Dear Streetwise Customer,

 Over the next five minutes I’ll reveal one of the most powerful wealth-building secrets ever discovered, and explain how you can immediately harness its power to propel you to a luxury retirement faster than you ever imagined.

 Taking those ten steps to a million doesn’t have to be some lame pipe-dream. In just a second I’ll show you exactly how you could’ve doubled your money ten times in the last year alone! You’re much closer to making a million than you may think.

 Now you’ve seen the surprising reality of how doubling your money ten times, starting with just £1,000, really does become over a MILLION POUNDS, let me show you the fastest way to get on that path…

It Begins With A Treasure Map...

  You want that million quid. Who wouldn’t? And, speaking from experience, I can tell you that a million pounds tastes good, it solves a lot of problems…!

And if you want it, what are you going to do to get it?

  Most people don’t even know where to begin, and so they never do begin. That’s why I just gave you a real plan you can put into effect immediately: Start with a grand, and double your money ten times. That’s a ‘treasure map’ anyone can follow.

Working for somebody else? I strongly doubt it. Been there, done that…

 What about your own business? It’s certainly possible, but it will take a lot of risk, hard work, and probably many years. I own several successful businesses, so I speak from experience...

 Property? How long would it take you to double your money on a single property these days? Never mind ten of them! Probably like you, I’ve made money on property over the years, both commercial and residential, but it won’t double your money quickly...

 So what is the BEST and FASTEST way to DOUBLE your MONEY TEN TIMES...

Take The Hidden Path To A Luxury Retirement!

  There’s a good reason why I dedicate myself to using the secret I encourage you to use: because this is, hands down, THE fastest way to double your money ten times!

I’m referring to buying and selling stocks. Turning them over for a quick profit, if you will…

 Whatever preconceived idea or previous experiences you have of trading stocks, I politely ask you to expel it from your mind! You’ll see why in just a second…

 It may surprise you to know that most people, even the so-called ‘experts’ and 'professionals' have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to trading stocks. The whole thing’s a big set up that enables The City to legally steal from the little guy. I say all this from years of hard experience and insight into how the system is rigged.

 I’ve no interest in that kind of game, and neither should you have. Playing this game the same way as the masses isn’t going to double your money!

 But make no mistake, when done right, buying and selling stocks on a quick turnaround has the potential to double your money many times over, not just ten times. And, as I’ll prove in just a moment, you could double your money ten times within a single year when you trade stocks right!

  So what do I mean by ‘doing it right’…?

 The wisest traders, the ones who’ve made MILLIONS from trading, all share a single secret. It’s this secret that could easily double your money ten times. It’s the secret I use, and the secret I’d like to give you now…

The Money-Doubling Secret

  I call it the Money-Doubling secret for good reason: because the few informed people who used it have doubled their money in stocks, proven over decades.

 Here’s how it works…

 Almost all stocks follow a remarkably repetitive pattern, big-name stocks especially, which is superb because big-name stocks are very low risk!

This pattern constantly plays out with alarming regularity over time:

Stocks continuously rise and fall. Up and down. In and out of favour.

  This isn’t just some theory, it’s a proven fact. If you’ve ever followed stocks you’ll have noticed how prices of big companies mysteriously go up and down in cycles. There are four stages to the cycle, actually….

 It’s as if stocks have four seasons, like spring, summer, winter, and autumn.

 Most people, even most professionals, are blind to these ‘seasons’ that stock prices go through. They blindly buy in a stock’s ‘winter’ or ‘autumn’ (declining prices) without even knowing their mistake…

 The secret is knowing when a stock is having its ‘summer’, its up-phase, and riding it through to ‘autumn’ before selling it. A savvy stock trader only owns a stock for its ‘summer’… we live an eternal summer. We don’t hold on to stocks through the other ‘seasons’, we are fair-weather stock traders.

 That’s how to consistently double your money!

 Would you like some proof that doubling your money this way is perfectly doable…?

 Ten Double-Your-Money Steps YOU Could’ve Made Recently…

  Does doubling your money once, let alone ten times, sound farfetched? Then I’m about to surprise you. Once again, I think you’ll be shocked to learn just how achievable this is...

 What follows is a list of stocks that doubled recently, all within a year...

 These are big names that you’ll recognise too, so it’s not as if you’d need to trade risky, unknown stocks...

 They doubled in price during their ‘summer’ phase of the price cycle, a time of fast-rising price, that is easily spotted when you have this proven secret…

 And this is just a sample handful- there were many more than this, and many more getting ripe for flipping as I write…!

Double Your Money Step 1:

You could’ve traded Facebook as it went from $25 to over $50 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 2:

You could’ve traded Tesla as it went from $50 to over $100 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 3:

You could’ve traded Citi Bank as it went from $25 to over $50 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 4:

You could’ve traded Yelp as it went from $20 to over $40 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 5:

You could’ve traded Linkedin as it went from $120 to over $240 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 6:

You could’ve traded Nokia as it went from $3 to over $6 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 7:

You could’ve traded Green Mountain Coffee as it went from $40 to over $80 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 8:

You could’ve traded Netflix as it went from $100 to over $200 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 9:

You could’ve traded Open Table as it went from $30 to over $60 and doubled your money…

 Double Your Money Step 10:

You could’ve traded Goodyear Tires as it went from $10 to over $20 and doubled your money…

  If you’d have possessed this timeless secret to buying stocks when they’re having their ‘summer’, their up-phase, you’d have ridden these stocks and flipped them for profit.

Now, a sceptic might say this: “Yeah, but you could also have lost money on those stocks!”

And I reply: “Absolutely! Many people DID lose money on those stocks- people that bought them when those stocks were having their ‘winter’ or ‘autumn’ seasons! They could’ve ONLY enjoyed the profits of ‘summer’ if they’d had this secret…"

“A Spookily Repetitive Stock Secret”

  Let me show you what I mean with a few charts that show the price of some of those stocks I just mentioned.

  I’ve written on the charts where their ‘four seasons’ can be seen to occur so you can know what I’m referring to. Would you believe these stocks are all entirely different companies? But their price charts look almost identical.

Citi Bank:


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

You can see the same thing happening for each of these stocks:

The ‘autumn’ phase:

The upwards surge in price from the previous summer has run out of steam, the price will start moving sideways, then eventually point downwards. Good news about the stock is usually everywhere at this time, so the unwary investor often buys here, right before ‘winter’…

The ‘winter’ phase:

This is the plummet that hurts many people- the stock falls until it’s run out of gravity, and hits the bottom, often way lower than people expect. All the way down people will try to buy back in, thinking they’re getting a bargain, only to be disappointed. And by the way, you can make money from this ‘season’ too, so bear markets make no difference to a stock flipper!

The ‘spring’ phase:

A stock is bouncing along sideways, regrouping and renewing, after the recent descent. Eventually it will start to push upwards out of this sideways renewal phase…

The ‘summer’ phase:

The stock is back in favour, and it soars upwards, putting money in the pockets of savvy stock flippers!

The repetition of this pattern is spooky, and very profitable for those who use it to their advantage!

 Would you like to be one of those people?

  Most people are unaware this patterns exists, so they buy and sell at completely the wrong times, usually on a whim, and they put their resultant failure down to bad luck. Look back at those charts I just showed you.

 Do you think ‘luck’ and random chance is playing a part here? Those charts don’t look very random to me, they look like they’re following a script!

  A ‘script’ that continually rewards those who know this secret and punishes those who don’t.

 Which side would you like to be on?

Follow the ‘Summer’ and Retire In 10 Steps

So by this stage you should appreciate the following:

So your final question should be:

How do you know when a stock’s ‘summer’ is here so you can flip it for profit by ‘Autumn’?

 A: You need to know ‘the code’. Each stock contains a kind of code, which when deciphered, tells you when its ‘summer’ is here.

That’s the real trick, and that’s what I’d like to give you: I’d like to show you whenever a stock’s ‘summer’ has come so you can start doubling your money…!

Let the Money-Doubling Secret Take You
Through The 10 Steps To A Million

  So I invite you on my monthly mentoring program, Stock Code Breaker. Over ten months I will take you through the ten steps to a million, empowering you with this ‘code’ to make it happen, holding your hand all the way.

  No dry theory, just relax and follow the simple 1-2-3 instructions I walk you through. No stacks of DVDs, just simple documents to read and follow. Seriously, it’s like reading a children’s book…

 With this powerful material you will literally have a license to print money in your back pocket… no matter what the economy is doing…

Imagine this...

This is my reality, and I’d like it to be yours too!

How much would you say that wish-list is worth to you? Five grand? Ten grand?

Take another look at those ten steps to a million so you can see your goal

But the coaching fee is just £27 (+ p&p) for each of the 10 steps, spread out over 10 months.

Profitably Predict The Future In The First RISK FREE Lesson, GUARANTEED!

Go Ahead And Try
Level 1 RISK FREE!

 In this first level I will show you how to unlock this Elitist code and predict the future of stock prices so you may profit.

 If you are not happy for any reason simply let us know within 30-days and your money will be refunded in full. And you may still keep Level 1! If you wish to learn more do nothing and you will continue to receive your lessons on a monthly basis.

You can cancel your subscription at any time if you wish.

  Nothing should stand in your way now. You can inspect the first part of the program so you can see for yourself… so you can begin your journey to a luxury retirement.

  All journeys begin with a single step...

Take The First Step Of 10…TODAY!

You never have to experience that terrible ‘back to work’ sting in your gut again when you retire…

Most people stay trapped at the grind because they just sit around and complain, and do nothing to change their situation. You have my upmost respect because you’re proven to be someone who does NOT do that… the reason I wrote to you is because you’re a person who’s taken action in the past to break free.

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But now you have the treasure map, and I urge you to use it.
Jim Hunt

P.S. Starting with £1,000, you’re just ten steps from a million when you double your money. And when you have this ‘code’ to spotting a stock’s ‘summer’, you can flip stocks for profit whenever you like. Let me send you a NO-RISK first lesson so you can see how to do this for yourself and gain total independence.

P.P.S. A child could do this if they knew what to look for! You don’t need to have ANY experience at all of stock trading- I’d prefer it if you didn’t! You could be flipping your first stock and doubling your money within days from now.


To Reserve Your Risk Free Lesson Simply
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