“How You Can Shop In The Best Stores, Eat In The Finest Restaurants, Stay In The Swishest Hotels... And Never Spend A Penny Of Your Own Money!”



Dear Customer,

Did you know That a small band of ordinary men and women are quietly getting handsomely paid for what the rest of us happily do for fun?

They shop in the best stores, eat in the finest restaurants, stay in the swishest hotels - and never spend a penny of their own money. What’s more, they  pocket a great wedge of cash for the privilege!

And Here’s The Exciting Part...

Once you know how they do it, you can join them. You need absolutely no experience or qualifications. Anyone can do this, and get started practically straight away.

Read On And Find Out How...

Did you ever go into a shop, restaurant, hotel or other establishment, and find the staff inattentive, unhelpful or even downright rude? And if you did, what did you do about it?

Chances are, you did what most of us do... you voted with your feet and left the establishment, vowing never to return. Unless things were really bad you probably didn’t bother complaining to anyone...

Am I Right?

Now, business owners can’t afford for customers to do this. And knowing that most are reluctant to complain, they are increasingly turning to ‘Mystery Shoppers’ to help evaluate the performance of their staff.

A mystery buyer is essentially a professional customer who is paid to be the eyes and ears of the owner. He or she will visit a shop, restaurant, hotel or whatever, and act like a regular customer – using the facilities, asking for assistance, making purchases – in fact everything that a regular customer would do, but with one important difference...

Everything is done with a view to reporting back to the establishment owner on their findings.

Does this sound like the sort of ‘work’ you would enjoy?

Let’s Look In A Little More Detail At What’s Involved And Just How Far You Could Go With It.

As a mystery buyer there’s no end to the assignments you could be asked to undertake: purchasing clothes from a department store... asking advice in an electrical shop... visiting a bar or nightclub... eating out at a restaurant... trying out a gym or sports club... staying in a new hotel... visiting a hairdresser... taking a trip in the UK or overseas. In fact posing as a customer to just about any business regularly dealing with the public.

 Here Are Just A Few Examples Of Real Life Mystery Shoppers...