Maths & Statistics ‘Nerd’ Makes Embarrassing Confession…

“I Make A Regular And Reliable £750-£1,250 A Week Betting On Football…And It’s Mainly Down To Luck!

Now You Can Start Cashing In On My ‘Luck On Steroids’ Formula In Ten Minutes Or Less.”

Dear Streetwise Customer,

  In a moment, I’m going to explain how you can rake in hundreds or even thousands of pounds from the football betting market every week by taking advantage of something which 99% of so-called betting experts’ won’t even admit matters …


  Stay with me and I’ll reveal the hidden role luck plays, and more importantly, how you can use it systematically to get a step ahead of the crowd and pull in serious money every week from your phone, tablet or laptop.

  But first I need to make something clear.…    

  There’s no getting away from it…no point hiding it. You need to understand and accept it before we can move on.

You’ve been misled and lied to again and again and again!

Big Fat Lie #1

You can make money from betting by simply following ‘form’.

 Rubbish! It’s a road to almost certain ruin…I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Big Fat Lie #2

 You have to be some kind of expert to make money from football betting.  

Bull!  You need to know little or nothing about Football. But the reason probably isn’t what you think.

And the biggest lie of all…

Big Fat Lie #3

The outcome of football matches has nothing to do with luck.

  Nonsense!  Luck plays a huge part and ignoring the fact only ensures that the bookmakers will walk away with your money laughing..

  But embrace luck – and you will come out as a regular winner!

 My name is Tim Rawson. I’m a Maths and Statistics graduate and an insurance loss assessor by trade – so admitting that when I finally found a way to make money from betting, that luck was at the centre of it – is a bit embarrassing to say the least.

But I used to be a mug too...

 For more years than I care to remember, I fell for the same lies – just like you probably have. But then bit by bit the penny dropped…

  Hardly anyone can judge form accurately enough to make reliably and consistently…sporting knowledge is next to useless when you’re trying to predict the outcome of a match.….and luck throws a spanner in to the works at every twist and turn.

So what does matter…and how can we turn it to our advantage?

  That’s what I’m writing to you about today. By the end of this letter you’ll be in no doubt. But for you to fully understand it, we’re going to have to take it a stage at a time.

  So let me start by asking you a personal question…

Do you think you get what you deserve?

You do?  Exactly what you deserve…and when you deserve it?

   I don’t think you do. In fact, I know you don’t…

   I don’t…

   Nobody does!

   Over the long haul…a lifetime or a career…maybe you do.  But over the short run, anything can happen. Luck plays a massive part and sometimes things run in your favour (let’s call it luck) and it seems like you can do no wrong.

  Other times you seem to be swimming against the tide. Your best efforts get scuppered by ill-fortune. You just don’t get the run of the ball, the rub of the green, a following wind…use whatever euphemism you like. It’s just not clicking.

  Sound familiar?

  Well what’s true for you is true for football players and football teams. Sometimes they get more than they deserve, and other times less.

Here’s what you need to understand. It’s the key to the whole thing…

  This is the ‘Elephant in the room’…the thing that nobody wants to admit, and nobody takes into account as a result…

    A great deal of short term success and failure in life comes down to luck. And a great deal of short term success and failure in the events we try to predict the results of (backed by our hard earned money)  also comes down to luck.

But here’s the thing…

  Take all the betting advice…all the systems…all the tipsters you’ve ever used or heard of…and none of them takes that into account.

  And why would they?

  If you’re an ‘expert’ selling your advice, tips or system, why would you own up to the fact that luck plays a massive part…even if you knew it?

   It would devalue your worth wouldn’t it?

  And so the ‘experts’ continue to perpetuate the myth that you can use nothing but analytical skill and knowledge to reliably predict the outcome of events.

  I came to see this as nonsense. And somewhat paradoxically, thanks to my maths background, I came up with a system that puts luck right  at the centre of the action!

    When you allow for luck – work with it and embrace it, and then combine that with some simple facts and figure, you have a formidable combination.

Let’s look at a simple example I think you’ll be familiar with…

   Think about your favourite football team for a moment. Their current league position has been shaped by two things - how skilfully they’ve performed AND what sort of luck they’ve had…but the betting markets ignore the luck aspect altogether.

But here’s the thing…

  Over the course of a season…or even an individual game… while their skill may remain largely unchanged, their luck is likely to fluctuate.

   As a statistician I found a sneaky way to cash in on this. The bookmakers, and your fellow bettors on Betfair have left a gaping window of opportunity. There’s a  hole in the odds where an allowance for luck should be, and I’ve developed a foolproof way to reach into that hole and take cash out pretty much any time I choose.

  And it’s all down to a little known statistical principle (well unknown amongst the general public anyway) which influences practically everything that happens to us. But nobody has ever thought to apply it to betting – until now.

   The betting markets act as though this statistical principle doesn’t exist and prices events accordingly.  The markets move in response to things like form and past performance while making no allowance for the X Factor which I’m going to call luck.

  And just like anything else, when something is priced too cheaply, there’s a profit to be made. What I do, is take advantage of bets which are priced incorrectly – and there are dozens of them every week to choose from.

  I have put together very detailed criteria for finding these bets,  across a whole range of  football betting markets, and that’s the information you’ll find in my totally unique and brand new manual which I’m writing to you about today.

The Football RTM System - How To Make £750-£1,250 A Week By Putting Luck On Steroids.

  In it, I’m going to reveal exactly how you can copy me, cash in on this phenomenon and make thousands of pounds a month for yourself betting on football..

Here are some of the things you will learn in this totally unique manual:

And a great deal more.

   I’ll take you to a world where 80% of the bets you place yield a healthy profit. It’s a world which most football gamblers will never see because they are either have no system or are following flawed advice and systems which simply don’t work.

  For the most part, we’ll be betting on the outcome of individual matches, but at other times, we’ll be playing a longer game…looking at events that take longer to pan out like promotion, relegation and play off places  - that kind of thing…

But even then, we get to take
our profits quickly…


  We don’t have to wait for our team or player to ‘win’, whatever winning means in the context of the bet. Instead, we just need them to show signs that this might happen, and when they do, the market delivers us an instant profit.

 Simple…when you know how.

And you will…soon! Or you might do. You see…

This might not be right for you!

     I’m going to be honest with you here. There’s a big drawback with my system for a lot of people who enjoy a bet….

  It’s not very exciting!

  Copy me and you’re never going to get the thrill of seeing a long odds bet come in. (Or the crashing disappointment of losing your money!) That’s not what it’s about.  Rather, you can expect to see lots of small profits…£20 here, £30 there, and then £10 on another match. Collectively it adds up to a tidy sum, but individually, it’s not thrilling.

  Can you live with that?

  I know I can, because when I look at the figures at the end of a day I see that I’ve made some serious money. It isn’t about the thrill for me, but I know that some people need that…the ups and downs, the highs and lows…the rollercoaster of emotion.

  Well those people will be bored by this….richer, but bored!

  Still with me? Happy to make big money in small chunks placing simple bets on football matches? Well here’s what to do next.

Join me today!

  Please don't miss out on this...with the start of the new Football season this really is the very best time to take advantage of this brand new system.

Not only will you start making money straight away, but you’ll be in pole position to take advantage of the opportunities which come along every day of the year that professional football is being played.

  This isn’t something that’s going to go away. It works now, it will work next season and the season after that and…you get the idea.

It’s a money-making system you can use for life.

  No, it won’t make you rich (show me a betting system that will, and I’ll stop doing this!) but it will give you an enviable second income. I hope that’s enough for you.

I Want To Be Brief, So Here’s
The Bottom Line...

  I’m releasing just 100 copies of The RTM System this month at a price that is going to make people who aren’t quick off the mark, green with envy. You see, later in the year I’m planning to increase the price…first to £397 and then to £497. Once people start seeing the profits being made by complete novices, that’s going to look like an absolute bargain.

So Here’s The Deal...

If you agree to send me a quick email telling me how much money you’ve made with the system, I’ll send you a copy for £177. You read that right -  just £177…less than half of the next lowest price when the system goes to the general public later in the year.

  Remember, for that you’ll get full system instructions and the recommended green lights bets you should be looking for. So you can start making money straight away (£100+ a day is a good target to start with) and then really rack up the profits when you get your confidence.

  I hope you’ll agree that £177 is a tiny amount to pay for the system, but I don’t want you to feel uneasy about this, or take a risk with it in any way. So it comes complete with a full money back guarantee.

Your Full 12 Month (Or More!) Make Money Or Pay Nothing Money Back Guarantee

 Order 'The RTM System on approval. Test out the system for a full 12 months…or even more if you’d like more time at my risk.

If you don’t make a substantial profit that you’re happy with, simply let my publishers know and your payment will be returned in full.

With This Comprehensive Money Back Guarantee, There’s Absolutely Nothing To Lose.

To Place Your Order CLICK HERE, Or If You Prefer Call My Publishers 24hr Credit Card Hotline On: 01709 361819.

  If you’re a football fan, then you’re absolutely going to love this. What could be better than making money while you’re watching an exciting match? But even if you know nothing about football (and don’t even like the game) you really should take a risk-free look at this. There are matches being played year round and there’s easy money to be made from them practically every week.

Why not take some of it for yourself?

Just One More Thing Before You
Make Your Mind Up...

  I don’t want you to think you’re going to get a manual or course the thickness of a phone book. Truth is that this is a very simple system, it works brilliantly…and it can be explained very easily as well. You can learn how to do this in five minutes and be ready to copy it in ten. There’s no complicated system, mathematics or formula to learn and follow. And so there isn’t a thick manual either…just 20 pages of boiled down, profit-yielding information.

  I think most people would prefer it that way…who wants to wade through a complicated manual? At the end of the day, the profit is the important thing…but just in case you value information by weight rather than quality, this probably isn’t for you!


  As I write this, the English season is just getting on the way.  It’s a great spectacle, but it will be even more fun if  we’re all making money at the same time. 'The RTM System' will help you do it. Secure one of the 100 copies on offer this month.

Best Wishes,

Tim Rawson

P.S  Don’t forget, all you need is a Betfair account and you can be making money the same day you receive the manual

PPS  Remember you’re fully covered by my full money back guarantee.

To Place Your Order CLICK HERE, Or If You Prefer Call My Publishers 24hr Credit Card Hotline On: 01709 361819.


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