If You Were Paid £350 A Word...How Many Words Would You Write?



Dear Streetwise Customer,

"No man but a blockhead ever
wrote except for money."

  So said Samuel Johnson in 1776. I doubt that he had copywriting in mind when he said it, but it is appropriate, none the less.

  It's a little known fact that copywriters are among the most highly paid writers. They may not compete with the Jeffrey Archers of this world in terms of overall income, but if you compare the earnings per word written, no other form of writing even comes close.

  In short, copywriters get paid more money for less work than practically any other writer.

  We'll explain exactly what copywriting is, what a copywriter does, and why it's so well paid. We'll also give you all the information you need to help decide whether copywriting is for you.

  If it is, we'll show you how you can get started in this highly lucrative field, and set you on the path to an excellent full/part time income.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting has been called ‘Salesmanship in Print', and that's a fairly good description. Now before you reel back in horror at that word 'sales', let me reassure you:

 You don't need to be a good sales person to be a good copywriter.

Many of the great copywriters couldn't sell a glass of water to a man dying of thirst... in a face to face situation! But give them a clean sheet of paper, time to think, and a knowledge of the basic principles - and they'll turn out great copy which sells... and sells.. and then sells some more.

  That's the goal of copywriting... to create sales. It might be through a newspaper advertisement, a direct mail piece (sometimes unfairly called junk mail) a product brochure, a T.V/Radio commercial, a press release or whatever.

  The common thread which runs through all copywriting work is this objective: to have a positive effect - and to sell!

Why is copywriting such
a lucrative field?

  Copywriting as a skill is rarely taught properly... if at all.

  As a result, competent copywriters are in short supply, and really good ones, either impossible to find or prohibitively expensive. And yet the demand is massive and growing.

  Markets have never been more competitive. Every company needs to sell its products and services, and will always be on the lookout for that all important 'edge'. They all need and can benefit from effective copywriting to enhance their advertisements, sales letters, brochures, commercials and press releases.

  For the most part, this task falls to internal staff who have no idea what they're doing, or why. Alternatively, an advertising agency is given the job, who promptly pass all but the most prestigious work on to a junior member of staff.

  The result? Well you've probably seen for yourself.

  The standard of a great deal of the advertisements, brochures, and sales letters we're exposed to is pitiful.  They simply don't do the job... a complete waste of time and money.

  Perhaps you haven't noticed? Believe me, just a few days into the course you will.

  In fact you'll be aching to get on the phone and tell them what they're doing wrong! In short, you'll know that they need you - and they need you badly!

  So copywriting pays well for three reasons:

Could you become a highly paid
freelance copywriter?

  With very few exceptions, the answer has to be yes. Anyone can be a copy-writer irrespective of age, sex or educa-tion. In fact some of the most successful copywriters had very unsuccessful educational records. The reason is this...

  Copywriting is like no other form of writing. You can throw all your standard English grammar and parts of speech right out of the window. They just don't matter. What really matters is communication. Copywriting is more like spoken English than written English.

  Simple sentences... simple words... easy to read and understand. That's far more important than 'correct' grammar, and practically anyone can achieve it, given the right guidance.

  It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, or where you work from. Your audience won't know and your customer won't care.

  All that matters is your ability to write copy that sells... and we'll show you how to do that.

  Copywriting is a skill which can be learned comparatively quickly... which means of course that you can start earning from your new found knowledge without delay.

There’s no shortage of business

  It's all around you. Any company or organisation that communicates with their customers or the public with the aim of selling something (this can be a product, a service or even an idea) is a potential customer for your copywriting service.

  Some companies and organisations already make use of good copywriting, but they are very much in the minority. Standards, on the whole, are incredibly low. The one thing you will not be short of when you embark on your new business, is potential customers.

It’s great fun!

  Copywriting is far from boring. Unlike other forms of writing, where you might be tied to a single project for weeks or months, copywriting is far more varied.

  One day you might find yourself writing an advertisement for a new car dealer-ship, and the next crafting an appeals letter for an environmental charity!

  You set your own agenda. If you want to specialise in a particular field, you can do it. If you want to be a 'generalist' you can do that too. The choice is entirely yours. You're your own boss, managing your own time.

It’s a prestigious business

  Although it's not the most important thing, we all want to be proud of what we do for a living... don't you agree? There's no doubt that the advertising industry carries with it a certain amount of kudos and glamour. While the reality may be somewhat more mundane, being able to state your occupation as Advertising Copywriter certainly won't do your image any harm.

You get paid too!

  Many talented writers beaver away for years for little or no reward. Copywriting isn't like that at all. Before you put pen to paper, you'll know exact-ly what you're going to be paid for your work.

  A fairly average copywriter can expect to earn around £20,000 a year, and a good one around £50,000.

  For those who discover they have a real flair, the sky's the limit. Ted Nicholas is probably the world’s highest paid writer, word for word. He charges a minimum of £10,000 to copywrite a sales letter/brochure... and demands five per cent of all resulting sales on top. What's more, he has a queue of companies eager to use his services. He turns down more work than he accepts. As a result of this approach he can make as much as £350,000 for writing a single 1,000 word advertisement.

  For most of us, the earnings will remain a little more conservative, but if you have it in you, we'll bring it out.

What the course includes

  The course takes you step by step through all types of copywriting work, showing with real life examples how to tackle any assignment you're set. Equally importantly, it gives you precise instructions on how to market your services to the thousands of companies and organisations you can help.

  You'll be taken through sections on writing for the press, magazines, direct mail, brochures, posters, press releases, radio, sales presentations, newsletters, classified advertisements and leaflets.

  At the end you'll be able to confidently tackle any assignment you're given. And the lesson on marketing your own copy-writing business will ensure that you're given plenty!

Here's just a taster of what you'll learn:

  You don’t have to become a freelance copywriter to benefit from the course

  The course isn't just for aspiring freelance copywriters. Any company employee responsible for creating sales literature for example, would benefit greatly from the course.

  If you have your own business the course is a must. It could transform the way you market your business and supercharge your profits. Effective copywriting can transform a loss making enterprise into a profit maker, and a profit making enterprise into a fortune maker!

You might even decide to combine the two... carry out freelance copywriting for others, while using your skills and knowledge to build your own separate business.

Many freelance copywriters decide to go it alone and set up their own business when they see the tremendous impact their efforts are having on other people’s businesses. You might not aspire to this at all, but the option is always there.

About your course tutors

The course is written and monitored by a team of three experienced copywriters who between them are responsible for selling several million pounds worth of products and services every year.

And this is all done through the power of the written word.

  If you have a problem with any part of the course, or a query on any aspect of copywriting, one of our tutors will be on hand to provide a written answer.

The course is ideal for:

The benefits of becoming a freelance
copywriter are:

How the course is organised...

  The course is split into 9 easily managed 'bite-sized' sections. As you progress through each section and the optional test exercises, you'll gradually build up your copywriting skills and knowledge. By the end, you'll be ready to tackle any assignment. The cost of the whole course is £149.50.

  What you get for your money?

  Naturally you will receive your 9 copywriting lessons. To keep these neat and tidy you'll also receive a handsome four ring binder.

  You'll also get a series of self test exercises to be performed throughout the course, complete with model answers where appropriate. (There are no 'right' answers in copywriting... only the results can tell you whether you really got it right!)

  Throughout the course you will have unlimited written access to our course tutors. Although they can't write the copy for you, they are on hand to assist with any difficulties you experience along the way.

  At the end of the course, you will receive a written examination. This is completely optional.

  If you decide to complete the examina-tion, you can do so in your own time, and it will be marked and returned by one of our course tutors, giving you a valuable insight into your progress.

  There are no official qualifications in copywriting. As we've tried to emphasise, the customer is the final arbiter. If you create a sale, you've passed!

  However, you will be issued with a certificate marking your period of study at the end of the course, irrespective of whether you decide to take the final examination or not.

You are also covered by an unconditional money back guarantee!

A Completely Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

 You can order your copy of The Streetwise School of Copywriting Home Study Course on approval. If you decide for any reason whatsoever that the course isn't right for you, or doesn't live up to your expectations, you can return it at any time within 30 days for a full refund - no hassles, no questions asked.

 With this 30 day pay-nothing-promise, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t try this out for yourself.

The next step...

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We look forward to welcoming you onto the course, and helping you achieve your goals.

Very best wishes,

John Harrison


Student Comments...

Here are extracts from just a few of the many unsolicited letters we receive from satisfied students, who have enrolled on The Streetwise Copywriting Home Study Course. All letters are genuine and are held on file for inspection at our offices.

“I received the Copywriting material from you, it took some persistence to get through all the test but I finally got there! I have no doubts that you welcome feedback from your subscribers and for this reason I will to state that the course was extremely well written and presented and was exceptional value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who has even the remotest interest in this occupation. It was easy material to read (and digest) and it was hard to put down on many occasions. Please feel free to add my comments to any promotional work.”
Nicholas Evans

“My thanks to you and your colleagues. I would say to anyone who is interested in this line of work – go for it. This has given me something I had hoped for If someone said to you ‘If I were to pay you £350 a word what would you say?’ Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in copywriting work.”
Mrs G Hewison

“I admire and respect your thorough depth of research, concise information and handsome presentation.”
G Ehijah

“I wrote to you to say a friend has asked me to think of a name for a new restaurant and had not liked my suggestion. You replied to say that such a thing is very personal and that the course may not help much with it. Well, I just had to write back to tell you that the company’s managing director did not like the name the manager wanted and asked for a list of suggestions. Around 20 were sent to him and he chose mine! So the course is obviously a great help. Please don’t trouble to reply to this letter, but I really was chuffed and I am now being asked to do some ads for them.”
Ruth Wragg

“The course was waiting for me when I arrived home. It was difficult to put down once I began to read it. The course is an extraordinary and welcome development in practical, hands-on, earn-as-you-learn-material. This is no surprise coming as it does from Streetwise stable, which is well recognised for producing high quality innovative work. The subject is addressed on down-to-earth manner, in an easy to understand format, which I for one can easily appreciate. Alas, not all courses on the market are on the same superb quality. The single outstanding achievement of all your courses for me is the ability to deliver clarity to create word pictures in which people like me can see their dreams mirrored.”
Desmond Fleming

“I would like to convey my thanks to you and your colleagues for providing such comprehensive material, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in this line of work”
K Rodgers

“…one of the most fascinating experiences of my life I am really happy that I took this course
Mr E Akinkunmi

“I would like to congratulate you on constructing a very precise and informative course. I can’t give the course enough praise.”
Mr D Holbrook

“I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on another satisfied customer. Yes the course was excellent!”
Mr A Apperley

“The whole course was far better than I ever expected”
M J Bromhead

“I thought it was about time I wrote to compliment you and others on what an absolutely fantastic course you are running. I find it very informative and exciting”
Mr K Nelson

To Receive Your Copy Of The Streetwise Copywriting Home Study Course Click Here
Or You Can Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24 hrs)


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