Here’s Life-Changing Information If You’re A Saver Or Retired And Getting A Pathetic Return On Your Money…
“For The Last 5 Years I’ve Been Quietly Teaching People How To Make 12%-28% On Their Savings For Just 15 Minutes Work A Month… And Sleep Soundly At Night!”
I’d Like To Teach You The Secret Too, But Only If I’m 100% Sure You Will Cash In


“It is the easiest way to make money every month for the rest of your life bar none. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s so easy, it’s stupid!
Dave B - Dublin


"As long as you follow the rules, your capital is not at risk.”
Chris D - Leicester


Dear Streetwise Customer,

    My name is Paul Bent, and in a moment I’m going to explain how I discovered a ‘trick’ that has literally transformed my retirement and…well… my life. And then I’m going to invite you to meet up with me, where I’ll show you exactly how you can copy what I’m doing and  make mind-boggling guaranteed returns on your hard earned money.

And all for just 15 minutes ‘work’ each month!

  Over the past five years I’ve been quietly  teaching this ‘trick’ to people from all walks of life - everyone  from police officers to plumbers…financial advisors to firemen…lawyers to lorry drivers. Even city traders and MP's! Students have flown in from all over the world – the United States, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, even Perth in Australia once they heard what I’m up to on the grapevine.

  And now they’re making up to £8,000 a month with what I’ve taught them. Not bad for a retired steel worker who was something of a walking financial disaster just over four years ago!

“As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I’m loving your system!
- Barns

  There are plenty more comments from people I’ve taught this to at the end of this letter but…

 I don’t want to waste your time or bore you…

  This isn’t for everyone.  In fact, if you don’t have any savings…and a lot of people don’t these days…this will be of no use  to you at all.

   To benefit from what I’m writing about today, you really need to have at least £4,000 in savings or investable assets. Sorry if that rules you out, but I have to be honest with you. This isn’t one of those ‘Start with nothing’ opportunities. I know some of those are genuine – I’ve even made some money from them myself in the past – but this is different. You need some money before you can start making money.

Still with me? Great…or rather, it isn’t is it?

  Being a saver or retiree in 2016 stinks, doesn’t it? Go back just a few short years and you could easily return 6% or 7% on your money. Today? Well you’re lucky to get 1.5%., and that’s if you tie your money up for a couple of years.  It’s just so depressing.

Well the good news is that what I’m writing about today can easily return you 1.5% a month!

   And that’s being conservative.

  What’s more, you can get that sort of return without putting your capital at risk. And the icing on the cake…the whole thing involves less than 15 minutes work each month.  It’s a method which has transformed my retirement from just scraping by,  to what some people might call luxury. (Although as you’ll see in a moment, I didn’t have enough capital to start out with to make it quite that!)

  But when you’re making over 10 times the return the banks are offering, it does make a huge difference to your life.

Seven years ago, things were very different
for me though...

  In 2009, I took voluntary redundancy  after working as a production manager at British Steel for 32 years. My first priority was to find a way of maximising my income and growth from my redundancy lump sum payment. And that was my first  foray into the risky world of shares.

  I invested in a railway maintenance company called Jarvis, because I’d been told that they were expected to win a lucrative contract in the near future and that their share price would rise.

So much for ‘insider information’…

   The company duly went bust after being in business since 1846!

 That knocked the stuffing out of me and so I decided to hand my money over to ‘the experts’… a managed fund with a record of unerring profits, The ‘Absolute Return Fund’ somehow managed to take my  £20,000 investment and turn it into less than £17,000 in a year.

This was going from bad to worse!

  I decided that active investment wasn’t for me and reluctantly turned my  money over to the  bank in return for a dismal 3% per annum (still far better than is available today)…..but at least I wasn’t losing any more money.

  But I didn’t have nearly enough to live on either.

  To supplement my income, I retrained and qualified as a mortgage, protection and equity release advisor. In addition, I’ve always being interested in statistics and probability, and  in 2010 developed a betting system that, when certain mathematical conditions were met, couldn’t lose. (I’m not writing about that here by the way.)

   All of this was useful, but hardly life-changing. Mortgage work proved to be pretty thin on the ground, and the betting strategy worked fine up to a point – right up to the point where I tried to make some serious money from it and had all my betting accounts closed down! Bookmakers hate a winner.

   I wrote a manual on the system (including the all-important information about not getting too greedy!) and even ran some one-to one workshops teaching people how to do it.

   Who would have thought that those workshops would lead to the meeting which  would put me on the path to making some real money at last?

A path which took a totally unexpected turn.

  Out of the blue, I got a phone call from a man called Glynn Calvert.  Glynn lived near me, had heard about my one-to-one workshops and wanted to pick my brains…not about the system though (he had no interest in that) but rather about the mechanics of running the workshops.

  Glynn told me that he was a financial trader with over 30 years experience. He’d studied in both London and Chicago, had variable success over the years but had now struck gold by developing a safe and secure strategy which anyone could use to make 12%-28% return on their  money – without putting their capital at risk.

   I agreed to meet up with him…not really because I was interested in helping with his workshops…but rather because I wanted to know about this bloody strategy! I still had some capital left, and wanted to make the most of it. My previous experience of ‘financial types’ had left me extremely wary.

    We met at Glynn’s house and after making me sign a non-disclosure agreement, he took me through the basics of the strategy and showed me all his trading accounts  I’ll be honest though, I couldn’t believe it could be as simple as he was making out (especially after the experience I’d had) but he answered all my questions honestly and openly. I was particularly impressed to hear that there was no chance of anyone closing down my accounts if I started to make money…no matter how much money I made!

  At the end of the meeting, Glynn asked whether I’d be prepared to help him with his workshops.  Now as I said, I wasn’t really interested in the workshops at that stage, but promised to go away and test the strategy out before making a decision.

I was still far from convinced.
It looked too damned easy!

  All those financial bods had me convinced that there was something mystical and complex about making money in the financial markets. I now realise that was a deliberate impression they create to justify their huge fees. But I didn’t know that back then.

  So it was with some trepidation that I took Glynn’s instructions, fired up my computer and placed my first trade. It took around 15 minutes and that was it…for the month! At the end of 30 days, sure enough, just as Glynn had predicted, I’d made 1.25% on my money without putting my capital at risk. The month after it was 1.5%, and then 1.4% the month after that…and so it went on….and so it’s gone on for the past 6 years.

  In all that time, I’ve never had a losing trade and only a couple of months where the worst case scenario has unfolded and I’ve broken even. As I said at the start, this has changed my life, and a few months after getting started, I founded a small company with Glynn, and set about changing other people’s lives by running a series of behind-closed-door workshops, mainly based here in Yorkshire.

  Was I successful?

   Well you can judge for yourself by reading some of the comments from workshop attendees at the end of this letter , but first I want to tell you a bit more about this strategy  and what you need to do if you want to take this further.

Let me be clear about one thing first…

  I don’t want you to do anything until you’ve spoken to either me or Glynn and we’ve made sure that you can make full use of this. Don’t worry, we’re harmless! Our personal numbers and a contact email address are towards the end of this letter. Our time is really limited with this – just two one-day workshops for a handful of people each month at most, so we have to be sure that the right people are coming on board.

So where are you now?

  Okay, so you’ve worked hard and built up a sum of money, savings or pension pot to invest.


  You’re just the kind of person who can benefit from this strategy. So what are your alternatives?  Well there are several, and if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re probably doing one or more of the following:

Leaving it in the bank…

  That’s nice and safe but unfortunately your standard of living will be going down because essential bills such as energy are going up 10%-15% and real inflation is generally going up 2%-2.5%. The harsh reality is that this option is untenable. It makes no sense to continue getting 1.5% PER YEAR whilst your bills are going up more than that. A reduction in your standard of living or a requirement for other means of income is inevitable.

Investing with a traditional institution…

  We’ve all been sold this as a ‘sensible’ option, but the reality is that they’re simply gambling with your money.  They have teams of so-called experts and banks of computer models to help them form considered and calculated opinions, but at the end of the day they are taking a view on the market/a stock and HOPING they are right. As I’ve seen to my cost (and perhaps you have too)  nobody  knows what will happen tomorrow…or even today!

  In 2010 my fund manager turned  £20,000 of my money into £17,000 in one year and even charged me  a fee for doing it! Even if you do what I did and pick a top performing fund,  there’s no guarantee that it will stay that way. I’ve found out recently that hardly any funds outperform the market over the long haul, and that when they do, it’s down to nothing more than pure unsustainable luck.

Buying an annuity

  Nice and safe but that is reflected in the depressingly low rates available.

Buying property and letting it out…

  Not a bad option if I’m honest, and what I’d probably have tried next if  I hadn’t discovered this. But with rental yields at just 6% and poor capital growth in my part of the world, it doesn’t really compare. And then there’s the hassle from tenants, late/non payments and having to maintain the property. And of course it isn’t easy to get your money out quickly or partially encash it. If all that wasn't bad enough, the Government have just made it a lot harder by slapping a 3% stamp duty surcharge on BTL landlords!

And where would you like to be?…

Well, I’m guessing you’ll be looking for exactly the same as me…an opportunity that….

 The investment strategy I’m writing about today was developed and refined to do just that. I’m more than happy to show you  trading statements to prove the  consistent profits we’re making. I can’t promise overnight riches, but I can show you trading accounts safely achieving an average return on capital of 2.4% per month which equates to around 28% per year.

  And those profits can be withdrawn, or rolled over for capital growth, or both. You are always in full control of your money. The long term capital growth potential of this method is simply staggering.

  Okay. Let’s talk a little bit about the strategy…

So what exactly is it?

Well for a start, let me reassure you about what it isn’t. I know, like me, that you may have had big disappointments in the past. It’s important that you understand this strategy…

So there’s none of that…

 And instead…

  There are no charts to interpret, and you won’t have to sit looking at a screen all day. Fifteen minutes, once a month is all that’s needed. There’s no doubt about what you should be doing and no skills, experience or knowledge are needed to take up your positions and start making money.

  Absolutely ANYONE with funds to invest and a willingness to follow some very simple instructions can cash in on this.

  This is my personal pension plan and why I’m never going to have to worry about my financial future again. It’s something that has changed my life, the lives of Glynn and his family and friends, and could potentially change your life too. It’s also changed the lives of a small but growing band of workshop attendees who have been able to multiply the return on their money by tenfold or more.

So what’s the bottom line here….what am I offering you and what should you do next if you want to find out whether this might be right for you?

  Well I’m extending my private invitation for you to attend one of our workshops at which there will be only a handful of students to ensure everyone gets all the help and attention they need.   Aside from his trading and other business interests, Glynn also has a Certificate of Education from Sheffield Hallam University, so  he’s trained and qualified to covey information clearly and effectively.

And what I lack in formal training, I make up for in enthusiasm and joke telling!

  Unfortunately though…and this isn’t a joke or a disguised sales pitch…not everyone will be eligible for this training. Before you can even register to meet up with us,  you’ll need to  speak to either Glynn or myself first by telephone.

  This is for two reasons…

   Firstly, it will give you an opportunity to get all your questions and concerns answered and addressed quickly and easily…and of course to satisfy yourself that we’re genuine.  

  And secondly, it will allow us  the opportunity to determine whether or not the training would be right for you. We have no interest in training anyone that we feel may not be able to use what they’ve learned, or would struggle to understand how to do it. We want EVERY student to complete the course with a full understanding of how to work the method.

And of course we want and expect every student to make some serious money.

  I really can’t emphasise this enough. This isn’t one of those courses or workshops you go to  where you come away thinking “that’s a nice idea” and then do nothing. Quite frankly, it costs too much money to attend for you to do that.

What you WON’T get when you call us is a sales pitch!

  We’re not sales people – and that will become very apparent to you when you call. We’re just a couple of regular guys who have had our lives turned around by something unique and want to share it with other people who can benefit from it. As I’ve already said, the only people we want at our workshops are people who are going to make money. Everyone sleeps better at night that way.

  Over the past couple of years, we’ve had students come to us from all walks of life (and several corners of the globe)  as word has spread about what we’re doing here.

Course attendees have included:

  And they’re not all from the UK either. Attendees have flown in from Geneva, Vienna, Hungary, Texas, and even Australia to learn this method.

  The system is easy to understand and takes just 15 minutes a month to secure a conservative 20%+ annual return on your funds, but the harsh truth is that even that will be too much effort for some people.  If you’re one of those people who won’t benefit, it’s best for both of us that we figure that out in advance.

Does that sound fair?

  Now don’t get me wrong. We know that some people take things in quicker than others and we won’t leave you high and dry after the workshop. When you join us, your participation comes with full back up and support after the training. There are no time limits on that. And you’ll find that once you’ve learned the basic method, there are advanced strategies for those interested in being more pro-active with the method (and of course making more money from it!).

  If you are accepted onto the workshop, your participation comes fully guaranteed. We make every effort in advance to only get the ‘right people’ onboard, but enrolling on a workshop isn’t a final commitment…

Full Refund Guarantee

  We are so confident you will be absolutely delighted by what you’ll learn on our course that we are prepared to offer a full, no questions asked refund.

  Come on the course, let Glynn show you his trading statements proving what he says is completely true, ask as many questions as you like, and if you decide this isn’t for you, simply tell either of us during the first break of the day and you can go home with a full refund, a shake of the hand and no hard feelings

   Still with me? Keen to find out more?

    Well if  this is something that might interest you (and I only say might at this stage. You can’t know for sure yet)  then the next step would be to speak to one of us personally.

  All you need to do is e-mail either us at:

With your telephone number and a good time to call…so we pay the phone bill! Or if  you’d rather call us direct you can get us on the following:

Glynn:    07905 906399

Paul:      07407 780834

Please mention Streetwise
when you call.

   There’s absolutely no obligation by making the call. It’s just an  informal chat to get your questions answered and to make sure this is something that would be suitable for you.

   As you’ll see below, these workshops are life changing events for the people who attend. I know it will be the same for you. We all work hard to build a nest egg we hope will provide us with an income. In recent years, that hope has been snatched away, Through this strategy, you can get it back.

  Let me just say in closing that I’ve been where you are today. I know how you feel. I’ve suffered the losses, the poor returns and the disappointments. I would never want to inflict that on anyone else,  and would not even think about teaching you this if I wasn’t 100% sure that everything I’ve said about it is true and that you will make a success of it. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to meet up with you and look you in the eye. I think when we meet, you’ll realise that.

This is the real deal….it works!

   And if I’ve failed to convince you of that…failed to persuade you to pick up the phone or ping off an email then I’ve done you a massive disservice for which I apologise.

  If I have piqued your interest, do call quickly though. Places are very limited and tend to be snapped up very soon after release.

Upcoming Date

  Although we may add an extra date, the only workshop available at the moment is on the following date:



September - Date & location to be confirmed

Kind Regards

Paul Bent -  Call: 07407 780834

P.S.    I’ve had quite a few common questions in discussions with prospective students, and I’ve given the answers below.

PPS.  Students certainly love the strategy,  and are making money from it. They seem to think me and Glynn are okay as well! I’ve posted a selection of their comments below the questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) If this is so good, why do you need to run workshops?

A) We don’t, but teaching other people how to do this helps add to the capital we can invest in the strategy and it’s fun and satisfying to do. At the risk of seeming to be purely altruistic (we’re not!) it really does give you a kick to see  people turn their financial situation around on the back of something that you’ve taught them.

Q) Is there a downside to the strategy?

A) I touched on this in the last answer. This isn’t one of those trading systems where you create something out of nothing. So you do need some capital to get started and your returns will always be related to the amount of capital you have. The more you invest, the more you’ll make. Over time you can build that capital of course, but if you’re looking for something which will double your money in 6 months, this isn’t it. If you find anything like that by the way, (that actually works) let me know!

Q) Is there really no risk to your capital?

A) Your capital is only used to enable the transactions to take place, and the way the strategy works it’s never put at risk.

Q) Is it tax free?

A) The key strategy does not involve spread betting or gambling or anything to do with Betfair. This is trading real financial instruments through a real FSA Regulated broker. Depending on where you reside there are usually tax liabilities on income. Having said that, we’re currently working on a way in which you can use spread betting to add a further string to your money making bow and will be including that on future course. Profits from that aspect are tax free.

Q) Is this Forex?

A) This is nothing to do with Forex or signal services. You will be shown a method of trading whereby you make money whichever way the market moves, or even if the market doesn’t move at all. Once you’ve learned the method you’ll have that skill for life. There will be no need to ever subscribe to signal services, or take a gamble on which way the markets are going to move. There will be no need to accept losses as an inevitable consequence of trading either. You will have the ability to control your own financial destiny and you’ll never need to rely on fund managers to tell you where to invest for the future. In short, you will be taking control of your own financial future and once you’ve understood how this works, you’ll wish you had known about it a decade ago!

Q) How much will this cost?

A) The training will cost a one-off fee of £2,995. No silly discounts, no useless free gifts, no exceptions! I know that’s not small change but it’s a sum suitable candidates will be able to recover very quickly using the strategy. And I promise we will only accept you on to the workshop if we are 100% certain that you can quickly recover your course fees.

Q) Where are the workshops held?

A) The workshops are held in the heart of the country, very close to the motorway network in South Yorkshire and in Central London.

Customer Comments:

All of these comments are entirely unsolicited and original copies are held on file at our office. These are available for inspection by appointment.

“It's almost 2 years now since I went on the course, and to say that things have changed,has been somewhat of an understatement. I started trading with a £10k bank, as required at the time, and put the steps into place. Since that first trade, I have made profit every month. The thing is, every month, I know what my profit will be next month. That's a great benefit when planning.

To be fair, I added more funds when I realised that It would impossible to lose any money (provided that the rules are followed). Since the time I added more money, I've not had to work. When Paul visited , I think I was driving a small RenaultTwingo.  Just last week when Paul dropped off some info, he had to squeeze past the New Kia Sportage. The Twingo cost £7k, the Kia cost £21k.

The biggest benefit is not the toys or the money....It's the time.... To be home when the kids go to school, and being home when they return is a real blessing. It's also the confidence of knowing that if I'm sensible, I'll not have to worry about money again. I can only say good things about the course, and more importantly, the back up support.  Thanks again guys.”
- Darren

“Paying for the course was the best money I ever spent!”
- Andy

“Now is probably an appropriate time to give you an update of where I am with your trading system. By May I felt confident enough to place my first real trade for the June expiry and was pleased to make 1.27% or 15.24% annualised. Needless to say I was more than happy with that. Since then I have steadily transferred further funds to my trading account using cash that had been languishing in underperforming ISA’s and other deposit accounts which were probably producing about 1.75% per annum!

 As you know there have been a couple of periods since May when trading conditions were a bit difficult. Even so I never made less than 1.06% monthly, with my best return being 1.81%. I consider myself a very conservative trader and there is little doubt that had I wished I could have substantially improved on these figures.

I have now placed approximately 75% of my pension pot in the system and look forward to many more years of profitable trading. Many thanks to you and Paul for developing the system.”
- Brian

“I have been following the strategy of Glynn and Paul since July 2012, being one of their first few groups of students.  I like a fair view of their attendees I would imagine, have been up various blind alleys including all the usual suspects, such as forex trading in the pursuit of a meaningful return on capital. I paper traded as advised for the first 3 months to get a feel for the system and practice placing trades. In my first (cautious) year I returned just over 12%.

The system, which is very simple and straightforward, has since been expanded and refined to offer more opportunities to their clients and as long you as you follow the rules your capital is not at risk.

 Their strategy sounds too good to be true in a world of spin merchants and outright con men, but I would urge those on the fence to take the leap of faith required to earn several multiples of the derisory rates currently on offer in the market place.”
- Chris

I have been trading the system on my live account for 1 year and my capital has increased by 10%. I exited trades early on 2 separate occasions because I would not be able to monitor and trade the FTSE 100 through  to the options expiry date . My 1 year returns would have been 12% if I had been available to trade all year .

My demo account grew by 16% as I was able to experiment with different option levels while I developed my confidence. I am very pleased to date.  I am aged 65, a very cautious investor by nature, and preservation of capital is very important to me. I know that I can steadily grow my rates of return if I stick to the rules and maintain personal discipline when trading.

I have found Paul and Glynn to be very genuine, helpful mentors who really want their delegates to succeed . It makes a refreshing change in this day and age.”

- Robin

“I have used the system for over a year now and can honestly say it’s been the most rewarding even through very challenging market conditions. I can genuinely recommend both Paul and Glynn and their wonderful system, they are both the most honest and genuine chaps you’ll ever come across. I managed to achieve 16% in my first year. Thank you guys.”
- Cheg

“Just to add to the success, I also trade the DAX. Since mid June my account now stands at over £5000 profit. Can’t complain. Great little system. Keep up the good work.”
- Matt

“I hope you and Glynn are both well. Following my training with you both in November last year, I went live in January this year. It is the best trading method without doubt. The feeling of regular profits being banked is superb, especially when we are refurbishing the house. Thanks again for the training, the cost of the course was well worth it, and it was money well spent.
- Andy

“When I first looked into your trading system I was sceptical but I kept my eye on it and I finally decided it was time to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I found it to be a very professionally run day with so much information that was clearly explained to us and easy to understand. I had a good day and learned how to provide an income for myself and my family for the rest of my life. But I have to say by far the best aspect of the whole experience has been the support I have received since the training day. Through setting up my brokerage accounts to checking I am placing trades correctly, the guys have been there every step of the way.

I can hand on heart say this is the best money I have ever spent on securing mine and my family’s future and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do the same.”
- Garry

“Well what can I say following Thursday’s session?  Perhaps it is best summed up in something I shared with Glynn on the phone: for the longest time I have been searching for “the holy grail” in terms of making money, being dismissed by family as well as friends, and yet the conviction remained. When searching, one is “tuned into” that particular frequency and I have finally found one source! All that remains is to follow the procedure and start making money…”
- Monty

“When I first heard about the trading course, I was quite sceptical of the claims made by Paul and Glynn. Surely returns of 30% pa were not possible with little or no risk? Well, I’m glad they proved me wrong! I’ve been trading for a few months now and about 5% up! The bank won't be seeing any more of my cash! Thanks again to both of you for a great day and all the follow up support.”
- Craig

“Without a doubt your system is the best trading method I have ever come across in all my years of trading. It is the one true system that actually works and makes me money. My day spent with you both back in April was and will continue to be life changing for me and my wife. I am up nearly 7% on my £10k bank and expect to be over 10% within the next month. I am not taking undue risks with my capital, which is great.”
- Alan

“I attended the investment course back in November last year, I was on the same day as Barns who from what I read is doing very well.  I started small with £10,000 and aimed for 1% per month. My profits are over £1,600. I have only been trading since May as my funds were locked away and I had to wait for them to mature. Overall it was a great day in Sheffield on the day of the course and I know my financial future is secure.”
- John

“As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine,I’m loving your system!
- Barns

“I gave up my career as an accountant in the City back in 2000 in order to pursue my own dream of becoming financially independent and free of all the chains that being a member of the rat race entails. My aim was geared towards replacing my salary with a regular and consistent method. Since then, I have tried innumerable systems that for the most part just did not work. There were few successes along the way and when a system worked it was only temporary. After a while I decided that I would not chase subjective schemes and concentrate on systems that made mathematical sense.

Such a system is your method. Quite simply, it works. So far I have been very pleased with the results, averaging around 1.5% per month. In the current market conditions this is not bad at all. All in all, I would whole-heartedly recommend the course. Yes, it is expensive, but you have the skill for life and the back-up from Glynn has been unwavering.”
Alex - Oxfordshire

“Gentlemen, You may recall I attended one of your training days in March this year and have now been successfully operating your strategy for 5 months. I am pleased to say that it is working well me for me so far and I am more than satisfied with my returns.”
- Brian

“Good Evening Paul. I hope this message finds you in good health. I attended the course in May of last year, I paper traded for a number of months and have been trading in anger for the past six. My current investment has grown by just over 6.5%, which I am really pleased with. Now that I am comfortable with all the nuts and bolts, where can I find info on changing pension pots into a SIPP, that I may increase my investment pot?”
- Mr Jones

"Made 2.3% last month!"
- Carl
“I really enjoyed the masterclass which was both entertaining and informative with no stone left unturned. The nuts and bolts of the strategy were explained in very simple, easy to understand steps, even for a total beginner like me. If there were any aspects of the strategy either myself or my four fellow students couldn’t grasp, Paul and Glynn were immediately on hand to run through everything again (and again if necessary) before moving onto the next part of the course. By the end my mind was buzzing with excitement and I couldn’t wait to get back home to get things rolling. The quality manual that is provided with the course is excellently written by Paul (again very easy to understand), and it has become my crutch when placing the actual trades. Just to add, sandwiches and refreshments were provided on the day which I thought was a nice touch!

  How onto my actual trading: I placed my very first trades on 22nd February and by the 15th March I had made a profit of 1.5%, with my capital never under any risk whatsoever. In fact, I was being fairly cautious with these trades as I was feeling my way slightly. This month (trades placed 15th March) I have gone for a return of just under 2%, and this is still being fairly cautious. That is the beauty of the strategy; you can set your own parameters safe in the knowledge that your capital will never be at risk as long as you stick to the rules. These returns are incredible when you compare them to the miserly rates currently on offer from banks and building societies. In fact, even compared to stocks and shares, this  wins hands down because your capital is never at risk unlike these other investments. Therefore I am now in the process of withdrawing a large portion of my savings portfolio to invest in the strategy, as the possibilities through compounding your profits are totally mind blowing!

I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a genuine opportunity. I took that initial leap of faith and am so glad now that I did.”
- Andrew

I’ve been meaning to drop you both an email for a few days now since I came back from your workshop in Sheffield.  I have to say your strategy is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been looking at investment systems for years now and never found one that suited my lifestyle. Your strategy is easy to execute and takes just a few minutes a month to put the trades on and then a few seconds a day to check the market. It’s perfect for someone like me who works full time and has a young baby to look after.

The workshop itself was nicely put together. The small group gave it a more personal touch. Add to that some of Paul’s jovial banter and your expert knowledge of the markets and it made for one very entertaining and educational experience.

I have to take my hat off to you for coming up with the money management technique that you use to protect your capital, it is a very clever idea. This is what makes your strategy so safe to trade. It also gives me confidence that I will be able to make money whether the market goes up or down.

Thanks once again to you and Paul for putting on the workshop and for sharing your knowledge so generously. It really is appreciated.”
- Phil

“Well what can I say! I attended the course in mid Oct along with five other students. We all came from a wide range of backgrounds including a courier driver, a property developer and probably the most unusual was myself, A Team Leader for a Close Protection Team in Iraq.  Although we had different backgrounds we were all in the classroom for a common goal.

Every one of us had tried and tested most of the newfangled ideas and gimmicks in the gambling and even Forex trading world, spending a lot of money in the process. In fact it was quite an amusing icebreaker to say the least that we had tried most of the same methods for our common goal to try and make money. One thing that was obvious was that most of the systems failed, some terribly.

However what we were to learn that day has ended my money worries. I have been so worried about a pension in my old age. In fact I’ve been so worried I think the worry was making me get there quicker. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Call it what you will “The Golden Goose, The Golden Egg, The Golden Chalice”. Believe me it is real and it works.

I attended the day course with an open mind, hoping, believing. I had read all the testimonials over and over again thinking could this be it. Is this MY golden ticket. After all I had spent a fortune on betting and gambling systems in the past, so I did have a doubt in the back of my mind. Could it really be as easy as the testimonials made out? What if it was too complicated for me? What if my money was at risk and I lost the lot. So many questions going round in my head.

Well after the training I had that day all the doubts have gone. It is the easiest way to make money every month for the rest of your life bar none. In fact I would go far as to say it’s so easy it’s stupid. There is nothing hard or remotely complicated about the system. It is literally 5 mins a month and you’re done. The training you get from the guys covers everything you need to know.

"You will even do a live practice on the day to make sure you’re confident using the system. Paul and Glynn were a great team and the day was well structured and catered for the complete beginner like myself. I just cant praise it enough. Thank you Paul and Glynn”
- Dave

“Everything quite brilliant. +2.2% last month (March) even though FTSE is a bit difficult. Best wishes to you and Glynn."
- Neil - Isles of Scilly

“It was great to have a catch-up earlier and hear your thoughts on what to do as the market continues to rise. As I said when we spoke, I started trading properly at the beginning of January with a bank of £400,000 and today the bank stands at £413,779, a rise of 3.44%. I must say that I am most impressed with the system and am so grateful for you and Paul introducing me to it.”
- Barns

“I found the content straightforward and easy to understand. I can only say that if anyone follows the rules as taught on the course they cannot fail to make decent profits. I am currently making around 24% p.a. which I am more than happy with. As far as I am concerned this is the best value trading system around and should last users a lifetime.”
- Alan Piggott

“I started with a £10,000 bank and by the 19th September it will be standing just over £12,500. That’s £2,500 in 16 months, nearly 19% growth per year. I know compared to some of your other students this is probably small fry but I am over the moon with this return. I am really pleased to see your courses are still being booked up each month, you both deserve all the success you are getting. Thank you Paul and Glynn for making a real difference to life for my wife and me.”
- A.S

"I enjoyed the course immensely. It was a real pleasure to meet Paul and Glynn, and I feel confident that I will be able to successfully use the strategy into the future."
- John Michael

"A big thank you to yourself and Glynn yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed the course. The system 'does what it says on the tin'."
- David Mitchell

"Thanks Paul. A good course and interesting to meet and hear the experience of others."
- Malcolm

"Thank you for a very enlightening and enjoyable day. Many thanks for taking the time to read the questions and for providing me with the best trading strategyI have come across in a long time of searching"
- John Diggory

"All is going well. Averaging around 2.5% per month since Oct 2014"
- Craig Smith

"I had a Indeed I was engrossed in reading the manual on my way home, I missed my stop on the train!"
- Derek


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