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This Amazing 'A Minus B' System Could Make You An Easy £200 A Day In Under Five Minutes!


  For the last year I’ve been using the most laughably easy money-making system on the planet to make £200+ a day.

  It takes me under five minutes each day (it is flat out impossible to spend more time than this.)

All You Need Is A Bog
Standard Computer.

  Anyone can do this – you don’t need special skills or talents. But you DO need to be able to subtract, so this may not be for everyone!

  I’ll explain that in a moment but before I do, I want you to imagine what difference an extra £200 each weekday would make to you.

 £200 doesn’t sound much, but it’s nearly £50,000 extra a year.  It’s enough to buy yourself a top of the range car on finance; take fantastic 5-star holidays and even upgrade the house. You could pay off your debts and even help friends and family.

 It’s Also Enough To Give Up Work Forever.

  You won’t be rich, but £4,000 a month tax free is enough to live comfortably.

 I gave up my job years ago and now live entirely off the proceeds of this (and similar) systems. I hang out in Thailand for the cold UK winter months and I’m writing this letter from the beautiful island of Ko Samui.

 Like you, I hate those mailings which promise millions for no effort. I think they’re a total fantasy. But £200/day really is life-changing money, if you can make it without working.

And since this is a gambling system, it’s also totally TAX FREE!! (There is no tax to pay on gambling winnings.)

Now You Can Join Me As There Is
Plenty In This For Everyone.

But there’s a small downside...

To Make Money From This You Need To Be Able To Subtract One 4-digit Number From Another And Not Mess Up! Can You Do That?

 And yes, you can use a calculator if you really must! But even with this, some people are incapable of doing this simple task.

 So let’s check if you’re right for an easy £200 a day because it’s pointless reading further if you’re scared of sums.

Can You Subtract 4560 From 4591?

 Please don’t skip ahead to find the answer. Just have a go. It’s not a trick question!

 You may be rolling your eyes in disbelief at such a stupidly easy question, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who are unable to do this. They even become frightened when faced with such a question. Maybe they had some bad experiences with arithmetic at school.

So if YOU are sweating over this simple sum, read no further because this is not for you.

But If You Know The Answer, That’s Pretty Much All You Need To Make Fantastic Money From The World’s Easiest Gambling System!

 Actually, to be honest, it IS a bit more complicated than I‘ve said. (“Ah, I thought there was a catch!” I hear you say...)

 You see, you have to be able to tell if the difference is bigger than 10.

 If the answer IS bigger than 10 we stand to make good money that day.

 Tricky stuff, eh? (The answer to my sum is 31 of course, and yes, that’s bigger than 10!)

So Let Me Tell You Exactly What I
Do Each Day To Make This Money.

 That way you can see if this is for you or not. I don’t want to waste your time if you don’t think you can do this.

  I also don’t want to waste your time if you’re uncomfortable making £200 in 5 minutes. It may surprise you to learn that many people ARE very uncomfortable with easy money. They’ve been trained that money can only be made by working hard at a poorly paid job!

I Used To Be One Of Them, So There’s
No Shame If You’re Like This.

  But if you’re sick of the grind and want to try something unusual and potentially very lucrative, then here’s what I do each working day (there is nothing to do at the weekends, this system doesn’t work then).

0min 0sec - Go to my PC and visit a certain website and log in using a unique password (I’ll be showing you how to get access.) This gives you access to some data from Germany! Intriguing, eh?

1min 14sec - Note down a 4-digit number. This is ‘Number A’. For instance, 4695.

1min 50sec - Go to another website and log-in using a different unique password (I’ll be showing you how to get access to that site too but this also shows you data from Germany!)

2min 20sec - Note down a different 4-digit number. This is ‘Number B’. For instance, 4671.

2min 40sec - Subtract number ‘B’ from number ‘A’. (The answer for the above is 24.)

2min 50sec - Check to see if the difference is greater than 10. (Yes it is, in our example.) (If the difference is 10 or less, there is  nothing more to do on that day. There is no bet.)

3min 15sec - If the number is larger than 10, I place a simple bet on the same website.

4min 20sec - I turn off my PC and get on with another wonderful day. I may go to the beach bar and hang out there,or go SCUBA diving, or take a long walk soaking up the Thailand colour and atmosphere.

Total Elapsed Time – Under 5 Minutes.

   Later that day I may log on to the site again to check my winnings. But quite often I don’t even bother as winnings are added automatically to my account and there is nothing for me to do.

   Occasionally (about one in ten times) I may also need to make a small adjustment to my bet a few hours after placing it, to maximise my winnings. That can, I admit, take another five minutes.

Please Be Very Clear About This. Even If I Wanted To, There Is No More Work I Could Do That Day. Five Minutes Really Is All It Takes On ‘Betting’ Days. Many Days There Is Nothing To Do At All!

Here’s an important question...

How Much Do I Make?

 The amount I can make is directly linked to the number I get from that subtraction.

  Remember, if it’s 10 or under, I do nothing. There is no bet that day.

  If it’s 11, I stand to make £110.

  If it’s (say) 13, I stand to make £130.

  If it’s (say) 18, I stand to make £180.

  It’s not unusual for the number to be as high as 50 – in which case I’m in for £500. And yes, I’ve had many days like that.

I Have Even Made Several Thousand Pounds In A Single Day. I Once Made Enough For Me To Buy A New Porsche For Cash! But That Was VERY Unusual And Never Happened Again!

 But I don’t want to deceive you with large amounts as they only come along about once every ten bets.

  In general, the range is 11 to about 35 on average. So I’m making between £110 - £350 per winning bet. Not a fortune, as I’ve mentioned. But enough for me never to work again and to enjoy a wonderful life doing what I want.

  For the last ten years I’ve enjoyed an entirely work-free, stress-free life as a result of this and similar systems I run.

  I do exactly what I want to do. No boss. No job. No commuting. I spend several months a year in my Thailand tropical island paradise armed with nothing more than my laptop to run this (and other) systems from my hotel balcony overlooking stunning views.

This Lifestyle Brings Me Enough Money So That I Never Need To Work Again As Long As I Live.

One thing you should know is that this system can be run for the next 10, 20, 30 years. It’s NOT a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ idea.

  You can even show this to your friends and family (although I’d prefer if they bought it from me, of course!)

  And it doesn’t matter how many people do it. If it did, I certainly wouldn’t be revealing it to you!

So Why Don’t I Just Come Out And Tell You What It Is?

 Firstly because I make good money revealing this system to others. They pay me for the secret and use it themselves to make money. I hope that’s fair enough for you. I discovered and refined the system. It took me hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds to develop, so it’s only fair I should profit from it.

  Secondly, I want you to read the system IN FULL before making your final decision because you may possibly have a prejudice against this way of making money. If I reveal the secret here, you may dismiss it because of what you THINK you know about this method. And that means you’d miss out on an amazing chance to walk away from your job and live a free life.

   And that would be a shame.

   For example, supposing it was betting on the horses (which it isn’t, by the way). You may have a strong prejudice against that and would dismiss this out of hand if I revealed that fact up front.

   I hope that’s okay with you and seems like a fair deal. I really do mean it when I say you can read this FULL system entirely without the slightest risk to yourself. That way I can take time to convince you about its life-changing potential.

All I Want Is A Fair Hearing. An Hour Or So Of Your Time For Me To Explain This In Detail So That You Can Get It Working For Yourself.

 You see, I don’t WANT your money if you’re not going to make £200 a day like me from this. Why would I? That just wouldn’t be fair on you. After all, I haven’t told you the secret here, so you need to satisfy yourself that this can work for you before you risk a penny.

                              How Much to Get Started?

This may also be a point of departure for you and so I don’t want to sweep it under the carpet. There’s absolutely no use in my sending you the A-B System if you’re disappointed when you get it because I wasn’t up-front with  you. That would be a waste of all our time.

 I really wish I could get everyone doing this, but many people can’t do even the simplest sum and others are totally maxed out, deep in debt, with not a penny in savings and can barely raise the cost of this system.

 If this is you, don’t apply.

 To start ANY money-making business you need a little capital. Even a window-cleaning round will set you back £3,000 when you add it all up!

I Don’t Know Of A Cheaper Business
Than My Little System.

.. but you’ll still need the cost of the system plus about £500.

 And no, that money doesn’t come to me! AND... you may never actually need it, but you must have it set aside ‘in reserve’.

   Here’s why...

  You remember I said it was a gambling system?

  Well ALL gambling systems have what’s known as a ‘strike rate’ – that is the number of times they win compared with the number of times they lose.

For Your Interest, My System Has A 70%-80% Strike Rate. That Means It WINS 7-8 Times Out Of 10.

  The opposite side of that is it LOSES 2-3 times out of 10 of course.

   I’m sure you realise that NO gambling system can win 100% of the time and that 70%-80% is actually a very good strike rate.

   But you will have noticed you can lose. No surprises there, I hope.

   So ALL betting system require you to have a ‘Betting Bank’. That’s a sum of money which you set aside to cover an unlucky sequence of losses if they come along, as they do from time to time. As I say, you may never need it, but you shouldn’t get into any betting system without such a ‘bank’.

   For this system, you need a £500 bank. £1,000 would be better.

   That’s money you put aside in a separate account of yours to run this idea.

   Is that you out? Then the only alternative is back to the grindstone to save some cash because NO business can be started for less than this one.

   But hopefully you can lay your hands on that amount of investment capital and so that means you can profit from this. And remember, you’re not handing this money over to anyone. It stays in your account ready to cover any losses. You may never need to touch a single penny of it.

   So if you’re still in, here’s a quick check list to see if you would like a chance at this:

Is This For You?

 To Avoid Any Misunderstanding,
Let Me Tell You What This Is NOT...

1. It is NOT poker, roulette or any online games of chance.

2. It is NOT horse racing, dogs etc.

3. It is NOT sports betting of any description.

4. It is NOT arbitrage or fixed odds betting.

5. It is NOT FOREX.

   In fact it is highly unlikely you will have come across this precise way of gambling before. In fact, I will bet you have never even heard of it. That, plus the fact that I’ve hinted it is something to do with Germany, should eliminate most candidates in your mind!

   Now Onto The Price...

  I debated long and hard with myself about this. On the one hand I want everyone to do this as it’s easy money and I know people are struggling out there. On the other hand, and selfishly, I want to make the most money I can for myself out of teaching this system. I’m sure you understand that and would want to do the same if it was you.

  Initially I thought a fee amounting to 5 days of winning profits would be about right. So I set the price at £1,000 (actually, £997 to be exact). But after talking with people it became clear to me that this was BIG money for many. I guess I’m a little out of touch having not worked for so long!

  So I slashed the price to £497 and have been successfully selling at this price. It is, after all, under 3 days’ profit once you get the system up to full speed. (By the way, I’ll be suggesting you start very gently to begin with until you really ‘get’ how this works. Then you can ramp-up your bets. That way your risk is minimal. You’ll start by looking to win £20 a day; then £50 a day, then £100 a day, then £200 a day and so on.)

  When Streetwise saw this they absolutely LOVED it – but there was a problem. They are used to delivering excellent value systems for their people and their usual price was more in the £400 area. So they requested that I lower the price just for their people by knocking  over £100 off my ‘lowest’ price!

   I Have Reluctantly Agreed And So You Are
Able To Get “A Minus B” For The Cheapest
Price Anywhere At Just £297.

  I have lost count of the number of times I’ve made that much in a single day! So hopefully this will be a no-brainer for you. £297 is just over a £1 a day spread over a year!!! 

 You then get the system entirely free for the next thirty years!

The Guarantee...

   Okay I don’t want to bang-on for page after weary page because you’ll either be very excited about this, or you won’t see the potential.

   Earlier I said that it was only fair to you to examine the ENTIRE system at your leisure before taking any risk. It would, I reckon, be grossly unfair of me to pocket your money without giving you a fair chance to assess exactly what this is all about.

   I know this works (I’ve been making money from it for ages and many others are using it right now as you read this) but YOU don’t know that yet!

   So To That End I Have Asked Streetwise Publications To Put Together The Strongest Possible ‘No Wriggle-Room’ Guarantee Here It Is...

Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble Guarantee From Streetwise Publications

Examine The ‘A Minus B’ System in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to retire from the rat-race, ‘work’ just 5 minutes or so a day and make enough money for a superb lifestyle.

Even TEST the system using ‘play’ money to absolutely prove it works.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the manual within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money.

   Fair Enough? I Hope So.

   So now it’s over to you...

If You’re Heartily Sick Of Slaving Away And Getting No Where, Here’s A Great Chance To Break Free.

  You could soon pay off your debts, get a decent motor and eventually upgrade the house – all on the proceeds of this easy gambling system.

   What Have You Go To Lose?

  Isn’t it about time you had a go at something really different (and this IS very different!).

  Maybe it’s time to throw out some old preconceptions about how money is made?

  There’s nothing wrong with a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay – you can just about pay your bills doing that, but haven’t you always thought there was more to life?

   I’ve come to realise that it’s flat-out impossible to get ahead of the game working to make someone else rich. The system is stacked against you and ‘they’ will see to it that you never become free of the treadmill.

If You Long To Break Free And Make
Some Decent Money, You Have To Try
Something New And Different.

  If this doesn’t suit, you have to try something else... and something else again.

  I guess what I’m saying is, like me, you have to seize control of your OWN future and take firm, decisive action to better yourself.

  One thing’s for sure: if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you’ve always got.

  I’m not promising millions, yachts, private jets and holiday homes.

  I think that’s for dreamers, if I’m totally honest. You need tens of millions for that kind of lifestyle.

  But financial freedom? Never having to work again? A fun-filled, debt-free lifestyle doing what YOU want to do?

  Well, that’s easily achievable, in my view.

   This Really Is A Great Chance To
Change Your Life For The Better.

  You may even end up like me – always abroad enjoying the sea and sun, because this can be run from ANYWHERE in the world which has an Internet connection. (I use a bog-standard laptop which cost me £350!)

   Don’t put this off until ‘tomorrow’. You and I know that with the best will in the world, that’s the same as saying “I’d rather stay like I am”.

  Place Your Order Now By CLICKING HERE
Or If You Prefer Call Our 24hr Credit Card
Hotline On 01709 361819.

 ...before the moment passes and life overtakes you again!

 I look forward to receiving your order and rushing you this amazing system. Then you can judge for yourself.

 It won’t take you long to master this and you could be placing your very first bet within a few short days from now.

 All the best


 David Houghton

PS. Anyone of average intelligence can do this in under 5 minutes a day.

PPS. Check it out at MY risk, not yours.

Just In – A VERY
Special Extra Bonus!

At a unique live event, an amazing challenge unfolded. 26 people paid £500 each to come to a seminar at which this amazing system was explained in full. At the seminar we undertook to make money live, right then and there in front of 26 witnesses! We placed a live bet, on screen and let it run as the seminar progressed...

The bet won!

So now for NO extra charge we are prepared to give you the FULL 1-day seminar on 4 x DVDs so that you can get the SAME training and watch the bet win! This is a special ONE OFF and we intend to sell these DVDs separately for £297 a set in the near future.

    Place Your Order Now By
Or If You Prefer Call Our Office On
01709 361819.

Customer Comments*

“After one month practising with you’re A-B system I started trading last Monday with a modest £300 at £2 per point. To date I have 6 consecutive winning days and no losses) and I am up £290.00 or 145 points. Amazing to find a system that actually works. 100% record to date. I know there will be losing days ahead but even so the system works. Brilliant.”
Daniel Cardwell - Yorkshire

“I have helped my old friend Amanda trade A-B for a month with you for a very decent 70% strike rate and jolly good profits and have an intuitively good feel about it. What a logical, simple, no nonsense and well conceived system. The two most important aspects for her are the total removal of emotion/stress and the time/reward ratio. She has a hectic young family to care for. So this is just a simple heartfelt thank you from her to a proper established trader who obviously walks the talk.”
Tom Phipps - Email

“I have bought the A-B system and it works so well I have some friends who would also like to buy it.”
Sally Powell – Oldham

“Nothing wrong with this! Very pleased.”
Joe Hepworth - Chichester

“I have looked at trading before and binned the idea as it just didn’t interest me. But your system is so simple and takes such little effort and time I thought I would have a look at it. Firstly it is simple to pick up and within a couple of weeks I felt confident to start trading. In Feb had I been trading £10 a point I would have made made £580 pure profit, and I missed a few trades. In march I traded at £1 a point and made £158. This would have been £1,580 at £10 a point…TAX FREE! I have decided to trade at £10 a point from now on and in my first trade of April, I was in and out of the trade within 15 minutes with £150 profit…Amazing! Thanks for a great system. I’m looking forward to lots of additional tax free income.”
Steve - Email

"This system is right up my street..."
David Fleming - Derbyshire

"I am very happy with the system. It is a genuine way to make money for a change!"
John Goldsmith -Essex

"The system works a treat - Thank you."
Gary Chapple - Worcestershire

"I have had four winning trades out of five."
John Darlison - Hereford

"Thank you for introducing me to the 'A minus B' system. I can honestly say that I am most impressed and extremely satisfied with its content. I am pleased to inform you that I did as instructed in the guideline notes... and am now reaping success having learned and applied a wonderful new skill. However, I have one serious complaint (LOL- modern jargon) and that is - what do I do with the rest of my day? I mean to say, ten minutes 'work' early mornings doesn't exactly tire one out for the day. So come on, now that you've taught me this skill, please give me something else to take up at least another thirty minutes of my day! Once again, thanks so much for teaching me this wonderful system; I only wish I'd learned this skill years ago. I wish to reiterate, the 'A minus B' system is (providing one follows it to the letter and not try to rush it) an absolute winner. By the way, this morning's trade was profitable for me..."
Joe Taylor - Email


*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham.


And just for good measure here are Mike Pears comments on the A Minus B System:

“O.k. – here are my updates on the A-B System up to my trading week 51. These are all to level stakes.

Week 40 – w/c 16/2 – loss of 16 pts
Week 41 – w/c 23/2 – profit of 37 pts
Week 42 – w/c 2/3 – loss of 2 pts
Week 43 – w/c 9/3 – profit of 80 pts
Week 44 – w/c 16/3 – profit of 37 pts
Week 45 – w/c 23/3 – profit of 75 pts
Week 46 – w/c 30/3 – profit of 38 pts
Week 47 – w/c 6/4 – loss of 51 pts
Week 48 – w/c 13/4 – profit of 62 pts
Week 49 – w/c 20/4 – profit of 30 pts
Week 50 – w/c 27/4 – profit of 144 pts
Week 51 – w/c 4/5 – loss of 45 pts

Total Level stakes profit is 1,821 pts which averages 36.42 per week… A £1,000 starting bank using 0.1% stakes, now stands at £5,569.”

- Mike Pears

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