If I Knocked On Your Door And Handed You £647 In Cash I Bet You’d Be Pleased. But Supposing I Did This EVERY WEEK For 52 Weeks Of The Year? For Year After Year After Year...”

Good News: That’s How Much You Could Make From This Neat Little Earner.  AND ... There’s LOADS Of Room For YOU To Get In On This Too (Otherwise I Wouldn’t Be Sharing It That’s For Sure!)


Dear Friend,

Let’s get real about money...

£647 a week is £92 a day.

Not enough to buy a private helicopter or a Roller...

It’s not “£50,000 by this weekend, sitting in your armchair watching your favourite soap on TV” like some mailings promise (ha ha).

It’s not “I’ll make you a millionaire in 12 months!” (Oh yeah?)

It’s ‘just’ £92 a day. £647 a week. Tick tock. Week in, week out.

And supposing you could get this cash for about 30 minutes easy effort each day?


You bet! And ever since I discovered this amazing little home money-spinner six years ago, that’s the amount I’ve averaged.

And if you’re interested, I’m willing to show you how to blatantly COPY what I do in your area.

But first, here’s something you need to know before you decide to join me...

It’s hard to make MORE than £647 a week from this. So if you’re looking for two grand a day for no effort (good luck with that!) then this isn’t one for you.

Also, if you’re looking to start a ‘real’ business with staff, premises, fountains in reception, 10 hour days and suchlike, then again forget this. You’re ‘done and dusted’ in under an hour each day on most days. Often it’s well under 30 minutes.

Really, there’s NOTHING more you could do, even if you wanted to.

If you like, this is the ultimate “Lazy Way to Make Money.”

Why can’t you make much more than £647 a week?

I haven’t a clue!

It’s just that over the years I’ve done this, it always averages out at about that amount. Even if I really ‘go for it’ for a couple of months and push the average up to £1,000 a week, it seems to drop down in the following weeks.

Result? It averages out at about the same. £92 a day.

So these days I take the lazy route and do the bare minimum, since it seems to bring the same results (give or take).

By all means knock yourself out and shoot for £1,500 a week. It’s certainly possible, and I’ve done it. But I’ll be showing you the easy way and that can bring you £647 a week (give or take a few quid of course).

Still with me?

Fantastic. Because soon (even this weekend) you could be making a start on this terrific money earner.

And check THIS out...

•    Work from home (evenings, weekends – whenever you fancy making some cash!)

    ANYONE can do this. Old, young. Skilled, unskilled. It needs NO special skills or abilities.

•    START WITH A TENNER!  Yes! Literally!

    Begin to make money within a few days of getting started.

•    No space needed – a corner of the kitchen table, 20 minutes a day is more than enough.

    No overheads to speak of. No hassles. A simple business you can start NOW and get generating cash for you ASAP.

This sounds like (and is) the dream ‘home business’.  I’d love for you to run this yourself and see how EASY it is, how much FUN it is, and how GREAT it is to be pocketing an extra £647 a week doing something you enjoy.

Do you want ‘in’?

Okay, here are the facts you need to know...

1. You can do exactly what I do and make this kind of money for yourself.

2. It only takes a few hours each month and needs almost ZERO money to get started.

3. Hardly anyone knows about this or does it, so the field is wide open for you to make money in your area.

In fact, I’ve just had an add up and I make, on average £2,628 a month from this now.

That money makes a BIG, BIG difference to my life. Imagine what it would do for you (on TOP of anything you’re making right now).

And what I do is childishly simple – really, a teenager could do this.

Oh, and I suppose I should say straight away that this is none of the ‘usual suspects’. You know, gambling, trading, FOREX, eBay trading, arbitrage—I could go on for page after page because the thing is this...

I had NEVER EVEN HEARD of this before—and it’s MOST unlikely that you will have heard of it either!

Really, I’d be gobsmacked if you’d come across this one before, so you can probably stop trying to guess because it WON’T be what you’re thinking!

And anyway, I’ve come up with a way you can check this out for yourself (prove that what I say is true) WITHOUT YOU RISKING A SINGLE PENNY PIECE. So you can relax.

Okay, although I don’t make a fortune from this, the money is steady and easy.

For example, last Monday I made £115.31 PROFIT for 16 minutes work.

Tuesday I did nothing.

Wednesday I made £98.92 profit for 18 minutes work. Thursday I made £133 profit for 25 minutes work and Saturday I made £121.42 profit for 18 minutes work.

I make that £353.34 for 61 minutes work!

You will have noticed straight away that you can’t get rich from this. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re after Rollers, mansions and private helicopters, then this won’t do it for you.

I make about a couple of grand or so a month from this. I could make more but I really don’t want to do too much work as I still have my full time job (which I really enjoy).

But an extra two grand a month sure comes in handy! In fact, it really takes the sting out of life and brings a lot of pleasure.

These days I have NO DEBTS and my wallet is always stuffed full of cash. I can buy pretty much anything I like (within reason of course) and I can treat my family and friends. Most importantly I have NO MONEY WORRIES and don’t expect to ever again.

I discovered this quite by accident after overhearing a conversation between by 17 year old son and his pal.

I wasn’t ‘spying’ on them, they were talking so loudly I couldn’t help but overhear.

What they said really got my attention! They were talking about a certain ‘something’ which was hard to get hold of, much sought after and commanded high prices. (When I say ‘high’ I mean in the £100 region). And no, it wasn’t drugs!!!

Now I’m always on the lookout for ways to make money (I’m what’s called a ‘serial entrepreneur’) and whenever I hear someone mention:

•    Rarity
•    Demand
•    High mark ups

I hear PROFIT POTENTIAL loud and clear!

Immediately I twigged what they were on about. I thought to myself  “Hmmm.... if I could get hold of some of these items, I have a readymade market here and I could make decent money.”

(Aside: even if you don’t follow me in this money maker ... and you’d be crazy not to ... would you accept some advice from me? Always, always start with a MARKET OF HUNGRY PEOPLE and never, never start with a ‘PRODUCT’ which you then try to hopefully sell.)

What got me excited about this idea wasn’t the PRODUCT (in fact I will come clean and say that I had NEVER heard of the particular item they were talking about. It was gobbledegook. All I heard was the ravenous demand and the silly prices people were willing to pay.)

I won’t bore you with my story much longer because I’m much more interested in getting YOU to copy me. But straight away I thought I knew where to get supplies of what they were talking about and I’d made my first profit within a couple of weeks.

£57.83. Big deal, right?

But that was just the start...

Over the next 6 months I became something of an expert in what they were talking about and I started buying and selling product and making good money. Very soon I was up to the magic £647 a week. The rest is history as I’ve now entered my fourth year of doing this.

And remember, I’m HAVING FUN and in only takes half an hour a day. So it’s a lucrative little sideline, if you like.

The great thing is that YOU can just blatantly copy what I do as there is TONS of room in this for everyone. I reckon I cover about one part in 100,000 of the UK market.

Do YOU Want Some Of The Action?

That ‘accidentally’ overheard conversation plus a stroke of luck, led me to a simple little home business which nets me over £2,000 each and every month with NO sign of it EVER stopping.

I’m writing to you today to tell you how YOU can get on board by simply copying what I do. And yes, naturally, I’ve put it all down in a manual for you. It’s a brilliant blueprint which you can just follow and do exactly what I do.

Soon YOU could be pocketing a tasty extra £647 a week, just like me.

You’re probably screaming at me now “WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT FOR CHRISSAKES??!!!”

Well ... I’m not going to tell you. (The child in me is tempted to add “Nyah, nyah, nyah!”)

But seriously, here’s why.

•  I don’t want to ‘spill the beans’ in this open letter and have hundreds of amateurs piling in, ‘having a bash’ and messing everything up for us.

•  If I told you, and you tried this without my guidance, YOU WOULD FAIL and lose money. I want you to MAKE money and so you need to be trained by me.

•  The reason I am even willing to breath a word about this is because it’s a LOCAL business. I can’t economically run this in your area, otherwise I would. I’m stuck with my local area (that’s probably another factor limiting the earnings to £647 a week).

So I’m doing you a BIG favour by NOT revealing what this is all about, even though your curiosity is in overdrive.

By the way, it’s VERY unlikely you will guess what this is. As I said, I had never even heard of it before. Even if you correctly guessed you’d still need my manual to do this properly. There’s less than a 1 in ten thousand chance you own the valuable items in question – OR HAVE EVER HEARD OF THEM!!!

I’ve honed this to perfection for the last four years. I’ve made ALL the costly mistakes so that you don’t have to.

But more of that in a minute.  First let me tell you what you’ll be doing if you decide to join me.

•  You buy as many of these items as you can get your sticky hands on. I’ll tell you my secret sources of where to buy them. These items are in many unusual places once you start looking. They turn up in the most unlikely places (I once snaffled THREE on a day out relaxing!)

•  These items are NOT generally recognised as valuable and so they are sold at silly low prices.

•  Not ALL the items are valuable. You need the knowledge I will share with you in my manual. Some of them are VALUELESS and I bought a lot of junk when I was first starting out. I learned fast what was valuable and what was not. I’ll share this with you of course.

•  Having bought the item, you immediately resell it for up to THIRTY TIMES what you paid for it. E.g. you buy at £1 and sell for £30, sometimes more.

•  I’ll tell you exactly how and where to sell for fantastic multiples of what you paid to a hungry crowd of buyers (aged 18-50 mostly) all keen to snap up what you are selling.

That’s pretty much it. I’d like to say it was a complex high-powered business, but really anyone could make money from this.

Do you reckon YOU could too? Buy for £1-£2 and sell for £30, £63, £87, £136?

(There is no face-to face selling in this. People clamour to buy from you. I could sell each one 20x over. I get begging emails from my customers asking me if I have any more.)

I got into this because for years I’d been looking for a way to supplement my income. I used to dream about ‘being rich’ but you know what? I’ve given up on that now as there doesn’t seem to be an easy way. I’m happy with a little business idea which brings me £647 a week for a couple of hours at the weekend.

And this one is SO EASY!

Honestly a child could do this. I reckon I spend a few hours a month at it. So you can hardly call that ‘work’!

Thousands of these items are being THROWN AWAY each year as junk, and that can only add to their rarity value.

It’s a bit like vinyl (records), books, cassettes, DVDS, CDs and VHS tapes which people are throwing away in the millions. A friend of mine buys and sells these but the margins are small and you’ve got to know all about thousands of different bands, authors, films etc. I’m not really into that (and this isn’t about any of that, of course).

A hidden benefit is that I also really enjoy this business. It brings a lot of people a lot of pleasure . People will pay BIG MONEY for what we sell—up to £150 for something we may pay £1-£2 for.

What we buy and sell appeals EQUALLY to men and women and the market is GROWING year by year.

These items appeal to people aged 18-50 who now have disposable income and are willing to spend it with us. Under 16 there is virtually NO market. Over (say) 50 there is a small and rapidly GROWING market.  

I haven’t got a lot more to say about this as it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Apart from saying it’s ‘not’ this or not that. E.g. it’s not CDs, DVDs, records, antiques, china, books, toys, cassette tapes, VHS tapes ... well I could go on, and on, and on because you WON’T have thought of this and you probably WON’T even own one. So that should rule out everything you can guess at.

A growing hungry market and a dead simple home based business which requires almost NO capital to start.

Honestly, you can start this one for a tenner!

To get going THIS WEEKEND all you need is my manual which is called The Sommerton Cash Profit System.

•    I tell you WHAT to buy and WHERE to buy it.

•    I tell you what to avoid like the plague.

•    I describe precisely what to look for (the CONDITION is important.)

•    I show you WHERE to sell it for a fat profit time and time again.

It’s not a huge manual packed with fluff and waffle. To be honest, I’m not much of a writer. I just give you the essential facts you need to get started immediately with this terrific money-spinner.

Soon YOU could be the one with £2,000+ a month bulging out of your purse or wallet. Why not? It could hardly be simpler.

What’s It Worth?

I wish I’d had this manual when I started. I got dead lucky with my first go at this and made a profit, but I could easily have bought a lemon. Okay at £1-£2 a time who cares? But some of what we buy are £5, £10 or so and you don’t really want to be wasting money or time.

I think the manual is easily worth one week’s profit ... £647.

It’s WORTH that (where else can you get a business for the cost of one week’s profit?). Yes it’s worth it—but nobody would pay me over six hundred quid for a manual. That’s human nature.

So then I thought I would cut the price to just £497 and was about to launch when a friend told me I was crazy to charge that. It’s BIG MONEY to many people, even if they can make over five times that a month. (I’ve made that in a SINGLE DAY before!)

So after a lot of soul searching and talking to friends, I finally decided to knock a further £420 off the price and do it for the rock bottom price of just £77.

And if THAT’S too much for a business which can stick £647 a week into your back pocket—then go with my blessing!

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course! Not only would I always guarantee my products I PARTICULARLY want to guarantee this one.

Here’s why.

I know that this can bring you over a couple of grand a month, easy.

I know that it’s arguably the easiest business in the world.

I know that you could soon have a fist full of cash each week from this and never look back.

And ... I KNOW what it is we buy and sell and how to do it.

And that’s just the point. I KNOW all this but you DON’T know any of this yet. You’re just taking me on trust.

So I think it’s only fair to offer you the following unconditional guarantee. That way you can check this out fully WITHOUT RISKING A PENNY.


 Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble Guarantee From Streetwise Publications

Examine The Sommerton Cash Profit System in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced, full colour training manual. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make a tasty £2,500 a month from this ‘working’ just a couple of hours a week.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the manual in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money.

This guarantee is fully backed by one of the largest information publishers in the UK – Streetwise Publications


Are You In?

To reserve a copy of 'The Sommerton Cash Profit System' CLICK HERE or alternatively call our 24hr credit card hotline on 01709 361819

Thanks for reading this letter. I’ve tried to give you enough information to decide if you want to take a peek at this. I’ve also taken all the risk myself, leaving you with NO RISK for having a look.

As I said earlier, no mansions or fast cars with this one. It’s about a ‘couple of grand a month’ jobbie which only takes minimal work. There are probably other ideas out there which make way more money but they need several hours a day and a few grand to start.

I also think you could make much MORE than this of you wanted to do it seriously. I kind of ‘play’ at it these days so I only make £600+ a week.

You’ve probably seen opportunities which claim thousands a week for doing nothing. I’m not sure I believe those. But this one is a REAL money-maker which I’m ACTUALLY DOING RIGHT NOW as you read this.

And it’s something YOU could get started on right away.

Plus you only need a tenner to get going! How neat is that?

I know you’re going to love this business, just as I do.

So please apply NOW, TODAY (before ‘something more important’ comes up). I don’t have any plans to repeat this offer so it’s probably now or never.

Whatever you decide, thanks for reading and I wish you every success.

Yours Sincerely


Jim Sommerton

PS  Don’t just believe it when I say you can make an easy £647 a week from this. Check it out at MY risk, NOT yours.

To reserve a copy of 'The Sommerton Cash Profit System' CLICK HERE or alternatively call our 24hr credit card hotline on 01709 361819




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