“Give Me 15 Minutes Of Your Time And I’ll Teach You How To Make Up To £100 An Hour From Your PC, Laptop, Or Even Your Phone. 


No Work...No Hassle...No Risk...But There Might Be A Catch!

Read On To Discover What I Do, How You Can Copy Me, And Why You Might Not Want To Do It…”



My name is Kenneth Salmon, and I might as well be honest with you from the start. I’m not a millionaire…not even close. I’m not even wealthy. But I have developed a clever ‘wheeze’ that allows me to rake in up to £100 an hour from my PC (I made over £6,000 last month) and now I want to teach you how to copy me.


  Well I have a couple of reasons which I’ll tell you about later, but first I want to let you in on what this is all about. That’s the real purpose of this short letter.

   I used to be just like a lot of other people, caught in the rat race, working 9-5 for a boss I hated, for a rubbish salary. Coming home late  and not having any spare time to do the things I loved, let alone start up any sort of business. Perhaps it’s the same for you?

 Anyway, let me get to the point…

    I enjoy a bit of a flutter – a gamble. I’ve never had much time to go to actual real life casino’s  (and I’ve always found them a bit intimidating)  but I enjoyed playing online every other evening or so. Hoping I’d get that big break.

Gambling For Losers!

  My favourite game was roulette and like many others I was drawn in by the chance to Win Big in just one spin. I’d always make a single number bet, because of the opportunity to make big exciting wins. A single number win was a lot of money to someone like me, and I’d use a number that meant something to me of course; a birthday, an age of a relative, my house number… something like that.

  Sometimes I won, but I never came out in front for long, and why would I? The house always has the edge on  a single number bet because of the zero on the wheel. So even when I struck lucky, it wouldn’t make up for the losses. Everything I tried, I could never seem to beat the house edge….

 Until I discovered the system I’m writing about today.

A System That’s Guaranteed To Pay!

   It took me quite a while to realise that smaller and more evenly spread bets was the way to go. That cut my losses quite a bit, but it was only when I learned how to tweak the odds in MY favour, that the regular profits started to roll in.

  Now I don’t want to mislead you. I’ve said I discovered this, but that implies that I just looked under a ‘rock’  or something one morning and there it was – fully formed. But is wasn’t like that at all. What I’m now presenting to you today is the results of months of trial and error.

  I went from losing almost every day to winning some/losing some, and then eventually to where I am today…where I consistently and regularly get lots of small wins. But small wins add up to big profits. Eventually,  I just couldn’t lose, and I couldn’t believe it either… It was so simple and the stakes so low.  
  Within no time I was making serious money and I’d paid off what I’d previously lost. Soon, I was able to finally quit my tedious and irritating job, focusing full time on this system. And it’s never failed me. Not once!

£60 In The First Hour…

   The very first time I tried this method I made £60 in an hour.. that’s almost eight times  what I’d previously been earning. Not bad at all for just sitting at a computer, laptop or tablet.

    By using this method for just 2-3 hours a day I now make more money than I ever did in my regular dead end job. But I’m not even pushing the limits. If you work on this full time (I think I’d go crazy staring at the screen all day and I have other things I want to do) you can easily bring in over £6,000 a month – every month. I proved that myself last month.

And the best thing? No stress or risks involved. This system is so safe and simple that A Toddler Could Do It!

Better Than A Business?

  Everyone is different, but for me, this is way better than having a regular business. With this system, I don’t have to wait for someone to order something or buy something like I would if I had a website, an affiliate programme or even a bricks and mortar shop.

  When you want money, you simply open up your laptop, go online and get it! Simple. In-fact, you can literally bring in all the money you want - practically on demand!
   I know this will seem odd or scarcely believable, particularly if you’re struggling to make ends meet or toiling away in a job you hate, but when you get your hands on this you’ll soon realise it’s real… and it works. The method I use works specifically in online casinos. It’s important to know that I’m not actually gambling. I’m taking advantage of a glitch in the way the system online works.
  This wouldn’t work in a traditional casino, but online it works like magic.

You Just Need To Follow The Rules…

  To make this method work, you have to strictly follow a specific set of instructions that I’ve put into a brand new manual which I’ve called ‘The Infallible System’.

  You must not start with more than a £5 stake. You could use a higher stake but to keep it safe and infallible, £5 is the best. You might be able to make more money short term but you’ll soon realise that you’d be actually gambling – and that’s not what your intention should be with this method. Just follow my instructions strictly.

  Primed For Success In 1...2...3...

1. Open an account at an online casino

There are dozens to choose from.
2. Make a deposit

I’d recommend you deposit at least £100 to have the maths in your favour. You will be credited more than £100. Most online casinos offer bonuses when you sign up to get you to bet more. So you will have well over £100 to play with.

3. Click on ‘European Roulette’  and then follow the instructions detailed in my strategy manual. 

It’s That Simple!


  You might wonder why I’d share ‘The Infallible System with you.  If it’s making me so much money why not keep it a secret, right? Actually there are two reasons.

  The first is that it makes absolutely no difference to me if others are making money with this method. In fact it makes me feel better the more people who are doing this, finally taking back money from the greedy casinos!

  Who wouldn’t want to do that? I’ve been broke and it’s just nice to do something to help others fulfill their dreams, just like I have.

  And the second? Well I don’t think this can last for ever. Online casino’s aren’t charities. They hate winners! At the moment I’m flying under the radar and I’ll teach you how to do that too.

  Will I Get Away With It For Ever?

  I simply don’t know. Certainly if I ever get banned there are plenty of online casino’s to work my way  through (and thousands of pounds to be made in the process)  but it’s daft to expect a casino to just keep paying me out indefinitely. So I’m making hay while the sun shines, and that’s why I’m prepared to help you make money from this as well.

Easy, Safe And Affordable…

  My system is ridiculously easy to do, absolutely safe and most important – doesn’t require a big budget to start with.

  There’s no talk about this method on the web, for a reason. People using this method are probably too busy making money online and don’t want to share their stream of income with others. Perhaps they don’t realise that however many people are doing this it doesn’t make a difference.

 This system is so simple that a 5 year old could do it. You don’t need any previous skills or qualifications. There is nothing to stop you starting today.

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are Or
What You’ve Done Before….

 Perhaps you’re an experienced roulette player and know the ropes. Maybe you’ve played a bit but don’t understand all the odds, wagers and pay-offs. It may be you’ve never played in your life.  Whatever category you fall into, my strategy manual  will show you how to win regardless. After reading it, you will have everything you need to make regular and consistent profits.

No Stress Or Hassle While You're
Making Money…

 A lot of gambling games, such as poker or blackjack, can be very stressful and complicated to play using a lot of your time & energy. However, Roulette is far more leisurely. There’s only one outcome, win or lose. You can relax while playing roulette…while building up a lot of steady wins of course.

But Don’t Get Greedy…

 One of the biggest pitfalls of roulette, one which I was sucked into, is the chance of a massive payoff. The odds of a single number bet is 35-1, which means a Single Bet of £50 Can Win You £1,750! Most people – me included before I got wise -  see the pound signs and bet without thinking. And then they lose! With this system we will be looking towards longer, safer sessions that Will Guarantee You Win.

Win A Little At A Time…

  You can’t lose, just so long as you don’t get greedy. A lot of small wins can add up quicker than you think! This system will overcome both American and European roulette,  regardless of the house edge. We set small targets and win them over and over again. While playing in online casinos you can get through a lot of games very quickly, unlike in a land based casino.

  Think about it. As soon as you win in online casinos, you just go straight into another game, but in a real casino there is a much longer delay before the next spin begins.

But The Winnings Will Add Up…

 With this strategy you can easily bank up to £500 a day.

So What’s The Catch, And Why Might
You Decide Not To Do This?

   Well it’s pretty straightforward really – it’s boring!  It’s a system and you need to stick to it. It will take you just a few minutes to learn how to do it and that’s it. No room for creativity, no room for punts or wagers, no big wins…no excitement! Making a little at a time isn’t as much fun as hitting a single number and getting thirty five times your money back in one hit.

  I’d much rather be doing that, but I don’t think there’s any way to make a reliable and regular profit at it. With this, I know there is!

  So yes, it’s boring, but I’d rather be bored winning than excited losing. You might feel differently, in which case this probably isn’t for you.

Let’s Sum Up Shall We?

  Your 90 Day No Risk Money
Back Guarantee

Test drive ‘The Infallible System’ for up to 90 days.

Try everything out and then if  for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied, send the system package back and you'll get your entire investment reimbursed.

(I won't ask why; that's just how confident I am that you will absolutely love this system).


So, really, you have absolutely Nothing To Lose.

  You will find everything you need to know in ‘The Infallible System’ manual. There are no add-ons  to buy or additional purchases to make. This is it. I will explain everything you need  to work this system, in extensive detail. You simply can’t go wrong.

And You Can Learn Everything And Be Ready
To Profit In 15 Minutes Or Less!

  I know by now that you’re probably expecting a super high price. After all, I’m offering you a genuine opportunity to make £500 a day sitting on your backside (albeit bored!) with no real effort or risk. You can do this anywhere in the world where you can hook up with an online casino and at any time of the day or night – 24 hours a day.

  It’s something you can fit in with any other work or domestic commitments you have, so you get to choose the hours you work….3am or 3 pm…it really doesn’t matter.

  So yes, you’d perhaps expect to pay a lot for that…a months profits…a weeks profits perhaps…say £500? That would be really, really cheap for this, but I’m not even going to ask that. Or anything like it.

  At least if you respond today!

For The First 100 Customers Only

 This is brand new. Nobody has seen this before today. I’m no copywriter and I don’t have any fancy testimonials or free bonus’s or any of the other stuff I’ve seen people use before to ramp up the price. I just have my proven system in a simple manual, which you can learn in less than 15 minutes. I don’t have to charge a lot for it, and so I won’t. The price is just £127.

To Order A Risk Free Copy Of 'The Infallible System' Click Here
Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819

  Look, I’m not a salesman or marketer. I’m just an ordinary bloke who figured out something which I think a lot of other ordinary folk could benefit from. My publishers think I’m crazy to be selling this so cheaply (and maybe they’re right and I’ll come to my senses!) but for the first 100 people, it’s just £127. If you reply straight away, I’ll make sure you get a copy for that price.

  Excited? You Should Be!

  In fact, you should have butterflies in the pit of your stomach right now because making money from home just doesn’t get any easier than this. I'm not going to keep waffling on while you're on the edge of your seat waiting to get stuck in to this.


 What Are You Waiting For?

 Reply today and start making money from homeThe Infallible Way!
 I look forward to hearing from you.

Very Best Wishes,  

Kenneth Salmon

P.S   You could be up and running and making money within one hour of receiving the package.

To Order A Risk Free Copy Of 'The Infallible System' Click Here
Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819



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