Forty-Year Betting Veteran Makes Shocking Confession...

 I Still Don’t Have A Clue
Which Horse Will Win!

But By Analysing The Result Of Over 100,000
Races, I’ve Discovered A Back Door Route
To a £20,000+ Guaranteed Year Round Profit
From Carefully Selected UK Races...

Anyone Can Copy Me, It Takes Just
Ten Minutes A Day, And You Get To
Choose How Much You’ll Win…£10…
£20….Or Even £50 A Race!

Dear Streetwise Customer,

                                                        It’s true….

   Over forty-five years after I sneaked into a bookmakers shop for the first time (I was still at school to be honest!) I still don’t know which horse will win a race.

                                                   Pathetic isn’t it?

    Okay, I’m probably being a bit hard on myself there – I do have some idea… certainly better than most, but I can’t predict with enough certainty to make a reliable or regular income from racing. I’ve tried, and I just can’t do it. The number of variables is just too great.

                                       But fortunately, I don’t need to…

    You see, over the past few years I’ve focussed on rooting out ways to make money from betting which don’t rely on how one dumb animal happens to run over one racecourse on one day. I’ve come up with some real humdingers, but what I’m writing about today probably tops the lot.


  • Because anyone can do it, even if they know nothing about horse racing! 
  • You get to choose exactly how much you’re going to win on each race –
    in advance
  • It takes just 10 minutes a day. 

     …And your profits aren’t dependent on form, the going, the jockey, the weather, the traffic on the A34 or any one of a dozen other variables which can turn a sure-fire certainty into a betting bank draining back marker. 

Utilising Two Decades Of Data 

   Instead of all that, what I’ve developed here is a system that harnesses the power of two decades of data and numbers – exactly the same power which bookmakers have been using ever since I placed my first bet. And what they use to guarantee that they make a regular healthy profit from UK horse racing.      

                                             Let me introduce myself…

  My name is Paul Bent. You might know me for my PIE Options Trading Workshops which sell like hotcakes for £3,000 a day, or my manual about betting bots which seems to have become the go-to ‘Bible’ for anyone who wants to automate their betting.

  But I’m not writing to you about either of those things today though. This is much simpler and not nearly as expensive… 

               Fool-proof…Guaranteed…And Just 10 Minutes A Day 

  A fool-proof betting strategy which anyone can deploy in just 10 minutes a day to make a guaranteed profit from UK horse racing. Everything you need is right at your fingertips – assuming you have a device with access to the internet – so you can profit from this without leaving your armchair.

                        Heck you could even do it while you’re watching TV!

  It’s a back door way to make a guaranteed year-round profit from carefully selected UK horse races. What we’re able to do – and I’ll tell you exactly how in a moment – is put together sneaky bets which cost us a fraction of what they’re really worth. 

             It’s Almost Like Buying Ten Pound Bets For £5 Each! 

   In truth, it’s sometimes even better than that. In the manual I’m going to tell you about in a moment, I show you how I was able to put together one bet at a cost of just 38% of it’s real value. Now that still doesn’t mean that you’ll win every single time, but with odds like that working in your favour, it’s inevitable that you’ll come out in front over the long haul.

  And you get to choose how much you win on each race in advance - £10…£20…£50 a race -  it’s completely up to you.

                        But to do it, we need to do things a bit differently.

  Most mug punters try to pick out the winner of a race. Wrong…wrong…wrong! For more years than I care to think about, that’s what I did too, until the reality hit me.

  It’s a lot easier to identify the horses that might win, than it is to pinpoint the one horse that will win! Blindingly obvious when you think about it.

                                                  Let me explain… 

Have You Ever Had a Crack At Clay Pigeon Shooting? 

  Watching from the side-lines, it looks impossible  - hit a  small target moving at speed and at a distance. There are so many variables to consider – velocity and trajectory of the target, how far away it is, the direction and speed of the wind to name just a few. And yet even unskilled shooters can have success with a bit of practice.  

                  How can that be?

  Well if they had just one ‘bullet’ to hit  the target it  would indeed be almost impossible – something that only the most skilled and practiced marksman could hope to do. But that’s not how it works. Each cartridge contains hundreds of tiny pieces of shot which spread as they close in on the target. Any one of those pieces could shatter the clay if it hits. 


                    There are massive parallels with what we’re doing here… 

  As I said right at the start, I don’t know with any level of certainty which horse will win a race. That would be like hitting that moving target with a single shot. But if I’m able to take more of a shotgun approach, just like a clay pigeon shooter, I can have more success…

                                                A LOT more success! 

  Why? Because all those pesky variables…the going, weather, the jockey, travel – heck, how the horse is feeling that day -  matter less and less if I have more than one chance to get a ‘hit’. And the more chances I have, the higher my success rate. 

                                                   Does that make sense? 

  I think I’ve taken this analogy far enough. What my strategy does is identify ALL the horses in a race with a chance of winning, and calculates whether there’s a way to  ensure that when one of them does – we make money. 

How Do I know Which Horses Might Win? 

                                                    That’s the clever bit… 

   You see I’ve analysed the results of over 100,000 races over the past 20 years. That analysis doesn’t tell me which one horse will win, but it’s devastatingly effective at identifying every horse that might win. 

  And armed with that information we can very easily create a winning bet by covering all those horses in such a way that we make money – no matter what happens! 

  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I can take ANY race and make a profit from it. But what I am saying is that by analysing the result of those 100,000+ races, I’ve identified the key factors that needs to be present to make a regular and guaranteed profit from selected races. And the good news is that those factors are in place in SOME races every day of the racing calendar!

  It takes me just 10 minutes each day to identify which races those are and to place my bets. When I do, I know the odds are working massively in my favour– not the bookies or other Betfair users.Typically that means I’m getting my bets at less than half their genuine value. Sometimes it can be as little as 38%.

  When you’re betting with the odds so massively in your favour – it’s virtually impossible to lose…certainly over the medium to long term. Of course not every bet will win  - that’s impossible, but that doesn’t matter a jot provided we stick to the plan.

  Our Odds Advantage Will Guarantee That We Make Money…

  Making, say, £20 a race doesn't sound a lot, but do that just 4 times a day 6 days a week and you're looking at an extra £24,000 a year for doing very little at free!

That's by no means the limit of this, but I'm trying to give you a realistic idea of
what you
can achieve dipping your toe in the water so to speak.

                                 How You Can Get Involved...

  I've put everything I’ve learned (and everything you need to know) into an easy-to-read, simple-to-understand manual called "The ShotGun Sniper Strategy -  How To Make Big Money From UK Horse Racing In Just 10 Minutes A Day!" 

  Why Shotgun Sniper? Because we’ll be using a shotgun approach but in a controlled manner…the advantage of a shotgun married up with the laser sharp skilled focus of a sniper. 

                                            The perfect combination! 

  Here are just some of the things you’ll learn: 

  • How to quickly spot the races that will give you a massive statistical edge. 
  • The 10 types of race to look out for…and the 9 to avoid. 
  • How I analysed 100,000 races across two decades to hone this winning system. 
  • My simple four-step process for constructing a winning bet. 
  • How to choose in advance exactly how much you’re going to win. 
  • How to use online calculators to quickly and easily construct ‘can’t fail’ betting opportunities
  • How to win big money identifying hopeless horses that can’t possibly win! 
  • Why handicap races are the road to ruin, if you’re serious about making money. 
  • How I deploy my ‘magic red line’ to separate winners from losers. 
  • How to quickly assess the ‘shape’ of a market and then use my ‘rule of 9’ to decide whether a bet is on. 
  • Why a Betfair account is all you’ll every need.  
  • How to multiply up your bets for additional daily profits. 

                                     …And most importantly of all: 

How To Make Big Money From UK Horse Racing
In Just
10 Minutes A Day…And Without
Leaving Your Favourite Armchair

   Everything is backed up with real world examples of actual UK horse races, so you’ll be able to see exactly how I chose my bets, placed them on Betfair and then collected my winnings as the inevitable unfolded.  

  This is the power and analytical depth that you will have at your fingertips with "The Shotgun Sniper Strategy." Remember you can go through a whole days racing like this in just 10 minutes a day.

   As I say, my strategy manual is very easy to read and understand. I’ve shown it to betting novices who have been able to get it up and running straight away. But I certainly won’t be leaving you high and dry. You can contact me at any time if there’s anything at all you don’t understand.

I’m determined that everyone who buys my manual will make money with it.

 So what will you need to make this work for you:

         1.   My easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
         2.   An internet connection with Betfair account

I spent several months developing, and then fine tuning, this system. And then I spent many weeks writing it up, editing it and presenting it in a way which I know you’ll find easy to understand and use. 

                                 How long did the whole thing take? 

  Well in truth, it’s taken about 40 years altogether!  This manual is the culmination of decades of research, trial and error, winning a bit, losing some more…blood, sweat, tears…everything! 

                                      It’s taken a lot to get to here. 

   Not only that, but I’m committing to spending as much time as is necessary going forward  to make sure that you get up and running and profitable with this, after you’ve received the manual. That’s really important to me. 

                              So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

  Well I hope you won’t be too disappointed or surprised to learn that "The Shotgun Sniper Strategy" won’t be available for peanuts. 

  Not only is this a strategy that works today, but it’s a strategy that will always work for as long as there are betting exchanges like Betfair.  It’s something you can use to make an extra income from home as often as you like, and for as long as you like. 

                   £10….£20…£50 A Race. The Choice Is Yours. 

   Making just £480 a week with this…and that’s very easy to do…would bring you in an extra £24,000 a year. Tax free! The potential is a great deal more, but let’s just work with that for now. How much would you expect to invest now, to get £24,000 back with a year… £2,000… £3,000…£5,000 even? 

  I’m sure you’ll agree that would still be a great return. But don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you that much or anything like it…. 

Provided You’re One Of The First 100 People To Respond… 

  You see, as I’ve already said, I’m fully committed to making sure that everyone who gets a copy of my manual makes money with it. That means I’m on hand to give any help and support that’s needed, and although I’m confident that my manual is very easy to read and understand, I can’t be sure what sort of time commitment that will be. 

So For Now, There Are Just 100 Copies Available 

  And I’m going to make them available for the specially discounted price of £248. That’s not much more than I reckon you’ll make in the first week if you pull your finger out!

                                                     Why so little? 

   Well nobody outside of a small group of associates and my publishers have seen this yet and I want to get some honest feedback from people who are making money with it. Once the testimonials start to come in, I’ll be increasing the price, but if you’re one of the first 100 to respond, you can have a copy for just £248.

 Use It Yourself To Make An Enviable Second Income For Life
And Even Pass The Knowledge
On To Your
Loved Ones To Help Them Out

    When you join me in this, I'll also send you a special link to a free trial of a clever piece of software which will automate the whole thing for you. It takes just minutes to download.

    You don't have to use it,but I love it and you can use it completely free of charge. The software does all the hard work and calculations for you - it works out the stake you need to place on each horse to maxamise profit...and then automatically places the bets for you.

    It takes just seconds to do and you can be up and running and using it to make money with my system within the hour - providing there are qualifying races of course.

   Oh...and if you decide to use it long costs just 20p a day!

   Look, I've tried to tell you everything about this fantastic new strategy I've put together. I know it works like clockwork, but you can't know that yet, so I want to give you a cast-iron money back guarantee that makes it impossible for you to lose out.

       Your 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

  Reserve your copy of The Shotgun Sniper Strategy on approval. If  you're one of the first 100 people to respond, we'll rush the full  package out to you. Put it to the test for up to 90 days. Take  advantage of my back up and support if you need it. And then if  you're not happy with either the product or the results you're  getting, return it to my publishers for a full refund of every penny  you've paid.

    I know you'll not want to be parted from this once you've seen what it can do, but the guarantee is there for your peace of mind if you need it.

  To be perfectly honest, I'm a little nervous about making a guarantee like this because I know you could just take the information (which I can't take back!) and then ask for a refund. But my publishers have assured me that you are one of their priority customers and I can trust you on this to do the right thing. 

                                             What To Do Next...

       To  reserve your copy CLICK HERE or call my publishers, Streetwise Publications Ltd, on 01709 361819.

  Either way, I’ll make sure the manual is rushed out to you by the first available post. Once you have it in your hands, you really can be up and running and making money the very next day. But if there’s anything at all you’re unsure about, don’t forget that I’ll be on hand to help you out every step of the way. 

  I’m making regular profits with this on a daily basis, and so will you. 

   That just about wraps it up. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and helping you to start making money with this. 

Very Best Wishes,    




Paul Bent

P.S  Remember, there are just 100 places available on this at the moment, so please reply  

PPS  I’ve tried to anticipate any questions you might have and have posted up a Q&A below.


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