Here’s Game-Changing Information If You Ever Dreamed Of Making A Risk-Free Second Income From Your Armchair…

“I Make An Extra £170 - £200 A Week Messing Around On My iPhone While Watching Junk TV!”

Give Me A Maximum Of Five Minutes And I’ll Teach You How To Do It.
(Watching Junk TV Isn’t Compulsory!)


  What you just read is true…I make a very relaxed £680-£1,050 extra income every month. And it’s all thanks to a simple online system I figured out while messing around on my phone.

  My name is Alex Buchanan. I guess I’m a bit like most people,  just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job (warehouse admin’ if you must know – exciting!) who really needed to make a few extra quid.

  I’m not greedy, but I’m sure you know how it is. Feed the family, put a roof over your heads and clothes on your backs and there’s nothing left. So if I want a few of the extras that make a real difference… holidays, some nice meals out, a decent car – that kind of thing…the day job doesn’t cover it. I needed to figure out how to get some extra cash from somewhere else.

But Where?
I’d Tried The Lot…

  Over the years I’ve tried and done it all…side-line businesses, part time jobs,  multi-level marketing…but they all ate into the time I got to spend with the family, and I never made any real money anyway.

  When I had businesses, my expenses were nearly always as much as my takings. Perhaps I’m just a rubbish businessman, I don’t know, but I got nowhere.  The part-time minimum wage jobs I took on were poorly paid enough (the clue’s in the name!), and when you take travelling expenses into account, well it was  barely worth turning up.  And as for the multi-level marketing…well don’t get me started on multi-level marketing!

  I’d given up on it all and pretty much resigned myself to scraping by, when  one day while messing around on my iPhone in an idle moment in front of the TV (I think I was watching ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ or some such rubbish)  I had something of a Eureka moment.

  A few months earlier, I’d been seduced by Ray Winstone (not literally!) during a football match on TV and had opened a couple of accounts to have a bash at football betting. Needless to say, it was all  a bit of a disaster, and I lost money. But I still had the accounts, and one of them was on the betting exchange site, Betfair.

  It was while  flicking through the pages on Betfair that I had  my idea. I’d given up on ever making anything  betting on football teams and turned my attention to the horse racing listings.

  Now I’ve got to be honest with you, I knew nothing about horse racing (and I still know very little) and I’m not any kind of gambler, but as I looked at those listings,  the idea started to take shape, and I realised something that now puts cash in my pocket every time I use it…

I didn’t need to know anything about how horses run, just so long as I could figure out how people think.

   Horses run, but people bet, and the people were what was between me and a tidy profit – not the horses!

  That’s what I worked on over the following couple of weeks – the way that people think (and often don’t) and how that opened up opportunities to make money, often before a race is run. Yes, there was some trial and error but within a month I had a surprisingly simple (but delightfully effective) system in place for extracting money from Betfair to the tune of almost £10,000 in the past 12 months.

  And here’s the best part…

 •  It’s really easy to do.

 •  It doesn’t take up much time

 •  It’s virtually risk-free.

  And every penny I make is completely free of tax!

  Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t some kind of get rich quick scheme. Two hundred pounds a week or so is about all you can make from this without taking some risks. I don’t like risks and am happy to extract  £40-£50 a day or so while I’m watching TV or doing other stuff.

  It’s become a bit addictive, and I even do this on holiday now, even though it’s something you can pick up and drop any time you choose. The promise of making an extra £40-£50 for pressing a few keys on my phone is too big a lure!

You Could Make More With This…a LOT More…

  But you run the risk of making some short term losses. That’s not for me…I can’t bear losing money, even temporarily…but it might be something you’re prepared to do. I’ll show you both ways…how to do it risk free and sneak away with £170-£200 each week, or take some chances and set yourself up for a huge potential pay-out.

  Either way, you’ll need to know absolutely nothing about horse racing or betting. The whole system relies on reacting to how people think rather than how horses run, and I’ll show you exactly what to look for and what to do when you’ve found it.

  If you have broadband or 4G, a Betfair account  (I’ll show you how to set one up in minutes if you don’t) and a couple of hundred pounds to deposit as seed money, you’re in business.

  I’ll show you what specific races to look out for and then what to do when you’ve found them. I can’t over-emphasise how easy this is to do. Everything can be done in seconds and then you just get on with what you’re doing until it’s time to collect your profit.

  In over 90% of races I collect my profit BEFORE the race has even started! Can you see why you don’t need to know anything about horse racing to profit from this? Why the heck would you when, most of the time, it doesn’t matter what happens in the race?

  I just looked at my profit record for the last 10 races I  cashed in on yesterday... £2.26…£9.53…£0.97….£3.17… £1.65…£14.05….£0.52…£2.10…£3.08…£4.44.

  As you see, they’re all small amounts, but they add up. That was £41.77 for the day, which is a bit below average, but pretty normal. Not a fortune as I keep saying, but the important thing is that it’s risk free, easy to do and cash that you can pick up while you’re getting on with the rest of your life. It’s reliable too.

  I know there are plenty of people who couldn’t be bothered picking up an extra £200 a week…it wouldn’t make any difference to them, and perhaps you’re one of them.

  If so, you can stop reading now.

  But if this sort of easy in-front-of-the-TV cash would make a difference to your life, I think you should learn how to claim some for yourself…starting right away.

  I’ve put everything you need to know in a  simple step-by-step manual called "The Super Simple Strategy".  Now as I hope you’ve gathered by now, (the name is a clue!)  this isn’t  complicated and it doesn’t need a long or complicated manual to explain it. In fact I’ve boiled everything down into a hard-hitting, all-you-need-to know 32 page dossier (and most of that is screenshots showing you exactly what to look for)  which lifts the lid on this lucrative method of making money from home.

Use It When You Choose, Where You Choose…And On The Device You Choose…

  I’ve said you can do this on your phone, and you can, but if you want to work on a tablet, a laptop or a PC, that’s fine too. No matter who you are, or where you are, if you have a broadband connection and a Betfair account, you can be up and running and making money with this within minutes of ripping open the package….provided there’s racing on of course!

 It really is that simple.

 Here’s what you’ll find in my concise but comprehensive manual…

 •  How to set up and run a profit-yielding Betfair account.

 •  The three key race criteria you can spot in seconds.

 •  The simple bets to place which yield a profit over 95% of the time.

 •  How and when to collect your cash…usually before the race has started.

 •  How to collect extra profits during the race.

 •   How to exploit multiple profit opportunities in a single race.

  The ‘golden ticket’ races which are a virtual licence to print money.

  If you’ve seen other gambling systems before you might have been put off by the complexity. I know I’ve seen systems that make my head spin. They might work but that’s not much good if you can’t understand them or follow them.

  This is nothing like that.

  There are NO complex rules to learn, NO calculations to carry out, NO difficult decisions to make. Everything is laid out for you to follow – as clear as day.  It’s totally idiot proof, as it needs to be for a betting novice like me to operate!

  Here’s the bottom line….

  I’m sure there are ‘better’ systems out there with the potential to make a lot more money. But I doubt you’ll find one that is simpler, safer or easier to use. And I doubt you’ll find one where…

  • You can be up and running and making money in minutes.

    Over 95% of races result in a nice profit.

    There’s virtually no risk.

    You need know nothing about gambling or horse racing to cash in.

  So how much to charge?

  Well on the one hand, this is manual is your passport to a steady and reliable £170-£200 a week profit, while sitting at home, watching TV or doing whatever else you please. So a couple of weeks profits…say £400 would be more than fair.

  But on the other hand, this is incredibly simple and it hasn’t taken me an age to put this manual together for you. War and Peace it aint!  So I don’t need to charge you a fortune for it, and quite frankly, I don’t want to.

  Anyway, here’s what I’ve decided.

   I’ve set the price of the manual at £199. That’s for everything. There’s nothing more to pay – now or ever and the price includes my help and backup for the next 6 months, should there be anything you’re uncertain about…not that I think you’ll need it.

  At the price, it’s an absolute steal, and you should be well into profit within a week of putting the system into practice.

  And then it’s your to use and profit from…for ever!

  To reserve your copy, Click Here or call my publishers 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819. 

  Either way, I’ll make sure that the manual is rushed out to you by the first available post.

  The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start to make money.

  I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Very Best Wishes,

Alex Buchanan

P.S  If you don’t already have a Betfair account, you can currently get £30 worth of free bets for opening one.

PPS No matter what else you have going on, you can add this to your money making portfolio without affecting anything else.


To reserve your copy, Click Here or call my publishers 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819.


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