“How You Can Turn An Ordinary Social Media Account…With No Followers Or Friends… Into An Unstoppable and Relentless Cash Generating Machine – In 24 Hours Or Less!"

No Risk, No Effort. Just Guaranteed Daily Profits Of £250 Or More. And You Can Start Right Away!


Dear Streetwise Customer,

Deep breath…I have to get this right…

This will probably be the most difficult letter I have to write all year, and also the most exciting.

  It’s difficult because what I’m writing about is so damned amazingly brilliant that it’s probably going to sound way too good to be true…and exciting because, well…

  It is true…and I’m going to send it to you for a fraction of the regular price.

  And if I don’t do a good enough job here…if it comes over as unbelievable… you’ll just dismiss this as hype and bull…and then you’ll miss out on something that comes as close to a licence to print money as anything I’ve seen in over 25 years of investigating and battle-testing money making opportunities.

  It really is that good. I’ll say that again…it really is that good!

So I don’t want to undersell it either!

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can be up and running and making money within 24 hours.

  In fact if you don’t have a Twitter of Facebook account, you can still be up and running and making money in 24 hours because you can open one in minutes…

  Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about social media. You don’t need to know anything. Don’t worry if you don’t have many (or indeed any) friends or followers. You don’t need any to get started.

  Just having the account is enough to get the ball rolling. Heck you don’t even need to post or tweet if you don’t want to!

  But I know you’re going to have trouble accepting that this is for real, because I felt exactly the same way when I was told about it.

I trusted him but…

  This was brought on to my radar by someone I’ve worked with and trusted for several years now, but even I thought he’d gone mad (or at least made a mistake) when he told me about it. He’d heard about it from an Austrian chap who was over in the UK for a seminar. He said that him, and a couple of friends, were making thousands a week out of it.

  But it just seemed ridiculous to me that a humble Twitter of Facebook account could be the gateway to something so lucrative, particularly when he gave me the details.

Just having the account is enough. It doesn’t need to be used in the normal way.

  It’s so simple (and yet ingenious) that I couldn’t believe nobody had spotted it before. But I hadn’t, so why should I expect anyone else too?

  And the more I looked into  it, the more blindingly obvious it was. It’s one of those things – it’s there in plain sight, but only obvious when someone points it out – and then you can’t believe you couldn’t see it all along.

And here’s what’s really great…

  Not only will you make a ton of easy money for yourself, but you can help friends and contacts make money too.  You won’t be making money at the expense of people you know…you’ll be working with them to exploit a massive loophole in one of the biggest online market there is…the online gambling market.

Now don’t get the wrong idea…this is really important…

  We’re not talking about gambling here in the way that you probably understand it. By its nature, gambling involves chance, risk and uncertainty but there’s none of that with this. What this system does is exploit a gaping loophole left by the bookmakers and other companies operating in the gambling market…

If there is such a thing as legalised robbery, this is as close as it gets.

But here’s what’s even better (at least if you want to keep doing this)…you won’t be robbing the bookmakers!

  Look I know like a lot of people, you might have suffered at the hands of the bookmakers in the past and would love the chance to give them a bashing. But if you’re sensible, you’ll also know that’s not going to work for long…

Bookmakers don’t like winners and will close you down if you win too often.

But they love losers!

  Well guess what? With this system you’re going to be putting huge sums of money into the bookmakers pockets. In fact you’re going to be making more for them than you make for yourself.  

For every £100 you make for yourself, you’re going to be putting over £200 into the bookmakers pocket.

Does that go against the grain?

  It probably does, but it’s essential for this to work long term. Not only will the bookmakers be happy to keep your account open (more about that in a moment) they’ll actively encourage and help you.

Because to them, you’re going to look like a massive loser. And as I said, they love losers!

  But the more money they think they’re making out of you, the more you’ll be secretly stashing away for yourself – quietly, confidentially and all completely under the radar.

Let me tell you a little more about what’s involved here, and how it works.

  If you’re smart, you’ll be wondering where all these lovely profits comes from, if they doesn’t come from the bookmakers. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

  Now as I’ve already said, either a Facebook or Twitter account is the key that unlocks the door on this. It can be a brand new account or one you’ve had for years. It doesn’t matter whether it has one friend, or follower or a thousand.

  The number is totally irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular poster, or have never used social media before.

You just need to have an account with a username.

So what else will you need?

Well you’re going to need two extra things:

  1.  An account with an online bookmaker

  2.  An account with the betting exchange Betfair

  Don’t worry if you don’t have either of these things at the moment, They will only take a few minutes to set up, and when it’s done…well, you’re done…apart from one very simple step, and that’s what you’ll need your Facebook or Twitter account for.

How long will that take?

It could take as long as 10 minutes if you don’t rush it, but it will be time well spent, because from there onwards…

Every £100 you deposit with an online bookmaker will result in you making a profit of at least £30.

I want to be very clear about this.

  That’s a guaranteed profit. It isn’t dependent on a horse winning or a football team scoring or anything else at all. It doesn’t matter what happens – if you do this right, (and you will after we’ve shown you how) you’ll make at least £30 for every bet you place.

  So once you’ve built up a few quid to play with, investing £1,000 a day will yield at least £300 profit. You can even team up with someone else to rack up the profits quicker if you’re short of start up capital. In fact the way this lends itself perfectly to teamwork.

What could be better…make money for yourself, and make money for friends at the same time?


  So if all these profits aren’t coming out of the bookmakers pockets (in fact they’ll be making more money than you) where do they come from?

They come from other gambling site users - people that you’ll never see or meet.

 There’s no getting away from this, and I’m sure you’re aware of it anyway…but for you to win money, someone else has to lose it. And in this case…as it usually is if you think about it…your profits are going to come out of the pockets of other online gamblers.

 The big difference here is that you know you’re going to make money from them in advance. There’s no gamble or uncertainty.

  I hope that doesn’t bother you. To set your mind at rest, there’s nothing illegal or immoral about what we’re doing here. All we’re doing is taking advantage of a massive loophole left in the middle of the rules, regulations and practices of online bookmakers, betting exchanges and punters.

And it’s incredibly simple…

  Once you have your accounts set up, this is really easy to do. You don’t have to put things in place at a particular time or on a particular day. You can choose the events and sports to make money from. There are dozens to choose from every single day. You can fit everything in around whatever else you have going on.

  Exploiting this loophole is literally child’s play. Once you see exactly how this works, I know you’re going to be astonished. Your first reaction will be this is too good to be true. And then this will be followed by a realisation…this really is true. It’s a virtual licence to print money.

I want to keep this as simple as possible for you, so let me summarise the benefits of this:

   We’ve put everything you need to know to make £250 or more a day from this breakthrough into a ground breaking special report called  “The  Alpha Code – How To Raid The Online Gambling Markets For Guaranteed Cash Profits”.  Within seconds of reading this concise but comprehensive report you’ll  be ready to start raiding the betting markets for guaranteed profits, anytime, any place, anywhere you choose.

  Let me just spell out in simple terms what you’ll be doing to make £250 or more a day from your phone, laptop or tablet…

  1.  Open a Twitter or Facebook account

  I’m talking about an ordinary account here which tens of millions of people have. It doesn’t matter if you have no friends or followers or know nothing about social media. You just need the account. You can skip this step if you already have one.

 2. Open an online bookmaker account and a Betfair account

 Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this, Everything will be explained in detail  in the manual, including the best accounts to open. There are a number to choose from.

 3. Trigger The Alpha Code

 You can only do this after you have completed steps one and two. It will take just a few minutes, but once it’s done is done for good.

  That’s all there is to it. You are now all set to make your raid on betting markets. Every bet you place from here on (and we’ll show you exactly which bets to place and how to place them) will yield a minimum £30 profit for every £100 staked.


Bet £100 and get £130 back!
Bet £500 and get  £650 back!
Bet £1,000 and get £1,300 back!
Bet £5,000 and get £6,500 back!
Bet £100,000 and get £130,000 back!

Get the idea?

  Look I know you’re not going to bet £100,000 right off the bat, but over a year…and with profits rolling up…you might. In fact you might bet a hell of a lot more!

Can you see now why I said this was like a licence to print money?

  I’ve never seen anything quite like this is 25 years of investigating and testing money making systems and strategies and I don’t think you’ll have seen anything like it either.

  Just imagine what this could do for you. How would it change your life and the way you live and work if you could make guaranteed profits every single day by taking advantage of The Alpha Code?

  It isn’t even going to take up much of your time. Once everything is set up, it’s literally just a few minutes a day

There’s no need to sit in front of a computer screen, monitor events or anything like that.

  All you do is simply place the bets we’ll show you how to place – at a time of the day or night to suit you – and then get on with your day, secure in the knowledge that The Alpha Code System will deliver you an automatic profit of roughly 30% of the amount you staked.

It really is that good.

  The Alpha Code is brand new and nobody has seen it before today. You are one of the very first people to hear about it…

And I’m going to let you have a copy for next to nothing!

 We’ve set the price for this at a very reasonable £227. That’s less than you can expect to make the very first day you put this into practice. When The Alpha Code goes on sale to the general public later in the year, that’s the price it will be.

 But as I said, I want to give you a great deal on this.


Well I have two reasons….

The first is as a thank you for putting your trust in us thus far, and the second is a bit more self-serving!

 You see, I know this seems scarcely believable, (although it really does exactly what it says on the tin) and I know it will help sales enormously; if we have written testimonials from people who have tried it and are making good money with it.

So here’s the deal…

  If you agree to send me an email detailing how much money you’ve made with The Alpha Code, sometime in the next 6 months, then I’ll send you a copy of the manual for just £97.  That’s a massive saving of £130 on the regular general public price.

Make Money Or Your Money Back!

  At £97 it’s the bargain to end all bargains. There’s no reason why you won’t be in profit within minutes, but you can’t know that for sure at this stage. So here’s the deal.

  Order a copy of The Alpha Code on approval at the specially discounted price of £97. If, for any reason, you fail to make the profits I’ve talked about, simply return the manual to us, and your money will be returned in full.

  Quite frankly, the only way you won’t make money with this is if you don’t do it! But the guarantee is there for you just in case.

To Get Hold Of Your Copy On Approval
Click Here
Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819.

  Either way, you can be up and running and on the path to making money within hours of receiving the package and putting it to work.

  Order your copy now, while you’re thinking about it. This offer is open to the first 100 customers to respond only (that will be more than enough to get the testimonial emails we’re looking for) and The Alpha Code will only be available at £227 after that.

Kind Regards

John Harrison

P.S   You don’t need to know anything about social media to make money from this. If you can open an account, that’s all it takes.

PPS  Remember the £97 special price is open to the first 100 customers only.

To Get Hold Of Your Copy On Approval
Click Here
Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819.


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