29, Net Profit: £1,313.29


 Total Return: £6,192.58, Total Net Profit: £5,595.58  

  Now you may be wondering…  

“That’s All Well And Good, But What Has This Got
To Do With Me?”

  Why am I telling you all this? The answer is simple…  

Do You Like Making Regular Tax-Free Money?
And Doing It Quickly And Easily? 
 Then Here's Why I'm Writing To You...

  If this describes you then I’ve exciting news about a new football betting service which could be right up your street.  

  But it’s only fair to warn you: there’s good news and bad news, so let’s start with the bad…  

  This service will not make you a multi-millionaire, or even a millionaire. So forget about Lear Jets, Lamborghinis, and Swiss bank accounts…  

  This Service also doesn’t provide a “106% winning strike-rate”, or “guaranteed success in every race” or “101 winners out of 100 selections”  

  Nor does it give you with a string of 10,000/1 winners every single time you bet.  

  That’s the end of the bad news… Now for the good news…  

You’ll Never Have To Go To A ‘Dodgy’ Betting Shop To Make Money. Instead, You Can Profit Easily From
The Comfort Of Your Own Home...

  First things first: I do 99.9% of my betting either on the internet or calling the bookmakers on their Freephone number (for placing bets). I hardly ever go to a high street bookie, because I don’t need to.  

  My trip to the local betting shops for these particular bets was a spur of the moment thing, a real ‘once in a blue moon’ visit. But the bets I placed were not: they were based on cold, hard calculation of which teams would win,and how I could make maximum money with minimum risk. And that’s exactly what I did.  

  Look: I got this money from a grubby betting shop (and an OK one). But the good news for you is…you won’t ever have to do this if you don’t want to. In fact, in a moment, I’m going to show you how you can make this kind of cash without leaving your favourite armchair.  

No Football Knowledge Needed To Make Money From This…  

  Now you may be like me and love betting on football. But that may not be you. In fact, you might not bet on football at the moment. You might not even like football at all.  

  Whichever one is you, then I promise that you can make money from football betting – even if you don’t know the first thing about football. So if you want to earn a regular source of tax-free profits (whatever your football knowledge) then reading this letter will be well worth it.  

  And if you’re looking for a proven, realistic, no-nonsense betting service which gives you steady ongoing profits, in return for an affordable investment repaid many times over by what you win from using it, then The Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service may be the answer to your prayers… 

The Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service
A Surprisingly Easy Way To Earn Tax-Free Cash

  My name is Nick Wrathall, and I have a confession to make… 

  I’m not a top footballer, nor do I have any kind of “inside whispers” about so-called “can’t lose” selections or “guaranteed winners”.  

  Instead, I’ve been a keen sports bettor for as long as I can remember, and a pretty decent one too. And it all started many years ago when I met ‘Mr G’.  

  Now you hear people describe someone being a one-off. Well, Mr G definitely fitted the bill. Arriving in the U.K. from a French refugee camp in the 1940s, Mr G. used his brains and betting skills to take him from abject poverty to a luxury £5 million townhouse in Belgravia’s Eaton Place (the same street where the 1970s Upstairs Downstairs TV series ended), and much more besides.  

Mr G. was quite a character. He certainly lived life to the full, especially when it came to the ladies! But he was nobody’s fool when it came to making money, especially with football betting. As he told me during our numerous lunches and afternoons in his home, he was ‘always the first to copy the best’ and to ‘focus on the simple things other people overlook, because they give you the best results’.  

His Simple Rules Form The Basis Of My Unique
Football Betting Service

  Sadly Mr G. is no longer with us. But his football betting expertise lives on, thanks to what he revealed to me. That, and over 20 years of testing and working with the best in the business.  

  You name it I’ve seen (and tested it). The good the bad and the ugly: computer-based systems, form guides, the recluse who lived in an enormous mansion in Eastern England (bought with the proceeds of his winning bets), guys working out of their sheds, others in fancy City of London offices, and even one man who used Astrology to work out his selections! But my football bets are much more down to earth…  

  You may also remember my Betting Banter service from a few years back, which featured the likes of Angus ‘Statto’ Loughran, Alan Brazil and William Hill’s PR Director Graham Sharpe, described by website Popbitch as ‘the doyen of bookmaking PRs for just about ever’, due to his 50 years of betting experience (sparked by Muhammad Ali in the days when he was still Cassius Clay, and risked the best part of a week’s pocket money 2/6d (12.5p) on him at 7/1 to beat Sonny Liston!) All of them taught me priceless football betting lessons…  

  The best part? Over many years I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) in football betting. I’ve tested these ideas with my own money, and refined my betting strategies to enjoy successes like ‘The Sting’ I made that December.  

  So as you can see, I like making money from sports betting – by keeping things nice and simple - something you can profit from by reading the next few sentences very carefully.  

  You see, based on my secret strategies, I’ve been testing a new and effective method for generating steady profits from football betting, a service you can now try for yourself risk-free (details of which are below).  

And it’s called The Five Minute Winners Service   

Still Not Sure? Here Are More Of The Many Winners
From The Five Minute Winners Service From 2017-2023
(With date-stamped betting slips, copies of which are held on file)

                                         CLICK HERE

           ...Here'sWhat You Get With The Five Minute Winners Service 

 1) WINNING BETS: The Five Minute Winners Service provides year-round bets on English and European football, with some global bets thrown in when I think they have a good chance of winning… 

2) SIMPLE TO USE: Each bet provides you with a simple win or draw selection. So if Manchester United are playing Liverpool, the bet will be one of three options: 1) Manchester United to win, or 2) Liverpool to win, or 3) a draw. It’s as simple as that… 

3) NO FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS WORK: that’s right. Even if you don’t know the first thing about football, this Service is very easy to use. You don’t need any football knowledge. If you can read and write, and follow simple instructions on what to do and when, you will make money. That’s my guarantee. 

4) SMALL STAKES, BIG PROFITS: When you join the Service, I’ll also give you guidelines on how much to bet: don’t worry – the amounts will be small and affordable, so you won’t need thousands, or even hundreds of pounds to profit from these bets. 

Instead, you’ll be placing smaller bets, spreadingyour risk, and increasing your chances of earning regular money. 

However, it’s entirely up to you how much you bet (although you should never bet more than you can afford to lose). 

5) NO ‘EQUIPMENT’ NEEDED: your bets are uploaded onto a simple members-only website and ready for you before midday on match days. AND… to make sure you’re getting the winners wherever you are, you’ll also get the bets sent to your smartphone via SMS text 

(NB – full instructions when you join. It’s very easy to use – I’m no computer genius and I can do it: you’ll be able to as well!) 

You won’t have to hover over a PC screen or smartphone 3 minutes before kickoff, or during the game, or for 20 hours a day, and everything is online, so no scrabbling around for pieces of paper to write on! 

6) CONVENIENT TO USE: This means you can place your bets when you want, at any time in advance on the morning, afternoon or even evening of the matches. 

Good news if you’re at work or out and about during the day. Oh yes, and worth repeating: 

7) YOU NEVER HAVE TO GO TO A BETTING SHOP IF YOU DON’T WANT TO: You can place all your bets either online or on the telephone. 

8) FULL EMAIL SUPPORT FROM ME: simply log onto your members-only website, follow the instructions and place your bets (Your login details will be sent to you when you join). 

Plus, when it comes to answering emails and customer questions, I’ve found a lot of other companies ‘go missing’. Not me. When you activate your membership to my Service, you can email me any questions you have, and I’ll answer them, either privately or on the members-only website. 

9) You Check Your Results And Watch The Money Come In: It’s that simple. In fact, it’s is so simple that anyone with access to computer can use it. You could be up and running - and making money – within the hour. 

That’s all there is to it… 

And the best part? You can make this money in just a few minutes a day. 

That’s right. You only need to invest a few minutes each day to make The Five Minute Winners Service work for you. That’s the time it takes to crank up your PC, log onto the member website, read the selections for that day and place your bets. 

I also have plenty of ways (and betting combinations) to keep things fresh, and keep the winners regular… 

Oh yes, and another thing. A lot of other services often give you one selection for very large amounts of money, which creates problems. Why? Simple: this makes it almost impossible for you to place a bet. This happened to me with one service I joined, when I called the bookies to place bets and often heard ‘this is an XYZ Service bet’ on the tannoy! Odds were slashed and they wouldn’t let me place any bet on that horse – even for £5. 

But this will never happen with my service, because the amount of stake money for each bet is much smaller, and there are millions of football bets placed every day. So you’ll be able to place all of your bets with ease. 

The Five Minute Winners Service Provides Advice That Anyone With Internet Access Can Easily Use With A
Bare Minimum Of Effort…

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a sports betting expert. Using The Football Betting Winners Service advice on a consistent basis will help you to select more winners… 

  • Without spending hours studying form or doing any legwork yourself

  • Without having to speak to ‘inside connections’

  • Without buying players or owning your own football club (a big advantage!)

  • Without investing in expensive computer programmes or results databases.

  • Without any prior experience or betting knowledge required 

The only things you DO need are: 

1. To be over 18 years of age 

2. A mobile phone and/or an email address 

IMPORTANT: in order to get your bets, you’ll need to provide me with your mobile phone number (so I can text the bets to you). 

If you don’t have a mobile phone – or have poor mobile reception where you live – you can also get your bets from the members-only website by sending me your email address (because I’ll need it to set up your website login details). 

3. A few minutes each day to place bets 

4. Finally, an important one. All I ask is you keep this information to yourself. 

Again, pretty obvious why. 

Should any member be discovered passing out bets from The Five Minute Winners Service they’ll be liable for prosecution. 

The Five Minute Winners Service – Try It For Yourself Risk-Free… 

When you reserve your place on The Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service today, you’ll also receive a free online gift.  

It’s called Betting Shop Millionaire. It reveals a simple winning strategies for racing, football, and many other insider ‘wrinkles’ you can use to narrow your odds of hitting a huge winner. In layman’s terms, your high-profit low stakes blueprint for how to win big on accumulator bets... (for less than the price of a pint of beer…)  

All based on a lifetime of proven, practical sports betting expertise from six of the biggest and best names in sports betting, including TalkSport’s Alan Brazil, Angus ‘Statto’ Loughran, National Hunt legend Steve Smith Eccles and Graham Sharpe of William Hill, the doyen of bookmaking PRs.  

Usually £97, it’s yours free when you join The Football Betting Winners Service today.  

How much is membership of The FMW Football Betting Service? 

A quick question… How much would you have paid for the selections which netted me £5,595.58? £2,000? £3,000? Even £4,000? Whichever one you’d chosen, it would have made you at least 35% in tax-free profit. Try finding that kind of interest rate at your local high street bank!  

Like you, I’ve seen and tried my fair share of sports betting services. Some good, Others bad. But almost all of them cost a small fortune. I’ve seen similar services on offer for £1,500 to a whopping £5,000+.  

A Service You Will Not Find Anywhere Else…  

This is a no-frills service, but a good one: But I don’t want to ask you for silly money. Certainly not £5,000, £3,000, or even £1,500 a year…  

Which is why your Special Introductory Membership of The Five Minute Winners Service is only £397 for 12 months. This works out at just £1.09p a day, less than the price of a half-pint of beer. Peanuts when you compare it to what you’ll get. Just £1.09p a day for a service which could make you anything from £100.00, £300.00, even £500.00+ a month profit, or more.  

And remember. That’s tax-free cash.  

Plus, with the small bet sizes I spoke about earlier, there’s no need for you to wager ‘megamoney’ on any one selection, to make a big profit every week.  

So if you had a £10 winning bet at the same odds as my ‘big win’ on pages 2-3 (9.37 to 1), that would give you a net profit of £93.70. Even a £5 bet would net you £46.85 – nearly 43 times your daily £1.09 investment. So there’s plenty of upside and very little downside with your membership of The Five Minute Winners Service.  

Cover Your Investment With Just One Winning Bet…  

Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only will you make money from it, you’ll also save money by avoiding other less good products and advice. So you come out ahead both ways.  

Look. I’m taking all the risk here. I’m daring you to rip me off, which is what all the time-wasters do.  

But I don’t care. I want you see how good The Five Minute Winners Service really is, and do whatever it takes to prove it to your complete satisfaction.  

By then you’ll be making the £1.09p a day investment many times over. So effectively, you are buying money at a discount. Plus with my service you only need to make £15 a week profit to double your money. Whatever you makeafter that is cream on top.  

If you can’t risk £1.09p a day on at least trying this (even when you’re fully covered by my money-back guarantee – full details below), then you need to ask yourself whether you’re cut out to bet on anything. Please don’t bother subscribing. I mean it. You have to be realistic.  

Let me put it to you this way…  

Which Would You Rather Have?  

1) A ‘Mickey Mouse Make-Believe’ service which promises you“Yes! £50,000 A Week!” you never get? (And how many of those have you tried before – and never got anywhere with?)  

Or 2) A genuine Service with bets that have made me £5,595.58 in net profit, and with the potential to enjoy even more profits and winners in the future…  

No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…  

That’s right. Your £1.09 a day investment for The Five Minute Winners Service covers everything, and is valid for the lifetime of your membership. In return, you’ll enjoy full access to a professional, exclusive service, giving you the chance to earn quick cash each week. Like I said before, you could easily make back your membership fee with your first winning bets, then the rest of the year is profit.  

Here’s How To Reserve Your Place In 
The Five Minute Winners Service  

There is one ‘catch’. Right now, membership is strictly limited. I want to make sure everyone is up and running and making money, and that I’ll be able to give you all the help and support you want and need.  

So I’m limiting this £397 for 12 months Introductory Offer to only 50 new members for now, and if I allow anyone else to join after that then the price will be £497 for 12 months’ membership. There may be more places available later in the season, but 50 is the limit for now and once I reach this number the doors will close. 

Places will go very fast.  

So to reserve your spot in The Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service, simply complete your details today, right now right now, while you’re reading this,  

You Can Order Online Via Our Secure Server
By CLICKING HERE Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call Our Credit Card Hotline On 
01709 361819

Once we receive your details, full instructions on how to get your Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service bets via the members-only website will be sent to you by post. 

Remember. The Five Minute Winners Service is not available anywhere else. You can only get it here. 

You’ve nothing to lose and a lot of money to gain by giving this a try. 

So make sure you reserve your place today, right now, while you’re reading this. After all, the bookies owe you a lot of money, and here’s your chance to win it back... 

Yours sincerely,


Nick Wrathall

The Five Minute Winners Service 

P.S.: The Five Minute Winners Football Betting Service shows you how to earn regular tax-free profits from football betting. It’s easy to follow, you risk nothing (you’re covered by my money-back guarantee), you’ll also receive a free bonus gift worth £97 when you join (yours to keep regardless) and your investment to receive the service is tiny compared to your potential return on investment. I’m only offering 50 new memberships right now, so please make sure you reserve your place today, before someone else takes your slot. ORDER HERE TODAY. 

P.P.S. Did the FMW Service keep going during the Coronavirus Pandemic? 

In a word: YES – every single week… 

Even though most global sports events were suspended, FMW Members kept getting their weekly bets 

Still Not Sure? Here Are More Of The Many Winners
From The Five Minute Winners Service From 2017-2023
(With date-stamped betting slips, copies of which are held on file)

                                         CLICK HERE


You Can Order Online Via Our Secure Server
By CLICKING HERE Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call Our Credit Card Hotline On 
01709 361819





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