Who Else Wants A Cheque Like This? 


“I Was Blown Away When I Received A Cheque For Over Nineteen Thousand Pounds. But This Was Just The Start...Two Weeks Later I Received Another Cheque – This Time For £47,000.00. A Few Weeks After That I Got A Further £82,500.80. £148,984.80*  In Total And I Hardly Did ANY Work To Get That Money.”

(*All figures in this letter are fully audited by chartered accountants. Proof held on file.)

Dear Streetwise Customer,

  I can still remember the thrill of opening the letter from John Harrison of Streetwise Publications and taking out the cheque like the one above.

  I knew it was coming of course... but still my heart was beating way faster than normal.

  You See, £19,000.00 Was A SERIOUS Amount Of Money To Receive In One Hit.

 Then a while later to have cheques totalling nearly One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds... and... having done embarrassingly little for it... well it made my year I can tell you.

 I've never written a testimonial letter before, but when John asked me if I'd be willing to share my success story with you, I told him I'd be delighted, even though it’s a bit embarrassing for me.

 It’s the least I can do after what John has done for me and my family. After all, it was as a direct result of John’s personal involvement that I made all this money.

  And He Paid It To Me... Every Last Penny!

  Very briefly, here’s my story (and I only have one reason for going on the record... it’s because you could do exactly the same as me, or better, over the next few months. But only IF you listen to a man who has made many millions of pounds and is willing to guide you to success.)

  You See, I’ve Come to Realise That It’s Very Hard To  Get Rich Alone, Without Guidance, Without A Mentor And Without A Workable Idea.

  So here goes...

  I used to make a modest salary as an electrical engineer which just about paid the bills, but there was absolutely NOTHING left over for the luxuries of life. Also, there was very little hope of promotion at the big company I worked for. I started to feel despondent. How was I ever going to make a better life for myself?

  I'm not moaning. Many people these days would be very happy with my old salary. It's just that I couldn't see a way ahead. My car was six years old, I hadn't taken a holiday for three years and I lived in a grotty terraced house in the poorest area of town with dumped electrical junk and old sofas in people’s front gardens!

  I wanted something better for myself and decided to do something about it. In a moment I will hand over to John and let him tell you what that ‘something’ is, because the exciting news is that you can easily copy exactly what I've done, if you let John show you how.

  Fast forward to the present day and things are very different...

  I drive a brand-new car which I change every 2 years. I live in a lovely four-bedroom executive house in the best area of town. I have enough money so that I never need work again if I don't want to. I even fly first and business class whenever I travel!

  This life seemed totally unimaginable to me when I was a humble engineer; now I accept it as normal.

  You see, I've been keeping something from you.

Although Those Cheques I Mentioned Are Really Very Tasty, £148,984.80 Is Only A Fraction Of The Money I've Made Over The Last Few Years. 

  And it all came from running a simple home-based business which I never would have made so much money from had John not taken me under his wing.

I Reckon That If You Want To Know How To Make Money, One Of The Simplest Ways Is To Copy Someone Who's Made A Few Million.

  Trouble is, millionaires who are prepared to take students under their belt and show them the ropes are very few and far between. Seems that having made their cash, they forget about the ‘little guy’ and ‘little gal’. Human nature I suppose.

  John Harrison is one of the few people I know who has made his own personal fortune AND is prepared to share his knowledge and experience with those just starting out on the path to wealth.

  Now then, let me ask you a question...

If You Are Even The Slightest Bit Interested In Making Some Real Money, Do You Think It Might Help If You Had A Multimillionaire On Your Team?

  I'm sure you've watched episodes of Dragon's Den and similar. I bet you’ve thought “If I had a couple of those millionaire dragons rooting for me, success would be almost guaranteed!”

  And of course you are totally correct. “Dragons” have the business contacts, customer database, products, capital and years of experience to make almost any project fly.

  John can provide that and more. I know he has helped hundreds of people in exactly the same way he helped me. I also know he only accepts a handful of people each year on to his personal mentoring program (his time after all is very valuable). So if you get a chance to grab a place on his program, please don't hesitate.

  It Could Transform Your Financial Fortunes At A Stroke.

  I've just totalled the amount of money that John has paid me since our first involvement together.

 I hope you’re ready for this... It is £601,166.16! (That figure is audited by a top firm of chartered accountants. Many people still believe you can make up figures like this and get away with it. Those days are LONG gone!!!)

  Not bad for a humble engineer.

  But the thing is, I know you could do the same or better than me. Perhaps not on your own, but with the guidance of a multi-millionaire mentor? Just think what you could achieve!

  So let me pass you over now to John to tell you about his mentoring program.

Best Regards

Ian Linford

Ian Linford


From The Desk of John Harrison...


Believe me I’ve been very happy to send cheques totalling £601,166.16 to Ian.


  Because as he can verify, I only paid him half of the profits and I kept the other half for myself! So I made over half a million too!

  That's what I do for all of my mentoring students...we split all the profits 50-50.

  For a number of years now, I’ve been quietly writing out six figure cheques to key ‘outsiders’…apprentices if you like. Last year I wrote out 14 cheques like that, totalling £1,575,166. That’s an average of £112,511 per person, but with some getting FAR more than that.

  Now don’t get me wrong. None of these people worked for me. None of them was compelled to work with me either. All they did was take some information I gave them, and then turn it into a great pile of cash for our mutual benefit.

  What Did They Have To Do For The Money?

  Not a great deal really – certainly less than you’d think. I’ll give you the full uncensored details later, but first I want you to understand this… many of them had never done anything like it before, and were amazed by how simple it was. They were all from different walks of life, but they all had one thing in common…

  They were prepared to listen, follow some ‘idiot-proof’ instructions and try something new!

  The rewards were huge. The money I paid was just the start for most of them. They went on to make a lot more on their own account… (Ian is too coy to tell you but I know for a fact he has made over three million pounds from this. And that’s APART from the cheques I sent him!)

So My Question Is:

“Would YOU Like To Be Receiving Cheques From Me For Similar Amounts To The Ones I Sent To Ian And Dozens Of Others?”

  If so, you have a very short window of opportunity to get in on this. Why? Because it's the time of year when students graduate from my personal mentorship program, leaving just a few vacant spaces. When they are gone, I close the door for another year.

  So if you are even the tiniest bit intrigued by this, the remainder of this letter is devoted to seeing if you are the sort of person interested in banking similar amounts of money to Ian.

   Let’s face it, this year is proving to be tough for a lot of people, and it's set to get tougher still…

  But Not For Everyone...

  While others struggle to keep their financial heads above water, a small group of people under my personal supervision are quietly raking-in more cash than ever...

 If You Want To Bypass The Doom And Gloom...If You Want To Pay Off Your Loans, Your Credit Cards And Your Mortgage...If You Want To Amass A Pile Of Cash That Will Allow You To Retire And Live In Comfort – Maybe Even Luxury, Then I Urge You To Read On!

  Especially if you want to do it within the next 12 months! Because that’s what my personal mentorship wealth programme is all about.

  You don’t need any qualifications or experience to take part, you don’t need any capital or connections, and you don’t need to take any risks. And... it won’t cost you a penny to find out whether my programme is going to work for you.

  However, places are strictly limited, as I mentioned. In fact there are only 7 places available as of today. (Because I really look after my ‘inner circle’, I have to restrict the numbers otherwise I'd be spending all my time doing this.)

  I admit this won't be right for everyone, but if it’s right for you (and you’re not too late to get on board) the impact on your life could be immense…

  I'm going to show you something that took me over 26 years of hard work and millions of pounds of personal investment to perfect. I'm going to lay bare the best business system in the world for the ‘little guy/gal’ to get rich. And then I’m going to virtually force you to get this system bringing in large cheques for you….

Up To £300,000 Or More, Within 12 Months!

 It's a system that just this week made me £74,217 on Monday morning ...while I was still in bed! Before I discovered this (I’ll tell you how later) if anyone had told me I could bank over £74,000 in pure profit in one morning I would have called them a complete idiot and thrown them out of the door. Nevertheless, that's exactly what happened this week, and what has been happening regularly now for over 10 years.

 It's not fair is it? Surely you have to graft and toil for years to make £74,000? Well I'm telling you here and now you DON'T!

 Look, I know you're sceptical….

 That's fine. It’s healthy. Just so long as you keep an open mind and are willing to learn from someone who knows the hidden ‘back door’ route from debt, through financial freedom and right on to a million pound lifestyle.

 Like you, I wasn't born with the instinctive knowledge of how to make £1,000,000 a year. I had to learn how. And you will too. If you let me teach you.

 The difference is that I learned through trial and error. You're going to learn directly from me. That's right, it's worth repeating. It is possible to learn how to make a million pounds a year...if you have the right teacher.

Am I The Right Mentor For You?

 Ian mentioned Dragon’s Den. If you’ve seen the programme then, like me, you probably have Dragons you think you could work with, and others you would struggle to get along with.

  If you're accepted onto this programme…one of my new 7…we're going to be working closely together. That's going to be hard if you don't like me, or how I work. So I'd like to give you some very candid information about who I am, where I come from, and how I came to develop my unique system which has turned £500 into a business making me well over £1,000,000 clear profit every year...

  That way you can come to your own decision about whether to profit from this or not.

  I was born in a South Yorkshire village and was brought up in a three-bed council house on an ordinary street. We weren't completely broke, but we weren't competing with the Duke of Devonshire for the number of en-suite bathrooms either! We had no central heating, no phone, and a black and white TV that made watching snooker something of a pointless exercise.

 Everyone I knew worked with their hands—if they worked at all! Our neighbours were either steelworkers or miners. In fact, when I think about it I didn't know anyone who went to work in clean clothes, or who didn't work shifts.

You Worked, You Got Your Wages (Weekly Of Course) You Spent Them, You Went To Work Again...

 The same old treadmill until you retired or died...whichever came first!

  I went to the local infant school whose main claim to fame was that John Prescott attended a number of years earlier... something of a clue to the education on offer there... and I later moved on to a 'progressive' junior school where 'messing about with paint' took precedence over any useful learning.

 No surprise that I ended up at my local 'bog standard' comprehensive, way behind. And, well, I just seemed to be fighting a losing battle from there on.

But I Didn't Let The Small Matter Of Being Unable To Add Up Properly, Write A Proper Sentence Or, Well...Do Anything Right Really...Deter Me From My Ultimate Goal...

 Because when anyone asked me what I was going to be when I grew up, I would always answer in the same way...  

“I'm Going To Be A Millionaire!”

Only problem was, I didn't have a sensible answer for their next question...

"So How Are You Going To Do That?"

But I did have a couple of clues...

  I said earlier that everyone I knew worked with their hands. That's true, but I did know three people who owned what I wanted more than anything else in the world...

  A Very Fancy Motor Car.

  The first guy ran the local MOT station and he had a gorgeous blue E-type Jaguar. The second guy was my mate’s uncle. He ran an engineering company and had a Mark 10 Jaguar. I remember him scaring me stiff at 130mph on the M1 in it. And the third (who owned a scrapyard) had a beautiful 1962 Bentley in two-tone burgundy and silver.

  Have you guessed what my clue was? Even someone as slow on the uptake as me realised that the blokes with the fancy motors might have gone to work in overalls - but they owned their own businesses.

  And the blokes who went to work in overalls in other people’s businesses drove heaps of junk.

 So that was it... I was going to become a millionaire in my own business. I was almost there now!

  Or rather I would have been if I'd got even the first idea what I was going to do to make all this money. Short of either ideas or talent (and probably both) I elected to take the safe route into higher education after school.

  A few years later I emerged with a handful of mediocre qualifications, but no idea what I was going to do with them.

The Painful World of Work

To cut a long story short, someone with a degree was expected to ‘get a career’ and so I drifted into a job as a trainee salesman for a computer software company. And what a job...

£5,500 A Year And A Vauxhall Astra Van!

Whoopee again!

 At least this was a step up from my 1972, 97,000 mile, rusty old Volkswagen Beetle which looked like it had been fired at with a shotgun, the rust was so bad!

The People I Knew Back Then Can't Believe It When I Turn Up These Days Driving Something That Costs More Than The Average House.

 But that's now, and there was a lot that had to happen between then and now—just as something has to happen between ‘now’ and the future, if you want to be a millionaire too!

 I hated that job, and was only saved from more torture when, two years into it, I was made redundant just before Christmas. But no matter... ever resilient, I fell into another glorified sales rep’s job within a matter of weeks.

  And I Hated That One Just As Much!

  So I packed it in and went on to make my fortune, right? Well no, not quite. I toughed it out for the next four years. Can you believe that? Doing a job you hate for four miserable years? I look back now and wonder what I was thinking (probably not much!) but that's how it was. I'm being open with you and there’s a reason for revealing all this embarrassing stuff.

 I was approaching 30, driving a bog-standard rep’s car and had a £30,000 mortgage on a 'shoebox' which I couldn't really afford. I was driving tens of thousands of miles a year to sell stuff to people who didn't want to see me. And the feeling was mutual. So much for the glittering career. But do you know what...

I'd Got Exactly What I Deserved!

 I'd drifted... taken the line of least resistance, and I was paying the price. That goal of becoming a millionaire seemed like it was a million miles away. Did I say 'goal'? Rubbish! It was just a dream. Goals are something you work towards, not things you hope for and do nothing about. It’s the people who take action who make the BIG money, that I can assure you.

  So What Happened To Turn Things Around?

 Well the first thing was that I got a new boss. And this guy was on the ball...

 He quickly sussed me out and concluded (rightly) that my heart wasn't really in the job and that I was free-wheeling. He wasn't content with me hitting targets - he wanted to know what I was doing with my time. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from telling him: “Plotting my escape. What the hell do you think I’m doing?!”

I Had To Do Something - FAST!

 I had no career to speak of, no money and absolutely no desire to ever work for anyone again. I actually resented this guy coming in and asking me to justify what I was dong. He was only doing his job, but I hated him for it.

  He was right. I was wrong for the job - any job

Time To Start Fighting Back!

  I started reading every self-help and business book I could get my hands on. Some were useless, others had the seed of something exciting. But it was one book in particular that changed my life, because it was about something I'd seen work dramatically at first hand.

  You see, in this company I used to work for, there were six or seven salesmen like me on the road. Every month we'd have a meeting where we'd announce our sales figures, and every month it was the same story. We'd all just about scraped our targets or thereabouts, and then one guy would get up and blow us all out of the water...

He'd Sold More Than The Rest Of Us Put Together, And He'd Never Made A Single Sales Call Or Even Left His 12' x 12' Office.

  I remember pumping him for information on how he did it. It turned out he'd been working with this particular method for years and he was something of an expert. He had a small library of books on the subject, which he let me borrow...

  I devoured every one with growing excitement.

  Why? Because I knew that learning from people who had already become wealthy was going to be the key to my escape.

  Within three months of that new boss joining I'd handed in my notice and was free. What was I going to do? I had absolutely no idea apart from three things...

1. It wouldn't involve working for someone else (I’d sussed that you can never get rich doing that).

2. I'd be using the business method I'd read about in those books and seen working dramatically at  first hand.

And Most Importantly...

3. It was going to make me a millionaire.

 If I was going to achieve anything I knew it was now or never. So I took the £500 savings I had out of the bank, begged a second hand desk and started my first ‘proper’ company, Streetwise Publications

  So how did it go?

 Well, after many years of trial and error, hundreds of mistakes and some hardship I now have the 'perfect' business system which this year alone will turnover more than £5 million.

 Was it easy? Was it hell! I'll let you into another secret here that I've never told anyone before. The first year I made nothing. Not a penny! The second year I made £2,400.

 But the third year... ah, the third year... I made over £100,000.

 And do you know what I'm going to do for you, just as I did for Ian and many others?

I'm Going To Show You How To Skip Those First Two Years And Go Straight To Year Three Or Maybe Even Year Five Where I Made Over A Million!

I can teach you to do it. In fact I guarantee it. When you've finished reading this, your life may never be the same again.

So let me tell you about this perfect business...

Here's Your 10 Point Perfect Business Checklist...

1. Very Little Start Up Money Needed

No business can be started with no money, but I can't think of any that needs less than this. I started with £500, a second hand desk and a telephone. If you think that this is 'a lot of money' you can stop reading now. There's only one way to make money for no cash investment at all... it's called ‘a job’!

2. You Don't Need Any Staff Or Premises

No overhead, no staff whinging and whining, no meetings and no hard work.

3. The Business Is Completely Recession Proof

The up's and down's of the economy, or the whims of politicians, have absolutely no bearing on the success of this business. It thrives in recession as well as boom times. I started out in a recession, and we’re in one now. There are no excuses about it 'not being the right time' to start this business.

4. You Can Operate The System At Any Time From Any Location

You can pick and choose when you want to make money. There are no set hours, no nine to five grind or daily commute. You could easily operate this system for just 5 to 10 hours a week in the evenings if that's what suits you. I’ve even operated it from a laptop on a sunny hotel balcony!

5. The Profits You Make Bear Absolutely No Relation To The Time And Effort You Put In

You will have more time and all the money you need to do whatever you want... spend more time with loved ones, play golf, go fishing, simply relaxing. The choice is yours.

6. You Don't Have To Sell Anything Face To Face. No Personal Contact Is Needed With Customers At All

This was something I hated when I worked for an employer – talking to people who I wasn’t really interested in (and the feeling was mutual) and the daily rejection. There’s none of that here.

7. Risks Are Extremely Low Or Even Non-Existent If You Copy My System Correctly

There are many ways to cash in on this system—and I’m going to show you them all. Some can be started without a penny, using what you already have between your ears.

8. You Don't Even Need A Product Of Your Own

There are literally thousands of products you can legally steal at no cost to you. Think about that—how much money can you make when you have NO product cost?!

9. Income Is Automatic And Continuous

This system has made me profits at a faster rate than my property business, my stock market investments or any gambling system I have ever come across. It is so profitable I sometimes think it should be made illegal!

10. Your Profits Can Be So High And So Easy To Make, You Will Be Embarrassed To Tell Anyone

 What I'm talking about here is a system that will generate enough cash to set you up for life. This information will alter the course of your life for good. One customer, Mark Mordin, recently told me it..

"Helped me make an extra £5,500 in under 2 months with no extra work to do".

Another, Duncan Watson, said..

"The course pulled me out of a hole. I earned over £30,000 from eight projects."

 And remember, these people only knew a tiny fraction of what I'm writing to you about today. None of them has the full system.

 In a moment I'm going to show you what you're going to be doing to make all this money. But first I want to spell out exactly what it can mean to you.

Your New Life…

 The first thing you're going to get is freedom. I can't tell you how great it feels to hand your notice in and know you never have to go back to a job you hate ever again.

 No more getting up on freezing cold mornings...no more making money for someone else... no more office politics... no more over-bearing boss. Just you, and the money-making system I'm hoping to teach you and help you perfect over the next 12 months.

 It doesn't seem five minutes ago that I was running around in that beat-up VW which cost me just a few hundred pounds. These days I change cars almost as often as my socks and they usually cost more than the average three-bedroom house!

 Speaking of houses, I used to trawl the tiny ads at the bottom of the page for something I might just be able to afford with a mortgage. Now I can walk into any estate agents (except maybe the ones in Kensington and Chelsea!) and know that I can comfortably afford to buy anything they have on their books... with cash.

 And let me ask you this...  

 How Would You Feel If You Could Visit Your Bank And Withdraw A Few Thousand Pounds In Cash Every Week Without Any Worries? Just For Spending Money To Buy What You Want... Clothes, Expensive Meals, Travel, Visiting Sports Events, Making Your Family’s Life Better.

Anything You Chose...

 Do you like motor sport (or just nice weather)?

 Imagine being able to take a first class grand, stand seat at the Monaco Grand Prix. Relax at the Hotel Hermitage, an evening in the casino followed by dancing at Felix's nightclub. Mix with sport stars, celebrities and supermodels.

Do you or your ‘significant other’ like shopping? 

I recently paid for my wife and four of her female friends to go on an all expenses shopping weekend to New York. That earned my a few brownie points I can tell you!

Fancy a quick bank holiday break in the Lake District but can't stand the thought of the endless traffic jams?

Why not take a private helicopter straight to the garden of your five star luxury hotel.

Enjoy football? 

Why not entertain your friends and family watching your team from a private box... For the entire season!

 Get fed up with the winter weather?  

Why not spend Christmas at Sandy Lane in Barbados? Sunshine, sand, sailing, golf... beats watching The Great Escape on telly (again) any day!


 So What Exactly Is This Wonderful Business System?

Well it's all based around my very special adaptation of Direct Response Marketing...

Do you think you know all about it... mail order, internet marketing, information publishing, direct advertising... that kind of thing?

 Believe me, and all modesty aside, unless you're me (and you're not!) you don't know very much at all. Or to be more accurate, you don't know how I do it...

 You don't know about the simple system I created from scratch which turned £500 into a multi-million pound fortune.

A System Which I Want To Teach You And Then Mentor You To Perfect Over The Next 365 Days So That YOU Can Be The One Banking Huge Cheques Of £19,000, £36,000 Or MORE.

  I want to make one thing clear...

 This is not some ‘get-rich-quick scheme’. It is a tried and tested proven strategy that can create a guaranteed six figure income.

What I'm Offering Here Is Personal, One-To-One Mentoring And Training That Will Allow You To Build An Automatic Income That Never Dies.

It's like having your very own personal cash dispensing machine with unlimited funds.

So Why Should You Listen To Me?

 After all, there are plenty of people out there claiming they can do the same for you.

 Well, I think you need to look at the background and credentials of the people who claim they can teach you 'their stuff'. I believe the only people you should listen to are the multi-millionaire direct marketers who've built their own businesses from scratch. And I've got news for you...

  In The UK There Aren't That Many!

 And there certainly aren't anywhere near as many as the number of courses, gurus and 'millionaire workshops' would suggest. Truth is, I can count the number of such individuals on the fingers of one hand—and still have fingers left over!

 As a customer you should already know quite a lot about me. And through this letter, I’ve revealed a whole lot more...how I developed a business from scratch and just £500 in savings, to an enterprise which will turn over in excess of £10 million this year.

 Over the last 16 years I've developed and fine-tuned my very own money printing 'machine' which has made me a multi-million pound fortune. When I hear from you I'll send full unequivocal proof to back up my story.

I Know This System Is The Fastest Legal Way To Get Very Rich, Very Quickly, No Matter What The Economy Is Doing...

  Of that, I am 100% sure.

 Please be clear, I am providing an exact 'paint by numbers' process. A proven step-by-step method for getting rich.

This is your chance for a new beginning. A chance for you to learn how to become independently wealthy from the comfort of your own home…a chance to bypass the credit crunch, recession or any other economic catastrophe we get thrown at us.

 Remember I am here to personally mentor you  ...to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Once you've completed this process you'll be able to turn on your 'money tap' at any time you want.

 I'm only offering this opportunity to my best customers by personal and private invitation. And remember, there are just 7 places available.

 After that, the doors slam shut for another year!

 If you decide to copy what I show you, as well as full training, I will also be supplying actual copies of pages from my confidential personal files including:

- A complete blueprint of how to run this business for yourself. Nothing left out. No waffle or filler.

- My full personal contact list, names, addresses, email, phone numbers, nicknames, absolutely everything.

- My joint venture contacts. These insiders can help you profit without ever having to do any of the work.

- My inside statistics on the best mailing lists and advertising media. No expensive trial and error for you.

- You can be guaranteed results from the very start.

So What's The Catch?

 If there is a catch at all, it's that you will have to temporarily suspend your disbelief, to open yourself up to finding out about this. What I'm going to tell you will challenge everything you have ever thought about success and making money.

 Remember, I’ve been milking this business system for over 16 years now and have banked over a million pounds each year for the last 10 years or so. This is 100% verifiable and full records are available at my office for inspection. This is not a one-off fluke, here today gone tomorrow operation. It is a proven system operated by me, and a small band of 'insiders'.

You Can Become One Of The Insiders And Have A Real Shot At £300,000 In The Next 12 Months.

I Will Also Reveal...

- How I made over £900,000 for three hours work. I can teach you how you could do exactly the same. This time next month you could have your own multi-million pound money-making project under way.

- Exactly how to 'magic-up' your own money-making project from scratch... even if you've never done anything like it before.

- The secret ingredients that separate a million pound generating product from a lame also-ran.

- How to price your products for maximum profit... get this wrong and you can flush millions down the toilet.

- How to identify, gain control of, and exploit 'hot' products to turn them into massive piles of cash.

- The key ingredients that turn a simple advertisement into a license to print money.

- How to get other people to sell your products at zero risk or cost to you. You just get to count the clear cash profit.

- How you can use the Internet to automatically create a red hot sizzling product from thin air.

- How to create an advertisement which will pull in more orders than you can handle, and more money than you can count.

- The MAGIC words that can quadruple your sales and profits.

- The single phrase that can create a tsunami of orders.

- How to rocket your email list from zero to tens of thousands in two months.

- 'The Money Magnet Secret' I've never disclosed this to anybody before!

- How to attract a flood of money towards you which you simply can't stop. (This is so powerful I’ve had to BEG people to stop sending me cash over and over again for something they fully paid for long ago!)

- How you can crank up your own “money on demand” system to whatever level you chose. You can make money 24 hours a day.

- How to turn £500 into £5,000,000 in 5 years.

- How one project can make you £250,000 a year with simple ideas.

- How you can steal space advertisements for 10% of the going rate!

- How to create a turnkey marketing system that you can leave to generate cash on auto-pilot.

This Confidential System Is All About Money... More Money Than You Rver Imagined!

  I can honestly say that the only reason why this system will not work for you, is if you don't even try.

 Do you seriously want to make £50,000 to £300,000 a year in this very special business from the privacy of your own home?

 No boss, No traffic jams, no hassle and very little real work.

 Can you imagine receiving so many cheques in one day you have to WEIGH them to find out how many you have got? Believe it or not that happened to us before we got our first computer.

 Can you imagine spending £500 on an advertisement knowing for certain that it will pull in £2,500 in profit in a matter of days?

 Can you imagine knowing that, whatever happens, you will never have to get up and go to a job you hate to make someone else rich... ever again.

Can You Imagine Copying A Proven Money-Making Formula Which Never Fails? Use It Properly And You'll Have An Income For Life.

 If you are admitted to my elite group, I will be giving you access to my private records packed with commercially sensitive information. I will insist that you agree to maintain complete confidentiality. I want this experiment to work, and will be giving you access to every last tool in my armoury to make it work for you.

  This Is Very Important!

This Programme Comes With:

My Personal Rock Solid 100% Money Back Guarantee!

No gimmicks, no catches. If you decide to enrol as one of my private mentoring students I'll get the programme materials out to you by the first available carrier. This is just the start of the programme. I'm going to be on hand to guide you through everything over the next 12 months, by which time I'm confident that you'll be well on the way to millionaire status. You'll be able to contact me via mail or email at any time (you can see why I have to restrict the number of places).

Take a few days to examine the materials. I want you to be totally happy with them. This is only going to work if you're both motivated and committed. Quite frankly, I don't want to work with you if you're not. If you decide for any reason that this programme isn't for you, just return the materials to me in any condition within 30 days of receipt, and I'll return your payment to you. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

As I've tried to make clear through this whole letter, I don't want to work with you or keep your money if you're not going to benefit from this. So the full 30 day unconditional money back guarantee is there for you if you need it. You can look at this completely risk free and without any obligation.

WARNING: This Programme Is For People Who Take Action!

 If you intend sticking the course materials on the shelf and looking at it 'some time', I'd rather you didn't bother ordering. I only want people who can make decisions and take action. If you're a negative 'tomorrow-will-do' kind of person, this isn't for you. Or to be more accurate... you're not for me. Quite frankly you'd get on my nerves and I don't want to work with people who irritate me. I mean it, I really don't want your money.

  But Assuming You Don't Fall Into That Category...

 How much would you expect to pay for this type of information? Information that means you'll never want for anything ever again? A lifetime of automatic income, irrespective of what the economy is doing. It's hard to put a price on personal freedom and happiness isn't it?

 Let’s look at some of the alternatives. Just look at some of the 'franchise opportunities' advertised today in the national press.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning - £10,000 plus

Branded Sandwich Shop - £50,000 plus

Household Oven Cleaning - £12,500 plus

Delivery Man in a Van - £15,000 plus

Selling Chocolate Bars to Offices - £7,000 plus

Running After School Clubs - £22,500 plus

Llama Trekking - £26,000 (I can't believe that one!)

Mobile Car Wash - £13,000 plus

Selling Batteries - £8,000 plus

Property Letting - £22,500 to £210,000

Dog Walking(!) - £9,950 plus

Carpet Cleaning - £11,250 plus

I Could Go On....

 Do you know what you would be doing if you bought any of these franchises? You'd be BUYING A MINIMUM WAGE JOB. No scope to develop, plenty of competition, severely limited earning potential, long hours, gruelling work. In terms of your ability to make serious money and change your life forever, they are absolutely hopeless. Honestly, why would you want to pay tens of thousands of pounds to be 'trained' how to wash cars or walk someone else's dog?

 Alternatively, you may have seen many 'seminars' being offered with prices of £6,000 or more for one day’s training. You may have even been on one. Once the day is over that's it, you're on your own.

 So what would you expect to pay for a place on...

'The John Harrison 12 Month Millionaire Private Mentoring Programme'

A Fully Guaranteed Course Of Mentoring And Private Information That Will Teach You Exactly How To Earn Between £50,000 And £300,000 A Year With No Risk To You!

 As one of my clients Mike Scott said of the advice I gave him recently..

"No One Could Afford To Pay What It Is Really Worth."

However, I need to set a price.

 What about the bottom earning estimate of £50,000? What about the price of a Wheelie Bin Cleaning Franchise - £10,000? How about the price of a one day seminar - £6,000?

 I'll get straight to the point...

The Price I Finally Decided On For This Limited-Place Opportunity Is Just £975.

Yes, that's really it!

You'll get full training and unlimited access to my personal marketing secrets file and my personal advice and guidance for this incredible price... Absolutely no hidden extras. And remember, you get to look at the package entirely risk free for a full month.


Yours Free and Without Obligation For 30 Days!

You can study it, analyse it, contact me with questions, look for catches, and look for loopholes (hint: there aren’t any!) for a whole four weeks.

If after that time you do not think this is for you, you are fully covered by my personal 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the package to me and I'll send you your money back by return.

No hard feelings, and I am sure we will part friends.

Finally, here’s a question for serious people...

Can you afford NOT to take a look at this package?

Welcome To A Turning Point In Your Life!

 At the end of your life it's not what you did that you regret but what you didn't do. Don't let this be one of those things. Don't let this moment pass you by. This really is a one time personal invitation to join me. When the 3 places are gone, then that’s it.

But There’s More..Limited Offer!  

  I’m writing to you today because you’re on our preferred customer list. I know times are tough for a lot of people, and I want to remove every obstacle I can that may be stopping you cashing in on this.

So I’m Making A Handful Of Places Available At Less Than Half Price...Just £975.

  Rest assured that if you join me on this special deal, you’ll still get treated in exactly the same way as anyone joining at full price. Same materials and same unlimited back up, help and support for 12 months. And remember, you still get to look at the programme package totally risk free for 30 days.

How To Enrol Risk Free...

  You Can Click Here To Enrol Risk Free

Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

 I look forward to getting to know you and personally helping you to achieve all the success you deserve.

Very best wishes,

John Harrison
Founder - Streetwise Publications Ltd

PS. Since Ian wrote that letter, I sent him another cheque for £32,200.00! I’d love it if YOU were the next to get such a cheque.

PPS. Don't take the risk of missing out on my offer. There are just 3 places on my current intake available and they will go fast. So ACT TODAY, not later. Remember, you can study and digest the whole system entirely at my risk for a full month before you have to make a final  decision. You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking a look. If you don't like it or  are simply not comfortable, it will not cost you a single penny.


Don’t Forget You Can Reserve Your Place On 'The John Harrison 12 Month Millionaires Private Mentoring Programme' By Clicking Here Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819.




Previous Comments*

“Hi John, Just got back from holiday and made a start on the course. I love the style it is written in (my type of humour). It’s like listening to a friend. So interesting after all the straight laced bull***t I’ve sent for in the past (not from Streetwise of course). Wonderfully written in my language.”
- Norman Sanderson – Email

“I have purchased the 12 Month Millionaire Program off of you and I am writing to let you know that it is an excellent pack of stuff you have sent. Thank you for opening this new world up to me.”
- Sam Brown - Email
“On Friday 7th of this month, I called your Rotherham office where I bought and collected your 12 Month Millionaire programme. – I’m impressed!
- Carl Hasdell – Email

“I have read nearly half of the course material so far. I must admit, it’s brilliant. Very easy to understand and follow.”
- Shahida Awan – Email

“I’ve just received my materials a few days ago and I’ve started to dig in. WOW, what an incredible amount of information you’ve packed in there!”
- Kevin Keith – Email

“I recently purchased your 12 Month Millionaire Mentoring Programme, and have found the information very valuable and satisfying.”
- Ghazala Bibi – Email

“I signed up to the 12 Month Millionaire Mentoring program and I must say I am very glad I did. The information is both priceless and straight forward to read.”
- Josephine Sapgenya – Email

“I know my 1 year mentorship package has come to an end and I would like to thank you for all the valuable guidance and advice you have given me. I really appreciate your membership. It has built my confidence that I can get this right. I know it will require perseverance, but I am certain I will build a profitable information products based business.”
- Charles Whitmore – Email


*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham.

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