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133 Begged, Borrowed And Outright Plundered Moneymaking Ideas, Systems And Strategies To Get  Rich This Year And Beyond.  

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Dear Streetwise Customer,

If you’ve ever dreamed of being in on the next big thing, then I have some potentially life changing news for you...

  You see, despite what the doom mongers might tell you, these are exciting times, and money making opportunities are everywhere. Think it was easier in the past? Rubbish! Just hindsight mixed in with a bit of nostalgia at work there.

  The truth is that right now is as good as it’s ever been for the would be entrepreneur, and I’d argue that it’s significantly better. The facilities and tools available to the ordinary man or woman sitting in their own living room are truly mind blowing and they’re available for next to nothing. When I started out just 20 years or so ago, I couldn’t have dreamed of what can be done so easily today. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Take my own business as an example...

  Only a few short years ago, create a marketable book, you had to spend thousands of pounds on typesetting and printing. If you couldn’t afford to print 5,000 copies – Tough! The unit cost was too high. Today, you can get a book to market fast and for free.  Upload it to Amazon from your laptop in an hour or two and it’s immediately available for the whole world to buy.

  These are the sort of changes have been mirrored in just about every sphere of business and  have transformed the landscape for the would be entrepreneur. Anyone who says it was easier ‘back then’ is going to get short shrift from me!

  That’s all well and good of course...But where exactly should you be focussing your efforts in right now? What are the markets, ideas, systems and strategies that hit the zeitgeist of the times square on...the ones that could take you to a whole new financial level? 

That’s the question I’m going to answer for you in this book...

  “The Stolen Files - Begged, Borrowed and Outright Plundered Moneymaking Ideas You Could Copy To Get Rich This Year And Beyond.”

The title is nothing if not honest.  I didn’t sit here and dream up the ideas, systems and strategies it contains. Rather, I scoured hundreds of newspapers, magazines, journals and insider websites over a six month period, looking for the very best ideas – ones that are already working big time around the world.

Here’s a taster of some of the hot off the press ideas and insider systems you’re going to find in the book...

...And that’s not even half of the ideas you’ll find in the book!

  As you can see, these ideas and businesses came from anywhere and everywhere, but what I know for sure, is that they have never been brought together in one place like this before. What’s more, they have never been subject to my ‘take’ on them before. I’ve looked at the original ideas, and then given thought to how they might be developed, adapted or improved.

Something for everyone…

  When I was selecting the ideas and businesses for the book, I’ve been mindful of the real limitations in both skills and financial resources which most of us are subject to. So for the most part, I’ve tried to stick to ventures which are open to the vast majority of people. That doesn’t mean of course that everything will be right for you, but if you don’t find at least a few ideas that give you a ‘Eureka’ or ‘Butterfly’s in the stomach’ moment, I’ll be both surprised and very disappointed.

No need to reinvent the wheel...

  As Ezra Pound pointed out “Utter originality is of course, out of the question.”  We long ago passed the point where it was possible to generate an idea which had no connection with anything that went before it. Everything is derivative. The key is to take what has already been successful and develop it, make it better, or adapt it for a different market or audience

  So there’s no need to beat yourself up trying to come up with something totally unique or original. Someone else has already done most of the hard work to test this stuff out. It’s working for other people and it can work for you. Someone else (me!) has done the last bit of hard work...bringing all this insider ‘next big thing’ information into one place, which you can absorb and implement – in your own time and at your own pace.

  All you need to do is get hold of a copy of this ground breaking book. I’ve arranged for you to do that at a price that I know is going to surprise and delight you.

Cast Iron 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee

 Send on approval for a copy of...

“The Stolen Files - Begged, Borrowed and Outright  Plundered  Moneymaking  Ideas You Could Copy To Get  Rich This Year And Beyond.”

  If you’re not happy with it for any reason whatsoever, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a no questions asked refund.


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I look forward to sending out your copy and hearing what you think of it.

Best Wishes,

John Harrison


What Readers Have Said About John Harrisons Books...

“Many thanks for the ideas you have given me. I’ve gone from having a boring, underpaid 9-5 job, to running my own business and still having enough time to pursue my career as a musician. I can also give to charities now. That makes me feel absolutely brilliant about myself.

- S Tyers

“I must write and congratulate you on your book…it was the best £20 I ever spent, and my income has increased by £100 a week for about 10 minutes work a day.
- J Bateman

“Your words in the book were very inspiring. I could not put the book down. It’s made an immense difference to my way of thinking. ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’ is the best book I have ever read. It really is amazing how your words, which are nothing more than ink on paper, can inspire a person to immediately think about changing their life.”

- S Parry

A brilliant insiders look at how anyone can get rich starting today – by someone who has actually done it. If you’ve ever aspired to making a big bundle of money as quickly and easily as possible, then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy right away.”
- O Goehler

“Your book brought everything into perspective for me, and the cover is now falling off because I am re-reading a lot of the content.”

- P Godfrey

“A fascinating and inspiring read. The kind of book that makes you act on something NOW, instead of tomorrow, or next week.”
- G Flintham

“It's down to you that I have found the confidence to set up my own business.” -M Crowther

“I’m a partner in a joint venture started from one of your ideas, and I’m very busy making money.
- A Potts

“I’ve just finished your book, and this idea has everything. I was about to give up, but now I have hope again for my own business.”
- J Marais

“It’s because of you I’m now venturing into a business of my own and making good money from it.”
- S Nixon

“I have steadily implemented a number of  your most excellent ideas. They are working extremely well for me. Thanks to you my future is secure.”
- S Tarry

“I wish to complement you on a publication which is eloquently written in a language and format that is easy to understand and follow, as well as being simple and straight forward. Congratulations on an excellent work.”
- J Rogers

That’s got to be one of the greatest entrepreneurial books of all time. And I’ve read lots!”
- Peter Juszko

“It changed my whole perspective to life. I have used 2 of the business ventures you suggested and they are doing fine. My life has been turned around. Thank you very much.”
- Kofi Samuels

“One of the best motivational books I have ever read.”

- Lee Wood

“Inspiring, informative and very entertaining.”
- Roger Bugden

"An excellent book - very much enjoyed it."

- Richard Aylward 

"I have read your book 'How To Stop Working and Make A Million Pounds Instead'. I found it insightful and inspiring."

- Joan Healy

“I’ve been up all night reading your new book – fantastic
- Stephen Pattison

“Hi John, I loved the book ‘Not Everything Is Sh#t’. I couldn’t agree more. Great Ideas!”
- Kathleen Bleecker

“John, I received your book ‘Not Everything Is..’ and I am almost certain, unless my memory is failing, it is the first time I ever read a book – cover to cover- without putting it down. Very inspiring.”
- Cecil McFarland

“May I congratulate you on another great little volume ‘Not Everything Is S==t’.. A very engaging read: I laughed a lot but there’s such a lot of basic common sense between those pages. A really splendid collection with something for everybody and so well researched.”

- Donald Walker

“Just read your book – it has an optimistic feel good theme.”
- Ian Bellis

“I do like your books...always informative, light hearted and humorous! Your research is amazing!”
- Sheelagh Ruse

"Many thanks for the copy of your latest book, which I have enjoyed reading and which I feel contains some really relevant advice."
- Eric Tilley

"I've just finished your book which I bought recently. I couldn't put it down!"
- John Bentley

"I have to say, it was a fantastic read and the bonus chaper "The Birthday Party" was hilarious to say the least."
- John Morris

"Many thanks for sending me a copy of your book recently, which I enjoyed reading."
- Des Vadgama

"Mr Harrison yet again a brilliant piece of work."
- Paul Faulkner

"John, I have just finished your fantastic and informative book, full of humour too."
- William Daly - Email

"I have just finished "Why Didn't They Tell Me". Another piece of brilliance!"
- Keith Pitt- Email

"Very well written and refreshing reading. A must for anyone starting a new business, of any sort."
- Mahendra Patel

"We were soon both in tears rolling with laughter. One cannot escape the brilliant lessons you attach to your anecdotes."
- Ray Robertshaw


*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham and are available for inspection.


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