"Why Am I Virtually Giving Away Copies Of The Best Can’t-Fail Money Making System We’ve Had In Years?

The Answer Reveals Something Fascinating About How The Average Person Thinks…

And Some Exciting News If You’re Not Average And Want To Cash In On Their Weakness!”


Dear Streetwise Customer,

  I’ll be honest with you, I’m pretty ticked off at having to write this letter today. In fact, if you’d told me back in February that I’d be sending it, I wouldn’t have believed you.

  You see, I’d just come out of a meeting with a guy called George and I was bouncing off the walls. He’d just shown me a money making system he’d developed that was making him an average of around £2,000 a month in return for a couple of hours work each morning.

  He’d shown me everything…the theory behind the system, how it worked in practice,  how much money he’d made. He even showed me all his rough calculations and working’s out in a tatty WH Smith jotter. I was in no doubt whatsoever that this was genuine.  Half an hour after he left the office I got an email from him. He’d made £345 while he was talking to me, the result of the couple of hours he’d put in before our appointment!


 I can’t remember when I was more excited about being able to introduce our customers to something new. I knew that it would provide an escape route for many of them…or simply a source of a big second income…and it has.

 This is an absolutely stonking system -  one of the best programmes we have ever    made available. In fact many of our staff were so keen on the system that they    started using  it themselves with great success. Our Operations Manager, Julia    has made over £1,500 “No-Risk” profit out of this in the last ten days    alone…mainly in her lunch break!

  Quite simply, we know that not only does this one work like clockwork  - but  anyone with a computer, a couple of hours to spare and a basic grasp of simple numbers can do it.

So why am I writing to you today to offer you a copy of the system manual at a fraction of the original price? Well it all went wrong when we opened it up to a wider audience.

A Strange Thing Happened…

  For some bizarre reason we unearthed more people with a “Can’t Do”  (or to be more accurate ‘Don’t-Want-To-Do’) mentality than we’ve seen with any other product in 20 years. Even though we know this is a great system which practically guarantees unprecedented returns, we had more moaners and groaners as a percentage of sales than we have ever had before.


  We’ll it became obvious on reading the letters and emails that these buyers did not want to put any effort into either learning how to set up and use the system or spending between thirty minutes and an hour a day to put it into practice.
  The simple truth was that there were quite a few people in this group who were incredibly lazy! Add to the mix, the usual selection of sad individuals who think it’s clever to photo-copy what they know is a great product and still send it back for a refund, and things became a little frustrating.

There Was Another Problem Too And This
Really Tipped Things Over The Edge...

  Average people think in very conventional ‘inside the box’ ways. So when people ripped open the package and saw that the system involved bookmakers and horse races, they quickly put two and two together and….decided it must be a horse racing system, and made their minds up there and then that they didn’t want to do it.

But Two Plus Two Had Made Five!

   You see, 'The Proven System' isn’t a horse racing system or even a gambling system as you’ve seen them before. Although all systems vary, there’s a common thread that runs through all of them… to be successful, you need to make a prediction about what will happen, and it needs to be right.

  'The Proven System' is completely different. You don’t need to successfully predict the outcome of a race to make money; in fact you make no prediction at all. There is no gamble made on the outcome of a horse race. You are simply taking a position in a market, in much the same way you would in a currency or stock market.

  Why Does The System Work?

     Because it exploits a perfectly legal loophole in the market, one that is available to anyone with an internet connection, a calculator and an open mind. The first two are fairly universal, the third is rarer than hens teeth.

 Anyway, the bottom line is that we ended up with a good number of people who ‘got it’ and are now raking in some very impressive sums of money each week. But we also had another group…bigger than I was comfortable with if I’m honest…who saw horses, bookmakers and didn’t read any further. Their loss certainly, but mine as well!

I Have To Take Some Responsibility For This...

 I helped George to write his sales story, and not to put too fine a point on it, the letter appealed to the wrong type of person – the type who want to sit on their collective backside, and have somebody else press all the buttons…people who weren’t open to something new…people who jumped to conclusions.  Average people!

 If I’ve fouled up there, then this letter is an attempt to put things right.

  All in all, we weren’t happy with what happened, and  neither was George. He was ‘steam-coming-out-the-ears’ furious! In fact he was so cheesed off, that  he told us to stop selling the system with immediate effect.  He told me in no uncertain terms that he is  making so much from the system itself he doesn’t want or need the extra hassle of dealing with people who just can’t be both.


  I had a bit of a  problem with this. You see, this is bloomin’ good! I  didn’t think it was fair to penalise ‘switched on’ customers because of a  small (but nonetheless troublesome) minority. So delicate negotiations started with George, although he wasn’t in the mood to talk!

   I pointed out that it wasn’t fair (nor made good business sense, to be honest)  to stop our best customers from benefiting from this just because of  a few people he’s convinced are either “scamming” him by copying and operating the system illegally, or those who he thinks are too idle and ‘closed’ to learn something new and out of the box.  He’s not one to suffer fools gladly!

   Anyway, after a lot of coffee in the office and a couple of expensive lunches we finally talked George around. However there were a few conditions we had to comply with…the most important of which was “Absolutely no more B****Y refunds” as George delicately put it.

 That put us in a dilemma. We’ve never made such an offer before and certainly never with a product costing nearly £500. That just wasn’t going to work. So, back to the negotiating table.

   After a lot more coffee we came up with the following compromise:

  I want to be very clear on this. He means proof that it does not work. Not that you can’t do it because your ‘dog has developed an irritating bark that stops you concentrating’ or ‘that you can’t do it because you’ve just adopted a blind Blackpool donkey that takes up all your time.’  In short you have to prove that you’ve tried the system and it hasn’t worked for you.

   George is on rock solid ground  here because quite frankly…he knows you can’t do it. The system does work, and it WILL make you money. He uses it every day and makes an average of over £2,000 a month from it.  Our staff are making hundreds of pounds a week from it, and so are our early customers.

  So here is the offer in a nutshell:

  You can get hold of  a copy of 'The Proven System' for just £127 only if…

 A)  You are an existing Streetwise Customer and

 B)  You understand and are completely happy with the refund policy outlined above.

I will give you some further warnings and caveats though just so we are all clear:

I perfectly understand if you want to bail out at this point, and wouldn’t try to persuade you otherwise. I just hope you appreciate that I’m being completely open and up front with you about the deal on this product. As I’m sure you can see by now, this isn’t for everyone. I don’t want another single ‘Can’t Do’ person on board with this, and neither does George. This works massively…but only if you DO SOMETHING!

Is All That Okay?

   Then I strongly  recommend you order your copy today. You see George put another strict limit on this. He’s only wants a limited number of people on board to work with. He is still providing his one to one back up service and his time is limited. Anyway, that's the deal.

To Order A Copy Of 'The Proven System'  
Or Call Our Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819

  I’m not even going to give you a postal option, because if you’re not comfortable working online, this probably isn’t right for you any way.

   Apologies again for the bluntness of this letter. It’s mainly through frustration that one of the very best home money makers we’ve ever offered just isn’t getting into enough of the right hands.

 I’m hoping by laying my cards on the table, and appealing directly to folk with balls and backbone, (people who are decidedly NOT average!) we’re going to put that right.

  I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and helping you to make many thousands of pounds from home over the next few months.

Kind Regards

John Harrison

To Order A Copy Of 'The Proven System'  
Or Call Our Credit Card Hotline On
01709 361819

Reader Comments*

I have been working on £100 per race staking, I had 22 winning days and only 3 losing days, resulting in a net profit of £690.
- Ken How

“First day use as a ‘trial run’ - £80 profit from £200 stake (two races - £82.50 profit on one, £1.25 loss on the other) Naturally I won’t be asking for a refund! This system is clear and easy enough to use”
- Ray Flood

“The system is providing me with great results. I made just over £400 profit
- G Di Stefano

“Purchased a copy of this system recently and I have made £2300 so far, so a big thank you for that... have made £5000."
- Nina Meredith

“Just a line to say that I have been running the above for a couple of weeks now and I am delighted with the results. IT REALLY WORKS!!! On one occasion I made £120 profit on an outlay of £400 which is not a bad return in anybody’s book and I am well ahead overall. If anybody is thinking of trying this I would say... DO IT NOW!!
- Malcolm Parker

"I am continuing to make overall profits and I have so far made nearly £1,900 profit in total, which is a good endorsement for the system.”
- Graham Dragon

“A great, workable system.”
- Graham Page

“I am getting good results.”
- Patrick Thompson

“On a further positive note, I can advise that the system project it is working out very well and currently I am averaging £200 per week profit. I have been building the stakes slowly, making sure I cover all aspects, and I have no doubt that within the next few months I will achieve £400 per week, which is most satisfying.”
- Trevor Marlow

“I wanted to feedback that I have been using this strategy on Saturdays and occasionally on other days when I have been off work and I have now made a profit of just over £1,700.”
- Simon Ritson

“The system is amazing.”
- David Hall

“It is obviously a brilliant system.”
- B Loxton

“After reading the manual I cannot dispute the potential for great profits is there, it seems foolproof.”
- Ronald Markey

“I can hardly believe it; I’d go as far as to say when you learn the system then apply the tweaks – IT IS A WORK OF GENIUS. I kid you not, the system founder has truly discovered an almost perfect way of making easy, AND I MEAN EASY, way of making money at home. Listen, I’m a modest bloke, I’ve had dozen of jobs, I’m coming to 52 now and delivering bloody pizzas for a living, BUT I won’t be a month from now, I can promise you that. My advice? Get it, Keep it and Use it.
- Peter


*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham.   



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