Dear Streetwise Customer,

My name is Michael White. Over the next few minutes I’d like to explain this genuine win-win proposal, but firstly, please be assured that this is perfectly legal, although I’m sure it’s certainly like nothing you’ve ever heard of before…

Please also let me put your mind at rest about what this is NOT: this is NOT anything to do with loans, mortgages, lottery, stocks, real estate, or legal compensation. The money is yours- free and clear- and you can spend it on what you like, so no strings.

    There are no catches or complications about this… I think it’s the easiest and fastest money that an average person can make from home.

So why would I invite you into my little goldmine? There’s an excellent reason why, and, with your permission, I’ll now explain that as well as everything else about this. I must tell you now though, there are only enough places being made available for 3% of people who received this invitation, so please give this your full attention now…

If you’ll snatch a quiet few minutes for yourself, I’ll explain why you could be a few easy steps away from a steady stream of cash, just by using this ready-made code… and the beauty about this is that the money is made on the back of an elitist club of rich rich…

Why do I call them ‘super rich’? You’ll see why when I explain more about what they’re up to…

I’m sure they would rather stay under the radar, and they’ve done a pretty good job of doing that so far- I doubt you’ll ever hear about this scheme on the news…

Through a private bank specially set up for this, these guys are making TENS OF MILLIONS of pounds from this grand scheme of theirs, so, although they’d rather keep ALL the money, what do they care if they’re coerced into giving a small slice to you and me…?

Besides, thanks to a loophole that my ‘Robin Hood Code’ exploits, this money I make is 100% legal.

It’s nothing technical, it’s a simple ‘peel and stick’ affair that takes less than five minutes to set up. You simply print off this code and send it in the mail to the right people.

    And I must emphasise, if YOU were to mail this same ready-made document to the same group of people as me, you could also be receiving money from these super rich. There’s so much money being thrown around at their party that there’s more than enough room for you as well as me (as long as I restrict numbers).

Can you print a SINGLE PAGE document and mail it? Yes? Then there’s no reason why you couldn’t make THOUSANDS of pounds extra income, because that’s the only effort and skill that’s needed to skim off regular cash from these accounts.

  Everyone qualifies for this, and anybody is capable of doing it.

          But they don’t want YOU knowing that…

I know you’re sceptical, and the super rich know that too. They’re counting on the little-guy being sceptical of doing what they’re doing in this exclusive buddy-club of theirs… a filthy-rich club where they give each other £20,000 bundles as ‘thank you’ gifts! I’m not joking…

    And would you like to know where this obscene amount of money is coming from?

Yep, the little guy.

    Do you think they want the little-guy getting wise to this? So please don’t be sceptical- that’s how they want you to be- because scepticism keeps you in dark ignorance and poverty, it traps you in your comfort zone, and so it stops you trying to compete with them. But fortunes are being made here, and all it takes is snatching a tiny slice of their money to make a massive difference to the little guy’s life.

Not long ago, I got fed up with being the little guy, always pushed around by the super rich. I used to be like most people, wondering how that rich guy got all that money while I broke my back at some crummy job. That kind of wealth used to seem like a silly fantasy for me.

Maybe you know what I mean…?

    You see, I know what it’s like to want to escape a crappy existence, and I know how quickly a person’s destiny can change from the smallest event. I’ve been where perhaps you are now. Each day a grinding repeat of yesterday: bills, debts, struggling by…

No matter how hard you fight, your punches seem pointless, don’t they? Like some exhausted boxer, you slump back into your corner at the end of each round, relieved that the bell rang. But after a quick splash of water in your face, you’re thrown straight back out there to fight the same fruitless fight, day in, day out, aren’t you? The only person getting rich from that boxing match is the fight promoter- the rich guy pulling your strings- and he’ll never let you throw the towel in…

    So one day I decided to step out of the ring- out of my comfort zone- and instead try to sneak into the shiny world of the rich… if only to get a small slice of it…

For years I tried to break into their world. I bought all the self-help manuals and attended all the rah-rah seminars, but nothing worked. I'd see the big houses and fancy cars, a different life that felt impossible to enter. It felt like a club I would never be allowed membership of…

 But these particular rich people accidentally left a back door open, a door they didn’t seem to consider… a secret door that I ran through and haven’t looked back since…

    Now, thanks to this controversial little secret, I just send a ready-made code to the right people and skims me £788 a week from these bloated accounts.

    Okay, £788 a week isn’t a fortune, but it’s enough to make a big difference to your life, isn’t it? And especially when you consider what little effort went into getting that money: just sending a document in the mail! That sure beats working a 9-5 job or scraping by on a fixed income... it takes the edge off…

    What would YOU do with an extra £788 a week? And what things could you do with all the new free time this would give you? Sending documents in the mail isn’t going to take up your whole day!

    I now have more money and more TIME to enjoy it with. Time and money to be with my family and to actually do some fun things with them. We now go on lavish vacations, dine in fancy restaurants, and drive nice new cars. I just bought my dream car that I can now afford to lease (I can’t believe it’s mine!): a brand new BMW M4. I went with my son to Disney for his first birthday and I recently took my family on an amazing Caribbean cruise… and most of all, now I just get to relax more…

But I’m not being greedy about it; I’m just skimming off enough cash from their scheme to give me financial security- I only need a small slice of their decadent pie to enjoy myself. I can’t afford my own yacht like they can, but who needs one when you can go on a cruise?

In short, I’m living a good life- an easy life. And I’m doing a good deed for others in the process…

    So what’s going on here? How am I making this money? Please listen carefully and I’ll tell you…

    It all centres on a private bank. Each of the super rich that runs this scheme has their own account there, and I legally get access to any of those accounts.

Now, there are people out there- regular people like you and I- who evidently wish to be alerted to certain schemes that the super rich use these accounts for. So what I do is simply report these schemes to those people by means of a tracking code that’s sent to me by this bank. I call this tracking code my ‘Robin Hood code’.

And then, if all goes as expected, the private bank that holds these accounts sends me a reward for reporting those super rich schemes to the right people- this reward I’m getting is taken from the super rich accounts in question. So I’m literally sending this ready-made code to the right people, and that’s allowing me to skim £788 a week from these accounts.

    And that really is all I’m doing to make this money!

It’s nothing technical, you just ‘peel-and-stick’ this ready-made ‘Robin Hood Code’ that tracks these accounts. The bank employee who sets up these accounts has done the hard part. This is so simple a monkey could do it, and it works like a charm…

How is it possible? Well, I’ve kind of hotwired their exclusive little game that’s playing out here, and I’m riding on the super rich backs all the way to the bank… to my own, regular bank…!

This truly is the secret door into their privileged world, a world that tries to lock out the little guy…

As the saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” And I think that’s true in most cases- this is what keeps the little guy on the poor side of the fence. I mean, to start up a business that’s going to make any decent money, think of all the cash you need just to get it off the ground. But to do what I’m doing you DON’T need any of these expensive and risky headaches…

No customer handling needed…
All you need is this virtually ready-made document and a stamped envelope to mail it in!  I let the super rich do all that hard work and expensive stuff- they have the money, so they can afford it. Let them run their schemes… and I’ll ride on the back of all of it all just by reporting their activities to the right people with this Robin Hood Code that the bank gives me, and then waiting for that private bank to send me my reward.

The super rich and this bank don’t seem to know how I’m doing this, but it doesn’t matter because they legally have to send me my money every two weeks. And besides, I’m actually doing a good deed here by helping certain people out- the private bank certainly has no problem sending me money from the super rich accounts there, and the rich zards are already making too much money to care, even if they could do anything about this cash I’m skimming from their accounts (which they can’t).

    This is a true ‘David and Goliath’ story. I don’t think anybody accounted for a small operator like me, and how I could creep into their world with a clever little trick that legally skims money from them.

    And now I’ve perfected the system and have access to way more than I can handle on my own, so I’m in a position to allow just 3% of people invited to use the exact same secret I’m using that makes thousands of extra pounds a month…

    I’ll tell you why I’m letting you in on this secret in just a second, but first please let me explain how easy it would be for you to mirror my income…

You’ve no doubt heard things like, “just copy what I’m doing to make money”, but then you probably discovered it was nothing like as easy. Sound familiar? Like you perhaps, I’ve tried all the silly schemes out there that never work and are way too difficult for the average person to use, but this is quite the opposite…

    When I say to copy me, I really mean COPY…!

    What if I let YOU use this ‘Robin Hood code’ too? And what if you were given contact details of the ‘right people’ to send it to? And you can set things up in under five minutes!

    Here’s how it works. This code is very easy to get and completely free- I’ll walk you through this simple step that takes just a few minutes. Then you add that code to the ready-made document I give you. And then you just mail it out!    

Once it’s all set up, you can spend as much time as you like on this, any time of day that suits you. Or maybe you pay your kids or grandkids some pocket money to do it while you put your feet up, it’s so easy to do this, after all…

    It’s SO EASY. And even if you do get stuck on anything you can always email us for help!

You really do just have to send the ready-made code the bank gives you to the people I tell you to. That’s all there is to this, and you’re invited on board. Although you may not be allowed into the super rich club, you may apply to join this club...

 So I’m inviting you to join this exclusive club I’ve founded called, The Fortune Files. Members of this society are taken under my wing and given access to my biggest moneymaking secret- not just this ‘Robin Hood Code’ secret either- there’s a lot more to tell you than that and a lot more money to make with additional opportunities, should you wish to make it. It’s your choice, but I’ll give you all the tools you need to shoot even higher, should you wish.

 In private, I wrote down everything I do in simple 1-2-3 step instructions to follow. Just sit back and I’ll explain everything.

 AND there are 9 more additional codes you can send out if you like, so you’ll have a total of 10! It’s just ONE of these codes that makes me £788 a week, so just imagine what you could do with TEN!

     Different codes for different super rich accounts. That’s right, the £788 a week I’m making is just from ONE account! Can you now see why there’s way more opportunity here than I could handle by myself? Lots of room for you too…

    If you’re in the 3% of people reading this who become a member of The Fortune Files, I’ll send you one new code opportunity a month, along with simple instructions on how to operate this, over the next ten months of your membership. You can just use one of the codes if you prefer, and only have membership for one month- it’s all on your terms.

  And I’ll even tell you how to source these codes yourself if you don’t want me to do it for you. That’s how I can afford to let a few people in on this without creating any competition for myself, and that’s also how this could grow into something much more for you, should you wish it.

   So I trust you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that monthly membership dues are just  £27a month (plus £2.95 shipping) for each of the ten membership levels, and you can cancel membership at any time. Membership dues go towards the cost of administration of our club, including employees who are hired solely to help you out with anything!

To Receive Your Risk Free Level
Or You Can Call My Publishers Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819.

So how am I making any money? Let me quickly explain that as well as answer an important question: why would I bother letting you in on my biggest moneymaking secret…?

  As you can see, the membership dues you’re paying are relatively tiny, and mostly just to cover my expenses for running this, so that’s not the main reason why I sent you this invitation. The main reason is this simple win-win proposal: I’d like 10% of whatever profit you make from the ready-made codes I give you to use.

  I hope you see that as fair. If you don’t make any money from this, you don’t pay me anything other than your membership dues, so it’s in my best interest to make this work for you. You keep 90% of all the money you make. You only pay me for the codes I’ve sourced for you- if you get your own ones (using the trade secrets I’ll send you each month) then you keep all the money.

  So I hope you will see this more as a business partnership than me trying to sell you something. And as a goodwill token of faith in this proposed partnership, Streetwise Publications will cover you with a guarantee that can’t be beaten…

 Please try the first part of the program for 30 days without any risk. If, after reading the first part, you don’t wish to continue for ANY reason, simply let us know within 30 days of receipt, and we'll refund what you paid, even the postage and packaging.

 If you wish to proceed with the rest of the course, simply continue to pay the monthly fee, and you may cancel your subscription at any time, having only paid for lessons received.


So now you have nothing to lose by at least applying- so you can see what this is all about at NO-RISK.

But, as I’ve already mentioned, I really am severely restricting access to The Fortune Files

  You’ve probably heard it all before: secrets and limited places available, blah, blah. But the difference between a true secret and a bogus one is that there’s a genuine reason for giving the secret away. I’ve explained my reason: because I want 10% of the profit.

  And, because this truly is a genuine secret I use myself, I have to strictly limit memberships to 3% of people who received this invitation. No exceptions. Once the places have been filled, we will close the doors.

  And there is an important second condition:

  With all of this material, you are being given privileged, unrestricted access to intellectual property and trade secrets. So a condition of membership is that you agree to total confidentiality. You will not be allowed to disclose any information you’ll be privy to, publicly or privately.

  If you’re happy about all this and you know a genuine opportunity when you see one, then don’t wait a second longer…

  If life is a series of crossroads, you’re standing at one now. One path takes you where you’re already at the same life as today. But the other path could take you to the exact same world as me… because you wouldn’t just be copying me; you’d be practically photocopying me.

  Take the same code I’m using, and simply send it to the people I say, and let’s start making some money together while we do a good deed at the same time. Making honest money from home has never been simpler. I look forward to welcoming you as a member of this lucky group.

To freedom,
Michael White (my email address is

P.S. I only sent you this invitation because a mutual acquaintance said you were a go-getter who was always on the look out for a genuine business opportunity. I hope this describes you, but if for some reason this confidential letter was sent to the wrong person I politely ask you to destroy it. Thank you.

 To Receive Your Risk Free Level
Or You Can Call My Publishers Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819.


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