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This Amazing 'A Minus B' System Could Make You An Easy £200 A Day In Under Five Minutes!


  For the last year I’ve been using the most laughably easy money-making system on the planet to make £200+ a day.

  It takes me under five minutes each day (it is flat out impossible to spend more time than this.)

All You Need Is A Bog
Standard Computer.

  Anyone can do this – you don’t need special skills or talents. But you DO need to be able to subtract, so this may not be for everyone!

  I’ll explain that in a moment but before I do, I want you to imagine what difference an extra £200 each weekday would make to you.

 £200 doesn’t sound much, but it’s nearly £50,000 extra a year.  It’s enough to buy yourself a top of the range car on finance; take fantastic 5-star holidays and even upgrade the house. You could pay off your debts and even help friends and family.

 It’s Also Enough To Give Up Work Forever.

  You won’t be rich, but £4,000 a month tax free is enough to live comfortably.

 I gave up my job years ago and now live entirely off the proceeds of this (and similar) systems. I hang out in Thailand for the cold UK winter months and I’m writing this letter from the beautiful island of Ko Samui.

 Like you, I hate those mailings which promise millions for no effort. I think they’re a total fantasy. But £200/day really is life-changing money, if you can make it without working.

And since this is a gambling system, it’s also totally TAX FREE!! (There is no tax to pay on gambling winnings.)

Now You Can Join Me As There Is
Plenty In This For Everyone.

But there’s a small downside...

To Make Money From This You Need To Be Able To Subtract One 4-digit Number From Another And Not Mess Up! Can You Do That?

 And yes, you can use a calculator if you really must! But even with this, some people are incapable of doing this simple task.

 So let’s check if you’re right for an easy £200 a day because it’s pointless reading further if you’re scared of sums.

Can You Subtract 4560 From 4591?

 Please don’t skip ahead to find the answer. Just have a go. It’s not a trick question!