What Is This Man Doing?

“If You’re Looking For The Perfect £700 To £1,000 A Week Home-Based Money Making System, You’re Going To Be Intrigued By The Answer.”

Dear Streetwise Customer,

  My name is Mark Rogers and that’s me ‘at work’ in in my workshop.

 Okay, it’s not really a ‘workshop’, but you could probably tell that.  It’s my kitchen, and that’s my kitchen table.

  But what do you think I’m doing?

  I’m putting together one of the products that make me a very handy £700 to £1,000 a week from home, in my spare time.

The one you see me making here costs a
total of 50p to make and sells for anything
up to £56.31...

  It’s embarrassingly simple to do. There are just two components. One costs me pennies and the other is free (but that’s the important one) and two minutes later I’m looking at a £50 profit sitting right there at my kitchen table.

 And that’s just one of the products I’m making ridiculous amounts of cash from. Some of the others don’t take nearly as much effort as that!

  Another example?

  Well in a moment, I’ll tell you about one of my products which I sell all year round for up to ten times the price I’ve paid for it.

  I buy it, wait for a week (that’s ALL I do...wait. No making anything, no putting anything together...nothing like that) and then sell it on for £20 or more. Like I say, it really is ridiculous and I’d never have believed it possible, even just a couple of years ago.

I Was Desperate...

  I was working shifts in a warehouse for a massive online retailer. I won’t say which one but you’ll have definitely heard of them. Morning, afternoon and night shifts take their toll on both your health and your family life and the pay is terrible. I was permanently knackered and I never saw my wife and kids. I couldn’t wait to get out and do something else, but I was trapped by bills and commitments. You know how it is.

  I started experimenting with money making ideas I’d read about online and in a stack of manuals and books I’d bought over the years that were gathering dust in my spare bedroom. Everything seemed to have something wrong with it...

  You either needed a big wedge of cash to start (I certainly didn’t have one of those!) or if you didn’t, you needed some special skills or experience I didn’t have. Or it was so damned complicated.

  Look, I’m not thick, but I just glaze over when things get complicated or technical. I can browse the internet and send an email, but that’s about as far as my computer knowledge goes. And as far as making stuff goes – well I’m totally ham-fisted.

It Should Be Easy...Shouldn’t It?

  It should be easier than ever to make money from home in 2018… particularly if you want to sell stuff.

  Looking for something to sell?

  Well you’ve got literally millions of products from all over the world to choose from, right at your fingertips.

Looking for someone to buy it?

  Well hundreds of millions of potential customers are at those same fingertips.  Right there on your computer, laptop, tablet or even your phone.

  It seems like a massive advantage over what we all had twenty or thirty years ago...but here’s what I found...It just isn’t that easy.

  The resources available have changed, but so has the world!

  Everyone else has the same ‘advantage’ that you and I do, so it’s not really an advantage at all!

  And in fact it’s worse than that, because it seems like the ‘big boys’ have got everything pretty much sewn up these days.

What Can You Do?

  It doesn’t matter what you want to buy - the likes of Amazon or eBay have it at a knock down price. Modern consumers are canny. They can compare prices quickly and easily, and so if you’re in the business of selling stuff to ‘Joe Public’, you’re forced into a race to offer the best deal...

  A race you can never win because the ‘big boys’ have lower costs than you and can afford to sell at a lower price and still make a profit.

How The Hell Can You Compete With That?

 The answer is - you can’t. But what you can do is copy me instead!

  You see, I don’t try to mix it with everyone else (and come off second best). Instead, I’ve developed my own completely unique money-making system which bypasses all the hassle, and goes straight for the fast and easy profits, which are there if you’re able to completely sidestep the competition.

  Just a few months after I got into this, I was earning enough to go part-time at work. I’m not getting rich (yet) but I can’t tell you how much difference it makes to be able to make your own money...when you choose and how you choose.

  Would even £1,000 a month extra be useful for you if it only took a few hours to earn? If it would, then I know you’re going to absolutely love this.

      Here’s Why It Works...

Let me tell you exactly why my system works so well...

My products are totally unique. So nobody can price match them on Amazon, eBay or anywhere else. It means I’ve got total control over my prices...and profits

The key raw materials I use to make the products are...wait for it...totally free!

If you’re looking for the perfect home money making system which...

  • Doesn’t require any capital.
  • Doesn’t require any skills or experience.
  • Doesn’t require any special equipment.
  • Can be operated exclusively from home.
  • Can be worked on in the hours to suit you.
  • Has zero competition.
  • Allows you to set your own prices and profit   margins.

...then I’d urge you to read on.

   Oh...and don’t worry for one second about the ‘producing a product’ part. It’s child’s-play to do (it has to be because I’m hopeless) and I’ll will show you exactly how to do it in the comprehensive, but easy-to-follow, manual I’ve put together for you.

  In it I’ll show you 15 items you can get for free, combine with something you can buy for pennies – and then turn into a profit of anything between £10 and £300 in as little as two minutes.

  And when I say show you, I really do mean show you!

  My manual comes fully illustrated with photographs of dozens of my real-life products which continue to sell at massive profits. I don’t just show you the finished thing though.

 I take you step by step through the whole process including:

  You’ll get step-by-step photographs, showing exactly how my products are put together, and then screenshots showing exactly how and where they’re sold online.

  You don’t need a website by the way….there are plenty of places to sell online without one...or you can simply sell exclusively offline if you choose. The choice is yours.

Getting Started For Free

  The raw materials I use to create my products can be found almost anywhere and everywhere, and they’re usually free. Here are just a few on the places I’ve picked up materials that I’ve turned into thousands of pounds in profits...

  And even when I have to pay for materials, the profit margins are mind-boggling.

Supermarket Sweep!

  Every week or so I visit my local discount supermarket at a particular time of day (I’ll tell you when) and load up a trolley with one specific item. I get some pretty funny looks...I don’t think anyone else buys in bulk...but I don’t care.


  Because I bundle everything in the back of my car and then bung it in the garage for a week. When I go back to it, it’s all ready to package up and sell on at ten times the price I paid!

  What did I do in that week? Absolutely nothing, other than wait.

  I’ll show you exactly how to do this, and why it works. Anyone who lives near a supermarket...or even a street market… can do it. If you did nothing else but this just once, you’d more than cover the cost of my manual.

  Look, you’re not going to retire with a yacht from this – that just isn’t realistic. But as I said before, if an extra £1,000 a week would make a difference to your life, I’d urge you to take a look at it. And you can do it...

Totally Risk Free And Without Obligation

  I’ve put everything I know about this fascinating and lucrative way to make money from home into a brand-new manual entitled “Raiding The Magic Money Tree – Fast Cash On Your Own Doorstep.”

  And when I say everything – I really do mean everything...

  ...over 130 pages of hard-hitting information. No waffle, no filler, no bull!

  In fact, the one criticism my publishers had when they first saw my manual was that it had too much information – that there were enough product and marketing ideas for two or three separate manuals!

  But here’s the thing – I know how difficult it is to find a genuine and viable home-based money-making opportunity. When I started putting this together, I decided that I’d leave no stone unturned in revealing every last detail.

  I want you to succeed, and I’ve put every last detail, tip and snippet of information in the manual to ensure that you will.

  So the manual stays exactly as I wrote it, but there was just one more thing we needed to agree:

How Much to Charge?

  I struggled to come up with a realistic fee for revealing this knowledge. On the one hand I want to make as much as I can...I hope that doesn’t make me sound too mercenary… but on the other hand I genuinely want to help people who are as desperate as I was. To be honest, if you’d asked me when I was working shifts in the warehouse for £977 for this information I just couldn’t have raised it. Yet it’s only a week or two’s profit once you get up to speed!

  After mulling it over, I decided to cut the price to just £297 and ran the idea past a couple of friends who aren’t very well off. They pulled a face!

  I guess the thing is that I KNOW this works, but you don’t – yet. I know there’s absolutely nothing to stop you joining me in a tasty extra £750- £1000 a week, if  you’re willing to follow the simple steps in my manual.

  Eventually I decided to greatly reduce my profit margin and help more people out. And so I settled on a price of just £97...the sort of money I often make in a single day!

  And of course I want you to have total confidence that this will work for you WITHOUT you taking any risk at all. For that reason, I’m willing to make the following guarantee.

  I can only make such a generous guarantee because I know I couldn’t bribe you to hand it back once you have seen its cash generating secrets.



Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Examine “Raiding The Magic Money Tree – Fast Cash On Your Own Doorstep” in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced liberally illustrated training manual. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make a fantastic second income in a few hours a week copying what I do.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the manual in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money.

This guarantee is fully backed by one of the largest information publishers in the UK – Streetwise Publications, Eden House, Genesis Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX


  To Receive A Risk Free Copy Of 'Raiding The Magic Money Tree – Fast Cash On Your Own Doorstep' Click Here.

Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call My Publishers 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

  Either way, within the next few days you could be putting this hard-hitting, cutting-edge information to work for you, bringing you in a steady second income right from the start.

  I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and dispatching your personal copy of my manual. I know you'll be absolutely delighted.

Very Best Wishes,

Mark Rogers

P.S  Don’t worry about competition. The products you create will be totally unique to you, (You’ll understand this fully when you receive the manual)so you never need worry what anyone else is doing.

PPS  Remember, you can try this totally risk free and without obligation.

To Receive A Risk Free Copy Of Raiding The Magic Money Tree, Click Here Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call My Publishers On 01709 361819

Stop Press…

Special Bonus DVD!

I’ve just recorded a special one hour no-holds-barred DVD in which I show you exactly how I make my money. There’s no substitute for seeing how it all happens with your own eyes.

In the DVD you’ll see me collecting most of my raw materials and putting my products together. Heck I even take you shopping with me to places like Tesco, Wilko, Poundland and Matalan where you’ll see me sourcing  the exact components I buy for pennies and turn into massive profits back on my kitchen table.

This unique DVD comes completely free of charge with the Raiding The Magic Money Tree manual. I’m so confident that you’re going to be absolutely thrilled with this that you can keep this DVD, even if you decide to return my manual under the no-risk money back guarantee.



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