Over A Quarter Of
A Million Pounds!


“That’s How Much I’ve Banked So Far
From My Under-The-Radar Local Business 
Without Premises, Staff Or Equipment…

 And Now I’m Inviting You To Join The
Party, And I’m Going To Teach You How
To Copy Me In Your Area… For Free!


 Dear Streetwise Customer,

  If you’re sick and tired of over-hyped rubbish, false promises and ’business opportunities’ from La-la Land, then what I’m about to reveal will be like a breath of fresh air…

 It’s a real business for real people
which pulls in real money!

   And yes…I really am going to teach you how to do it for free. But you’ll have to move very quickly if you want to get on board. More about that in a moment – and the reason I’ve decided to lift the lid on this, but first let me tell you everything (warts and all) about this wonderful little business.

This isn’t one of those teaser letters…

  Long before you’ve reached the end, you’ll have discovered…

  Okay, enough preamble. Let’s get started...

  My name is Rob Keen and I’m always on the lookout for an opportunity to make money. Perhaps you’re the same?  Over the years I’ve  ended up on dozens of mailing lists, and on the receiving end of promotions for all sorts of opportunities…making money on the internet, setting up your own website, financial trading, selling stuff on Amazon and eBay…that kind of thing.

  Now I’m not saying it’s all a load of rubbish, but none of it really appealed to me personally. You see, I’m a bit old-fashioned. I’ve always wanted to make money in the REAL world rather than the virtual one. I like real businesses you can see, feel and touch.      

Heck, I just wanted something I could do with my head held
high…something that offered a real benefit to real people.

  Something that when I went out at night and someone asked me what I did for a living, I’d be proud and happy to tell them.   Does that make sense…does it strike a chord with you too? I hope so, because if it does, we’re  going to  work well together.

Okay, let me ask you a question…

   What do businesses need more than anything else in the world?

   State of the art equipment…swish premises…a fancy website…a source of investment funding…highly qualified staff?

 Well they may or may not need any or all of these things, but it’s not what they need more than anything else. What they need before anything else is….


  It’s obvious when you think about it isn’t it? To survive and prosper a business needs customers. It’s customers who supply the cash that keep a business going and ultimately turn into profits. Well that’s what my business supplies…a steady supply of customers to local businesses, which then turn them into profits.

   What kind of businesses? Well here’s a list of the type of businesses I supply with customers:

Air conditioning supplies
Aerial Services

Bathroom designers and fitters

Bed and bedding suppliers

Burglar alarms
Builders Merchants and Building supplies

Carpets and floor coverings

Carpenters and joiners

CCTV suppliers/installers
Central Heating supplies/fitting


Decorating Merchants retailers
D.I.Y. Stores

Damp Proofing Services

Double Glazing Supplies/fitting
Drain Cleaning

Electrical Contractors
Electrical appliances/White

Estate Agents

Fireplace Design and Build
Furniture Stores

Fence Erectors
Garage Door Suppliers/Fitters

Garden Centres

Hi-Fi/Home entertainment
Interior Cleaners

Interior Designers
Insurance Services

Kitchen Design/Fit
Kitchen Door replacements

Lighting Suppliers
Landscape Gardeners


Mortgages and Loans
Painters and Decorators

Plumbers/Gas Installers

Plumbers Merchants
Pressure Washing

Ready Mixed Concrete

Roofing Merchants
Roofing Contractors

Rubbish Removal/Skip HireScaffolding
Self Storage

Sun Blinds

Trade Associations
Tool and Plant Hire

Windows and Doors
Window Cleaners

And many more…


  Every area of the UK has literally hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of businesses just like these.  Now imagine you run a local business like one of these,  selling high ticket items...often costing several thousand pounds. Who would your perfect prospective customer be...what would he look like?

I think he’d look something like this…

1. He’d live locally.

2.  He’d have cash burning a hole in his pocket which he was hell-bent on spending.

3.  He’d  want and need exactly what you happen to sell.

4. He'd be ready to spend…NOW!

    If you ran a local business, do you think you'd be interested in receiving details of dozens of people like that, every couple of weeks?  It would mean you had a steady  stream of high quality, qualified leads – no timewasters or dead ends. Everyone on the list would need what you sell and be ready to buy…Now.  Every lead would be piping hot….and you’d be able to reach them long before your competition.

  Let me give you an example…

   Imagine you run a business that sells building products. Can you see how beneficial it would be to get tipped off in advance who is about to start buying the products you sell?  Can you see how lucrative it would be to get hold of their contact details before they spend their funds with someone else? Once you had this information it would be a very cheap and simple process to get in touch  and make them aware of what you could do for them.

 Well that’s exactly what I supply to local businesses
all year round – and all for less than twenty quid a week!

   If you decide to join me, that’s what you’ll be doing too.

  Every year, over 350,000 people decide they’re going to do some major home improvements – so major in fact, that they have to notify their local council. They have to apply for planning permission. These people might just as well hang a banner in their garden saying…

   Except it isn’t quite as simple as that.

   You see, although all the information on these 350,000+ planning applications is in the public domain – and therefore, in theory, open for anyone to collect and use – that’s a bit like saying all the un-mined gold and diamonds in the world are available for anyone to collect and use. It may be true, but few of us have the time or resources to carry out the search.

  It’s the same with planning application data. It’s all there for these businesses to collect, but if they spent time doing that, there’d be none left to do their job! And why would they do that when someone else will do it for them for less than twenty quid a week?

And that’s where so-called ‘Sales Lead Finders’ come in…

   Or at least they try to!

   Over the past few years, lead finding has been touted as a ‘can’t-fail’ business opportunity, and on the face of it, it sounds perfect.  You trawl the latest planning applications at your local council, compile the information into an easily digestible format and then sell it to the companies that can use it.


Simple Yes…Easy? No!!!

   When I first latched on to the un-mined gold lurking in the planning application files over a decade ago now, this is precisely how I tried to collect it, and make money from it.  I won’t beat about the bush…it didn’t work then and it won’t work now…well not if you value your free time and your sanity.

  The harsh truth is that collecting all this information and data is incredibly laborious and time consuming. So although I had no difficulty finding local businesses hungry for the profit-yielding information I could supply to them, it was taking far too much time to put the information together and then get it out to my customers.  I was spending 95% of my time collecting and distributing  data and only 5% of my time finding new customers.

   Not good. Not good at all.!

   All I had was a job paying a half-decent hourly rate. What I really wanted was a money machine where my earnings didn’t rely on the hours I put in. Is that what you’d like too?

Good, because

   I found a solution…

     And the solution was to hand over the hard work to someone else!

  I put together a team of  ‘techy’ insiders to lift the data-mining load.  For the past ten years I’ve worked hand in glove with specialist data partners – people who deliver me all the planning data my clients need on a plate. (Well on a computer file, but you get the idea!) They don’t work cheap, but believe me, it’s money well spent.  Over the last decade, we’ve worked together to enhance, tighten and improve the end product – so that now I have several  sales lead products to offer, depending on the needs of specific customers.

 This is the data and service I’m going to
share with you if you decide to join me.

    A simple business just became easy as well…so easy that it’s now open to anyone looking for a first or second income opportunity. It doesn’t matter, how old you are, what you’ve done in the past, what qualifications you have, whether you’re employed, unemployed or retired. This business can be moulded to fit in with practically any lifestyle or other commitments.

 Now there’s so little for you to do…

    When you join me as a Leadbroker, I find all the data on your behalf. I deliver it to your customers on your behalf as well.

You never have to collect, handle, post, stock or ship anything.  I do all that for you. All you do is broker the deals with local businesses (I’ll come back to that in a minute) and bank the profits. As a Leadbroker – you’ll receive £250-£400 a year for every customer you introduce. That’s over 40% of the revenue. The balance goes towards data capture, distribution and administration…

 I arrange all that for you!

    I’ve made this as simple and easy as humanly possible because I desperately want you to make money. If you make money, I make money. We either win together or lose together. There’s no other way.

    I just want to spell out the benefits of this fantastic business…

   This is a real business with real products that deliver real benefits to your customers.

  All the products and reports you supply to local businesses are relevant and bespoke to customer requirements. That’s why almost three quarters come back over and over again, depositing what is effectively money-for-nothing in your bank account each year. Remember, I’m going to be preparing and delivering the reports for you. Once you have a customer, there really isn’t anything more for you to do. I do it all for you.

The earnings soon start to stack up…

  Finding just one customer per week will generate an income of over £40,000 in the first year, and you can expect to make even more in year two when the majority of those customers re-subscribe and you bring more new businesses on board.

 And One Customer A Week Is Very
Conservative. In fact It’s Downright Timid!

  When you join me, you’ll receive a wealth of materials (more about those in a moment) including a comprehensive guide to marketing the service which includes sample sales letters and emails. Armed with this proven marketing toolkit, it’s hard to see where you can go wrong…particularly when you consider the unique benefits you’re able to offer to your local business customers...

   It’s a combination of unique benefits which local businesses find hard to resist. In fact, unless they already have more business than they can handle, they’d be crazy to pass all this up for less than twenty quid a week! 

And I want to teach you how to do all
of this for your customers…for free!

   It’s true. I want to give you the blueprint to my proven business (and access to my ’insider’ lead suppliers) for nothing. Let me be clear:

Here’s Why You can’t Lose…

I don’t want an agency or training fee from you now – or ever.    


  Because I’m going to make money with you when you get up and running with what I’m going to teach you. It’s something I’ve proved works…to the tune of over £250,000 in sales,  but I can only do so much on my own I’m now looking to replicate what I’m doing throughout the country.

So I hope you can appreciate this…

  I’m only interested in working with people who are serious. With the greatest of respect, if you’re the type of person who idly looks at everything and ultimately ends up doing nothing, this really isn’t for you – or to be more precise, you’re not for me! This isn’t some piece of made up nonsense of the type that seems to clog up all our virtual and real world mail boxes these days (I’ve been looking at business opportunities for over 30 years now, by the way, so I know what you’ve probably been exposed to in the past). It’s a solid and genuine subscription-based business that’s generated over a quarter of a million pounds for me alone.

I know it can do the same for you – if you take action.

  So, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let you on the inside of this without you at least showing some good faith – showing me that you’re at least likely to take action with this. Apologies if this feels like an insult, but I have to be honest with you. I’m going to teach you how to do this, and provide you with all the resources you need to make it a success free of charge, and the only thing I’ll ask in advance, is a small deposit which is fully refundable against your first order for planning application data.

   I just want to be very clear about this deposit though and why you can't lose...

  I hope you’ll agree that’s fair. You get your deposit back if you’re successful and you get your deposit back if, for whatever reason, things don’t work out for you. I also hope this demonstrates how confident I am in this business…

  I’ll only make money if, and when, you make money. No profits for you, no profits for me.

  Can you see why I’m fully committed to making this work for you, and why I’ll do everything possible to make this a huge success for both of us?

   When you join me, you’ll get every last piece of information you’ll need to make a success of this but you’ll also get something equally important –


  I’ll be here to hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you fully cash in on this. Remember, I’ll only make money when you make money.

  When you join me, you’ll get full and open access to me to ask anything and everything you want. With over a decade of experience in Leadbroking, I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t seen. I’m here to make sure that you bring in as many new customers as possible. I’m proud to be associated with this business, I’m proud of the benefits I’m bringing to people, and I can’t wait to help you start reaping the benefits.

Isn’t this the kind of business you’d really like to be involved in? A business that...

   Yes, we’re all in business to make money, but it’s great to do something really worthwhile for your money. Wouldn’t you agree?

 So Why Not Join Me Today

    When you do, you’ll receive a comprehensive package of information and materials  which I’ve called "The Leadbroker Toolkit." It contains everything you need to start making money from my personal blueprint from day one. I’m going to send you all of this, completely free of charge:

   All of this will be delivered free of charge to your home address just as soon as we receive your fully refundable deposit.

A Genuine Business In A Box…

   I hope by now you’ve realised that this is very different from  anything you’ve been offered before. This isn’t just an idea, or some manual cobbled together to make a quick buck. I’m providing you with the complete blueprint to my own proven business, I’m providing you with all the information, products and back up support you need to get off to a flying start. And I’m supplying all of this for free.

Am I mad?

  Well maybe. I’ve seen franchises costing thousands which don’t offer nearly the potential of this. I could easily have charged £5,000 or more for an area agency. But I don’t want to do either of these things. I want to make money out of expanding my business – I make no bones about that – but I want to work with genuine people who maybe don’t have the funds to start a regular business or buy a franchise. I want to train them up for free. And then when they make money – I make money. I think that’s going to feel good.

But my time is limited and I can’t work with everyone. So there are
Just 50 free places up for grabs today!

   This is a brand new opportunity. Nobody has heard about it before today. This is one of the simplest businesses to run that you can imagine – and because I’m going to supply you with all the planning data products your customers need, it’s also one of the easiest. But there are bound to be some teething problems. I want to make sure I’m on hand to help you get up and running quickly. So for now, I’m restricting this to just the first 50 people to respond – and I have to make sure those 50 are the sort of people who will drive this forward.

Reserve Your Place Today

  To reserve your place, CLICK HERE or call the reservation hotline on 01709 361819 at my publishers, Streetwise Publications where you will be asked to leave your deposit of £150. Streetwise will be holding your deposit by the way, so you can be sure it will be well looked after. As I said before, it’s crucial that I attract people who will move quickly with this and a small deposit is the best way to sort the serious from the merely curious.

  Your deposit will be fully refunded against your first data order, OR in the extremely unlikely event that you are unable to bring in customers within the next 90 days with my help and guidance, your deposit will be returned to you by whatever means you sent it. I can tell you now that if you follow my blueprint and take advantage of my ongoing support, that won’t happen, but the safety net is there.

   If this interests you – Act Now! You may not get a second chance on this, and in any event, the sooner you get the start up package in your hands, the sooner you can start making some serious money from home.

  I look forward to hearing from you and teaching you the secrets of my genuine and lucrative business.

Best Wishes


Rob Kean


P.S     Don’t forget – I’m going to teach just 50 people how to do this for free, and your small initial data deposit is fully refundable.

PPS   I’ve  included some more information below in a brief question and answer session.


 To reserve one of the 50 initial places, CLICK HERE
or call the Streetwise Publications reservation hotline on 01709 361819


 The Leadbroker Opportunity – Your Questions Answered!

Who will my clients be?

They will be local businesses, marketing a wide range of products and services to individuals and households.

Can you spell out the products and services I’d be  offering to my clients?

You’ll be offering them a subscription to a bespoke fortnightly report which details planning applications which are relevant to them in their local area, and in the business they operate in.

Why is this so valuable to them?

Because the reports reveal details of individuals and businesses in the area who are about to make major purchase decisions on items which your clients sell. By subscribing to the report, your clients are getting advance notice of red hot prospects in their area who need and want what they sell and are ready to buy now. This is infinitely more effective and focussed than advertising or blanket canvassing.

How much does it cost?

Your clients will typically pay just £20 a week for their subscription.

Why would clients come to me…why not collect the information themselves?

They could do that, but the reality is that collecting and recording the data is incredibly time consuming. I’ve compiled a team of  data partners who collect the data for me from all over the country. It’s far more cost effective for a client to secure the information through you and I, than do it themselves. I supply the data for you, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect of the business at all. All you have to concentrate on is getting new customers.

So will I be working for you?

Absolutely not. It will  be your business. I will merely be providing you with help, back up and support as well as collecting and delivering the data reports to your customers.

Why are you inviting me to join you  in the business?

Because after over a decade,  I want to expand and make more money from the business. There are thousands of potential customers for this service up and down the country, and over 350,000 planning applications each year. I’m barely scratching the surface. By helping you to get started, and then taking a small  ‘cut’ from each sale you make, I’m hoping to boost my own earnings. The important thing though, is I only make money when you make money.

How much will I earn from each client?

You’ll earn between £250 and £400  from each client depending on which report they subscribe to. That’s around 40% of the revenue. Just one client a week in your first year would bring in up to £40,000.

What happens to the other 60% of the revenue?

The other 60% goes to pay for data capture, delivery/distribution to your customers and administration. The great thing is that your costs will be virtually zero. I do everything for you, so aside from your phone bill and maybe some petrol money (if you go to see clients) there’s nothing to pay out for.

Is there any repeat business?

Absolutely! That’s one of the exciting things about this business. Because clients get such a huge benefit from it, around 74% renew each year. So once you have a customer, they tend to stay with you year after year, and there’s no additional work for you to do. You will very quickly build up a passive income source, meaning you get paid even if you don’t do any work!

How much is it going to cost me to learn how to do this?

Nothing! I’m going to teach the first 50 people how to do this for free. The only thing I’d ask from you at this stage is a fully refundable deposit of £150 as a token of intent and goodwill. This will either be  refunded against your first order for data for your first customer or in the highly unlikely event that you are unable to make any sales within 90 days of starting the business with my help. Either way,  your deposit will be refunded once you get under way.

What is this deposit for?

It’s purely a mark of good faith. I only have 50 places available on the team at the moment and need people who are serious rather than merely curious. Because I only make money if you make money, I need people who are going to take action. Asking for a fully refundable deposit is the best way I can think of, to ensure that my ‘Fabulous Fifty’ have demonstrated that they’re genuinely interested – but without putting anyone off who really wants to capitalise on this.

What else do I need to get started?

Very little. You’ll need a phone and some kind of home computer would be useful, but not essential. You don’t even need a car. If you need to visit potential clients, because they’re always going to be local, you can walk or use public transport.

Do I have to pay you any other charges or fees?

No there are no charges or fees to pay.

How will I approach prospective customers?

The business is very flexible. Within the marketing package you’ll receive in The Leadbroker Toolkit you’ll find sample email promotions, sample snail mail promotions and even a presentation booklet for when you’re sitting face to face with a client. The service can be marketed in several different ways and the method you use will depend on your own preferences and circumstances.

What do I do if there’s something I don’t understand?

A big part of this is having me on hand to help you out if you get stuck or there’s something you don’t understand. I have over 10 years experience at doing this now and over 30 years experience of various business opportunities. I know what it’s like when you’re starting out, and urge you to get in touch if there’s anything at all you’re unsure about. Remember, I only make money when you make money so I have a massive vested interest in making sure this is a success for you. So if you have any questions or problems, I insist you get in touch so I can help. That way, we all prosper together.

I’m interested in taking this forward. What do I do next?

To reserve one of the 50 initial places, CLICK HERE
or call the Streetwise Publications reservation hotline on 01709 361819



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