50 New Copies Just Released!

“There’s Some Secret Video Footage Going Around That Some Have Said Can 'Make You Rich Just By Watching It.'”


Dear Streetwise Customer,

I wasn’t ever supposed to see this Video...

It was made at a private location and only 19 people were there for the filming. Each one was given a copy.

Each person who received one of the few precious copies was under instruction never to copy it or show it to the public.

19 only ... and yet ... one of those precious 19 is in my hands—right in front of me as I type these words.

It looks innocuous enough. No fancy graphics. No colour insert. Nothing. There are just 4 DVDs in one plastic case. 7 hours of material altogether.

Clearly this was not intended for general distribution.

It was supposed to be a private memento of a very powerful day—definitely not to be viewed by outsiders.

Those 19 proud owners didn’t know each other. In fact, they had only one thing in common—they all wanted to give up their jobs and become wealthy.

Having this footage was their ticket to financial freedom.

One of them told me that by "just watching it", their fortunes had changed dramatically for the better.

I’m not sure I’d go that far ... after all, action is everything. But now I’ve had an illicit viewing of it for myself, I can confirm that it’s one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen on screen (in terms of making money).

More importantly, I reckon that if YOU were to get sight of the content,  it would dramatically change YOUR fortunes too.

Let me tell you about how I got my hands on a copy, because it leads to how you MAY be able to have a look at it for yourself. (I say ‘may’. It’s not going to be straightforward.)

I run Streetwise Publications and we sell a lot of manuals, CDs and DVDs.

As you might expect, occasionally someone will send an item back (a manual, a DVD set etc.) for a refund.

Sarah, one of the ladies who works for us, is the one who opens these packages, checks the contents and organises the same-day refunds.

I expect you can imagine that some of the product comes back in a pretty sorry state! Bent, dog-eared, missing CDs, missing DVDs. You name it, we get it. Ah the pleasures of running a mail order business...

However, two weeks ago, a customer sent back a package for a product we had sold and ... instead of the 4 DVDs we had sent him, he returned ... you guessed it, a different set of 4 DVDs.

Now from time to time we’ll get a Family Guy DVD (or whatever) instead of the business opportunity we sent out, but to be honest, this is rare.

Sarah sent a letter to the customer pointing out the error. She then stuck a post-it note on these DVDs  and put them my desk.

The note said: “John, what do you want me to do with these, returned in error?”

I was somewhat intrigued, but didn’t have time right then, so shoved them onto a side desk in my office. After all, they could have been anything from a family wedding to shots of boats bobbing on the water at Coniston. I wasn’t that fascinated. 

And there they sat ... until...

Our switchboard received a frantic call two days later from the customer demanding the immediate return of those mysterious DVDs by first class recorded post!

So insistent was this customer that a hunt was instigated for the DVDs in our warehouse. It took a while for Sarah to remember them and to recall she’d given them to me.

Last Tuesday she almost burst into my office and asked for their return. Apparently the customer had called several times, getting more upset on each occasion.

I asked her what the fuss was about. All she could say was that the customer was demanding their immediate return. He said he’d made money just by watching them!

Now I was intrigued... !

What would you have done? Returned them without question? Handed them back without a sneak peak?

Naturally I told Sarah to return the DVDs to the customer ... AFTER I’d had a look at them for myself naturally.

You see, curiosity got the better of me...

I told Sarah we would ship them back to the customer tomorrow and I then popped them into my briefcase, intending to watch them that evening.

By a very odd coincidence (and I DO put it down to coincidence as I’m not a great believer in mysterious ‘forces from the universe’) the very next meeting involved my doing a deal I hadn’t expected to do.

That deal will net me £118,000.00 over the next few months.

Seemed like these DVDs had bought me good luck!

Later that evening, after eating, I popped the first of the 4 DVDs into my player.

It was 8pm and I intended to devote a maximum of 10 minutes to checking this out.

I hesitated over pressing the PLAY button and had some misgivings. What if this was a porno movie, or something very private? I even felt a small shiver of fear. I remembered that horror movie called 'The Knock'. Just watching a spooky video resulted in a knock at the door ... and then bad things happened.

I realised I was being silly and hit the PLAY button.

The screen came to life and the opening frames of the DVD unfolded...

My reaction was ... instant disappointment!

The scene showed a small room with a smartly dressed guy aged about 50 at the front who was obviously about to speak to the small group of people.

He had a screen and a PowerPoint presentation and was obviously going to teach them something.

That ‘something’ could have been anything from pneumatic valve actuator alignment through to road safety for the under fives.

Either way, I wasn’t going to watch more than a few minutes to get the boring gist.

However, within the first minute he casually asked the people if they wanted to create multiple income streams that will last for years to come.

That got my attention! Because that’s precisely what many of my customers are seeking.

They all want a way of making a LOT of extra cash, with very little work, from their own homes in just an hour or so a day.

And here, in this small private room, in front of a handful of people, a millionaire (so I found out later through research) was going to explain to this privately invited audience, exactly how to achieve that.

I want to pause there to blow my own trumpet slightly.

I’m doing it for a good reason, as you’ll see.

The truth is, I really know what I’m talking about when it comes to helping ordinary people to create more money. I’ve devoted 26 years of my life to that, and nothing else.

I can also spot someone with REAL insider knowledge when I see them. I can see at a glance if they walk the talk or are just full of waffle and hot air.

I mention that because I could immediately tell that this guy was the real deal.

This was not some slick production aimed at mass marketing. It was a simple private video which the attendees could use to remind them of what he had disclosed on the day. It wasn’t a rah-rah presentation. Just a cosy little chat from a millionaire, in front of people who wanted to be where he was.

It was NEVER supposed to leak out.

Well, I was hooked.

I watched 3 hours that night and only gave up when my wife insisted it was way past bedtime.

The very next morning I stayed at home to watch the rest of it.

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. I can’t recall feeling so excited before.

You see ... I knew, right away, that this was a DVD my customers HAD to see.

In fact they needed to view it as a matter of extreme urgency.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. Because there may be a way for you to see it. And that’s something I want you to make a commitment to do.

Put everything else aside that you were thinking of doing in the wealth creation zone.

Shelve it all.

This video could make you rich!

Really, it’s that simple. Watch it. Act on it. And get rich.

But I’m getting ahead of myself...

The first thing I needed to do was check this guy out. Yes my gut instinct told me he was the real deal, but I’ve been caught out before and so I always double check. (I don’t know about you, but I HATE listening to broke people telling me how to make money!)

Fortunately his name was on the DVD titles and that made my research easier.

I want to respect his privacy by not naming him here. I hope that’s okay. If you’re lucky enough to be able to view this DVD for yourself, you’ll discover who he is and can do your own due diligence.

He checked out fine. Worth a few million for sure.

Just to be certain I had a pal do a drive-by of his house. (Call me paranoid!)

Yep. 5 bed executive ‘mansion’ in the best area of town. Huge garden, £90k Range Rover and (get this) a £220,000 Bentley parked out front.

Tick. Tick. Tick. All the boxes.

He was the real deal alright.

Next part of the mission ... call him and ask if I could make copies of the DVD and give it away to my most loyal customers.

Oops. Not so easy!

That was a tricky phone call I don’t mind telling you.

I guess I should have thought it through ... “Hi, John Harrison of Streetwise here. I’ve lucked-onto a copy of your private DVD and was wondering if I could copy it hand it out to my brightest and best customers FOC?”

Hmmm. Not my finest plan, maybe!

He was fairly pissed off that the DVD had leaked out. When I told him the story he said unkind things about the idiot who had posted it to me!

I’d guessed right. It was for private use and only for the attendees.

He didn’t quite tell me to *** off, but he came close. He put the phone down.

This was a real blow for me. You see, the video reveals precisely what most of my customers LONG for. How to easily generate multiple streams of income.

Let me explain...

Let’s pick a figure of, oh I don’t know, £30k a year EXTRA cash for you, on top of what you get at the moment.

I’m sure you know that’s not ‘rich’. But ... an extra £30k a year, from ONE stream of income is an extra £2,500 a month. I think you’d agree that would actually make quite a difference to your life.

How hard is this to achieve?

Consider this amazing fact. £30,000 a year is ONLY an extra £82 a day!!! (Yes, I had to double check it too. It seemed so little.)

Let me ask you: Do you think it’s crazy talk to generate a stream of income which brings you just £82 a day??

I hope not!

But it gets even better...

That’s from just ONE stream of income. ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ means just that ... multiple.

So with two streams of income you get an extra £5,000 a month.

With four streams of income you get an extra £10,000 a month.

I know people who have 10, 15 even 25 streams of income like this.

Imagine what YOU could do with an extra £25,000 a month from 10 income streams!

In fact, I’ve been doing this myself for many years, so I KNOW THIS WORKS. That’s what got me so excited watching the DVD.

You see, many people make the mistake of thinking they want a million ... and then looking for the one ‘Holy Grail’ business idea which will bring them that kind of money.

I have to tell you that such ideas are very few and far between. They usually require you to invest a quarter of a mill as well!

No. What he reveals on this DVD was how the ordinary person (I hate that phrase, but you know what I mean) can make many thousands a month from these multiple income streams.

And ... it requires hardly any investment. Each stream requires not very much work as well.

Let me pause there and explain why it’s ESSENTIAL that each stream requires only a little work.

Think about it. It’s not that hard to make £82 a day ... if you work 8-10 hours a day in your business. I hope you agree that would be hardly worth getting excited about.

But suppose you could make that with, say, just an hour a day?

Ah, now we are in a completely different ball park. You can work an hour a day and get £30,000; 2 hours a day and get £60,000; 4 hours a day and get £120,000—you can see where I’m going with this.

The other amazing thing he revealed on this DVD is that anyone can do this! Old/young; educated/not; male/female.

You can actually start with ZERO money if you are terminally broke. It takes longer of course, but the point is you don’t need thousands to make a start on your income streams.

I know a lot of millionaires. I’d guess at least 27. Almost all of them have multiple income streams ... and they started small.

Okay, you’re probably wanting to get your hands on the DVD asap. But first I need to tell you what this is NOT. As you will soon learn, there are only a few copies available and I don’t want to release one to you if you are looking for a dream.

So ... it isn’t some ‘instant’ easy-cash get rich idea. I’ve already hinted that you’d have to work about an hour a day on each income stream, so if that puts you off, we can part company now.

Also, the bad news it that the number of copies I can release are strictly limited by the deal I have cut.

This is ONLY available to my best customers and I have to put a strict cap on the numbers at under 1% of my customers.


From that, you will realise I cut a deal with our mystery millionaire.

After he’d put the phone down on me that first time, I plucked up courage and called him again. I pleaded to be allowed to release some copies of this to my most deserving customers. I appealed to his better nature. After all, he was a ‘teacher’—why else would he have been disclosing these secrets in that small room. 

I’d seemed to hit his hot button! He DID like showing others how to make serious money, but ... turns out he has a powerful ‘flake aversion’. That means he only likes to teach serious people who will actually follow his advice.

He has NO TIME for roofus-doofus time-wasters who either won’t take action or will whine and complain.

And he charges a whopping £3,000 per consultation!


The people in that room had parted with a lot of money to hear his words of wisdom.

I was an hour on the phone with him. And it took all of that hour to get him to agree to:

As you can imagine, I was getting nowhere. These DVDs were easily worth £1,000. That part was a no-brainer. But many of my customers simply can’t lay their hands on that kind of money right now—the sort of cash needed to get real advice from genuine millionaires.

And I needed more copies.

I chipped away at him, chatted about this and that. His interests, background and so on. Eventually I discovered a lever. He was passionate about a charity called Water Aid (they provide drinking water in under-developed countries). Seems like this was his ‘thing’.

I ruthlessly exploited it!

So here’s the deal I eventually got him to agree to after nearly an hour...

1. No more than 1% of my customers to be allowed a copy.

2. £147.

3. Each person to make a £1,000 donation to Water Aid once they have made £10,000 profit.

It’s not for everyone but as I’m only allowed to release it to 1% of my customers maximum so if you don’t grab a set, I’ll easily find someone to take your place.

But I did want to offer you ‘first go’ at a set.

There’s a time restriction on this too. If I don’t hear from you straight away I’m going to offer it to the next person in the queue. So it’s now or never.

Take it from me, you NEED THIS DVD SET. It will transform your entire outlook on the whole business of making money.

But I do appreciate that £147 'may put you off. And that’s fair enough. But please think this through carefully as I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in 26 years, and don’t expect to again.

This will not be repeated. Once the 1% quota has been filled, that’s it. The doors are closed and your chance has gone. So this is for the bold, decisive action-takers only.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll now leave the decision to you (but act FAST!)

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Best Regards

John Harrison

PS. What's more the whole thing comes with a full Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with what you receive for any reason whatsoever simply return the package to us within 30 days for a full no questions asked refund. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't take a look at this today...

PPS. You will have noticed that I only have a further 50 copies for sale on this risk free offer. I would recommend you get in quickly if you want to take advantage of this...


Click Here To Reserve You Risk Free Copy
Or Call Our 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819



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