Finally – A Home Money Making Idea THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

When My Friend Sandra Told
Me She Was Making
'£750 A MONTH'
Taking A Few Snaps On Her Smartphone and Cheapo Digital Camera. I laughed In Disbelief – Until She Showed Me The Evidence. Here’s How YOU Can Do It Too…

(You DON’T have to be ‘a photographer’. If all you’ve ever done is take a few lame selfies, this could be PERFECT for you.)


Dear Home Money Maker

  I don’t mind admitting I was not a happy camper one Thursday evening two years ago when Sandra asked me out for a drink.

  (No, it’s not ‘that’ sort of relationship. We’ve been mates for years. Kinda like brother and sister really. She’s a good laugh and we get on well.)

  But that night I didn’t feel like laughing because I’d just had a huge Council Tax bill and there was NO WAY I could pay it. It just seemed that whenever I got my nose just in front, WHAM! Something would come along and knock me back down.

  Know the feeling?

  I nearly cancelled because I was so pissed off at the unfairness of my situation. But I’m glad I didn’t because unknown to me, that meeting would change my life

  As soon as she saw me she knew something was up. The first thing she said was: “A horse goes into a bar and the barman says ‘Why the long face?’”

 That’s Sandra! And yes, she got me to laugh even though the joke was ancient.

  I told her my tale of woe and how I was sick of never having enough money to make ends meet. I’m not a greedy person. Sure I’d have an extra ten grand a month if some miracle happened.

  But an extra £500 or so a month would’ve made a MASSIVE difference to my life, particularly if I didn’t have to work hard for it.

  One thing about Sandra was she always seemed flush for cash. She’s always the first to buy a round or treat me to a meal out. She has a decent job of course (receptionist at a Toyota franchise) but even so, she was always a LOT better off than me.

Now before I go on, I need to admit something to you that I’m not proud of...

  I spent years going from one dead end slave job to another. You know the sort ... boss ordering you around and thinking they own your mind and body between the hours of 9-6! I remember one job where I would sit at the computer filling out dull spreadsheets with meaningless data, feeling my soul being sucked out of me and feeling DEPRESSED that my precious life was being wasted away in this rat-race system that really doesn’t care.

  Other jobs I’ve done include serving in a bar, stacking shoes at Marks & Spencer, working tills at Tesco and handing out flyers to drunk people in pubs. And none of it bought me more than minimum wage and a sinking feeling that I was getting left behind whilst other people (no smarter than me) were forging  ahead.

 I suppose I was hungry – desperate even – for a better life.

 After listening to me whinge on for a good twenty minutes, Sandra dropped the bombshell.

 “Why don’t you do the same as me to make extra cash?”

 I didn’t even know she DID any extra work for cash, let alone the nature of that work!

  What she disclosed over the course of that evening was a complete mind-blowing revelation.

Because it turned out that Sandra was pulling in over a GRAND A MONTH from a fun little hobby which took  her just a few hours a week.

  And since I’ve already blown the secret right at the start of this letter, I can now reveal that all she did for her grand a month was…

1.    Take some very special photographs.
2.    Sell them regularly in a way that few people know about.

  AND … in under two hours she convinced me that I COULD DO THIS TOO. Me! The world’s most HOPELESS photographer. Honestly. I was the one who cut all the heads off the wedding photos and took blurry pictures even with auto-focus! At the time, I didn’t even own a digital camera. I had a bottom of the range smartphone with a basic camera. From time to time I’d take the odd snap. That was about it.

  Yet as I listened to what Sandra was doing to bring in her extra cash, my eyes grew wider, my heart started to beat faster and I could see quite clearly that YES I COULD DO THIS TOO.

  Now I suppose I need to say right from the outset that NO, we’re not talking about dodgy photos! Honestly, what are you like?! Anyway you can get as much of that as you like free on the Internet these days. Ahem…

  No, we’re talking about very unusual photographs which hardly anyone takes. We’re certainly NOT talking about holiday snaps and Facebook selfie rubbish here.

Sandra revealed exactly the sort of
photographs for which there is a big demand
and which sell really well.

And in a MILLION YEARS I wouldn’t have guessed what those photos were.

  Once I understood what photos to take, I raised the objection of equipment cost. I’d heard that some of these fancy digital cameras can cost a grand or more.

  Turns out that Sandra takes half of her photos on her smartphone (admittedly it’s a decent one and has a good camera) but she also has a £100 digital camera she bought used off eBay.


 No other equipment needed. No outlay of money.

  Oh, I suppose I should ‘confess’ that we sell our photos on line, and so I have a PC connected to the Internet. But who doesn’t have a PC, tablet or smartphone these days?

  She had stumbled upon this neat little money maker after being told about it by a photographer friend of hers. This was over 3 years ago. Sandra also didn’t consider herself ‘a photographer’ at the time, but the principles of knowing what to take and how to take it are really quite simple and she was selling her first photos within 3 weeks of starting.

  I became more and more intrigued. You see, I’ve tried loads of ‘business ideas’ before and they all needed:

1.    Special skills.
2.    A fair bit of time each day.
3.    Quite a lot of capital (sometimes as much as £10,000).
4.    A fair bit of space.
5.    Several months or even up to a year before they even broke even.

To be blunt, I was in a fix back then and I needed something which would…

As I listened to Sandra I grew more excited because this photographic niche she had stumbled upon ticked every one of those boxes!

  She pulled out her smartphone and showed me a gallery of over 100 pictures which she had taken and which were selling even as we sat there drinking and talking! In fact her phone kept pinging with PayPal payments coming in! (Something which annoys my friends as mine keeps doing it these days.)

I was dumbfounded by her gallery.

  These were NOT the sort of pictures I had ever dreamt of taking. In fact, some of them were downright weird! Some of the subject matter I didn’t even recognise until Sandra revealed what it was. There was one I vividly recall which looked exactly like a close up of a soaking wet cabbage!!

It was all very odd.

  Had it been anyone other than Sandra I would have dismissed it. But I knew her and trusted her. And I couldn’t deny her phone kept pinging with incoming payments!

  My next objection was my lack of photographic skills. Honestly, I was a complete duffer. But Sandra reassured me about how easy it was once you learn a few simple tips and tricks. She too, had never really done much more than Facebook selfies prior to making serious money from her little idea.

  And … looking at the strange photos covering a huge and seemingly unrelated range of subjects … although I’d never THINK of taking those photos … they didn’t look that hard to take once you’d decided on the subject.

I quickly convinced myself that I could do this.  I was right! I’ve been making steady extra cash  from this for the last TWO  YEARS!

  But my next question concerned selling the pictures once I had taken them. I mean, who on earth would BUY these strange pictures?

 Again Sandra walked me through it.

  Turns out there are certain websites which people go to, to buy material like this. So her photos sell steadily. (By the way, it’s not the case that you take one photo and sell it once and then have to take a different photo and sell that! No. We take a photo, offer it for sale in our on-line gallery and other special sites and it sells again and again and again.)

Some of Sandra’s photos have sold in excess of 100 copies.

  Of course, I’m sure you’ve realised that the more photos you have, the bigger the chance of someone buying one of them.

  But with what Sandra revealed to me, and with what I’d like to pass on to you, I came to realise that I could take HUNDREDS (literally) of such photos if I wanted to. In fact my current gallery comprises over 500 photos.

  Finally I wanted to know how much I could make from this. This is where I need to come clean because I must tell you that you won’t get rich from this. No Rollers; No Mansions, No Helicopters. No Million Quid by this weekend.

Sorry about that!

  No, this is a steady little earner. £200-£300 extra a month to start. Then building up to a grand or so a month.

It’s not a fortune you’ll agree, but it makes a truly MASSIVE difference to my life. Think what an extra grand a month would do for  you!

  Each photo sells for quite a low amount, so it’s £5 here, £10 there. But sell just FIVE photos a day at a fiver and that’s £750 a month! There are NO COSTS as all photos are uploaded automatically. (Sorry, I should say PayPal take a small percentage, but it’s peanuts).

  And here’s the thing – IT’S TERRIFIC FUN! I now have ‘the photographer’s eye’ and I’m forever seeing shots that I just know will sell like crazy.

  And it’s an HONEST BUSINESS! One you can be proud of. People want these strange photos (gawd knows why sometimes!) and they are happy to pay.


  Equipment? I did better than Sandra and blew £90 on a used digital camera. It’s the same camera I bought 2 years ago and I still use it daily. If you’re interested it’s an Olympus SP560UZ. I LOVE this camera! It’s simple, intuitive and lightweight. I just looked on eBay and you can buy one used today for £60!

It’s not fancy. It’s not expensive. It’s not complicated.  It’s not even the highest pixel rating.

None of that matters.

 What matters for you to make money out of this is:

  Knowing WHAT to photograph … and … knowing HOW to sell your photos.

  Now if you’ve been feeling a little tingle of excitement reading this (as I did on that evening two years ago) then I’d like to reveal how you could join me and make this kind of money too.

I’ve put all my experience and know how into a superb 110 page full colour manual called "Snap Cash – Fast Money From Your Photos."

In the manual I really do walk you through the entire idea from start to finish so that you can just blatantly COPY what Sandra and I do to make money.

This is SO important because I assume:

And most importantly…

An Extra £750 - £1,000 a month would be life changing money.

  I’m not ashamed to admit it – the money I make from this IS life changing. Maybe I should get a life, right? I mean, a grand a month? Not exactly the Times Rich List! But I don’t care about that. Sure I’d LOVE an extra ten grand a month but I’ve never found a way of getting it. Snap Cash brings me the money I need to live a proper life rather than just scraping along.

  To be honest I was SICK TO DEATH of never having enough money even for the basics. This great little idea has sorted all that. I can now pay all my bills and take a decent holiday each year plus have a bit over for luxuries and treats.

  So in the Snap Cash manual I guide you step by step through the learning curve I had to go through (with Sandra as my teacher). By the way, if you are already a decent photographer, this will be a breeze for you.

Why Am I Doing This?

  Firstly anything you make from this won’t have the slightest effect on my earnings. If it did, I wouldn’t reveal it.

  Secondly I’m doing it to make money out of what I know. I hope that’s okay with you. We both win. I make extra money selling my knowledge and you profit by putting my knowledge into operation to make yourself a regular monthly income. I’ll come clean and say I’m hoping to make another grand a month from manual sales. Add that to my photography money and that’s a tasty second income.

  I also want you to know that I’m NOT a millionaire and won’t pretend to be. My car is 8 years old and I live in a flat. But I’m debt free, pay my way and have cash to spare thanks to this amazing idea. I’m just a normal bloke from Surrey who knows how to create some  spare cash selling his photos part time, and is prepared to share his methods with you.

  I’m also guessing you’re heartily sick of all these "business opportunities" shoved in your face, which prey on the desperate and amount to little more than smoke and mirrors, overestimated ease, and sexy sounding 'systems'.

  With respect, I hope I’ve revealed enough for you to realise this is NOT like those ‘systems’. Gambling, Internet Arbitrage, Poker, Trading – I’ve seen them all and tried a fair few. None of them worked for me.

But Snap Cash is a GENUINE business meeting an honest need.

Perhaps that’s why we can’t get rich from it!

 You need to ask yourself if an extra grand a month for a few hours fun photography is something you’d be interested in doing.

So What Am I Proposing You do?

 I’m proposing you make money doing something you probably do already, or would enjoy doing more.

Take pictures!

  Yep, you’re already taking photos for yourself, maybe uploading some of them to your Facebook or Twitter account—but that’s not doing anything for you!

What if your photos could make money for you?

  You just have to know how to monetise this, because most people around you have NO CLUE how this can be done, and it probably NEVER even entered their heads that there was a money-maker right in front of their noses, literally!

  If you just use it for a bit of side income, once it’s up and running, you can maintain it very easily for a few hours a week. Or you can make a LOT more if it becomes a passion of yours – a real possibility!

I know that’s a bold claim, but taking part in this business, focussing on the things you enjoy, could well turn an interest into a lucrative business.

In Snap Cash I’ll reveal…

  And sooner than you think YOU will be the one sitting in the pub with your smartphone pinging away as payments come in automatically!

  Here’s a screen shot of my phone just today. It’s a great feeling to have money pouring in. It even happens whilst you are asleep!

How Much to Charge?

  I struggled to come up with a fee for revealing this knowledge. On the one hand I want to make as much as I can, but on the other hand I want to help people who are as broke as I was. To be honest, if you’d asked me back then for £977 for this knowledge I just couldn’t have raised that amount. Yet that’s only one month’s profit once you get up to speed!

  I thought about maybe charging two weeks earnings – say £500. But even that would have seemed like a fortune to me back then. After mulling it over, I decided to cut the price to just £297 and ran the idea past a couple of pals who aren’t very well off. They winced!

  I guess the thing is that I KNOW this works, but you don’t – yet. I know there’s absolutely nothing to stop you joining me in a tasty extra £750- £1000 a month, IF you’re willing to learn what I’ll teach you.

  Eventually I decided to greatly reduce my profits and help more people out. As I said earlier, I’m not greedy. I settled on a price of £197. That’s about ONE WEEK’s earning once you get up to full speed on this.

  And of course I want you to have total confidence that this will work for you WITHOUT you taking any risk at all. For that reason I’m willing to offer the following guarantee.

I can only authorise such a generous guarantee because I know I couldn’t bribe you to hand it back once you have seen its cash generating secrets.


Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble Guarantee

  Examine The Snap Cash System in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read  the  beautifully  produced,  full  colour  training  manual. Watch the 2 hours of DVD training. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make a superb second income in a few hours a week taking unusual photographs and selling them online.

  If, for any reason whatsoever, you  are  not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the items in any condition within 30  days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. We have seen many opportunities over the years, and this  one really does  deserve our full backing – that’s why we are prepared to offer this extraordinary  guarantee.

This guarantee is fully backed by one of the largest information publishers in the UK – Streetwise Publications, Eden House, Genesis Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX


As well as the excellent 110-page full colour manual, I have created two very special one hour training DVDs for you to watch at home. In these professionally produced DVDs I walk you through the entire process step-by-step and give you lots of examples of the type of photo you should take and how to sell them. Sit back and relax in front of your TV or computer as you learn every detail of this exciting and profitable idea.

A £97 Value. Yours FREE when you buy this programme.

To Receive A Risk Free Copy Of The Snap Cash System Click Here. Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call My Publishers 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

  Either way, within the next few days you could be putting this hard-hitting, cutting-edge information to work for you, bringing you in a steady second income.

  I look forward to hearing from you very soon, and dispatching your personal copy of The Snap Cash manual and two FREE DVDs. I know you'll be absolutely delighted.

Very Best Wishes

Graham Hopkins

PS   Just to be clear, all you need is a bog standard digital camera or good smartphone and the knowledge I will reveal to you in the manual.

PPS   The money making system has nothing to do with dodgy photos, porn or anything illegal!! Yes the photos we take are pretty odd sometimes but people seem to want them and will pay for them and so we oblige!

To Receive A Risk Free Copy Of The Snap Cash System Click Here. Or If You’d Prefer You Can Call My Publishers 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.


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