This Cheeky Little Gambling System Could Make You £175 Per Winning Day For Less Than Five Minutes ‘Work’.

I’d Be Happy To Reveal It To You…If You’re Interested.

But Here Are Three Reasons Why You Might NOT Be Able To Copy What I Have Done…


Dear Friend,

For the last seven years I’ve honed and polished a neat little gambling system which I use variations of, year in and year out, to bring me some VERY tasty extra cash.

It’s not a fortune. Two to three grand a month is typical (the amount varies depending on how good a month I have).

Not enough to retire on, buy myself a Roller or a 6-bedroom foreign villa.

But enough to take all the stress out of my life, pay all my bills and have enough left over to really enjoy myself.

Oh, and of course I gave up the day job YEARS ago!

This only takes about 5 minutes a day and most days there are no bets, so there is nothing to do.

If you’re resigned to another year of the
‘same old, same old’ then maybe this could
help you enjoy a better life too?

The thing is, I’ve already shown this to hundreds of ordinary people from close friends to strangers, so I know it works for others too, not just me.

At Christmas, a pal of mine asked if I’d show him how to make money too. So I revealed my seven year total winnings to him and told him a bit about what was involved.

He then dropped the bombshell…

Looking shocked, he said: “I didn’t know you were a gambling man, Alex.”

I was at a loss for words. You see … until that point I hadn’t really considered myself a gambling man either!

I think of gambling as roulette, the National Lottery, horses and dogs and maybe sports betting like football and so on. None of which I know a thing about or have any interest in. And, to be honest, I consider myself a bit above all that.

I like to think that what I do is a profit making business with a 75% chance of ‘winning’ (making a profit) each time I do it.

I was about to splutter my protest when I stopped … and suddenly realised he was right. Technically speaking, what I do IS gambling.

The actions I take are classed as ‘bets’ by the company I place them with. Even more to the point, my considerable profit over seven years is classed as ‘winnings’ by HMRC and is tax free!

So he was right. Loathe as I am to admit it, this IS gambling, I guess.

But it is NOT a pure game of chance, as you will soon see. If it was that, I would never have made money over the years. That sort of gambling is a total mug’s game and nothing I’m interested in.

So here’s the first reason this might not work for you… My friend looked me in the eye and said “Gambling? Not for me mate, I’m out.”

And … he’s out?!

Yep. Moral reasons. As a committed Christian it’s against his principles to gamble.

Fair enough and I’m not about to argue. But you need to stop right here, right now and ask yourself the same question.

Are YOU against gambling on principle?

If so, no matter how I dress this up to make it look not as ‘bad’ as betting on the gee-gees, it won’t wash with you and you won’t be willing to do it.

And you would have a point because I freely admit the tens of thousands that I’ve won over seven years came from the pockets of OTHER gamblers – straight out of their bank accounts and into mine. Ordinary people, some of whom (we have to guess) probably couldn’t afford their losses.

So I’m asking: “Would YOU be comfortable
taking other people’s money like this?”

They’re all grown-ups of course and know the score. Nobody is forcing them to give us their money.

Nevertheless, you’ve got to be comfortable doing this. It’s not money from banks, the government or some fat cat. It’s ordinary people betting against you – and losing.

Something to think about.

Okay two more reasons why you may not be able to do this are coming up. But first let me tell you a bit about that I do.

I take out about £25,000 a year from variations on this gambling systems and have done that now for seven years. One of the beauties of this is that the rewards are legally TAX FREE because they are classed as ‘winnings’ not profit!

That averages an extra £2,000 a month and allows me to enjoy a fantastic life. For example I usually spend 4 months of each year sunning myself on foreign beaches, mainly in Thailand where I am now, writing this from my hotel.

And I reckon it takes me about 20 minutes a day, tops, to make this money. Most days it’s only 5 minutes.

My equipment? My trusty 6 year old laptop, a pen and a jotting pad.

Oh, and I should confess that it’s tough for anyone to make more than about £10k a month from this, so it won’t buy you a Roller or Lear jet. I did manage £10k in a single day once – but that was exceptional!

Sorry about that.

(If it WAS possible to take more than that, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you, that’s for certain!)

So if my sort of money and lifestyle interests you, let me reveal how you can get it...

I don’t want my rivals to know about this, so I’ll only say enough for you to decide if you want ‘in’ or not. If you do, I’ll send you the entire system by return (with an unconditional refund guarantee, naturally).

That way you can prove to your own satisfaction that this cheeky little system really does work—AT NO RISK TO YOU.

Fair enough?

Carefree Lifestyle

I’m not going to do the standard ‘lifestyle’ pitch here. You know, the picture of the fancy car, the hammock on the sun-drenched beach, someone ripping up all their bills and throwing them in the air. I find that a bit cheesy to be honest. You probably know what you’d do with an extra £2,000 a month tax free without me trying to second guess!

But why not pause for a moment and imagine what a difference this would make...

Okay let me now reveal as much as I dare in this open letter. That way you can see if this is for you or not. I don’t want to waste your time if you don’t think you can do this.

I also don’t want to waste your time if you’re uncomfortable making up to £175 in 5 minutes from gambling each and every winning day. It may surprise you to learn that many people ARE very uncomfortable with easy money. They’ve been trained that money can only be made by working hard at a poorly paid job!

I used to be one of them, so there’s no shame if you’re like this.

To give you an idea of how good this is, I want you to imagine a little known online ‘ATM’ cash machine which has almost unlimited money in it.

If you get things right, this ATM will happily pay out money to you.

It will do this time after time – if you get it right.

The tax-free money comes straight into your designated bank account and it’s there to spend whenever you like on whatever you like.

If you’re sick of the grind and want to try something unusual and potentially very lucrative, then here’s what I do each working day (there is nothing to do at the weekends, this system doesn’t work then).

0min 0sec - I go to my PC and visit a certain website and log in using a unique password. (I’ll be showing you how to do this.) This gives you access to some data from America! Intriguing, eh? Yes folks, I bet on something which happens in America most working days.

1min 15sec - I note down some numbers.

1min 50sec - I go to another website and log-in using a different unique password. (I’ll be showing you how to get access to that site too.)

2min 20sec - I note down some more information and numbers.

2min 40sec - I do a simple arithmetic calculation involving addition and subtraction.

2min 50sec - I check to see if the answer means we are on for a bet today. If not, there is nothing more to do on that day. There is no bet.

3min 15sec - If the answer is in the right zone, we’re on for a bet. I place a simple bet using an online book-maker (it’s easy to set up an account – I’ll show you how).

4min 20sec - I turn off my PC and get on with another wonderful day.

And that brings us to the SECOND reason you might not be able to do this. Can’t add up? Can’t subtract? Scared rigid of even the simplest arithmetic?

Sorry, you’re out and you can’t get your hands on this money.

You see, I’d like to be able to say this was a ‘dumbo’ system and that any clown with half a brain could bank the sort of money I make. But I’d be lying.

The truth is you need to have above average intelligence to do this. So if, hand on heart, you don’t think you’re a bit above average upstairs, then save yourself the money and look for something simpler (and good luck with that!).

I’ve been brutally honest because I don’t want to waste your time if you’re not going to be able to profit from this. That said, I also don’t want to scare you off! There’s no complex algebra or anything more difficult than simple sums. But I do know that even those scare off the less intelligent.

DO NOT APPLY if you consider yourself to be so numerically challenged that you can barely add or subtract two numbers because you won’t be able use the American data and get your hands on the money.

How much maths is involved? If you can do these sums using a calculator, you’re okay to do this system.

1. 4587 + 26 – 4213

2. 27 x 13

3. 11567 – 11378

You can probably tell at a glance if this is easy-peasy for you or a nightmare. If the latter, please don’t apply.

Still in? Fantastic, there’s just one more obstacle for you to clear,

I hope you’re fairly excited by now because I have just described exactly what I do and how long it takes to make this money.

It really is no more complicated than I have described and very soon YOU could be making money like this too.

And please let me reassure you this is totally legal. The authorities know all about it and are not the slightest bit interested. In fact they don’t even want to charge you tax on your money, so that’s an added bonus.

Before I move on, I want to reveal a small downside to the system (all REAL systems have downsides of course, it’s only ‘pie on the sky’ so-called money making systems which have no downsides!)


You’ll need some money to do this. I’m afraid it’s a quirk of the system and there’s no way around it. Believe me I’ve tried! The money doesn’t come to me by the way. I have to pay just like you.

You see, because this is gambling … and because NO gambling system on earth can win 100% of the time, it follows that you will lose sometimes.

In the 7 out of 10 times the system wins, a large sum of money is paid TO YOU.

But in the 3 out of 10 times (on average) the system loses then you have to be able to cover your losses.

How much?

It depends on how much you’re betting of course (and we’ll start you out nice and slow so that you get a feel for the system before upping your stakes). Our losses are strictly limited of course. Typically for me it’s £30, £93, £128 or so, but I’m withdrawing £175 on average each time I win so I don’t care at all about these losses. I take them in my stride.

So why do you need money?

I’m hoping you can see why! Sod’s law might arrange things so that you had (say) 5 losing days in a row (and it does happen just as you’ll get 5 winning days in a row too!).

In other words, you’ll get days when your bet loses. So you need to be able to cover those losses.

How much do you need?

Hard to say exactly but about £500 would probably do you. And hopefully you’d never need to touch a penny of it. But it would be very remiss of me not to mention that you need this money and that you could lose some or all of it if you got very unlucky.

(Aside: the absolute worst run of losing days in a row I had was 9. Nightmare! But it all averages out because you get runs of winning days too and I make an excellent profit each year. I once had 11 successful winning days in a row! I withdrew a huge wedge of money out of the account over those 11 days.)

The Final Obstacle

Still with me?

That’s great because it marks you out as serious—someone who realises that proper systems have downsides.  You’re getting close to being able to cash-in on this for yourself.

Let me reveal the final downside…

You need discipline to run this system and very few people have this!

Why do you need it?

Two reasons:

This sounds really easy but I’m amazed at how people just can’t be consistent. They ‘forget’ or have something more important to do than banking £175 in free cash!

Please don’t just shrug and say “Oh that’s no problem for me. I can do that.”


They THINK they will, but they are too lazy and flaky to do it. So they drop by the wayside. How about you?

And ... well that’s all I can think of on the downside. You need £500 ‘in the bank’ plus the cost of this system. You need 5 minutes a day, no scruples against taking other people’s money and you must be consistent. You need the ability to do simple sums.

You’ll also need a computer, tablet or Smartphone connected to the Internet. Nothing fancy is needed. There is no software to buy and no other equipment required.

You can do this from anywhere in the world. I do it from my hotel balcony, sipping a cool drink!

Anyone can do it (if you accept the conditions above). Old or young. Any age, any gender and background, any nationality.

If you can:

Then there’s not the slightest reason you shouldn’t give this a go for yourself.

Please be very clear about this. Even if I wanted to, there is no more work I could do. Five minutes really is all it takes on ‘betting’ days. Many days there is NOTHING to do at all!

I do exactly what I want to do. No boss. No job. No commuting. I spend several months a year in my Thailand tropical island paradise armed with nothing more than my laptop to run this (and other) systems from my hotel balcony overlooking stunning views.

This lifestyle brings me enough money so that I never need to work again as long as I live. One thing you should know is that this system can be run for the next 10, 20, 30 years. It’s NOT a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ idea.

You can even show this to your friends and family (although I’d prefer if they bought it from me, of course!)

You could enjoy the same lifestyle as me.

Debt free. 5* holidays. Nice car. Maybe pay off the mortgage eventually.

Sorry, I’m ‘painting the picture’ and I promised not to do that!

But seriously, this is a really neat little system and there’s every reason for you to cash in on it too.

There’s LOADS of room for you to come and join us.

What The Heck to Call it?

I’ve really struggled with a name for this idea. I didn’t want something naff like The Secret American Gambling System, or whatever.

So I’ve decided to call it The Pasang System.

There’s a very good reason I’ve called it that, but I’m not saying it here! All will be revealed when you buy it though. (Googling ‘Pasang’ will bring up some obscure Korean board game, so don’t even bother!)

Oh, I suppose I also ought to mention this won’t be anything you’ve seen before so you can forget anything you think this might be, because it won’t be that! Remember, I was a bit shocked when my friend accused me of being a gambler – so it certainly won’t be any gambling system you’ve ever come across!

Now onto the price...

I debated long and hard with myself about this. On the one hand I want everyone to do this as it’s easy money and I know people are struggling out there.  On the other hand, and selfishly, I want to make the most money I can for myself out of teaching this system.

I’m sure you understand and would want to do the same if it was you.

Initially I thought a fee amounting to half a dozen average winning days profits would be about right. So I set the price at £1,000 (actually, £997 to be exact). But after talking with people it became clear this was BIG money for some. I guess I’m a little out of touch having not worked for so long!

So I slashed the price to £497 and have been successfully selling at this price. It is, after all, just under three winning days average profit once you get the system up to full speed. By the way, I’ll be suggesting you start very gently to begin with until you really ‘get’ how this works. Then you can ramp-up your bets. That way your risk is minimal. You’ll start by looking to win £20 a day; then £50 a day, then £100 a day and so on. I should also add, to be totally fair, that for the larger amounts you’ll need to make larger bets and so you’ll need a larger ‘betting bank’. But that’s for later once you have won some money—we’ll start you off nice and gently.

When Streetwise saw this they absolutely LOVED it – but there was a problem. They are used to delivering excellent value systems for their people and their usual price was more in the £297 area. So they requested that I lower the price for their customers by knocking another big chunk off my ‘lowest’ price!

I have reluctantly agreed and so you are able to get Pasang for the low price of just £245.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve made that much in a single day! So hopefully this will be a no-brainer for you. £245 is just over 67p a day spread over a year!!! You then get the system entirely free for the next thirty years!

 Unconditional NO RISK Guarantee

If you’ve read this far I’m hoping you are both excited and intrigued. You’re probably keen to see what this is all about and to get this system working for you.

To help you in your decision I have insisted on offering a completely unconditional guarantee with The Pasang System. That way you can check it out fully for yourself without ANY risk whatsoever.


Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble Guarantee From Streetwise Publications

Examine The Pasang System in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced, full colour training manual. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to ‘work’ just 5 minutes a day and make enough money for a superb lifestyle. Even TEST the system to absolutely prove it works.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the items within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. We have seen many opportunities over the years, and this one really does deserve our full backing – that’s why we are prepared to offer this extraordinary guarantee.

We know that once you have seen what this can do for you, we couldn’t bribe you enough to hand it back!


This guarantee is fully backed by one of the largest information publishers in the UK – Streetwise Publications, Eden House, Genesis Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX.

I know this works. Hundreds of other people know this works. But YOU don’t know yet. So it’s only fair I offer the above guarantee.

Over To You

I discovered and refined this system by a long, arduous process of trial and error. It took me the best part of two full years to develop a betting formula that gave me that 70% hit rate (it’s getting better all the time).

Knowing how to win from this has changed my life. I now have an amazing lifestyle. I am debt free and do exactly what I want with my days. I only ‘work’ about half an hour each day.

I’m willing to teach you the exact method for making the system work for you. That way you can start using it straight away to get all the money you could reasonably want. (Remember, the maximum any one person can get from this is around £120,000 a year for reasons I will explain when you purchase the system—so if you’re looking for more than that, this probably isn’t one for you.)

There’s nothing to stop you joining me right now, apart from a little scepticism and inertia.

I hope I’ve dealt with the scepticism through the no risk refund guarantee.

The inertia is down to you. If you apply right now, today, before the moment passes, then you will shortly have my amazing Pasang System in your hands and can get started immediately.

But if you put this to one side to do ‘later’ .... well, we both know what will happen. Normal humdrum life will rapidly overtake you and this will be forgotten. Soon another year will have passed and you won’t be any closer to your dreams of a better lifestyle.

So take firm, decisive action and order this right now. Soon YOU could be the one withdrawing up to £175 every winning day.

To Order A Copy Of The Pasang System
Or Call Streetwise Publications On
01709 361819

I wish you the very best of success whatever you decide.


Alex Sealby

(I have used a pseudonym for reasons which I will reveal more fully when you receive your package. I am very well known and as soon as you get the package you will be able to Google my real name and get a lot of reassurance that I really walk the talk.)

PS  Check this out fully at MY risk, not yours. Prove for yourself that this system really DOES work without risking a penny.

PPS Please believe me when I say this isn’t ANY gambling system you will likely have come across. For the sake of clarity it isn’t ANY form of sports betting, it’s not dogs, casino, fruit machines, horses, fixed odds, lottery, or anything that you can think of or would normally bet on.


To Order A Copy Of The Pasang System
Or Call Streetwise Publications On
01709 361819.



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