The tiny percentage of the population who are reading this now are only here by invitation…

    You aren’t reading this by accident.

    If you’ll let me explain further over the next few minutes, you’ll understand why this is completely LEGAL, very secretive, and who referred you to me…

    You’re busy, so I won’t beat around the bush. The reason I’m writing to you is because my goal is to fill your pockets full of cash, ripped straight out of the Banking Establishment, 100% LEGALLY.

    Why would I want to do this?

    Well, it’s not because I’m a Samaritan. The reason I’m writing is to recruit a private group of people to rob banks legally by exploiting the banks’ Big Secret. In return, I’ll ask for a 10% cut of all the money they receive.

    Sorry to get straight down to business right off the bat, but I hope you appreciate both my honesty and my genuine motive for helping you. Doesn’t that make a pleasant change from all the usual offers you hear about…?

    I know you’re sceptical and that you’ve heard it all before: all the get-rich-quick garbage that crawls into your mailbox every day. I know because I’ve been there too, so I don’t want you to confuse this with any of that nonsense. And please let me assure you about a few things right away so you can see if this would be a good fit for us both…

Rest Assured…

  • If you’ve ever been employed or have a bank account, then you’re eligible.
  • This is 100% LEGAL. It’s even government enforced!
  • You DO NOT need to have a mortgage or any retirement plan.
  • This money is NOT made from buying stocks or property.
  • This is NOTHING to do with sales, cold-calling, envelope-stuffing, legal compensation, network marketing, loans, mortgages, or lottery.
  • You can do this any time of day, in less than ten minutes, from the comfort of your home.
  • This isn’t a one-time deal- you can keep on using it for the rest of your life. You can use it for as long as you can keep it a secret.

   Most of all...


  I recently taught a frightened old grandmother to use this successfully IT’S EXTREMELY SIMPLE- ONCE YOU KNOW THE BANKS’ BIG SECRET. If this looks like the sort of thing that would be right for you, spend a few minutes with me and I’ll explain how you could join the people already in this secretive group for without parting with a penny.

    But let’s back up a second and ask an important question: who am I to be telling you this…?

An Inside Job…

   I live a good life, an honest and peaceful life in my mansion with my wife, kids, and dogs. I just bought my wife a Porsche for cash as an anniversary gift. I’m a self-made millionaire, and it’s a good feeling to make a living by helping others, and giving some back through charity. I’m also quoted in the media for my opinions on financial matters.

  Thousands of people across the world have studied my works, and I’ve personally mentored hundreds more- some of them paying thousands of pounds just to hear me speak for a day.

  But I’m not telling you this to impress you; I’m telling you this to impress upon you that I know a thing or two, and that I can help you out if you’re looking for an honest and easy way to make money from home in your spare time.

  Yes, I’m a lucky guy. But things weren’t always good for me- I used to work for ‘The Man’…and I’ve seen banks’ shenanigans first-hand that would make your skin crawl. I’ve witnessed bankers laughing as they slit the little-guy’s throat, and then they didn’t lose a wink of sleep about it.

  You watch the news, you see the constant banking scandals being dredged up, so you know what I’m talking about.

    So I made a decision to not have any part in their murky world. Instead, I made a vow to expose all their scandals and explain them to everyday people so they may not only protect themselves from them, but also to profit from them, as I just did…

I Recently Ripped £4,800 In 11 Days From The Banks Using This Secret, And It Took Under Ten Minutes To Set Up!

    And that wasn’t a one-off- a few days later I ripped another £1,400 in 24 hours from the banks.

    Ker-ching, ker-ching…

  Would YOU like to make that much money that quickly and easily? How would YOU spend that money if it hit your account today?

    Now, I’m obviously not literally robbing banks (that would be illegal), but I say that I’m “robbing banks legally” for good reason: this money is being made because of a loophole in The System that’s caused by big banks, and in my opinion, I’m as good as robbing those banks blind as a result… 100% legally.

         In fact, it’s not only legal; it’s government enforced!

    But the banks won’t tell you about this. I strongly doubt anyone will tell you about this. But I’m here to ensure you get what you deserve…


  Would you like £4,800 to hit your account next week, all from something that took a few minutes to set up from your armchair? Yes? Let me emphasise something:

   You are ENTITLED to this opportunity! The banks have an agenda in denying you access, but YOU ARE ENTITLED.

   I’ve now given this secret to hundreds of everyday people around the world. These people came to me with no special skills or experience (I prefer things that way, actually). All they had was an open mind and a will to access opportunities they were entitled to… the opportunities I gave them on a solid-gold platter. But had those people been sceptical and passed on my invitation they’d have missed out on what could’ve been a lucrative turning point in their lives.

    But the big banks hope we all stay sceptical for a very good reason…

I’m Not Saying This Is ‘Hush-Money’…

  This isn’t ‘hush-money’ I’m getting from the banks, even though they’re hiding a secret so huge that it could undermine the entire banking system…

    If the general public knew the secret I’m about to reveal to you, I’m sure they would run to their bank and withdraw every last penny!

  How can I make such a claim? Think about it. Do you think the Banking Establishment want you knowing a secret that could ruin them? All the banking scandals you read about in the mainstream media (that the big banks sponsor!) are just a sideshow; a convenient distraction from the big gorilla in the room. The big banks are hiding a HUGE secret. They have one big Achilles Heel, and if the little-guy ever knew about it, the banks would be toast.

   And here is that secret…

   Early retirement is being held back from the general public- this has now been proven extensively over 35 years. Thanks to this little-known glitch in the system, you can start getting money for retirement NOW, not tomorrow, regardless of if you have any retirement plans currently.

   As long as you have £1,000 or more in a bank account you could retire NOW. And let me say again: this money is NOT made from buying and selling stocks. And please understand that I don’t want your £1,000- an account with that amount in just makes you eligible.

  The population is pouring money into banks in good faith, but it’s all smoke-and-mirrors and justifying their existence, as I have proven to my students across the planet, many times in many different ways. I know, it’s disgusting, isn’t it? I’m in as much of a state of disbelief as you are about this, but let’s not get mad; let’s get even…

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even…

    It’s not your fault. We’re told to trust in these institutions, aren’t we? We don’t expect it to be a fairy-tale, but nor do we expect to be lied to. But there’s nothing fictional about the money if it hits your account…

  The fat-cat banks are swimming in money- our money. And I want us to take some of it back! Here are my most recent examples once again:

£4,800 In 11 Days. £1,400 In 24 Hours.

  And I did no more than TEN MINUTES WORK in each case. When I first started experimenting with this little loophole, and when I figured out how to use it correctly, I made an average of £224 each day I did it…

    How would £224 in a day change your life?

  What if amounts like £244, £121, £212, £142, £235, £70, and £732… were hitting your bank account?

  Those are all actual amounts that I recently received when I used this secret- I’ve been getting an average of £224 a day. If accepted into my program, YOU could receive amounts like these. If getting an average of £224 a day means you could retire, well, then you could be very close to retiring….

   As long as I have at least a thousand pounds in an account that’s affected by this banking glitch, and if I’ve followed the system correctly, I make easy money.

   So how do you copy me and start making money? I obviously can’t give that away here- that wouldn’t be fair on our underground group of people who’ve taken money matters into their own hands and are now using this loophole for their own benefit. But your name was put forward as a possible candidate for our group…

Your Name Was Put Forward…

  The reason I’m speaking to you today is to personally invite you into this select group, a group I refer to as, ‘The Retirement Revolution’

  These restricted memberships are NOT available to just any member of the public- you won’t see an advertisement for this just anywhere. As I said earlier, you aren’t here by accident. It’s invitation only, we only offer these invitations at certain times of the year, and these invitations are only sent to people who’ve been referred to us.

  Your contact details were given to us by a special organisation that recognises individuals who’ve shown the desire to break free of the ‘mindset of the masses’… people who want to escape the clutches of The Man, and take charge of their own destiny.

  Congratulations on being registered as one such individual. So I’m glad my invitation hasn’t been wasted, and I’m excited for what’s in store for you if you manage to join our organisation…

   I’d like to rush you now the full package, at completely NO-RISK to you (more about that in a second).

  I walk you through the whole thing in simple 1-2-3 steps a child could follow. Seriously, the most important part of this is literally as easy as connecting dots on a children’s puzzle.

  Once you’ve set everything up with my instruction, it’s a simple matter of spending under ten minutes for each day that you want to use this loophole, all from your armchair...

Could YOU Retire On £4,800 A Month…?

  Think about this for a second: I recently made £4,800 in 11 days, but imagine if that’s all you made with this in a single month.  If you made £4,800 a month, you’d have received…

£57,600 In A Year!

  What could YOU do with an extra £57,600 a year? What would you buy? When would you RETIRE?

  So I trust you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you can receive all ten parts Risk Free in one complete package for just £247. I understand you need some assurance, so for your peace of mind here's a guarantee that just couldn't be anymore risk-free for you...


   If, after reading the first part, you don’t wish to continue for ANY reason, simply return lesson one in ANY condition, along with the rest of the unopened steps, for a full and fast refund of every penny you paid us.

   So there’s ZERO RISK. By just taking a peak at the first level, and being exposed to that document should convince you that you could get started on the inside track to a REALISTIC retirement, REALLY FAST.

Now let me answer a question I touched on earlier:

Why Am I Sharing This Secret With You…?

  Why am I sharing this? Because I want a 10% cut of whatever you make, after you’ve made your first £20,000.

    I hope you see this is fair when you think about what I’m offering you here, and I hope you appreciate both my honesty and the fact that I have a genuine reason for speaking to you.

    If only the banks were that transparent…

   You’ve probably sensed it for years, and the truth is you’re being lied to by the banks. But the good news is that if you know this secret, you can exploit it and legally rob them the same way they’ve been legally robbing you your whole life. And I’d like the opportunity to prove it to you…

    … that is, if your bank doesn’t try to stop me…

Two Banks Tried To Block Their Customers From Knowing This Secret…

  It didn’t come as a shock to me when two banks literally blocked their customers from hearing about this, even though it’s 100% legal (unlike what some of the banks are doing).

  As I write this, I have on my desk letters from two people who testify to their bank blocking them from receiving information from me that exposed this BIG SECRET.

    These letters and real and unsolicited.

  I obviously don’t know if you’re one of these affected bank customers, but if you are, and you get in on this opportunity, we may need to keep your bank out of the loop.

  But I wouldn’t worry too much about that; all you should be worried about now is if you’ll be fast enough to secure membership…

ONLY 3% Of Invitees May Join Us…

  I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of hype before about “limited places available”, but here’s why, in this situation, places truly are limited to only 3% of people invited:

  This secret exploits a genuine loophole in the system, and the thing about loopholes is that they will CLOSE if too many people know about them. But if I admit only 3% of invitees that were referred to me? I can trust those people to keep this secret safe.

  So I’m not creating fake restrictions on membership; I’m creating FACTUAL ones!

  Once just 3% of the people who received the invitation I sent you have reserved their place, the doors will close. This is a MATTER OF FACT. And it’s likely that you’ll never receive an invitation again, so please move quickly…

Simply Click Here To Begin Your RISK FREE Inspection Of 'Retirement Revolution'
Or Call My Publishers Order Line On
01709 361819 (24hrs)

  I hope you will make it on board. But if you don’t make it into The Retirement Revolution, I politely ask you not to share with anyone what you’ve seen here today- we want our organisation to remain under the radar. Thank you for your time.

With Sincerity and Godspeed,
    Jim Hunt.

  P.S. The banks are hiding a HUGE secret, but there’s a simple way to exploit it. Please let me prove this to you in the first, zero-cost, zero-risk part of the program. But be fast- admission is by referral only, and only 3% of people reading this will be allowed in

Simply Click Here To Begin Your RISK FREE Inspection Of 'Retirement Revolution'
Or Call My Publishers Order Line On
01709 361819 (24hrs)


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