“OK, I’m Not Proud Of How I Make My Money!" 

Eric Von Hoffmeir

 "I Wish People Didn’t Throw Their Cash At Me. Honestly! I Wish They Had More Sense. But if I Don’t Take Their Money, Someone Else Will.
£1,000 A Night?
Yeah, I’ve Done That in Under An
Hour Before...(Loadsa Times!)
It’s Like They Don’t WANT The Money Or Something. I’m Happy To Take It Off Them. Why Not?" 


Dear Customer,

 I’ve agonised about this for days...
 Should I tell you about this stupidly easy way to make money, or should I just lock it safely out of temptation’s way?
 Why all the soul-searching?
 Because it borders on what I consider ethical – it’s a grey area.
 Let me explain...
 Imagine you had a large crowd of people each waving a fistful of money at you. Ten pound notes, twenties, even fifties clasped in their hands... and... they were thrusting them in your face, almost begging you to take them.

All you had to do was reach out and grab the cash and stuff it in your pockets as fast as you could.

You’d do it right?
 Well... hold on a second before you answer...
 It’s even more tempting because the size of the crowd runs to the millions. Some drift away after you’ve taken their cash - but more push forward waving their bundle of notes - a surging tidal wave of money. Any hour of the day of night (literally 24/7, 365 days of the year) the crowd is there, waiting patiently for you to step forward and grab their money. Millions of them...
 Each person in the crowd has (on average) £500. When you’ve taken it from them, they often just go back to their bank and get more before returning...

 I’m not exaggerating here. It’s absolutely silly.  

Would you grab the money? 

here’s something you need to know before you say “Yes!”...
 The crowd is there; the money is there; all you need to do is reach out and take it. Nobody is forcing the crowd to hand over the cash – they do it of their own free will.
 And it’s totally legal...
 But there’s something I haven’t told you which might mean you’re not interested - even if it put thousands a month into your account (which it could do).
 You never get to view the crowd directly. You never know their names or see their faces. If it helps, imagine a sea of arms and hands thrusting the cash your way, but you never see the bodies or the heads. You can’t even tell if they’re male or female, young or old.
 In fact, you only interface with this crowd through your PC using a ‘nickname’ – so both you and they are truly faceless! Total anonymity.
 “Even better!” you might cry! Ah, but what if I reveal that many of them will be inexperienced and won’t know what they’re doing? Some may even be drunk or high – you have no way of knowing. Some may be full of bravado, trying to impress their friends by the size of their wedge and the recklessness with which they fling it at you – this, too, is unknown to you.
 Faceless hands, faceless cash – but real people behind it.
 Not everyone will be inexperienced, drunk, high, full of bravado or whatever. Some will be fairly experienced and know what they are doing – but you’ll never know which.
 So, before you go any further, ask yourself: “Could I take their cash?”  ...You’ll have a moral position on this and I’ll leave it to you to decide. I just wanted to raise that at the outset because it excludes many people from this amazing cash machine.

 If after reading what I have to say, you decide you want ‘in’ then here is a genuine way of making excellent money from your home PC in an hour a day (or night) – and it’s terrific fun too!
 How much money?

Some People Doing This Make Millions!

 That isn’t just random talk to impress you. Here are some real names of people I know who have done this for certain (in order of the amount they have made and rounded down to even amounts):

Jamie Gold
Daniel Negreanu
Joe Hachem
Scotty Nguyen
Allen Cunningham
Peter Eastgate
Phil Ivey
T J Cloutier
John Juanda
Erik Seidel


  I could carry on naming people like this – hundreds or even thousands if you wanted them. The one hundredth person on the list would be Chris Moneymaker (great name!) who has cleaned up to the tune of £1.5 million.
 And all these figures are audited and available for you to check for yourself. (You can even check online if you want). So what I’m saying to you is totally true.
 You could join them and make millions, but to enter the millionaire’s big league I’m going to confess you’d have to do this full time. You might not want that. If it’s just the odd hour in the evening you want to spend taking money, then realistically we’re talking a few grand a month once you master the basics of this.  

Please be clear. If you make (say) £60,000.00 a year doing this, that’s other people’s money you’re taking. It’s not from some faceless bank, or from a wealthy stock broker.

It’s real cash from real people some of whom could be (for example) desperate and down to their last £100. The £100 you grab as they thrust it in your face could be from that person – or it could be from someone with millions.
 As I said earlier, you’ll never know. Their loss will be your gain.
 How do the people in the list above make this cash?
 Simple. Playing poker.
 How are YOU going to make your several thousand a month? Playing on-line poker!
 Stop! Please suspend any and all thoughts you have on this subject for the moment because (forgive me) you almost certainly don’t know what I’m about to reveal.

 This is gambling, yes. But unlike most gambling it is not a game of pure chance (otherwise you couldn’t possibly win and I definitely wouldn’t be suggesting you get involved).
 In fact, it is a very long way away from a game of chance! I’ll show you how to get the odds stacked totally in your favour.
 The next thing to say is that poker is easy-peasy to learn. I could teach you in half an hour, no problem. So don’t worry if you can’t play right now. It’s a doddle.
 Playing is easy. Winning – ah now, to do that you’ll need to learn the secrets...

   Also, online poker is mind-bogglingly HUGE! And I mean MEGA-MEGA-HUGE!!!
 As you are reading this, right now, twenty one MILLION people are playing poker on line.
 The next critically important thing to say is the risks are small if you’re sensible. Forget any Hollywood films you’ve seen about people betting the farm. Your stakes and your risk will be strictly limited to whatever YOU decide.

What’s it All About?

Playing poker online is so, so easy. You could get started right now – but you shouldn’t! Not until you’ve been trained in how to consistently win. To play, you need a decent PC and broadband (no exceptions here, sorry) and whatever money you decide to invest. Typically you’d play for an hour or so a few times a week. Unless you want a shot at the millions – then you’d have to play full time as I said. 

Okay, let me reveal a little-known secret which will  lead to all that money...

In fact, I’ve just told you it - but I bet you’ve missed it!
 It’s the fact that about 21 MILLION people are playing at a time. And that is an amazing (really, astonishing) bonus for you because, you see...
 ... most of them are complete and utter morons!

 Sorry to be blunt and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but most of them haven’t the tiniest, faintest idea of how to play poker. As I said earlier, by their reckless play I can only assume they are drunk, high or mentally unstable. When YOU sit at the table with these people, knowing what I will teach you, this is the ultimate ‘taking candy from a baby’ scenario.
 If you don’t like the thought of causing infants to scream whilst you gleefully munch on their sweeties, then try: “shooting fish in a barrel”.
 If you’re a member of the Halibut Preservation Society – I can’t help you further...
 You get the idea!
 Time after time I’ve ‘sat’ at an (online) table and been utterly gobsmacked (to use that hideous expression) by the idiocy of my fellow players and the sheer stupidity with which they fling their cash in my direction.

I’m happy to take the money and I have no  
idea who is throwing it at me   

 Players at online tables all have nicknames (you can choose your own of course). But here’s the astonishing truth about some of your fellow players:

 Then there is you...

Calm, totally in control, skilled and experienced. You ‘sit’ there, ultra cool, biding your time and watching these idiots play. Sober. Focussed. James Bond-like. Using your skill and calm head, you clean up time after time.
 You see the harsh truth is...

You’re the shark. They’re the fish.

 Of course you won’t win every hand. You’ll take some bad beats which will leave you stunned. Even idiots get lucky sometimes! You won’t be the only shark in the ocean either (although they are rare compared with fish!) From time to time a bigger one will swim your way and take a bite out of you.
 But that’s not the point. Making money from poker isn’t about winning every hand. Nobody can do that. It’s about winning on average – consistently.
 I want to tell you that if you can win on average and consistently, you can make yourself some very tasty money. Several grand a month is definitely possible.
 It’s cash that will make all the difference to your life. Imagine what an extra five grand a month CASH could do! Okay you couldn’t buy a roller, but this sort of money (in my experience at least) makes a HUGE difference to your life.
 Suddenly you can laugh in the face of every bill; take decent holidays, buy a new car – and all from being a ‘Top Gun’ poker player!

Warning: Do not (repeat do NOT) tell others how you make you money. They won’t believe you in any case. If they do, they’ll pester you to show them how. They’ll blame YOU if they lose (which they will, because they won’t have your training or be as disciplined as you) and they’ll tell everyone you make your money from gambling – which still isn’t very acceptable these days.

 End of Warning!

 Okay I don’t want to go on forever here because I’m sure you’ve got the idea. People don’t sit in the middle on this one. They’ve either got objections (e.g. religious) to gambling and will reject this outright. If that’s you, goodbye and thanks for reading.
 Others see no harm in this and are keen to take the almost free money on offer. I fall into that camp although I almost feel guilty if I take £500 from someone in ten minutes.
 It’s legal, there’s no coercion, the people playing are adults. If you object to this you must also object to the lottery, bingo, premium bonds, all casinos, horse racing and fruit machines because exactly the same applies to them. A percentage of people doing all of those things could be drunk, high, or down to their last tenner – so maybe they should all be banned? You should probably also object to all pubs since a lot of people in them are spending money whilst under the influence of alcohol.
 That aside, if you’re interested, here’s my proposition...
 I’ll take you under my wing and teach you the REAL secrets of winning consistently at on line poker. And trust me, it can be done. For each ‘shark’ there are maybe 250 fish! That’s wonderful news for you, but it gets better because sharks come in different sizes. There are a lot of little iddy-biddy sharks which you could gobble up whole once you get good!
 Then there are some who fancy themselves as sharks but who are really overweight minnows!

Are You a Shark – or a Minnow?

My point is that if you let me train you through my home-study package called The Back Room Club you will quickly become a serious shark with three rows of gleaming teeth!
  You will then glide through the waters gulping down minnows...

 And please understand I intend to teach you right from the basics. I don’t assume you know how to play poker or any card game. As I say, it’s fairly easy. But I really believe you can’t learn to be a shark alone – you need a mentor. I’m willing to be your mentor – if you’re willing to be my student.
 But I’m not taking just anyone on as you will see. It’s not my intention to sell you a course and then disappear. That would be hopeless for you. When I say ‘mentor’ I mean exactly that. All the great poker players were taught one-on-one by someone more experienced than themselves – a mentor. I am going to ‘hold your hand’ for a full year after you have studied my materials. At any time, for any reason, you can contact me with any questions you have and I will help and guide you, one-on-one.

I don’t know a single other poker player offering that!

Can Anyone Be a Top-Gun Player?

Short answer? No. That’s why I’m not willing to take just anyone onto my Back Room Club.
 Look, I want to be totally honest with you here and tell you this is for serious ‘players’ only. If you’re thinking of ‘having a laugh’ and a bit of fun playing poker, by all means do so but YOU WILL LOSE.  I guarantee it. You’ll be a fish ready and willing to be gobbled up by any cruising sharks. No harm in that as long as you consider it your price of admission to the fun fair. If it’s a few quid and you have a laugh, who cares? (That’s the way most ‘fish’ look at the game, incidentally. Giggling Tracy and drunken Karl are happy to blow £50 impressing their mates or ‘having a flutter’.)
 But I’m not talking about that. That’s not what’s on offer here. I take my game very seriously because I set out to win. Winning is ALL I am interested in.
 Bottom line is, I want the money – as much of it as I can stuff into my pockets. Call me greedy, I don’t care. At least I’m honest.

If you’re NOT interested in winning, seriously this isn’t for you.

There’s something else you need too and because what I am offering is reassuringly expensive. I need to tell you this so that you can eliminate yourself from my restricted membership club.

I really don’t know how to say this... so... I might as well just blurt it out.

 Look, if you’re a lazy, ill-disciplined, unfocussed person who cannot follow simple instructions, this isn’t for you. Now before you rush to say: “No, no, that’s not me! I know plenty of people just like this, but not me, oh no!” please pause and have a look around you. An honest appraisal please because you’ll save yourself some money. Is your car like a rabbit hutch full of old sweet papers and junk? Is your bedroom dirty and untidy? Are your shoes scruffy and your hair unbrushed? Are your bills and papers unfiled and scattered everywhere? You’re getting my drift I’m sure...
 I’m NOT trying to be personal. I’m trying to save you a wedge of cash because if you’re lazy and undisciplined YOU WILL NOT MAKE A GOOD POKER PLAYER.
 Forget all that ‘nerves of steel’ bit and ‘inscrutable face’ malarkey – nobody can see you online anyhow, so you could be sitting there in your boxers for all they care.
 No, you don’t need any of that, but you do need focus, concentration and discipline. AND, you need to treat this like a business. A fun business, yes, but still a business.
 That means... you NEVER play after even one drink. You NEVER play ‘just for fun’. You NEVER play when in a bad temper, stressed or in a low mood. You NEVER play with anyone else watching over your shoulder (otherwise you will seek to impress).
 Are you getting the idea? I want to train you to MAKE MONEY from poker. If you only want to have fun, go ahead, but my training isn’t for you.
 Are we on the same sheet of music? Great.

I want serious people who are interested in making an extra £5k cash a month.  
If this is you, I am inviting you into my Back Room Club.
 This is an exclusive, small membership group of people who are serious about wanting to make money from online poker and who are under my personal tuition. I keep the group small because of the one-to-one mentorship I offer (which is very time consuming).
 Straight away I want to say that if you are fortunate enough to join, you will be asked to sign a secrecy agreement (all member must sign this) in which you agree to not disclose my secret methods and training to anyone else. It’s not just my training either. You’ll get information from some of the top players in the world. If you don’t feel you can abide by this rule, read no further.

 Here is what you get if you are fortunate enough to get in:

What is Your Financial Freedom Worth to You?

 As I write this. We’re bombarded with news about recession, credit crunches and so on and thousands are losing their jobs.
 What you have in your hands is something rather amazing. It’s a way in which you could make consistent money – not just this month – but for decades to come. There seems to be no limit to the number of ‘fish’ pouring into this ocean – the increase is almost exponential. Yet hardly anyone takes the time to learn to be a shark!
  Many players make millions from poker. Thousands more make £100,000.00+.
 What’s it worth to you to join them? I thought one month’s winnings (say £5000) would be reasonable. But then I thought that might seem a lot when you are starting out, even though it’s worth every penny.
 So I maybe £1,000.00 would be very reasonable? But with the dreaded VAT that comes to £1,150.00 which is still quite a lot.
 Finally I’ve settled on just £77.00 as a very fair price for what is on offer here – training from some of the world’s best players, and a full years mentorship to make sure you really ‘get’ this.

“What Guarantee Do I Have?” 

Maybe this is all new to you. Perhaps you’ve known that loads of ordinary people make an excellent living from poker, but that maybe this is something YOU have never considered. I understand that. I was in exactly the same position when I started playing ten years ago. Because I am so confident that you CAN learn this, and to reassure you, I want to offer the following unconditional guarantee.

Your 'Peace of Mind'
No-Quibble Guarantee From
Streetwise Publications

Examine The Back Room in your own home for a full 30 days. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced training materials. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make a very decent living with this online earner having fun in just an hour or so a day and make enough money for a superb lifestyle.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the product within 30 days for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. We have seen many opportunities over the years, and this one really does deserve our full backing – that’s why we are prepared to offer this extraordinary guarantee.

We know that once you have seen what this can do for you, we couldn’t bribe you enough to hand it back!


I could have waffled on for pages but honestly I think this is a bit of a no-brainer.
Firstly,, you’ll either be willing to take the money or not. Secondly, you’ll know that you need a mentor to show you how to do this. Thirdly I’m asking less than one percent of a good month’s winnings to train you – so it’s very inexpensive. Lastly, this is all at MY risk not yours. If you think it’s not for you, simply return for a refund and no hard feelings.

Please Act Now Before The Moment Passes!
Click Here To Place Your Order
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hrs)

As I said earlier I am keeping membership small so if you seriously want to get involved you need to apply today.

 Don’t let this opportunity slip away.
  If you have the slightest thought that this might be for you, could I urge you to at least take a look at it? I nearly missed out on this as I had certain (wrong) conceptions about ‘gambling’. “It’s a mug’s game” and so on. Which it IS – if you’re playing games of pure chance. Poker most certainly is NOT a game of pure chance otherwise top players could never win year after year after year.
 Here, at last, is the answer you’ve been looking for. A way to make some ready cash without much hassle and having fun at the same time!

Just look at these advantages:  

Why not join me and the many thousands of others who are making good money playing this game? It’s far easier than you think!

Don’t put this aside for ‘later’ – because you’ll miss out on this amazing chance to learn from some of the greatest players in the world.  

Click Here To Place Your Order
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hrs)

I wish you all the very best

Eric Von Hoffmeir

PS   That is not my real name but if other top players realised I was spilling the beans on
         this, they’d not be happy bunnies. They want to be the only sharks in the ocean Well
         that’s about to change...

PPS You don’t need any skill or special experience to make money from this – I’ll guide
         you every step of the way and be there for a full year after.



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