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What Every NHS User Should Know...Before It’s Too Late!



Dear Streetwise Customer,

  If you or your family use the NHS, then this information is vitally important. So important that it could save your life.

Sounds dramatic I know, but I don’t care...

  Not if it helps me get over to you how a few simple - yet virtually unknown - steps, can be the difference between a massive waiting list and fast-track attention, between 3rd rate shabby service and first class superior treatment - and yes...even between life and death.

Here’s what this is all about...

It’s no secret that the British NHS is far from perfect. When patients are flying to third world countries for better and faster treatment, you know you’ve got problems. But few outside the ‘inner-circle’ really know the shocking extent of the truth. Did you know for example that...

  If all that wasn’t bad enough, the waiting lists are a national disgrace. And if you do manage to crawl to the front of the queue, the treatment is frequently administered in uncomfortable surroundings, at inconvenient times...and delivered with a sort of we’re-doing-you-a-favour attitude which belies the fact that you’re paying heavily for all this through your taxes.

  It’s humiliating, debasing and frightening...

  It’s a process which robs you of time, control and self respect... With the added caveat, that this really can be a matter of life and death. It’s that important.

If all this makes you angry, then you have every right. But now at last, there’s something you can do about it...

You see, a growing number of well-informed patients are quietly securing an ‘unfair’ advantage for themselves when they need medical treatment. And it’s all free of charge on the NHS.

  They’re not rich. Nor are they well connected. But they have managed to tap into some ground breaking inside information which has never been made available to the general public before. It’s information which reveals not only how the UK health system really works, but more importantly how it can be manipulated to ensure that they and their families receive the very best treatment, in the shortest possible time...and in the most pleasant environment available.

  It’s the sort of information which the ‘top-brass’ have been using for years to skip the queues, sidestep the dodgy doctors, and get top quality treatment...from people who treat them with respect, keep them informed, and give them the time and attention they need.

  And now for the very first time, this information is available to anyone who wants it. What’s more, it’s available from a single source, in a simple easy to digest form which will enable any concerned NHS user to secure the same advantage for themselves and their family.

  The NHS Patients Insider Handbook - How To Fight Back, Take Control And Secure Top Priority Service For You And Your Family', is the work of a health service insider with over 40 years experience at the ‘sharp end’ as a GP and specialist consultant. What he doesn’t know about ‘the system’ and how best to manipulate it to your advantage, really isn’t worth knowing...and after you’ve read his indispensable handbook you’ll be equally well informed.

  Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn and be able to put into practice within days of reading the book...

...and a great deal more.

  The handbook will show you how to take control of the process, so that you’re the one in the driving seat...not some overbearing and condescending doctor or consultant who knows you’re likely to be ill-informed afraid and vulnerable, and plays on the fact for all he’s worth.

And you’ll also learn the shocking truth about some very common and supposedly ‘routine’ procedures...

 If you’re a woman, then you need to know the little known facts about cervical cancer screening and why some women should avoid it altogether. And if you’re a prospective parent, then you simply must get the dramatic information revealed in the handbook about amniocentesis (a test routinely carried out in pregnancy). Ask a simple question, and it could be the difference between a healthy pregnancy and a heart breaking miscarriage...

   And if you’ve ever been prescribed antibiotics, then you’re definitely going to want to read the vital information on page 31 before you ever visit a doctor again.

In fact you’ll learn everything you need to regain control, get treated with respect, and obtain the sort of treatment you want, need and deserve from the NHS.

This is your chance to fight back and get the best for your family.

   The information in ‘The NHS Patients Insider Handbook’ has never been published before and is not available from any other source. You won’t find it in any book shop. It really could make a life-changing (maybe even life-saving) difference to the treatment you receive.

Every NHS user needs a copy of this book... before it’s too late!

Even if you have private health cover, you definitely need this book too. Here’s why...

 Your first point of contact...even if you use private an NHS GP. In fact for most ailments and problems, that’s where your treatment will begin and end. So you need to know how to ‘manage’ your GP, to get the best possible service.

   And just because you’re getting private treatment, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be vigilant with respect to the treatment you’re being given, and who’s giving it...

Going private guarantees faster service and a better ‘bedside manner...but not necessarily better and more appropriate treatment.

 You need to be able to assess your private practitioner too. The book will show you how to do that (in advance of treatment) and it’s going to cost you a fraction of the excess on your private health policy.

‘The NHS Patients Insider Handbook’ can be used by anyone, but not by everyone...

 You see, only a small number of NHS users will ever get to read it, and they’re the ones who will gain an unfair advantage. Most people reading this letter won’t bother to respond because they don’t believe the book will help them, or think somehow that it all seems too good to be true.

  But that’s good for you, because quite frankly, if everyone got to read it, the whole system (which is already creaking and groaning under the strain) would collapse...

It just couldn’t cope with hordes of people no longer willing to be treated like sheep...and having the information and knowledge to seek out and secure the treatment they want and deserve.

  So if you decide to obtain a copy of this handbook for yourself (and I think you should consider it very seriously) then you’ll be part of a small elite group of NHS users who refuse to be intimidated and patronised into accepting a sub-standard service...a group who quietly get just what they want from the system without fuss or hassle.


To Receive Your Copy Of The 'NHS Patient's Insider Handbook'  Click Here Or Call Our Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

You may be surprised to learn that the cost of the information that could make such a radical difference in such a vitally important part of your life is just £19.95.

With private health care for a family typically costing over £3,000 a year, you can start to appreciate what amazing value the handbook is.... And what’s more, you’re covered by our full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Your Full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re unhappy with the book, or can’t see how you can put the information into useful practice for your family, just return it at any time within the next 90 days for a full, no questions asked refund. Fair enough?

If ‘The NHS Patients Insider Handbook’ doesn’t live up to your expectations, it won’t cost you a penny. With so much at stake for your families health and well being, can you think of a good reason why you shouldn’t at least take a look... risk-free?

  Order your approval copy today and make sure that if there’s an unfair advantage to be had, it’s you and your family who are going to get it this time!

Very Best Wishes,

Lisette Eden
Research Manager - Streetwise Health 

To Receive Your Copy Of The 'NHS Patient's Insider Handbook'  Click Here Or Call Our Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.



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