Special Announcement From Streetwise Friend And Associate John Goldsmith...

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This has made excellent profts every
single month for the last 4 years!

Dear Streetwise Customer,

I have another TOP QUALITY money-maker for you! This is really special and I am very happy to share this wonderful opportunity with you today.

Read on to discover how you can make £1,000 a week tax-free in just 5 minutes each day with this superb money-making system...

Excellent Profits Every Single Month For The Last 4 Years!

This really is the only horse racing system you will ever need!

Selections found Easily in just 5 minutes

No Computer required

Easily ascertained at-a-glance information

Excellent 4 years profit record illustrated for you

One of the few genuine ways for the ordinary person to make an
     absolute fortune

Gives you a better /happier life

And a financially comfortable future to look forward to and enjoy

Can set you FREE and provide financial security for the rest of your life!

Now you really can have your cake and eat it with this daily money-maker!

This system finds SINGLE HORSES to back to win.

No Laying, no Stop-At-A-Winner, nothing difficult or tricky.

Done in 5 minutes - NO ANGST!

Just put your bets on and watch your winnings pile up each day!

Read on for more important information...

A Fantastic Life Style Can Be Yours!

For example, starting with only a £2,000 betting bank and compounding it at just 5% per week you would soon be able to afford to buy this stunning 4 bedroom villa in Albufeira, Portugal at 850,000 Euros - about £611,000... Not bad from a simple horse racing system!

How I Went From Dead Mans Shoes To Freedom...

My friend, I believe we have a mutual interest in making money easily don’t we? Surely for a better quality of life? Let me share my story with you if you will allow me a brief moment of your time in your busy day. I promise you it will be well worth it.

You see I am 58 now and I haven’t worked for anyone else for the last twenty-two years. I gave up working ‘for the man’ all those years ago when I discovered how I could make much more money by working ‘smarter’ for myself instead of harder for someone else.

It used to take me an hour to get to the 9 to 5 slog and an hour to get home afterwards with all the attendant cost and traffic frustrations etc. That’s 45 hours a week out of my life for what amounted to breadline subsistence, credit cards maxed out, nil savings, and a ‘dead mans shoes’ situation for my promotion prospects, (I was a civil servant and you had to wait for someone to retire before you could hope for a step up the ladder).

Incredibly everyone in the office was living a Ground Hog Day life of going through the motions with the same ol, same ol routine every day - and they were all just hanging on for the day when they could claim their ‘wonderful’ civil service pension (= a 60% drop in income) and become free! Talk about ‘waiting for God’.

No-one had a clue about how to be ‘independent’ or how to earn enough money by themselves to make themselves financially self-sufficient – and for the thirteen years I spent in the Ground-Hog-Day service neither did I! You see they just don’t teach you this stuff at school do they, and certainly not in the civil service.

A Cash-On-Demand System

Well my life changed completely one day when I spotted an advert in the newspaper...

“How I make £3,000 A Week from my kitchen table while sitting in my shorts”

I remember it well because at the time my take home pay was about £800 a month so I was intrigued as to how this guy could make £3,000 A WEEK while sitting in his shorts at his kitchen table. I just had to find out. So I posted off my cheque for £97 (the equivalent of about £250 today) and eagerly awaited the arrival of the information.

Well that day I ‘took a chance’ and I’m glad I did because it changed my life forever, for the better, and for good. What the guy revealed was a simple multiple step system which was guaranteed to work if you followed the rules. Well I followed the rules and within six months I was able to hand in my notice and become financially self-reliant, independent and a true ‘free’ person – one who is able to generate money literally ‘on-demand’.

I can tell you it was an incredible moment of personal achievement and appreciation of what was at that time – moderate success, but most of all ‘self-empowerment’ because I realized that the system I’d been given would enable me to make cash-on-demand whenever I wanted to use it.

One day soon I might do a seminar on this stuff and when I do you’ll be invited and if you come along it’ll be one of the most important days of your life as you’ll be able to cast off the chains of ‘wage slavery’ or even ‘pension slavery’ just as I did all those years ago and give yourself the same self-empowerment and permanent financial success for yourself and your loved ones.

In fact you can do this TODAY with the incredible system which I am able to share with you.

Why am I telling you this? Because you have a very similar opportunity right in front of you right now and if you take a chance – just like I did all those years ago – then you too will be able to generate cash-on-demand whenever you want to use this particular system!

You see when I became independent I was able to devote significant time to researching other self-enabling systems which would be of enormous benefit to people who would be interested in them. I discovered the one before you today – The Master Key System - about five years ago and I have used it myself ever since to generate one of my ‘multiple streams of income’.

Incredibly this particular system – since I started recording the results has made money every single month for four years! Let me tell you my friend, if you have a system like this which really works then you have the power to achieve all your dreams! Suddenly EVERYTHING becomes possible!

The Power Of SYSTEMS

For example let me tell you about Archie Karas, a Greek immigrant in the U.S.A. who in 1992 drove into Las Vegas with just 50 dollars in his pocket and his ‘System’.

In a little over 2 years he managed to turn those 50 dollars into a staggering 40 Million Dollars (£23M)!!!  You see Archie had a ‘System’ and that was all he needed. That’s Archie on the left with one of his Millions.

Or did you hear about Don Johnson who won over $15 million Dollars from three casinos in Las Vegas over a two week period in 2011. Don was a ‘High Roller’ who, using his knowledge of Blackjack and the mathematics of the game, was able to negotiate slightly better terms so that the odds were tilted in his favour instead of the casinos. He also had a party of beautiful women with him to distract the dealer!

The point is that if you have a SYSTEM which is proven to work then all you need to do is keep on rolling the dice with it until you have won as much money as you want to win. Sometimes it may take a little time to win as much as you want – it took Archie just over two years – but it has to be worth the effort yes?

And incredibly on page 19 of the manual of THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM it reveals how you can turn a starting bank of just £1,000 into one £MILLION in just three years! Its potential is truly AWESOME and by using it you could be the next Archie Karas or Don Johnson!

In fact it is no exaggeration to say that what I am prepared to share with you today is literally a once in a life-time opportunity for you to have a truly fantastic life of enjoyment, self-empowerment, and riches. I think you probably ‘get it’ by now but just in case you’re still not sure here are the actual returns of the System over the last four years:


Profits Every Month For The Last 4 Years!!!

These are regular, consistent profits every single month for four years!

Want To Make A Fortune?

...then all you have to do is USE THIS SYSTEM daily, recalculate your stakes according to the secret on Page 19 and watch your money grow as if it’s on Steroids!

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is because even a modest £500 betting bank given similar returns to the last four years would have become a staggering...


I daren’t tell you how much you can expect to make if you can start with a £1,000 or £2,000 betting bank but whatever you can start with - all you need to do is invest no more than five minutes of your time each day at any time before the racing starts, follow the few simple rules and just keep on rolling those dice just like Archie Karas or Don Johnson would!

And the information to find the selections is FREE in most bookmakers or available from a simple daily newspaper or from an internet resource if you have a computer.

Limited Availability

You remember that guy in the shorts I told you about – the one who made £3,000 a week from his kitchen table twenty two years ago? Well one of the things he taught me was that you should only bother with people who have responded to you before – and he’s right!

So I am sharing with you the fact that I am only contacting my special customers with this – I do not contact all the others on my list again – the one’s who failed to recognise a previous good opportunity - and so they are now Excluded from this opportunity. You are therefore entitled to access SECRET INFORMATION which others will never be able to get hold of!

Secret Knowledge

I am glad you are ‘in’ on this because we know there is no point in bringing this opportunity to the attention of the sceptics, the doubters and the time-wasters and so we ONLY share this life-changing information with the very people who deserve it – the positive thinkers, the go-getters, the people who, like me all those years ago, are prepared to ‘take a chance’ for the fantastic reward of a better life with your own personal way of being able to generate money daily, consistently, and in ever-growing amounts.

So it is your positivity and willingness to take a chance which has enabled me to share this with you today and I am delighted to count you among my Inner Circle of friends who are worthy of the opportunity because I know you can recognise a good thing when you see it! This really is a VERY SPECIAL opportunity for you which your positivity has brought to you.

You know I have written a few books on horse racing and sports betting which were pretty well received – some even achieving 9/10 on independent review websites, but I never actually penned just one system which I would be able to point to as a Legacy, until now.

By this I mean that if my children or grandchildren should ever want to know what to do in order to make money or achieve financial independence, they will only need to pick up this manual to know what to do. The medium to do this in this case just happens to be horse racing, but the point is - it is a money-making SYSTEM. So I am pleased to say that I have at last managed to encapsulate the essence of my very best horse racing knowledge and money-making strategy into this one document and as you can see from the actual returns over the last four years - it has the power to make you seriously RICH!

So, if you buy just ONE money-making system this year – make sure it is this one because it’ll be the best investment in your knowledge and self-empowerment and cash-generating ability you’ve ever made.

As to the price, well normally I couldn’t let this go for less than £297 and I could easily sell it for £497 a copy – and it would be worth every penny, but if you order your very own copy of The Master Key System within the next 72 hours you can secure it at the specially discounted price of just £197.

To Order A Copy Of The Master Key System CLICK HERE Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819

You’ll need to act fast though because I have had just 300 copies printed and I promise you they will go quickly so don’t be a Tortoise because I guarantee you’ll miss out if you don’t take immediate action.

Trust me – this is an absolute Bargain! You know it already – A real honest to goodness money-making SYSTEM for only £197. I wonder what Archie Karas or Don Johnson would make of that?

Your Secret Weapon

I’d really like you to have a wonderful life with no worries and if you order this fantastic money-making SYSTEM today you’ll have a secret weapon you can use whenever you want to generate daily tax-free CASH and enough of it to set you FREE from money worries, and then more than enough to secure your future and to make your dreams a reality.

Come On In – The Waters Lovely!

This is our pool at our villa in Portugal. I love it there and will be moving there permanently in a few years time. There’s a great marina for my sailing boat just ten minutes away and it’s just a fifteen minute walk to the lovely old town of Albufeira with the beautiful town square, and numerous fantastic restaurants, bars and entertainment!

It’s SYSTEMS like The Master Key System which have made it all possible. Won’t you join me in this wonderful life?

With my Best Wishes for your future financial success and assuring you of my personal help and support in getting there with this amazing winning system.



Best Wishes,


John Goldsmith

P.S. 22 years ago I took a chance which changed my life forever and gave me the personal empowerment which I wish to pass on to you today. Do yourself a favour and ‘take a chance’ I promise you - your life will never be the same!

To Order A Copy Of The Master Key System CLICK HERE Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819


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