Dear Streetwise Customer,

  Don’t you get really fed up when you get a great business opportunity put in front of you, only to find you need £20k, £30k even £50k to get started?

 The profits are right there for the taking. You can see the idea will work really neatly. And ... it’s right up your street.

  But you need a LOAD of cash to get started.

  I mean ... if you had that sort of money burning a hole in your bank account you probably wouldn’t need to do the business in the first place!

  It doesn’t seem fair.

  It’s perfectly natural of course. Nearly all businesses need start up capital.

  There’s stock to buy, special machinery or tools to invest in. Maybe a van to buy and get painted up with the company message.

  Heck, even a window cleaning round needs a ladder, a bucket, a squeegee and a bike (!)

  No, it’s hard to start anything these days without at least a few thousand in readies.

  But here’s something amazing...

  A few years ago I found myself in a really desperate financial situation and things were grim.

Whatever your financial status now, I bet you mine was worse. A LOT worse.

  I won’t bore you with the full horror story, but I don’t think I was reckless or silly. If you’re interested, I had a shop (a small one) selling specialised ladies shoes (very unusual sizes and designs). Okay it was a niche market but we were doing steady business.

  Then after several years the business slowly started to dwindle. Every time I looked at the week’s takings it had dropped slightly from the previous week. It wasn’t dramatic, but it was steady—and in the wrong direction.

  Naturally I didn’t sit on my hands. I rationalised the stock, did a bit more advertising, redid the window display and so on. All the things you would do, I’m sure.

 The business perked up a touch, only to resume its inexorable slide downwards.

 A year of this and we were breaking even.

 Two years and I was running at a thumping loss.

 And ... nothing I tried made any difference.

  Before I tell you why (it took me a while to work it out) have a think to see if YOU can work out what was going wrong. Don’t read any further until you’ve had a think.

  To prop up the business (basically to pay the rent) I took out a bank loan. Then, because I wasn’t paying myself any money, I ran up some impressive credit card debts to pay household bills (£20k on one card alone!).

And so it went on until I was forced to vacate the shop (I was still responsible for the lease and the rent with three more years to go!)

  Another three years saw me sinking really deep into the mire. I was maxed out on every card, had borrowed up to the hilt from any lending institution stupid enough to lend me money. And, most embarrassing of all, I had borrowed from friends and family.

  Trouble is, I didn’t have even a hundred quid (literally) to spare for another business idea.

 It was at the very last minute, just before I went totally under, that a friend told me about the idea I want to share with you here.

 But before I do that, see if you’re smarter than I was. Why did my shoe business fail after so many years of (albeit modest) success?

 Here’s the answer.

 My shop was in the oldest (and somewhat run down) shopping mall in town. Years before they’d built a sparkling new one up the road. Now that in itself wasn’t the real reason for my failure. We’d always done good business long after the new mall opened as our mall was slightly ‘alternative’. You know, incense, T-shirts, strange shoes, second hand records...

 Our real demise lay in...the internet.

  It took me a while to realise it but people were (and are) increasingly shopping online. And that meant the ‘footfall’ in our mall gradually decreased. But so slowly it was hard to notice day by day. Then a couple of shops went bust ... and the footfall dropped again. Soon we were getting only half the usual number of people walking past our shop.

 And here’s another kicker...

 If you wanted strange, outsize shoes, guess where you went?

The internet!!

So our footfall was dropping AND people were buying what we sold online!

And that’s why we went bang.

Sorry, I promised not to go on about that, but it is relevant to your success as I will now show you.

So there I was, maxed out, broke and totally desperate.

  I honestly could not have raised £100 if I’d needed it for a shovel to dig solid gold nuggets right out from the ground in front of me. I would have had to walk away.

  Like you I received many business opportunities through the post. This trading system, that horse racing system. A publishing business, a second hand car dealing business.

 Many of them sounded great but ALL required THOUSANDS to get started.

 I simply didn’t have it.

 I remember the day (or rather night) my luck changed dramatically.

  I’d called a pal of mine who was always well off and asked him if he fancied a drink. I wasn’t after money; actually I owed him ten grand! I was after a sympathetic ear.

After a few beers and my sob story he looked me in the eye and said “Why don’t you do what I do?”

  I paused and thought hard. At that point I realised I didn’t really know exactly what he did. He was one of those guys with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. I’m sure you know the type. He was always flush for cash and drove a very tasty motor.

 Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t rich. He was just one of those ‘no problem’ guys.

 His wife wants a new kitchen? No problem.

 They want a fortnight in Greece? No problem.

 Buying a round or paying for the meal for everyone? No problem.

I certainly wanted some of that, let me tell you.

So, right there in that pub, over a pint, he told me something which transformed my life.

  As I’m writing this, five years after that night, I can tell you that every single one of my debts is long gone. I have a couple of hundred thousand in savings. I drive a new 4 x 4. The house looks great and we take 3 foreign holidays a year.

  Look, I’m not rich. I don’t drive a roller or live in a mansion. I have a new £35k car and live in a £560k 4 bed house. I make about £15k a month.

So that’s not rich.

But compared to where I was a few years ago? Well, there’s no comparison.

“There’s only one business you can start which requires no money. Just one.”

That’s what he told me.

Naturally I leaned forward, all ears.

“The only person that needs no money to make money is ... a middle man.”

Hmm. I paused for a moment to digest what he had just said. An objection came to my mind, then subsided. Then another objection ... no, that wasn’t valid either.

The more I thought about it, the more I talked it over with him, the more I realised he was right.

  You see, ‘all’ a middleman does is introduce two parties to each other. If they end up doing business together, the middleman (or woman, of course) ends up with a big, fat slice of the profits. Just for making the introduction.

  The middleman carries no stock, makes no sales, has no overheads (worth speaking about). All he/she does is find Party A and introduce her/him to Party B. They then stand back and wait for a fat cheque.

  Naturally there were lots of details, lots of stuff to learn and so on. But at that point I didn’t care about any of that. I was just too excited to discover a way of making money which didn’t need any capital.

  My friend then spent the next hour outlining exactly what he did (and still does) to make money from this. He was happy to share it with me, and I’m happy to share it with you. Why? Because nothing you do will have the slightest impact on what we do, so we lose nothing by revealing it to you.

But I need to warm you up to the idea first, because it really is a good one. It’s something you’ve perhaps never thought about before.

 I asked my friend some VERY dumb questions that evening, so I hope you won’t be insulted if I ask one of them on your behalf.

 For instance, I asked...

“Why on earth would someone pay a middleman a fat commission? Why don’t the two parties just get together themselves and save the money?”

  Answer – they haven’t the slightest knowledge of each other’s existence, AND ... they are way too busy at the grindstone to go looking for each other.

  A well known success publisher, Stuart Goldsmith, was selling thousands of copies of his best-selling success book The Midas Method. Unknown to him, another small publisher, Charles Cust, was selling thousands of copies of his book on used car dealing called Four Wheels to a Fortune.

Neither had ever heard of the other.

  One of Stuart Goldsmith’s customers had also read the car trading book. He approached Stuart with the following deal. “I know someone who is selling books on a subject which a percentage of your readers would buy since it’s to do with making money. If I put you guys together I want 10% of each sale.”

 Now that’s what’s called a ‘no brainer’ deal.

  Why? There was NO COST to Stuart to do this, only profits. If he sold just one extra book he’s made a profit. There was NO COST to Charles to do this. It was all extra sales to him.

  The result was that Stuart sold 10,000 copies of Charles’ book and the middleman (actually, woman in this case) made £10,000. Nice one.

 What did she do for that £10k? About 4 phone calls and two letters. Let’s say a couple of hours work?

 Are all three parties totally delighted? Yes, there are no losers.

  Do you see how this works?

  Another example: One company sells golf clubs and golfing accessories through the mail. A ‘middleman’ happens to go on a great golfing holiday to Portugal with an entirely different company. He decides to makes some extra cash by introducing the holiday company to the mail order golf company.

  Do you reckon a percentage of their customers might be interested in a £1600 1-week trip to some of Portugal’s finest golfing spots? You bet!

 I could multiply these examples a thousand fold, but you don’t need me to because you already KNOW that being a middleman works. The very fact that it’s a common term in the English language tells you that.

 If you’re still not convinced, think of the thousands of import/export agents there are! All they do is find a foreign company to supply something a UK company wants. They put the two together and take a slice of the profits. We’re not going to be doing import/export by the way, that was just an example.

 The modern name for the ‘middleman’ arrangement is Joint Venture. And I’m humbly suggesting that you, like me, become a Joint Venture Broker.

 In particular, I’m going to show you how to do this only using the internet. So that means you’ll become an Internet Joint Venture Broker.

What is Joint Venture Brokering?

 As a Joint Venture Broker you will be doing the following:

  • Find a company with a product or service who are looking for more business (that’s EVERY company!).
  • Find another company in a similar, but not directly competitive field. The golfing holiday company is a good example. They don’t sell golf clubs and golf balls, and the golfing products company don’t sell holidays. They’re not interested and wouldn’t know how.
  • Formally bring the two together on an agreed deal of who gets what in the way of profit.

 The ‘formal’ part is just a simple agreement which all sign.

Five Good Reasons To
Become A JV Broker Now

  • You don’t need to set up a business as such. You don’t need a warehouse, or even an office – nor spend much time selling, dealing with customers, shipping orders etc. Your partners do all the ‘work stuff’ while you just set things up.
  • You don’t need to create and manufacture products, build any websites or do anything technical. (You’ll have your choice of profiting from selling virtually any product or service in the world.)
  • You don’t need to spend lots of time and money building your own customer list. (You’re going to tap straight into leads that’ll make you tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds ... so that means you can start making money right away.)
  • You don’t need to have a lot of contacts you’ve known for years. (You can actually be allowed to ‘borrow’ the name of almost any expert in any field and reap the benefits of being well-known  ... even if you’re ‘unknown’ right now!)
  • You can get started in this business for next to nothing. What other real business makes a good full time income from home and costs almost zilch to get started?

 And the potential is amazing. £100k a year is easily achievable.

And Why This Is A Great
Time To Get Started...

 Hardly anybody knows about this yet (the way I am going to show you, using only the internet). It’s becoming very popular in the USA, but hardly anyone in the UK even knows about it. There are still hundreds of thousands of opportunities yet to be exploited.

  • It’s a global business. You aren’t restricted to doing deals just in your own town. You can JV nationwide – and even worldwide.
  • It’s a risky time to be a manufacturer/producer/developer of anything – and it often involves a huge outlay for small profits. But as an Internet Joint Venture Broker you don’t have to invest anything, and you can’t lose. (Pause for a moment and take that in. What other business have you ever heard of which costs nothing and in which you can’t lose??)
  • You can be pulling in large profits in as little as 30 days time ... no waiting.
  • It’s the first skill anyone needs to learn for becoming successful in any business. (If you can’t make money doing this you probably won’t make money from any other business!)
  • All the strategies, tactics and sales methods you need have already been developed by other successful operators. You don’t need to spend years developing methods of your own. You just copy what other successful Joint Venture Brokers have already done.

 Imagine, all you do is sit at your PC and using the tips and techniques I am going to share with you, rapidly identify opportunity after opportunity. Then, for the price of an email or letter, you test each opportunity for pennies. When you get a bite, you simply swing into action using a set of simple steps which I will give you. Before you know it you’ve closed the deal (usually less than 2 hours work) and that’s another £10,000, £20,000, £30,000 or more heading your way.

 All you need is a bog standard PC and the Internet plus some time (you can do this evenings, weekends or whenever).

 Oh and you WILL need a guiding hand from me because it’s virtually impossible to work this out from first principles.

So I have put down everything I’ve learned in five years of running this into one handy Operations Manual. It really is your blueprint to success. All you need to do is blatantly COPY what I do. And, as I’ve said, you can’t hurt my operation one tiny bit otherwise I definitely wouldn’t be releasing it!

 The reason we won’t be in competition is because there are literally MILLIONS of JV opportunities out there. At any one time I’m dealing with maybe seven!

 Joint Venture Profits takes you by the hand and leads you step by step into this exciting business. Soon you could be closing your first deal – and what a thrill that will be. Making ten times the money in one hour than you normally make in one month!

 I certainly never get tired of it.

 Now when I said earlier you can’t lose, I really did mean it. Perhaps you thought you could at least lose the price of this manual if it wasn’t what you wanted. Okay that’s a small loss but I don’t even want you to have that to worry about! You are fully covered with a Streetwise Publications money back guarantee.

Your ‘Peace of Mind’
No-Quibble Guarantee

 Examine Joint Venture Profits in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced manual. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make £100,000 a year as an Internet Joint Venture Broker.

 If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the manual within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money.

 We have seen many opportunities over the years, and this one really does deserve our full backing – that’s why we are prepared to offer this extraordinary guarantee.

 We know that once you have seen what this can do for you, we couldn’t bribe you enough to hand it back!

 So you really DO have nothing to lose now!

What are you waiting for?


 To Order Your Copy of Joint Venture Profits 
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Or You Can Call My Publishers Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

 I’ve seen maybe a hundred opportunities over the years but nothing as good as this. I think it’s fair to say that if you don’t go for this, then it’s maybe best to forget about being in business for yourself.

Nothing comes even close to this in terms of low work, zero risk and high rewards.

 It’s a terrific business offering a genuine service—and it’s great fun too.

Come on in! The water’s warm and there’s plenty of room for us all.

I look forward to rushing you your manual by return.

Best Regards

Alan Barlow

PS. I can’t think of another business which has MASSIVE profits and ZERO risk and only needs an hour a day. Oh ... and which also requires ZERO money to start!

PPS. Your profit margin on each deal is ... 100%! That’s because you have NO COSTS (worth speaking of).

 To Order Your Copy of Joint Venture Profits 
Click Here
Or You Can Call My Publishers Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.


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