£23,923 A Month
Skimmed From
“Shadow Banks”
With Zero Work, On Autopilot, Legally!



Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

  What if I could show you how to set this up, and then literally do nothing, as other people make you all the money you’ll ever need? This isn’t a lucky win that only a few people have the chance to get…

  That monthly cash is what everyone who was in on this made!

  You just had to know about this crack in The System, and how to take advantage of it. And I don’t want you to miss out this time around, so please take a quiet few minutes to allow me to explain. And there’s even more than this £23,923 a month I’d like to tell you about…

Money Out Of Thin Air…

  What if you had a “magic” prepaid debit card that never seemed to go to a zero balance, even as you bought things with it? It just seemed to keep topping itself up, on autopilot, with zero work…

  What if a pure side-effect of becoming an armchair millionaire was an effortless residual income?

  What if all this required no skill, no work after set up, no long-odds luck, no technical know-how, and no ongoing maintenance?

  And what if all this was 100% legal…?

  Forget “what-ifs.” This is ALL FACT, NOT FANTASY!

  Why am I letting you in on this?

  Because if you make money from this, I make money. There’s enough room for you if you move fast. All will become clear in the next few minutes…

Sneak YOUR Cut From This $1.2 Trillion Money-Mountain…

  It all started over dinner with a friend in a top London restaurant. He explained how he’d made more money by doing nothing over the last year than he had by working on his business. When he told me how much he’d made my jaw hit the table…

  Like you, I was aware a lot of crazy stuff is going on with The Internet these days, and, being a bit of a technophobe, I really stayed out of it all. All I really knew is that a lot of money keeps “disappearing” on the Internet with transfers being intercepted and ending up at different accounts…

  I had to stop eating as he explained, I was that shocked. I just knocked back my beer and listened, because now I knew I had stumbled upon:

  THE BEST KEPT MONEY SECRET and what will soon become THE BIGGEST STORY of our lifetime…

  It will also be THE BIGGEST WEALTH TRANSFER in history, and you need to be positioned on the right side of that transfer because it will destroy more people- the people who are ignorant about this- than it turns into multi-millionaires.

  This is going to change the rules like you can’t believe. This shocker will sneak up your blindside if you don’t listen to me now, and it will either MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU, depending on how you respond to what I’m saying here.

  I’m serious.

  I know you’re sceptical, and you’re used to hearing a lot of over-blown hype that never lives up to expectations, and that’s such a shame because scepticism could be about to blind you to The Holy Grail, found at last. So, I’m pleading with you to keep an open mind, as I did when I heard my friend over dinner… he explained, in simple terms, this “Shadow Banking System,” and how I too could set things up to skim £23,923 a month from it, with zero work, on autopilot, legally.

  I haven’t looked back since, and here’s how YOU can do the same...

This Robs “Shadow Banks” Legally, On Autopilot…

  Stay with me, there’s nothing complex about this because you’re just going to push a few buttons. Let me explain further…

  The Establishment is asleep at the wheel, and we are going to make them pay. For once, they are suffering, as millions and millions of pounds are shifting from them to the people...

    But not all people. Only the people who know what to do and who do it NOW.

  Here’s how it started. Out of the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis, governments printed money, and they haven’t stopped since. It’s legalized counterfeiting.

  Do you ever wonder why your financial wheels seem to be spinning in the mud, while the privileged few speed away into the sunset? This is why, but it’s all about to change if you get on board…!

  Governments and banks commit financial murder from their ivory towers. They manipulate money, print it, there is no transparency or accountability, and it’s undemocratic. Their paper money (“fiat” money) is now only worth their promise, and their “promise” has worn thin on people.

  That’s why your financial wheels are spinning. That’s why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

  Governments and banks thought we were all stupid as they printed away your standard of living after 2008, but there was a reaction by The People, for The People

  And that reaction was an alternative financial system that has quietly taken hold, and now there is virtually nothing the government can do about it- it’s here to stay as sure as human beings are. In fact, an internal document in the famous investment bank, Goldman Sachs, quietly refers to this as a “megatrend that will change banking as we know it.”

  This new and alternative banking system is global, grass-roots, transparent, accountable, democratic, incorruptible, and available to ALL…

  This alternative financial system is regulated by so-called, “Shadow Banks…”

    And I’m going to show you how to help yourself to money from these Shadow Banks, legally.

  So, here’s the thing. It’s all about the flow of money, and who is controlling it. As you know, money is transferred all over the planet, every second of every day. Banks are obviously the middleman in all these transfers- money gets transferred from one person’s account to another, via bank accounts. Now, banks charge money for this, usually a commission, AND they make money on interest as they temporarily hold all this money for a few days!

  Ever wonder, in this electronic age, why it takes so long to wire money somewhere!? Because banks are making interest by sitting on this mountain of money for days on end instead of doing what we’re paying them to do…!

  Banks are literally making money out of thin air doing this, for ZERO WORK, on AUTOPILOT, and now YOU can too.

  This global money transfer market is worth $1.2 TRILLION, and these Shadow Banks are completely bypassing elitist governments and banks as they steadily become the middleman in all this money getting passes around…

  Can you imagine skimming even just a teensy-weensy slice of $1.2 TRILLION?

  Don’t imagine. Just do what I’m doing…

YOU: Just Another Armchair Millionaire...

  Listen, anyone can do this, and here’s why:

  Other people are going to do all the work for you!

  Let me be quite clear about this: I’m talking about you getting stinking rich by sitting in your armchair, after a set up that ANYONE can do. From there, using this clever system, other people take over.

  Do you understand what I’m talking about? It takes most people a lifetime to make this kind of money, and that’s if they’re lucky!

  Think what you could do with £23,923 a month. You could…

  Why isn’t everyone doing this?

  Same reason as always: Because most people are too sceptical, ignorant, and cowardly. That’s why the wealthy will always be a minority. You just need to ensure you’re on the right side, and that can begin right now.

  So, how is all this possible, and how do you skim this money from these Shadow Banks, on autopilot with zero work, and legally…?

  It’s all about following the money. And money is flowing away from our deceptive governments and their worthless promises and paper-money, and into a new currency that I refer to as, “digital gold…”

Permanent Wealth From This “Digital Gold…”

  Here’s how it works. Once I explain this you’ll see how easily we are going to make this money, so please stay with me…

  The only way governments can hold us hostage to their legalized counterfeiting is by dictating the currency we use to buy things with. If everyone has to use pounds or whatever to buy stuff with, then the government can control us through doing what it likes with the pound.

    Make sense?

  Shadow Banks were born from the creation of a new currency, a peoples’ currency, backed by the promise of the global population, and, unlike governments’ paper-trash currency, in strictly limited supply

  Just like gold, except this “digital gold” is now worth five times an ounce of gold!

  Because this new currency is controlled by us, the people, it exists digitally, on The Internet, but it’s very real. It’s as real as so many other things that only exist on The Internet, such as Amazon and EBay, to name just a couple…

  You could buy your dream home with digital gold, or a car, or just a cup of coffee. You can credit it on a prepaid debit card. Or you can simply change it into the currency of your choice…

  You see, digital gold is REAL. Germany and Japan recently declared it as such, with more countries following suit.

  The Shadow Banks have risen to power from their creation of a new currency in limited supply, that I call, “digital gold.” Digital gold is here to stay, and it’s only just getting started.

  Don’t worry, you’re early to the party!

  So, how do YOU skim some digital gold for yourself, out of these Shadow Banks? You don’t! Other people will do it for you…

Other People Will Skim Money From Shadow Banks For You...

  So, let’s recap…

  Using a new currency- a digital currency- these Shadow Banks are being used more and more by people and companies to transfer money around the world...

   Make sense?

  Now, these Shadow Banks rely on other people around the world to verify all these money transfers. These people are paid for their services with digital gold. Effectively, these people are legally skimming from Shadow Banks, with zero work, on autopilot.

  That’s great for them, but what’s in it for you? Simple…

  YOU are able to ride on their backs, and take a share of their digital gold.

  And, as part of the set-up process to skim from Shadow Banks, I can show you how to get this juicy little bonus…

This “Magic” Prepaid Debit Card Tops Itself Up…

  Those people savvy enough to be in on this, and who used digital gold to credit a prepaid debit card, have what I call a “magic card...”

  What if you had a “magic” prepaid debit card that never seemed to go to a zero balance, even as you bought things with it? It just seemed to keep topping itself up, on autopilot, with zero work…

  Let me explain how the reality for those people in on this can now be a reality for you…

  You see, because digital gold is strictly limited in quantity and cannot be printed, unlike governments’ paper money, the value of digital gold has been climbing rapidly. But don’t worry because you haven’t missed out- the party is only just warming up, in my opinion.

    Here’s an example. Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks fame, was forced to exchange all his wealth for digital gold so that governments couldn’t confiscate it.

  That was in 2010. By 2021 his wealth had increased by 9,689,900%. Yes, you read that correctly. Just $100 would’ve become $96,899.

  Want more…?

  In 2010, 10,000 pieces of “digital gold” bought two pizzas. Those 10,000 pieces are now worth $25 MILLION…!

  So, you see, because the value of digital gold is soaring, the money on your prepaid debit card just keeps going up. You spend money on it, but then it seems to top itself up with more money because the value of your digital gold just keeps on rising!

 But let me now answer a burning question I’m sure you have:

Why Am I Letting You In On This…?

  So, if I’m making all this money, why am I letting you in on this secret?


  I’ll get a small cut of whatever you make- under 10%. That’s why this is a WIN-WIN! I’ll explain in private how I get this cut, and other people will even do that for you, too!

  There truly are no catches, no secret agendas, no reason why you can’t get in on this. Here’s how to get started…

Just Copy Me On This Video…

  Just watch TV, and follow along in 1-2-3 steps that a child could follow!

  I’ve broken all the instructions down in a DVD set, to keep you posted on how much money you could expect each month, as well as ways to maximise your monthly payouts. You’ll also get full support from me along the way in case you get stuck with anything, but it’s SO simple.

  This membership package that gets you into the action is called, Digital Gold Empire.

  And this just gets better. You see to get the whole course would normally cost you £359.40 over ten months. But I'm going to send you the whole course for just £259.40, a saving of £100 on the usual fee. With everything in mind, I hope you see that as insanely good value. But I’m sure you’d like a test drive first, so here’s a guarantee for your peace of mind:

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Let me rush you all ten lesson's at completely no risk to you. Play the DVDs, and see for yourself that this is for real, and how much I’ll be holding your hand all the way, doing my best to get you as much money from this as possible.

If you don’t want to proceed, simply return all ten lessons within 30 days, in ANY condition, for ANY reason, and I’ll send you a full refund of your money.  


Simply Click Here To Sign Up To Digital Gold Empire Or Call My Publishers Order Line On 01709 361819 (24hrs)

       I naturally want to invite you to this profit-party because I make money when you make money, but that should tell you how confident I am that you will make money from this!

  But the clock is ticking, so don’t delay…

Never Work Again …

  If you wait too long to act it will be too late - you’ll have missed the boat… the boat that rode a tidal wave of cash while most people drowned in debt and poverty. You just have to choose a path. You now have a rare chance to turn everything around.

Simply Click Here To Sign Up To Digital Gold Empire Or Call My Publishers Order Line On 01709 361819 (24hrs)

  And let’s make it happen.

  There has never been a better time than now to join me.

With Sincerity and Godspeed,
Jim Hunt.


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