Re: Possibly The Most Outrageous Story About Internet Profiting You'll Ever Read…


  If you've ever wondered if there was a 'secret' way the Internet insiders use to funnel £500 a day in cash (or more) out of the Internet, then please accept my apologies right now.

You see, what you're about to read may cause you to lose some sleep tonight.

   And the night after.

   And the night after that!

  In fact, if you're at all interested in making money online, you'll probably find this is so exciting that you may well not sleep well for the next month or so!

  See, I'm about to blow the doors off one of the Internet's biggest money-making secrets...a system so powerful that 'insiders' are using it right now to bank as much as £30K per month (all online)...without doing much work at all.

Sure, I realise that this sounds like total hype...

But stick with me here.

  Because the 'story' you're about to read is slightly incredible, absolutely fascinating - and, in the right hands, down-right life-changing.

It's also a lot of fun.

Are you with me? Great - then let's get started!

My name is - well, let's just call me 'Mrs. X'...

I'm an ordinary woman (semi-retired now), writing to you today about a rather unusual man.

  Now, if you think my name is a'd be absolutely right. And there's a good reason for that - one which I'll explain in a moment...

And the 'unusual man' I'm writing about today - well, his name is also going to remain a secret...

Let's just call him...'Mr. Y'...

  Mrs. X...and Mr. Y?

Corny, I know - but there's a reason for all this secrecy.

  You see, when you blow the doors off one of the Internet's biggest money-making're going to make a few enemies.

  That's why we're being so secret here today. We don't want to reveal our true identities. There are some wealthy men who are going to be very angry when we reveal their secret to Internet cash by way of this private letter today.

     What kind of Internet cash?

I'm talking about £30K a month for starters.

On almost auto-pilot.

(That's just what one of the 'insiders' I'm writing about today is currently banking).

  Or how about a more modest £10K a month? That's what another guy is banking - all without doing very much to bring in this kind of money.

  And you better believe: when you 'rattle the cages' of people like this, you don't just get hate mail. No...they come for you, and try to bury you (possibly - permanently).

Hence the 'secretive' nature of this letter today...

Sorry for the OTT-ness here, but it's important. Would you do me a favour please, also?

  Don't show this letter to anyone else. I don't want this getting out beyond a select few eyes. You see, if you've made it to this page, you must have been pre-qualified and invited. This letter is ONLY intended for your eyes, and nobody else's.

Anyway - let me get back on track...

This whole story started some months a coffee shop of all places.

  Through a series of rather boring events and circumstances, I'd manage to 'meet up' with a very successful 'Internet guru'.

  (The 'Mr. Y' I'd mentioned earlier).

This gentleman often earned more in a single day than some people made in a year - and he knew it.

  He'd had his fair share of Ferraris...penthouse, around-the-world travel, and all the rest of it.

  And he'd think nothing of spending £2,000 for a quick weekend away, or £400 for a snazzy new jacket. And, he was rarely in the office at all, preferring to work from a laptop in his favourite coffee shop (or from an exclusive supper club).

He was one of the 'Internet insiders' that few of us ever get to meet...

  Me? I got lucky.

  I won't bore you with details, but it was only through a chance event that I got to meet him.

  And surprisingly...well...he was NORMAL!

  Well, relatively normal anyway.

  The big difference between him and me (and possibly you) was that he'd spent a large part of his life online making money. He'd devoted his life to it.

 And as such, he knew every trick in the book.

  Just like an expert tradesman who could 'fix' a problem within minutes...he knew the buttons to press, the places to sell, the people you had to meet, the contacts you had to have.

  But instead of 'fixing a car', his stock-in-trade was Internet cash.

 Lots of internet cash!

We sat down for coffee...

  This 'Mr. X' slowly sipped down on his cappuccino, and crunched down purposefully into his (rather appropriately named) Millionaire's Shortbread.

He peered at me over the top of his glasses.

 "Look - if you want to make money on the Internet", he said...

  "You need a system. Most people don't have a system. So they fail. And they fail miserably...Today - I want to give you a real-world, absolutely-proven system that ABSOLUTELY WORKS... But there's a catch."

I moved closer to the edge of my seat.

  "Go on...", I quivered. (I was almost shaking at this point in anticipation - but also apprehensive. This was getting more and more like a Hollywood movie by the minute).

You must promise me two things if we are to go any further...

'Y' went on...

  "Firstly: that if I tell you one of my most powerful secrets - you damn well USE it. I really don't want you to be another lay-about who doesn't do what I tell you to do. If I share this, and you don't use it - you will be black-listed."

"OK" I murmured...still a little apprehensive about what his second condition might be.

  And secondly: if it DOES work for you - then I want you to write a book about it, and let a small number of other people 'in' on the secret too."

I didn't mind the first condition - but the second?

Come off it, 'Mr. Y'!

I mean - if I get something working, why would I share it?"

He hit back:

  "Look - there are plenty of people out there who'd benefit from this system. But I don't have the time nor inclination to 'mentor' anyone else. So I'll leave that down to you. It's NOT an option. Those are my conditions. Plain and simple. Take it or leave it... And you'll do as I tell you - or you'll never hear from me again."

  That was it. I sat bolt up-right, like I'd taken a crisp 'thwack' right across my shoulder blades. As much of an arrogant son-of-a-gun that he was...there was no way I was going to blow my big chance now.

So I agreed to both his conditions...

"Let's begin", said Y....

He took out his notebook, crossed off a few things, then whipped out his rather-snazzy, thin laptop.

He revealed everything...

  He told - and showed me - that there were some very powerful 'Hidden Codes' available on the Internet. If you knew exactly what these codes were - and how to harness them (and very few people knew both these things) then you could bank some serious money off the back of them.

  He showed me one guy banking £30K per month using these Hidden Codes (as Mr. Y liked to call them)...another banking £9,900 per month...and yet another £14K per month.

 I was flabbergasted.I'd never seen anything like this before.

 Was this even possible? Yes - it turns out that indeed it was!

 'Y' chuckled as he saw my mouth drop open, as he meticulously rolled back the curtain to reveal all...

But it got even more incredible STILL...

  You see, he then showed me EXACTLY how they were banking this kind of money. They had no products of their own. They didn't sell information, seminars, DVDs, and some of them didn't even need to leave home (although some did leave home too).

Remarkably...the whole thing was based around these Special, Hidden Codes.

Mr. Y called them..

"The Hidden Codes to Internet Money"

Slightly corny, I know - but I could see his point.

  Turns out, there were a series of codes - 126 codes in total - that these guys were using to bank mad money online. Yet the codes were hardly known by anyone. But they were most definitely real. And boy - did they work!

  Once you 'found' these codes, that was it. You could call on them - almost at will - to help produce Internet Cash. Basically...'on demand'.

  In all honesty, it reminded me a bit of an Indiana Jones movie or something. It was all a bit far-out, but when I actually saw the 'codes' for myself, I could see how totally real it was.

There was nothing mystical or magical about it.

I could see how the codes worked - and WHY.

Frankly the idea was GENIUS!

Yet hardly anyone knew about it!

  You didn't need a product of your didn't need to be a fancy-schmancy didn't need to really do very much at all.

The codes just WORKED.

  If you wanted to make money, you'd simply use one of the codes - and act on the opportunities that the codes then handed to you.

  And as Mr. Y showed me: there was a small elite 'band' of Insiders who'd discovered the codes for themselves...and who were just milking them for all they were worth. These guys were living the lifestyle - and all off the back of these Hidden Codes that they'd manage to find out about.

Once I got home...I further studied the 'Hidden Codes'.

I could see why they worked...and how. And I started playing around myself...


  They really DID work...just like 'Y' told me. I realised I'd truly stumbled on something totally different, something that really worked - yet something that hardly anyone else knew about.


 I'm NOT going to reveal ALL the details about these Hidden Codes in this letter today.

 To do so would be breaking one of the covenants I had with 'Mr. Y'.

But I AM doing EXACTLY what 'Y' told me to do - and it's why I'm writing to you today!

  You see, I got in touch with the publishers. Because, as you'll remember one of the conditions of 'Mr. Y' revealing this was that I had to go out there and publish it.

  Maybe 'Y' got and is getting his 'kicks' out of this - but either way, this means the system is available right now. Yes - we're revealing EVERYTHING about you can copy it.

The whole damn system. From A-Z.

  Whether you want to build a serious £30K-a-month business like one man is already doing with these Hidden Codes...or want an online selling business that generates more like £5K per month in revenues - either way, this is something you seriously need to take a look at!

And the really amazing thing is...

Look - I'm NOT going to reveal the full secret in this letter today.


  As it was all part of 'Y's' game...he only wanted the RIGHT people to see this. He didn't want 'lay-abouts' and ne'er-do-wells' as he likes to say.

  He wants only the very serious, which is why he doesn't want this wafted around - he only wants serious people to have this secret.

And it's why I'm writing to you today...

 You see, as I promised 'X' - as part of his 'game' - I'm now following through with the 'agreement' we had...

 I promised I'd 'share all'...and so here I am.

 That means, if you're reading this now, the deal is on RIGHT NOW to try this for yourself.

  We call it...

'Mr. Y's Hidden Codes to Internet Money'

  This 'black book' is effectively a secret manuscript which contains the whole details of the system I learned from 'Mr. Y' that day...and is all laid out for you to copy and profit from.

  Nothing is left out; every last morsel of how to copy this never-before-seen online system is revealed for you on a plate. Just pick it up, read through everything, and you'll have the system down to a 'T' in just half-a-day.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover in this secret manuscript:

    And lots more!

But there's more...


 Now, you'll already have everything you need in Mr Y's Master Manual.

 But there's more.

 You see, my publishers have also reserved two bonus reports that will blow your mind (yes - and that's after your mind has already been blown by reading the main manual!).

The first of these reports is called: Project £30K.

  In this Special Report, 'Mr. Y' takes you under the bonnet of a seller who's already using these Hidden Codes - and who is already banking an incredible £30K per month online by using them.

  You'll see everything here...exactly how you can see for yourself how much they're they made £1,883 profit by using just ONE of these hidden codes...and how anyone can copy what they do.

This report alone will probably cause you to lose some sleep.

As soon as you've finished reading it, you'll have ZERO doubts about how REAL this really is.

  You'll realise how these 'hidden codes' can unlock the door to Internet Money...starting within hours (literally). Your jaw will be on the floor as you realise how these 'Insiders' are using these codes to make money whilst they sleep. And you'll wonder why on earth anyone bothers to get out of bed in the morning - when these hidden codes could literally change your life within hours of discovering and using them!

But that's far from all...

  We've also reserved another Special Report called The Real-Life Project Experiment: £138.49 At The First Attempt! This was an experiment my publishers did to 'test' the whole system for themselves.

You see, they were sceptical too...

  So - they did what any decent opportunity publisher would do - they tested the Hidden Codes system for themselves. Quickly - and at their very first attempt - they made £138.94 PROFIT.

Not a fortune...but they recorded everything, so you can follow-along and see how they did it.

  This extra bonus report will, once again, inspire and motivate the hell out of you. Once again you'll see how real this really is.

And one final thing...

  Finally - and most importantly - you'll also get access to the Hidden Codes themselves. You'll get access to our special members website - where you can use the codes at will - simply by clicking the links we've setup for you.

  Just login to the site with your unique username and password...and start using them within minutes! There are NO on-going or monthly charges to access the site - it comes as part of the package.

Here's everything you get...

Here's what will then happen...

  Once you get this package in your hands, you'll be immediately enlivened and motivated to go out and try it for yourself, and you'll know - beyond any shadow of a doubt - that this system is real, and the cash it can make is real too!

  You'll see and understand why this works, and why some 'big boys' so desperately want to keep these codes HIDDEN FOREVER!

 But it's time...oh, it's time my friend - to blow the doors of this once and for all!

 It's time for the 'little guy' to get a piece of the pie too!

     Are you with me?

  Now, through this special offer from my publishers, you too can try Mr. Y's Hidden Codes to Internet Money for yourself.

    And the best part?

You Can 'Test-Drive' It For Yourself - For 90 Days Without Risking A Penny Of Your Cash!

That's right.

Look, I know this letter probably has your mind racing....

  But right now, you still don't know if these Hidden Codes are going to work for you. That's why I want to get this private package into your you can give it a thorough test-drive for yourself.

  Only when you see the system and the codes laid out in front of you will you truly understand the power of this.

  Only when you see the 'real-life' examples of how this is done...will you realise how this could quite literally change your life forever...

So don't worry...

  We've made sure you get a full 90-days to try this out for yourself.

  Yes, that's three full months! That will give you plenty of time to trial this for yourself. Experiment. Play with it. Use the codes to reel in some easy profits. Have another go...and reel in some more profits!

Use it as many times as you like.

And only then decide.

  If you're not happy for any reason...or no reason...just return the manual and your special reports. And we'll refund you in full. No excuses. No hassles. And zero hesitation.

To Secure Your Risk Free Copy
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Fair enough?

  Chances are though: you're going to be HOOKED on using these Hidden Codes for yourself. You'll be shocked and delighted to have finally stumbled upon the system that can open the Internet profit spigot...something which lets YOU cash in on the Internet revolution!

So what's the price?

Well, how does a week's profit sound?

  Well, if you made £100 a day like some people already doing this - that's £700 a week in your hand. That would make this package worth £700. Wouldn't that be very fair? I'm sure you'll agree it would be.

But then I realised something...

£700, even though a 'reasonable' price, is still a lot of cash for most people to lay out...

So we're not charging anything like that...

  In fact, your price is just £147 for the entire package! That's a ludicrous bargain, for sure. And wait! It gets better still...

  As a pre-publication offer price, we'll knock that price down you'll pay just £97 today as a good customer of my publishers.

  Fact is, you'd only really have to use the system ONCE to get your money back! That's an extraordinary bargain to me....

In fact...

A word about the price...

 Just one word about the price. It's important...

 Once you get the manual in your hands, I actually want you to turn page 42.

  There, take a look at what using just ONE of these codes can do. You'll see that using one of these Hidden Codes on just one single day - could make you back the entire cost of this manual!

  That's right! Just one code, in one day, would have re-paid the cost of this manual...and for hardly any effort. Incredible - but as you'll see on page 42 - absolutely true.

Oh - and another thing...

Once you've done that - please turn to page 7 of your first bonus report...

  There you'll see absolute, incontrovertible, hard-core proof that you could have made £1,855 profit by using just another ONE of these codes.

Once again, you'll realise that this measly £97 'fee' for this is...

....absolute peanuts!


  So throughout this letter today, I've explained more about this secret system that few people know about. You've learned how these Hidden Codes can change your life forever - just as they are doing already for a very small number of 'insiders'.

 Now, it's time for you to join them!

  Remember: you don't have to leap in off the deep-end here. You're fully protected by your water-tight 90-day guarantee. Simply try this for yourself...and realise it's life-changing power from your own front-room.

  Then - make up your own mind. If you're not happy for any (or no) reason whatsoever...just return your entire package - and we'll refund you in full.

OK, so here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW:

Simply hit the 'Click Here' button below. You can checkout securely using our secure server.

To Secure Your Risk Free Copy
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 Your manuscript and bonus reports (IF you order within five days) will be posted out in the next few days.

From there - get ready...

  A prediction: your mind will explode with excitement and will simply 'come alive' with opportunity-based thinking once you see this blueprint for yourself. As I hinted at earlier: don't be surprised if you don't sleep very much!

Because you'll realise that this could well be the 'BIG ONE' that you've been looking for.

  You'll be convinced that this is totally real, and that the other 'insiders' already using these codes aren't much different than you! You'll realise you can do this too...and that you too could be banking £1K a week using this system.

You'll be excited, encouraged, and won't be able to wait to get started. Of that, I'm sure.

OK - I've said enough!

You either see this as the huge opportunity it is...or you don't. I can't do or say or add anything else.

You either use these Hidden Codes right now to change your life forever...or you walk away now.

Either way, I wish you the very best of luck.

One final 'warning'...

  Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of this information - this offer may not be around forever. We're likely to p*ss a few people off here, so don't be surprised if this offer doesn't stay around for too long...

That stated, don't hang about.

  By responding now, you'll guarantee access to your bonus reports. But more importantly, you'll guarantee access to one of the most explosively-powerful manuals every produced about Internet money-making...

...who knows?

  If the 'big boy insiders' get a whiff of this, there's no telling what they may do to HALT publication - possibly forever.

That stated - do NOT hang about!

  Try Mr. Y's Hidden Codes to Internet Money for yourself today. I know you're going to be excited, motivated and inspired by what you see.

Try it for yourself today. I think you'll like this!


   Mrs. X.

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