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Thank you for taking the time to visit our product list page. Please find information below on some of many different manuals, courses and newsletters that we publish. If you require more information on any of the products please click the further information buttons or call us on 01709 820033 for more details.

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Drivers Survival Handbook

How would you feel if your driving licence was snatched away tomorrow? Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

And yet with increasingly sophisticated and devious detection techniques being employed by the police - radar, speed cameras, gatso’s and the like - the chances of losing your licence grow by the day.

Let's face it. We all creep over the speed limit from time to time. Get caught and you face a heavy fine, penalty points, increased insurance premiums, or worst of all... losing your licence altogether. And that's just one way the authorities can take away your money, your transport and your freedom...


NHS Patients Handbook

If you or your family use the NHS, then this information is vitally important. So important that it could save your life.

Sounds dramatic I know, but I don’t care...

Not if it helps me get over to you how a few simple - yet virtually unknown - steps, can be the difference between a massive waiting list and fast-track attention, between 3rd rate shabby service and first class superior treatment - and yes...even between life and death...Info

How To Avoid Paying Tax!

The average UK citizen works from New Year's Day to May 24th solely to pay their taxes. Effectively, for a third of a year everyone in this country is a civil servant. Income tax, national insurance, VAT, corporation tax, capital gains tax ... tax, tax, tax, the list is endless.

And that's not just in one year, that's every year. This happens all the way through your life. And after tax has been deducted, the little that remains is taxed again! If you spend it you're taxed. If you save it you're taxed...Info

The Narconomics System

It's no secret that International drug's traffickers make massive profits...and take even bigger risks.

Imagine if you could profit from the same money making system, but without any of the associated risks.

That's what Narconomics is all about.

If the idea of making £15,000 in a single day appeals, then you need to learn about this now...


The Parents Little Black School Book

Parents...Save £2000 Today!
The BBC reported recently that concerned parents are paying up to £2,000 in legal fees to get their children into the school of their choice. Legal firms specialising in the field say they are inundated with work for what has been called an ‘unfair advantage’ by children’s charities.

If you’d like to get YOUR children into the school of your choice, but would rather avoid the £2,000 fee charged by the legal experts, then you’ll be interested in this information I’ve prepared for you.

The right school can be ‘make or break’ for your child’s education, and I’d urge you to find out what’s possible by clicking through now...Info

The System 89p

Lost Or Stolen?

We haven't seen this since 1997. We thought it had been either lost or stolen, but then received a letter from an old customer that said:

"I made £29,000 from £400 In Four Months!"

If you're on the lookout for a lazy way to banish recession worries for good, and pocket a massive tax-free windfall each month, then you'll want to read the report...Info

Risk Free Betting Handbook

"Cheat" Your Way To An Extra £650 A Week

Imagine placing a bet, and knowing in advance with cold, clear certainty that it will win... that whatever the outcome of the event, you will make a profit.

No risk... No doubt... No losses... No anxious waiting. Just guaranteed profit - and lots of it.

A small group of savvy investors (I don’t call them gamblers, because gambling doesn’t come into it) have been taking advantage of a little knowledge and some useful ‘inside’ contacts, to make guaranteed, risk-free profits like this for many years now...Info

Pay 3% Of Retail

Designer Clothing, sportswear, TVs and HI FI, electronic gadgetry, household furniture and appliances, tools, hardware, vehicles, gym equipment, bicycles and toys…

All For Pennies On The Pound!

You could make 3,300% profit from overstocks, returns and bankrupt stocks.

Forget the high street, the internet, this is all you should be paying… Info

The Ultimate Secret System

…£850 from 2 Phone Calls! From a ten quid stake. It’s…The Gambling System for People Who Hate Losing!”

“Small Stakes, Virtually Certain Odds and Big Payouts No Matter What Place Your ‘Gee-Gee’ Finishes in Just by Following Simple Instructions!"...Info

The Back Room Club

Could You Take The Money?

Eric Von Hoffmeir isn’t proud of the way he makes his money. In fact he’s a little embarrassed about it. He considers it borderline unethical.

But when people are almost throwing their money in your direction and asking nothing in return, it’s often difficult to turn down.

Could you?

To find out and get the full story click for further information:

Do it now. This is as close to money for nothing as it gets…if you can live with yourself!...

How To Make A £1000 A Day Before Breakfast

"My wife didn't believe me...when she saw my bank statement she threatened to call the Police!

I had gone from stoney broke to nearly £300,000 in the bank in less than 6 months.

She demanded to know where I got the money from. The truth was admittedly a little bizarre but not illegal.

Please click the further information button to find out how all this came about...Info

How To Beat The Banking Racket

Your Bank Will Hate This!

You might not know it, but there’s every chance you’ve fallen victim to a crafty money grabbing racket….

So crafty that thousands of pounds have been sneakily 'stolen' out of your bank account without you even noticing.

What I’m writing to you about today will enable you to get your money back (an average of £2,000 plus) just by copying a single letter I'm going to send you.

For full details please click further information where you’ll find a letter from Chris Jenkins.

Chris has already raked in thousands of pounds using this method and now he wants to help you do it too.

If you find an easier or quicker way to make a couple of grand, please let me know. I’ll pay you handsomely for it...


Vince Graham 7 Minute A Day Body Sculpting Programme

“Here’s The Shocking Truth The Health Club Owners And Exercise Equipment Hawkers Don’t Want You To Have...”

"Eccentric Canadian Academic Discovers How You Can Carve Out A Brand New Body In 7 Minutes A Day, or Less...Without Going Near A Gym Or Buying A Single Piece Of Equipment"...Info

Human Inferno System

"Desperate And Humiliated 'Fatso' Dad Uncovers The Shocking Truth About Building Shapely Muscle And Stripping Away Ugly Fat... After The Age Of 30!"

Now You Can Eat More, Exercise Less, And Turn Your Body Into A 24 Hour A Day Fat Burning Furnace!

Here's Life-Changing News For Anyone Who Wants To Get In Shape And Stay There... At Any Age!...Info


Streetwise Private Investigation Home Study Course

Since its launch in February 1994 the course has made a dramatic impact on the lives and fortunes of those who have enrolled. I’ll describe some real life examples from some of our former students later, but first let me tell you a little about the course.

Private investigation is a fascinating subject to study, and a highly lucrative business opportunity for anyone who decides to take it up. It's open to everyone, regardless of age, sex, education or background. All that’s required is a desire to succeed and a grasp of the insider knowledge which the course provides...


Fractional Ownership System

“I Wanted To PROVE That Even A Total Loser Could Rake In Truck Loads Of Cash With My Idiot-Friendly Money Making System…

So I Gave It To One, And Then Had A TV Documentary Crew Follow The Process…All The Way To Florida!”

Here’s What Happened Next...Info
Instant Retirement Loopholes

The world can descend into bankruptcy and chaos and this cash loophole will remain untouched. In fact, this cash is about as certain as cash can be in uncertain times!

Please read on to learn more about the quiet minority snatching THOUSANDS of pounds every Wednesday using no more than a few minutes a week of their spare time from home.

It’s practically a government giveaway!...Info

Ian Williams EZ-Trade System

How To Hook A £38,000 Trout

We market a massive range of products and services, but nothing…and I mean NOTHING attracts rabidly
enthusiastic testimonials as this one.

I mean how's this for an endorsement?

"From my original bank of £2,000 back in summer last year, I have withdrawn an incredible £38,000 in pure profit... I am confident I can continue to earn fantastic money and be here for my young children. This is much better than being totally stressed out, with no time for my kids, stuck on the M6 and forever battling to gain precious sales."

- Janet Fry (former Sales Rep.)

You can find out what Janet's talking about by clicking the further information button below:

This is a powerful, yet simple trading system that literally takes you by hand and shows you exactly how to rake in £117- 119 an hour from the financial markets......and you can do it time and time again with a minimum of fuss.

In a nutshell, here's why people love it so much:

- You need no specialist skills, education or knowledge. In fact you don't need to know a jot about financial trading.

- All your profits can be tax free.

- You can get started right away.

- It should take no longer than an hour or so each day. That means you can fit it around your work if wish.

Take a look and let me know how you get on:...


Trade The Banks System

Ive just discovered the most laughably simple way of making £1,000+ a week cash. In the next five minutes you'll know what it is. Then you can just copy me and make the money for yourself. There's no catch. No gimmick. Here's all you need ...

* A PC and broadband.
* Half an hour a day (no more – sometimes it's a lot less).
* A few minutes of peace and quiet to read what I'm about to reveal ...

I respect your time so I'll come straight to the point. Here's what you'd have to do for your grand a week:...Info

The John Harrison 12 Month Millionaire Private Mentoring Programme

The Search Is On!

I’m looking for a real apprentice who wants to receive a cheque from me for at least £100,000 In 2011…age, background, qualifications and experience…irrelevant!

If the idea of banking a cheque for a minimum of £100,000 in 2011 appeals, but you don’t want to work for anyone else (or sacrifice your dignity on TV) to get it, then click through to find out more.

Aside from the full story, you’ll also get to hear how my original apprentice fared with what I taught him...

The Trojan System

Bank Computer Bug Opens Cash Floodgates!

When Kevin Raymond stumbled across a ‘bug’ in the banks’ super-computer which he could quietly and legally exploit on a specific day for massive profits, he thought it was a one-off….

But then he uncovered 8 more!

Nine bugs…nine dates. You could quietly retire in just a few short months after opening this account.

To find out how, please click for further information below.

I’ve arranged for you to try this out without risk or obligation. This is tremendously exciting stuff!!Info...

The Code 140 System

"This 'Secret Code' Could Siphon £5,126 Into Your Bank Account In Less Than Four Days"

Lets face it...These days we all could do with some extra cash. But who's got the time to take on a second job (or the energy!).

But now, with the help if this 'Secret Code' you could make more money in a few hours than the majority of people make in a full working month. That's why we are so excited to share this with you.

Take a look at what this code has to offer by clicking further information.

There is absolutely no risk to you in taking a look at this...



Property Auction News

There are many ways to make money from property, but one is virtually guaranteed... Buy dirt cheap at well below market price and then sell on for a fast profit.

But how do you find these cheap-as-chips properties?

Well it's not by visiting estate agents, or trawling through the small ad's. No, the place to snap-up these bargains is at a property auction...and the way to learn how to turn these 'shrouded in secrecy' events into your own personal bank vault, is by reading Property Auction News...Info

Hot Property Alert

If you’d like to be alerted to ‘hidden’ opportunities like these - both in the UK and overseas, then you need to find out about our private subscription, members only newsletter today.

Peter Parfait’s Hot Property Alert is sending shockwaves through the international property market - introducing its subscribers to the sort of properties which rarely reach the open market - and in areas where prices are set to explode.

If you’re interested in making money in international property, or finding your dream holiday home at an astonishing price, apply for your free copy of Hot Property Alert today...Info


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