Embarrassed Trader Makes
Shock ‘Fraud’ Confession!

“Grab Any Ordinary Person Off The Street And Hand Them a Laptop With Broadband Access. Within One Hour I’ll Have Them Up And Running And Making £225-£650 A Week In Their Spare Time From Home...And All They’ll Need To Do It Is This Simple 'Fraud Kit' Which Can Be Deployed In One Hour Or Less!”

Read On To Discover What’s In The Kit, And How You Can ‘Milk’ It For The Next 90 Days Without Cost, Risk Or Obligation!


 Dear Streetwise Customer,

  Times are tough. And if you’re struggling to make ends meet, you’re out of work, you’re facing redundancy or your business is failing, what I’m about to say is probably going to seem pretty outrageous.

It Might Even Make You Angry!

  You see, for some people (and I’m one of them) the recession, the credit crunch and all the other economic turmoil we’re going through at the moment is actually helping us to make serious money. It doesn’t matter to us what’s happening in the economy. It doesn’t matter whether the Euro zone is in crisis,  inflation is through the roof, factories are closing or consumers have stopped spending. Whatever it is, we can simply rise above it…or even turn it to our advantage and make money from it!

It’s like everyone else is walking around vulnerable to some deadly strain of flu and we’re totally immune to the whole thing.

 So what’s the secret?

  Well until very recently, it’s something that most ordinary folk were excluded from. They simply didn’t have the right ‘tools’.  Oh sure, anyone prepared to invest a boat load of time, money and effort could  force themselves through to the ‘inside’,  but for the great majority who lack the cash, experience and knowledge, this was always going to remain a closed world…

A world where the normal rules are turned upside down...A world where the worse things get,the more opportunities there are to make money!

  But thanks to an ‘off the cuff’ question from my publisher, and the painstaking ‘trial and error’ testing I’ve carried out over the past 5 years, I’ve now uncovered a way for anyone to join me on the inside and start making serious money, despite (and even because of!)  the continued economic bloodbath. It’s a method which can be copied and deployed within 60 minutes, and can be operated from home…or even in a few spare minutes while you’re on the move or working.

Easy Money Today...Tomorrow...For Ever!

  What’s more, it’s a little shortcut which will continue to pay out next week, next month, next year...even in 10 years time. In fact it will never stop. Once you’ve learned how to do this – and it will take less than an hour remember – you’ll have your own private system for making easy money for life. No boss to worry about, No commuting, No hassle, No stress and No skills or experience needed. If you have a home computer or laptop with broadband access, you have everything you need. I’ll do the rest for you.

  Here’s What It’s All About...

  My name is Ian Williams and I’m a professional financial trader. Over the past 7 years I’ve developed and had published, a number of books,  manuals and course as well as running  private workshops and seminars up and down the country. Don’t worry though, I’m not writing to you about one of my expensive (but highly effective) programmes or to invite you to one of my closed door workshops...

This Is A Lot More Immediate (And Dare I Say, Sneaky) Than Any Of That!

  A couple of months ago, I was speaking to my publisher about ‘this and that’, then out of the blue, he asked me a question which set a light bulb pinging into life in my head..

“Ian, if I held a gun to your head and said you could only ever trade on one market using one signal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”

  Wow...I’d never thought of it like that before. I’m a professional trader. It’s what I do. Why would I limit myself to just one market and one signal?  But I’ve got a gun to my head now, so I have to choose!

   And when I focussed on it like that, the answer was both blindingly obvious….and a shock! You see, I’ve spent 20 years building up an unrivalled (even if I say so myself!) knowledge and experience of every ‘which way’ to make money from financial trading. And yet I was embarrassed to realise that when I was backed into a corner, the  one signal I would choose above all others is something a complete novice could learn in five minutes, understand in ten and implement within an hour!

  If I didn’t know how to trade, didn’t want to learn and was content to pull in an extra £225-£650 a week in my spare time, this is what I’d do. In fact if I could only do just one thing for the rest of my trading life, this would be it..

I’d Become A ‘Forex Fraudster’!

  Forex is the biggest, fastest moving, and most profitable financial  market on the planet.  More people trade the Forex markets than all the other markets combined. And over 95% of the two trillion dollars invested each day is traded by speculators looking to make a profit.  The Forex markets are more than 200 times bigger than the New York Stock Exchange. In fact the river of money flowing through them is three times the size of that flowing through all other financial markets combined.

You could dip your hands in a flow like that, scoop out more cash than you could spend in a lifetime and...well... nobody would ever notice it was gone!

  The market operates 24 hours a day, and follows the sun around the globe, starting in Sydney, and then moving through Tokyo, London and New York with no gaps. So you can enter and exit trades at any time of the day or night.  Now as we’ll see later, there are certain times you’d be wise to avoid, but it means you can fit your ‘work’ around whatever else you have going on.

And because the market is really...REALLY HUGE...

  It means that no single individual, corporation or central bank can control or manipulate the market for any significant time. And it also means that ‘insider trading’ is impossible, because the market is just too large and diverse for it to have any effect.

  And what all that means is this...

  The Forex market is more predictable, and less vulnerable to random or artificially manufactured fluctuations than any other market you could trade.  And when you’re looking for a fail-safe and reliable signal that will regularly extract cash from a market and divert  into your bank account,  that’s precisely what you want.

Predictability. Reliability. Regularity.

  Can you begin to see how lucrative it would be if you could gain an ‘edge’ over the huge mass of people trading Forex?  Well that’s what I want to show you how to do, but you’re going to have to become a Forex Fraudster to do it!

  You see, hard as I find it to accept, learning the ‘in’s and out’s’ of  financial trading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There’s no doubt it can be time-consuming…and dare I say it - boring. Not for me, I hasten to add, but I’m perhaps a little unusual! Anyway, when I sat down to map out my ‘gun to the head’ plan – the one I’d use if I could only use one thing  for the rest of my days - I was astonished to find that it is something I can teach anyone to use….

Even If They Have No Knowledge Or Background In Trading!

  In other words – it’s a way to make money from the Forex market without having to learn how to trade...a way to bypass the theory, the complicated charts and the complex data, and rake-in easy money without investing the time and effort which the ‘experts’  (like me!)  usually say is essential.

 Is It Any Wonder, I Call This ‘The Forex Fraud Kit’?

 Even the simplest system takes time, application and effort to learn properly. And even the cheapest ones cost well over £200, with £1,000-£2,000 being a more typical price.  Well this is going to cost you a mere fraction of that, and yet 75% of the time the signal appears, it will make you money...

  So you don’t have to learn how to trade properly, the signal kit will cost you a fraction of what you’d normally expect to pay...and yet you’ll win money consistently and regularly. £225-£675 is well within reach. Maybe more once you become confident.

If That Isn’t Being A ‘Forex Fraudster’ I Don’t Know What Is!

  All you have to do is find where two points on a graph are at the same level and you’re in business. I will show you exactly what to look out for (It’s childishly simple to spot) together with real life examples of the signal in action.  When you act on the signal, three times out of four you’ll make money. The fourth time, you’ll lose a little, but because of safeguards I’ve put in place, it will only be a tiny fraction of what you’ve made.

  Remember what I said earlier...The Forex market is highly predictable. I’ve spent five years looking at this signal and the results are both highly predictable and reliable...week in, week out...month in, month out...year in, year out.

  Let me summarise what you’ll be doing here...

  That’s all there is to it, and my records and historical data show that 75% of the time that the pattern emerges the trade will be successful and you’ll make money.

What Could Be Simpler Or More Straightforward Than That?

  As I said at the start, this signal works no matter what the market is doing – Boom or Bust, Bear or Bull, Rising or Plummeting – It really doesn’t matter at all. We can make easy money with this, no matter which way the market is headed. What we do need though,  is a little volatility, and the current uncertain economic situation world-wide is giving us more than enough of that!

There Are Plenty Of Signals At The Moment...

  Three or four a day is typical!  Now you might not want to sit at your computer screen all day. I know that I don’t! But because of the 24 hour a day nature of the Forex markets, and the abundance of signals there’s bound to be a time of day which is right for you when you can cash in.

Early Bird Or Night Owl?

  For me, between 6.00am and 11.00am is a prime time. I’m talking UK time here, by the way. The middle of the afternoon is also lucrative, and for night owls, winning signals often appear between 11.00pm and 2.00 am. Now I’ll be safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep by that time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you. There is money to be made at most hours of the day and night.

  And just to be clear, we’re talking here about profits that can come in within minutes...hours at most. The Forex Fraud system isn’t about predicting long term currency movements on the basis of complex economic indicators. That sort of trading has its place but it isn’t here. No, what we’re using here is a simple signal pointing to the direction of the market in the next few minutes or hours – a signal which hinges on the predictability of the market. When ‘X’ happens, ‘Y’ usually happens next. Always has...always will.

It’s that simple!

So What’s The Catch?

  By now I’m guessing you’re probably looking for a catch. This is a signal which is childishly simple, easy to spot, can be found almost 24 hours a day,  has a 75% success rate...and as I’ve already hinted at, is going to cost you a fraction of what you might normally expect.

  So what IS the catch?

Well Actually There Are Two Catches, And Here They Are...

  Firstly, you’re going to need some self-discipline. There are plenty of opportunities to profit from the ‘fraud signal’  - often 3 or 4 a day - but unless you’re sitting in front of your screen all day, there will still be sessions where there’s no signal. If you’re likely to get bored and start making rash and random trades, or try to second guess the system, then this isn’t going to work for you.

  The second related point is that this is not exciting. You’re not going to get the adrenaline rush you might get when you’re trying to monitor several trades at once in different markets. By comparison, this is very staid and (dare I say) boring. One market, one chart, one signal and one way to use it. That’s it. Profitable, but boring.

  If you can live with that then I think you’re about to embark upon one of the simplest, least time consuming and most lucrative extra income ventures you’re ever likely to come across.

Easy Forex Profits For People Who Don’t Know How To Trade...And Want A Profit Today!

  I’ve put everything you need to know about making serious and immediate money from this signal in a brand new and totally unique package...'The Forex Fraud Kit'.

Here’s What You’ll Receive In Your Personal Kit

  1. Simple Step-by-Step manual detailing exactly how to capitalise on the ‘Forex Fraud’ opportunity. Includes recent charted examples of winning trades to learn from.
  2. CD Rom containing nine specially recorded instructional Video Clips which bring the whole opportunity to life.
  3. Access to instructional videos online, plus the secure ‘Forex Fraud’ website.
  4. Contact details for me, just in case there’s anything you don’t fully understand.


A Word Of Warning!

  I don’t want you to be under any illusions. If you’re expecting an encyclopaedic tome to read or videos rivalling the duration of the boxed set of Lord Of The Rings, you’re going to be disappointed. The instructional manual comes to no more than 20 pages and all the video clips together run to under 24 minutes.


  Well the truth is, that you really don’t need any more than this. The kit contains everything you need to start making money. I’m not going to pad it out to try and fool you into thinking there’s more to this than there is, and I hope you wouldn’t want me to. The goal here is to start making money as quickly and easily as possible, and I’ve designed the kit solely with that in mind.

  So the kit is concise, easy to use and fast to deploy on the market. And because it doesn’t contain a phone book sized manual or 20 hours of video training, I can get it into your hands at a price that will come as a pleasant surprise, especially if you’re used to programmes which typically cost £1,000 or more…and which take infinitely more time and effort to implement that this one.

  I won’t beat about the bush, I’ve set the price at just £197. How ridiculous a price is that? Well it’s less than you can expect to make the very first time you deploy the secret signal contained in the Forex Fraud Kit, on the market.

  That’s for everything as well. There are no hidden extras and no monthly fees. For that you get the full kit instructions in written form, plus a CD Rom with 9 short video clips which walk you through ever aspect of profiting from the system including, opening your accounts, placing your trades, selecting your ‘Forex Fraud’ opportunities and managing your positions. If you’re a Mac user, we’ve put all these clips on a secure web page so you don’t miss out.

  In addition to all this, you’ll also get open access to me for help and support if you’re having any difficulties at all getting this up and running and into profit. I’m very keen to help you start making some easy money with this, because I know that the more success you have, the more you’ll want to learn.

My Hidden Agenda...

  There is a little method in my madness here! I know this is an outrageously small sum to pay for something which will deposit cash into your bank account so easily, regularly and reliably. But I also know that some people who get hold of this kit for such a ridiculously low price will catch the bug and want to learn more about ‘proper trading’. When they do, I’m hoping their first port of call will  be the man who put the first easy £225-£650 a week in their pocket!

There’s no pressure or obligation though...

  For many people – and maybe you’re one of them -  an extra £225-£650 a week will be enough. They won’t want to start learning about analysis, charts and different markets and indices. They won’t want to work on this for more than an hour a day. They’ll be content to just take the easy money. The bug won’t strike for them, which is fine. For those who want to make even more, the opportunity will be there though.

  What we have here then, is unique - it’s the signal I would use if I could only choose one, laid bare - tested and proven to return a 75% strike rate and £225-£650 a week profit for less than the price of a half decent hotel room for a night. But even so,I don’t want you to feel anxious or worried about making a wrong decision. You’re still covered by what I think is a fail-safe money back guarantee, giving you ample time to try this out for yourself (You can even dry test if you like!) and see how it works out for you.

Anyone Can Do This, But...

  One more thing before you decide to try this out for yourself. Once you see how this works, I think you’re going to be amazed how simple it is, and how quickly you’re able to start making money. Anyone can do it. You can be up and running and in profit  – in less than a day. But here’s the thing…

  The Forex Fraud Kit is also really easy to copy – No encyclopaedic manuals remember.  Once I’ve showed you exactly how this works, I can’t ‘unshow’ you again. I can’t take the information back.  If I was to give you one of those limp guarantees where you can send the manual back for refund if you don’t like the look of it, I think I’d need my head looking at. This is the real deal!

  It’s the one system I’d fall back on if I was only allowed to do just one. So I’m just not prepared to give it away to the mildly curious or the ‘summat-for-nowt’ brigade.  But what I am prepared to do, is guarantee that the system works – and it works exactly as I say. Put simply, if you can show that it hasn’t worked for you, I’ll happily give you a refund. But just to be clear...if you’ve got any thoughts about ordering and sending it back for any other reason than you haven’t made money from it – please don’t order.

  I perfectly understand if you want to bail out at this point…I know my direct approach will be too much for some...and wouldn’t try to persuade you otherwise. I just hope you appreciate that I’m being completely open and up front with you about the deal on this system.

  Anyway, here’s your completely open and transparent guarantee...

Your 90 Day Test Drive Guarantee!

 Send for 'The Forex Fraud Kit' on a  home trial basis. Try out the system in the comfort and privacy of your own home for the next 90 days. Take advantage of the help and support via my  members-only website.

 And then if for any reason, you fail to make a substantial return on your investment, let my publishers know (no need to return the kit) and your money will be returned in full.


Here’s how to get hold of your copy of'The Forex Fraud Kit' on approval...

You can order online by CLICKING HERE or if you’d prefer, you can call our credit card hotline on 01709 361819.

  Either way, we’ll rush your start-up package straight out to you. Assuming you already have your broadband in place, there’s no reason why you can’t be up and running and primed to make money...the very same day.

Just 250 Copies Available...

  Just one more thing...if you want to take a look at this on approval, do it today. At the moment, I’m only going to release 250 copies of the kit. That’s because I want to see how much time it takes up and how people react before deciding whether to continue. I’m expecting these 250 copies to go very quickly, and there may be no more after that.

This Is Your Escape Route...

  There seems no end in sight to the economic turmoil we’re all experiencing both in the UK and around Europe, but please believe me when I say that you don’t have to be part of that. There is a way out. You can rise above it all...develop a teflon-grade immunity to the doom and gloom… and start making some serious reliable cash in your spare time from home.

  The first stage is to test drive one of these 250 'Forex Fraud Kits' for yourself on approval, and find out first hand why this is the signal I’d choose if I could only use one.

  I look forward to despatching your kit and helping you to your first trading profits. Reserve your kit  today, while there’s still time.

Very Best Wishes,


Ian Williams

P.S  As a special bonus for Streetwise Customers, I’ve decided to make the first 125 copiesavailable at a £50 discount, leaving just £147 to pay. Order your copy on approvalnow to secure the discounted price.

PPS  Don’t forget, I’ve produced a series of bonus step by step video clips to go with the system manual. So you’ll be able to see exactly how this works – live on the screen.

PPPS Almost forgot – every penny you make from this is yours to keep. It’s completely Tax Free! With almost half the profits from other ventures being snatched away by the tax man this is a huge benefit for you.

To Reserve Your Kit Simply CLICK HERE Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819

Still Undecided? Here's What Our Customers Say...

 “I have traded Forex for more than three years and have made a respectable income. I recently purchased your very simple Fraud Kit. This system is a stroke of genius and makes a nonsense of the many complex and expensive systems. I love it. At 80 I need things to be simple.”
 Ken Rivers

 “I have tried many systems over a considerable time and this one meets my personal criteria very well. The trading hours provide plenty of opportunities without being stuck at the computer and the signal is simple and clear – no interpretation or complex calculations required.”
 John Parr

 “The most straight forward and easiest to understand trading system I have ever tried. Even my wife likes it!”
 Danny Collinson


To Reserve Your Kit Simply CLICK HERE Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819



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