A Millionaire Friend Of Mine Has Called
To Say He Wants To Sell His Entire
'Turnkey' Easy-Cash Business For £143,000.
And Here’s Why I Think YOU Should Buy It...



You'll probably think I’ve gone bonkers...

Or I’ve accidentally written to the wrong person...

But You’ll Be Stunned To Hear That If You’re Lucky Enough To Get In On This, Then One Day Soon You Could Write A Cheque For That Amount...Without Breaking A Sweat!

 I’m serious, so please read this through and you’ll be convinced. I’m going to keep this short because you must act NOW to get in on this. I expect it to be rapidly oversubscribed.

 First let me say that for once, this is a genuine shot at the BIG money.

  If you’re looking for £5,000 or £10,000 here and there, this isn’t the idea for you. There are plenty of other small scale ideas which I send you from time to time. That sort of money is nice yes, but with what I will reveal here, you could soon be stuffing your bank account to bursting with hundreds of thousands of pounds!

 No teasing. No hints. By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll be very excited and will know exactly what it is I’m proposing, and how YOU can buy into my friend’s company.

The Years Are Ticking Away And There Won’t Be Many Chances Like This To Make All The Money You And Your Family Could Ever Want – For Life.

 So if you’re ready, here’s what it’s all about...

  As you know I run Streetwise Publications.I’m not ashamed to say I’ve made a huge fortune out of selling simple information products (reports, books, CDs, DVDs) which people are eager to read.

  I’m not alone in cashing-in on this total goldmine. There are several ‘serious players’ in the industry, all making multi-million pound fortunes from exactly the same lucrative idea.

  To give you some idea how serious this business is here are some typical profit figures that are being made now. All these amounts are fully documented, fully supported and audited by Chartered Accountants...

 And remember these are profit figures NOT turnover!

  Don't worry if you think these figures are way out of your reach...there are thousands of smaller players making great money from home too.

Even The Small Players Make More From This In An Hour A Day Than They Used To In Their Full Time Jobs!

You probably know I’ve been banging-on about the awesome profit potential of information for years, so this is not news to you.

My Millionaire Friend (Let’s Call Him Steve) Has Made Over  FOUR MILLION POUNDS From This Exact Same Business.

  It bought him top of the range cars, the most expensive house in his area, first class travel, 5 star holidays and enough to retire on, in luxury, forever.

  I’ve known him for 20 years and we’ve met on many occasions. I can vouch for him. He’s a straight guy and I know his story is 100% correct.

  He started life as an engineer on a very modest wage. One of his starting jobs was drilling the same set of holes in strips of metal at a factory!

  Actually, before he decided to get rich, he did many grotty jobs to try and make ends meet. House wiring, gardening, washing up in a restaurant etc. He used to live in the roughest part of town in a run-down terraced house.

  Like you, one day someone introduced him to the idea of selling information and he decided to give it a go. The rest is history and he made a very serious amount of money from a standing start.

Millions, as I’ve said.

  The thing is, Steve wants to retire and he no longer wants to run any sort of business. He’s planning to move to Thailand and live off his millions!

His Retirement Plan Means That YOU Have A Shot At Banking Hundreds Of Thousands, Just Like He Did.

  And uniquely I am in a position to verify this. Not only have I seen his million pound executive home, I’ve also seen his past accounts proving his income. And, of course, we do exactly this at Streetwise, so I hardly need convincing that it’s possible!

I Don’t Know How Many Times To Keep Saying It – Information Publishing Is A Total Goldmine. Surely The Easiest Method Of Stacking Away Huge Bundles Of Cash - And Now I Have A Way For You To Get YOUR Share.

  In a moment I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on what amounts to a big sack full of cash. There’s something in it for me of course! (Why aren’t you surprised?!)

But first, imagine what a difference an extra £30,000.00 a month would make to your life.

Particularly if you had to do hardly any work for it!

You Could Take 5* Holidays At Places Like This...

You could give up work entirely – forever!

 You could buy the house of your dreams and one or two tasty cars – brand new and paid for in cash.

Wouldn’t that be great?

How about a nice 6-bedroom detached house in an acre of gardens with stunning views and private driveway?

Why not have it interior designed whilst you’re at it, at £20,000.00 a room?

 How about the latest 4x4... AND a Porsche... AND a Mercedes!

 (I always reckon you need different cars for different occasions.)

And even better, imagine having your wallet always stuffed FULL of cash and enough in the bank so you need never worry again – about anything!

You could laugh in the face of even the largest bill.

   You’ve heard such promises before so maybe you’re asking yourself: “Is this really possible?”

   I Believe It Is.

 Now here’s the thing...

  Almost EVERYONE knows that information publishing is a way of making a fortune. However I’ve spoken to many people over the years who were desperate to get in on this lucrative money-train, but... no matter how hard they tried they simply could not create products for themselves.

  Some tried getting others to create the products (e.g. using sites like Elance etc.) but what they got back most times was a load of rubbish cobbled together off the Internet by some desperate amateur from India of Poland.


Some bought product licences, but didn’t have a sales letter.

Some were ‘website kings’ but had no decent products to sell.

And most didn’t really know where to start as it all seemed a bit overwhelming.

So it’s no surprise that some well-intentioned people fall by the wayside.

They Missed Out On The Good Life. All The Money They Could EVER Want. The House Of Their Dreams, The Car Of Their Desires; Living Debt Free, In Luxury For The Rest Of Their Lives.

How sad to miss out on that – but I do understand that some can find it difficult. If you’re not a writer or creative type, it can be hard to crank out a really good manual on a hot subject. Let alone the TEN manuals you’d need to run a lucrative home publishing business of your own.

Which is why I’m so excited about Steve’s proposal. I think it can give you everything you want in life, with very little work involved.

And if you’re still worried about having to put your hand in your pocket for £143,000 to make this happen, relax! Steve has done us the most incredible deal I’ve EVER seen in my entire business life.

This Offer Just GoesT o Prove It's Not What You Know...It's Who You Know!

  And by helping you achieve your first million, I’m going to make another million myself so you can see why I’m fired-up about this too, just as you will be when I explain it to you.

The Ultimate Money-Generating Machine

  Like me, Steve made his fortune from selling simple little information products through the post and on the Internet. I’m sure you know the sort of thing – books, CDs, manuals, monthly courses.

   It’s The Best Business In The World – Bar None.

 I expect you know how it works, but let me remind you just in case.

  Steve sends out letters, places small adverts in the press or puts up a simple web site and waits for the money to come in – which it does, to the tune of about £35,000.00 PER MONTH!

Then he sends out the product (usually a simple A4 manual popped into a jiffy bag).

  Job done. And by the way, he doesn’t even do that himself. He retains an outside company to do it for him and pays them a small amount per item.

  And here’s the kicker...a typical product may cost about £5 to print/produce and you sell it for £97, £197, £297… even £497+!!!

  Hey, I hope you like those margins! We LOVE them. After all, it’s the value of the information which makes it worth the money, not the cost of ink and paper.

Soon I’m going to reveal how you can get in on the action, but first I want you to close your eyes and...

Imagine Waking Up Each Morning To A Torrent Of Envelopes All Crammed With Money - Hundreds Of Them, Pouring Through Your Letterbox - Now That's What I Call A Good Start To The Day!

Or imagine logging on to your Internet account to see that £3,456.92 has poured into that account whilst you were asleep!

An impossible dream? Not at all! That's typically how Steve started each and every day for many years.

When he gave up his ‘grunt work’ job, Steve started to make money straight away – and so could you.

Now he’s retiring for good and this is your chance to grab a complete turnkey package which you could get up and running over a single weekend!

Let me ask you a serious question…

Could You Handle £1,000 A Day?

 Imagine how your life would change if you banked £1,000 each day and only worked a few hours each month. £1,000 each working day in cash, cheques, Internet credits and bank transfers is around £300,000.00 a year - just think how that would change your life! And you’d have the time to enjoy it as this business is easy to run. 

Look, I’m sure you know by now that I won’t say “this will make you £300k” if it’s a £20k a year idea. I try not to exaggerate (too much!) the money you can make from the ideas I put your way.

  But this one really DOES have the potential to make you hundreds of thousands. I could name several ordinary people I’m in regular contact with who gave up their day job and made massive fortunes (yes I’m talking millions) from doing exactly what Steve proposes.

  Very ordinary people, with no special skills or abilities. Just a burning desire to get rich and the courage to grab an opportunity when they see it.

   Stay With Me On This One Because It Gets Even Better...

When you start to make this money, it isn't just a flash in the pan, here today - gone tomorrow - although even that would be nice! No, you could be making this money day after day, year after year for a decade or more.

   To Date Steve Has Banked Over FOUR MILLION From It!

  Maybe you think it’s easy for him, but perhaps YOU won’t be able to do this? Well, I don't want to bore you with his life story, but I promise you if Steve can do it, you can! He had NO prior experience in this field whatsoever. He was just desperate enough to give it a try.

 One simple idea changed his life forever. Plus the courage to take action of course.

You Too Could Get Rich With This Proven Idea – If It’s Handed To You On A Silver Platter. No Hassle, No Struggle, No Fuss.

 So think for a moment about £1,000 a day for half an hour of light admin. Why not? Great money, right? Now think about getting this each day for the next decade.

Wow! What Would That Do To Your Life?

  There’s something magical about having large sacks of money arriving every day, or switching on your PC to see a 4-figure sum has arrived overnight whilst you were sleeping. You know, somehow I never get tired of it! I think it’s an extraordinary thing and it still thrills me even after many years of operating this lucrative idea myself.

  Please understand this isn’t dry theory. I’m making tens of thousands a WEEK from exactly the sort of projects which Steve is offering to you.

It’s what I do each and every day.

  Information Publishing. I don’t believe there’s another money-generating idea which has so many benefits and is so simple to run from home.

Let me tell you just a few of the great advantages of being a home information publisher:

No Staff

 Now I wonder if you’re thinking something like this: “Sure, I expect Steve DOES bank £30+ grand a month, but I bet he has offices and staff – I don’t want all that hassle.”

 Well nothing could be further from the truth. For the last 5 years Steve has run the entire operation from the smallest bedroom in his house.

 NO staff. NO large overheads.

 The ‘work’ consists mostly of logging on to the Internet to check your daily sales figures.

 You could bank £10,000.00 a month easily from your kitchen table at home without breaking a sweat. Many people are happy with £10k a month and an easy, stress-free life. It’s your call. Or you can make far more – it’s up to you and how much you want to do.

Set Your Own Hours

I used to hate having someone else tell me when to work. I resented people trying to confine me to their timetable. With your own information publishing set-up you run this exactly when you want to - or not at all if you want time off. It's up to you entirely. There is no boss, no timetable, no clock-watching. There are a few hours of admin each week to do, and you do it when it suits you.

Stupidly High Mark-Ups

Forget those pathetic 30% mark-ups you get in almost every other business. How does 3000% sound? That's what Steve routinely makes on products that he sells. That’s what YOU could make too. Where most other businesses buy for (say) £10 and sell for £13 (30% mark-up), you might buy for £5 and sell for as much as £497.

That makes a BIG difference to your profits!

No Face-to-Face Selling

I hate it, you hate it. Don't do it! All of your transactions are done through the post or on the Internet and you never have to meet your customers.

No Premises

If you think staff are a pain, try renting premises! The cost is horrendous. Then there is insurance, maintenance, running costs, fire escapes, toilets for the disabled, health and safety regulations, heating...it just goes on and on and on. I say “forget all that!” when you are starting out.

You Can Easily Run This Whole Thing From The Kitchen Table At Home In A Few Hours Each Week.

The Ultimate Laptop Business!

If you don’t like to stay at home (or you just enjoy travelling) you can run this neat little idea from a beach, a café or whilst on holiday. Imagine that!

Each day you open your laptop, decide how much money you want to make - and half an hour later, snap it shut again and get on with having fun.

Soon you could learn exactly how to do this for yourself, if you’re interested.

No tedious commuting to work either!

Okay Here’s How All This Could Soon Result In A Tidal Wave Of Cash Smashing Into Your Bank Account.

 When Steve approached us at Streetwise to buy his business at that knock down price we were very excited... until we realised he didn’t want to sell it to us.

I had to put my cheque book away!

Let me tell you, at £143,000 I could have trebled my investment in six months.

  But... Steve felt a duty to start some people off from scratch the way he’d been given his golden opportunity by that little book he read all those years ago.

  You see, Steve doesn’t really need the money from the sale of the business. He has millions and £143k is neither here nor there to him. He’d just toss it into some savings account or other. He’s neither hungry for cash nor desperate to sell.

So what does he want?

  He wants to leave a ‘legacy’. (It comes to us all when we hit retirement, trust me! I’m thinking of commissioning a statue or two myself...)

It’s his way of ‘giving back’ to the people just starting out.

"Huh? ‘Giving back’ at a £143k price tag? Come off it!”

  Fair comment, but hold on a sec whilst I reveal what Steve has in mind. I think you’ll agree he’s cooked up something pretty amazing.

 Here’s Steve’s proposal and how it could soon change your life...

  Instead of selling the entire business to one lucky buyer for £143,000, he wants to sell a small number of ‘franchises’ at a fraction of that cost to serious wealth-seekers on a first come, first served basis.

What He’s Proposing Is To Set You Up With A Complete Publishing ‘Empire’ Of Your Very Own So That You Can Start Immediately To Generate Money Without All The Hassle Of Creating Products, Writing Sales Letters Etc.

Pause there for a moment whilst I reveal the two main ingredients of a million pound information publishing business.

Both of these ingredients must be in place before you can bank the river of cash which you’d better be prepared for once you press ‘GO’! (I’m looking forward to hearing from you when you bank £30,000+ in one month!)

Here are the two things you need...

  1. You need about 10 good information products (e.g. 100-200 page manuals) on topics which will sell. This could take you two years to create, assuming you are even a writer. Otherwise you need to pay a top class writer to create them for you at about £3,000 a time. So that’s a £30,000 immediate outlay! Add another £10,000 for graphic design work on the covers.

  2. For each product you need a red hot sales letter which will bring in orders. Unless you are a good copywriter, those letters will cost you £3,000 each MINIMUM to get written. So that’s another £30,000 on the table from day one. (Lack of decent sales material is a big stumbling block.)

TOTAL (Just for starters): £70,000.00

Get these two things right (as many people have done) and an obscene amount of money will hit your account every day. Sure you’ll need a website, some jiffy bags and a few other bits and pieces, but that’s easy these days.

 Here’s the exciting part...

Many A Time We’ve Had £250,000, £500,000 Even A Million Pounds Or More Profit From A Single Product And A Single Sales Letter!

If you can tick those 2 boxes there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get very rich from this too, like many others have. The trouble is, that’s not quite so easy to put together yourself is it?

Ten quality products and ten sales letters? Write off two years putting that little lot together!

Not to mention the seventy grand outlay.

THAT’s why some people fall by the wayside. It’s just too expensive and too time consuming, even though it’s a total goldmine. Well you’ll be delighted to hear that you have NONE of these problems to worry about because...

Steve Is Offering You A Secret Back-Door
Entry Into The Money Vault.

 Honestly, I’m hoping you’ll be very excited when you see what he’s put together for you, just as you’ll be excited when you understand the sheer size of the pile of ‘gold’ stacked in that 'vault'.


No Prior Experience Required

No matter what your age, race, sex or educational backgroundyou can have a shot at becoming independently wealthy from this.

I’m sure you’ve already thought about making money from information publishing. After all, everyone knows it’s amazingly profitable. But perhaps you were stopped dead because...

  • You don’t have any products and have no idea how to create them. Besides, you need money NOW not in a year or two after you’ve painstakingly written several books or manuals, or recorded several CDs (assuming you even had the expertise to do this).
  •  You don’t have sales letters and are not a copywriter.
  •  You don’t know how or where to sell these products.
  • You lack the knowledge of exactly how to go about doing this.
  • You lack the funds to have (say) 1,000 sets of a manual/CD set run-off only to find you can’t sell them. (It’s called being three grand down and stuck with a garage-full!)
  • You may have looked at buying a licence for a readymade product but been truly horrified at the cost per licence (often thousands) and the dubious quality or shelf-life of the supposedly ‘new’ information product.

Then there is the teensy problem of. . .

Not Having A 6-Figure Sum To Buy Your Share Of A Ready-Made Information Publishing Business With Proven Products!


Steve has an amazing proposal that means you get everything you need to get started quickly and easily from your own home—starting with TEN red hot products and TEN ‘killer’ sales letters to go with them.

Instead of just ONE person buying Steve’s entire business, he’s proposing to sell a limited number of ‘franchises’ for £4,997 a time.

   (And it gets a LOT better than that, as you will see in a moment!)

Okay, okay I know nearly £5k is serious money these days. (Better than £143,000 though!) But I hope you agree it’s a laughably small amount for a complete set of ten hot products, professionally written, graphically designed AND the sales letters which will make them sell like crazy!

Just ONE Of These Information Products Could Bring You That Amount PER MONTH!

Now here’s something which is going to totally blow you away...

When Steve proposed it, I warned him that it was high hassle for him and that he would only get a fraction of the money his business was worth. I told him he could easily find a single buyer at £143,000.

I advised him strongly to do a one-off sale...

Bottom line? He didn’t care. He wants others to have the start he had and if it means less money for him, so be it.

So here’s what he has in mind...

  Rather than pay £4,997 up front and be overwhelmed with ten products from day one, he proposes to ease you in to the business by sending you one product and sales letter every month for £497 a month.

(Insanely, he’s even gone one better, which you’ll see in a moment – again despite my strong advice NOT to!)

 Let’s pause right here for a moment and sum up what Steve has in mind because I want you to really ‘get’ this before you commit.

What he’s proposing is that he stops trading immediately and sends you one ready-to-go information product each month from his ‘money pile’ of top-quality products. He will also send you the professionally written sales letter for each product and a worldwide licence in your name plus full step-by-step instructions on how to clean up BIG TIME from them. (He has created a master file of notes outlining precisely how he made his millions. All you do is copy him.)

Each Product Could Easily Bring You £30k+ As A Bare Minimum. Some Have £100k+ Potential.

In case you’re in any doubt about the value of these products, let me clarify.

They are all, in the main, ‘How To’ products, usually with a money-making spin. So it would be ‘How to Get Wealthy’ as a topic, rather than ‘How To Groom Your Cat’.

Is that okay for you? It should be – these topics sell very well as you can imagine.

A typical product might be a manual (100-300 pages) with sometimes a CD or several CDs.

 Now here are some important facts...

Steve has spent a very great deal of money making sure these products are up to date, different and look the business.

And of course he owns the full Worldwide MASTER licence to all of these titles.


I mention that in case you’re concerned that others are offering this deal.

They’re not. It’s exclusive to Streetwise.

  Now I hope you’re feeling excited by the possibilities here. You should, because it gets even better! You wait until you see what he’s put together for you – you’re going to be very impressed.

  You will receive ALL these products at the rate of one a month AND have a licence to sell unlimited copies of them yourself and keep all the money AND you will get all Steve’s insder knowledge about how you can take these products and create yourself a dream life.

And... He’s Going To Do This ON TRUST That You’re The Sort Of Person Who ‘Walks The Talk’ And Can See A Golden Opportunity When Presented With One.

   And that means...

   And here’s the clincher…

So, does this interest you? Is this the sort of thing you’ve been searching for?

And the exciting news is...

Each Of Those Projects Has A Profit Potential Of Between £30,000 And £100,000 – And Much More For Some Of Them.

Here’s another gold-plated advantage. . .

Stay in Your Job Until You Make Good Money

You don't have to give up your job (if you have one) and risk everything. You can start part time - on the odd spare evening or weekend, like Steve did. Believe me you’ll soon long to dump that old job and devote your time to making some REAL money! Information publishing could give you a powerful new income stream. Having multiple streams of income is a well kept secret of the very rich.

Recession Proof

  Forget credit crunches, falling house prices and recession – these products sell BETTER in bad times than in good times. The reason is obvious – in bad times, people are keen to make more money!

This Easy Idea Could Transform Your Life In The Same Way It Transformed His - Why Shouldn't YOU Become Seriously Wealthy As Well?

This idea has the potential to help you to make more money - a lot more.

   How much more?

I Know For A Fact Steve Banked £230,000.00 From Just One Sales Letter Selling One Simple Little Information Product Consisting Of CDs And A Workbook! Cost To Him? £20 A Set Including Post And Packing!!!

So why am I promoting this on Steve’s behalf?

  Simple. I’d like to say I’m as altruistic as Steve but actually there’s something in it for me. These days my main interest is in high value products (£2,000 - £5,000) and I’m always on the hunt for hot prospects for these products.

And do you know the hottest source of those prospects?

  It’s the people who've paid £57-£497 for the sort of high quality information products Steve is going to provide you with!

So can you see why I'm doing this?

You're Going To Attract Hordes Of Eager Customers For Your Products, Who Later On Are Going To Be Even HOTTER For My High Price-Tag Products.

  All you'll need to do (and there's no compulsion, but I think you'd be crazy not to) is let me have the names and addresses of your customers when I have a high value product to sell. I'll do everything else. And here's what's great...when they buy, I'll send you a cheque for half the money. (That’s the standard 50:50 split in our industry.)

  Just imagine...you have say 200 customers who've each paid you £197 for one of your products (that’s £39,400.00 in your account for starters!). You decide to Joint Venture with me and I mail those 200 people with a £3,000.00 product. Ten of them sign up (a 5% response...quite reasonable with a hot list like this) and that's a further £15,000.00 to you... just like that.

There’s NOTHING for you to do apart from bank the cheque I’ll send you (I do this sort of deal all the time by the way. In the last 12 months I’ve sent out cheques totalling £398,456.00 in such profit splits).

Only the more aware and switched-on will ‘get this’ of course, but that’s fine as Steve only wants a few people anyway. People like you, I hope. And if you’re successful, I can be compensated too because we’ll set things up together so that I will make 50% on each expensive product we sell together to your list, later on down the line. You get to keep 50% too, of course.

I hope that’s fair for you? Also, it means I will have a strong vested interest in your success.

Okay, let’s get down to it and tell you exactly how you can get on board...

Steve has called this venture Turnkey Publisher and he’s looking for a small number of motivated, hungry people who can see an excellent opportunity when it’s presented to them.

This invitation is for YOU only, so please do not pass this offer on to anyone else.

If you are accepted, we will send you one information product a month from Steve’s money pile. This will be the product ‘as sold’ to the customer (e.g. a manual and 4 audio CDs). In other words, you’ll get exactly what your customers will be paying you £57, £197, £500, £997 (or whatever) for.

You will also receive a lifetime worldwide licence for that product. This is a valuable document, made out in your name and signed. It is legally binding and I cannot take it away from you once issued. Ideally you should have a fireproof safe or somewhere very secure to store it.

Your Licence Means You Can Make And Sell As Many Copies Of The Product As You Like And Keep All Of The Money For Yourself Without Paying A Single Penny Above Your Monthly Fee.

 Licences like this usually start at £1,000 and can be anything up to £20,000.00 EACH!!!

 You will also receive the very expensive high quality MASTER versions of the product. That’s master artworks for printed materials and master high-definition CDs for any audio products. You’ll need these to run-off the copies you’re going to be selling.

 (Please hold on if you have questions about how you’re going to sell your products – let’s stick with the products themselves for a moment.)

It’s Quite A Package Of Goodies Which Will Be Heading Your Way Each Month If You Stay With 'Turnkey Publisher'.

Now, we’re going to continue sending one such package to you each month until you get seriously wealthy!

Let’s be clear about the awesome value you’re getting here…

  You will be getting the full reproduction rights to one hot new product a month for NO cost other than your monthly fee! Within 10 months, you would have 10 products of your own with rights to produce and sell unlimited copies. That’s more products than most medium-sized enterprises!

  To create just ONE of these products for yourself, from scratch, would take you the best part of a year of solid effort and could cost you thousands - assuming you had the talent and knowledge to do so.

You will also receive a top quality sales letter for the product written by one of the most talented copywriters in the world (this guy charges up to £30,000 PER LETTER!!!)

  Please understand this is a HUGE amount of work for us here at Streetwise. Steve will be sunning himself in Thailand, remember.

   So Here’s What We Want Out Of It...

  I would like your permission to sell higher-priced products to your customers on a 50:50 profit split with you. This will happen down the line when you have built a large enough customer list. (I pick up all the costs and pay you 50% of the profits – all you do is let me have the names and addresses. It’s money for jam.)

And… apart from your monthly fee, that’s all I want.

If I’ve got this right, I hope you’re feeling a little tingle of excitement?

That’s good because this is a truly unique offer.

  But you might have one question which is still unanswered. Something like: “Great! I’ll get lots of super products and sales letters and the rights to sell them. But how exactly DO I sell them?”

The answer is, through tiny adverts in the press, Internet Web sites and direct mail. Please don’t be daunted by this.

  Rather than go into all the details here, Steve has written down complete instructions in a limited-circulation manual called The Money Tree.

 In It He Discloses All The Secrets, All The Tips And Tricks And All The Step-By-Step ‘How To’ Knowledge For You To Take And Copy His Exact Methods And Make Yourself A Fortune.

  This is a DIY ‘Blueprint For Riches’ and the information it holds is so sensitive that he insists that you do not reveal the contents to anyone else. Fair enough?

I hope I’ve covered everything… except the fee.

I already mentioned that Steve generously decided to allow you to pay just £497 a month rather than £4,997 in one hit.

Now here’s the insane bit (which I advised him against)...

We were just ready to roll with this when he called me and said “It’s too much...”

  He didn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. Clearly, £497 for a complete ready-to-go product and a licence in your name, plus a killer sales letter is a steal. No, he meant that people just can’t afford it these days and he didn’t want people to be stopped dead for want of £497 a month (even though you could soon be bringing in 10x that from your first product alone!)

I argued, even pleaded with him not to do this, but he has insisted. It’s his opportunity and so it’s up to him.

  He insisted on slashing the price to £197 a month and letting you pay the remaining £300 out of profits after you’ve made your first £100,000 from the business.

  I’m not trying to be funny (and don’t take this the wrong way) but I told him not that many people would ever pay him the extra £300/month for a variety of reasons. People intend to... but once the money starts flowing, they kind of ‘forget’!

Human nature I guess.

Bottom line? Steve knows this and is prepared to do it anyway, so I have to go along with what he wants.

So the deal for you is £197 a month instead of £4,997 up front or even £497 a month.

 (Aside: If you want 10 products and 10 sales letters immediately for the full £4,997, that is an option. Just email me.)


 So Just £197 A Month Buys You:


  • A copy of the product exactly assent to your customers.
  • A licence in your name for each product allowing you to sell unlimited copies (such licences usually start at £1,000 each).
  • The masters for each product so that you can run-off copies without paying a penny in royalties, artwork or licence fees.
  • A classy sales letter for each product (this is the thing which stops most people dead – they don’t have a sales letter.)
  • The Money Tree - chapter and verse on the inside secrets of making it big in the information publishing business – written by a multi-millionaire who has done exactly that.

The cost is just £197 a month for as long as you want to continue. It’s totally under your control.

In case you’re rubbing your eyes in disbelief, I want to stress that, yes, there is absolutely nothing more to pay until you have made £100,000 CLEAR profit. Then, if you are feeling moral, you can pay Steve the extra £300 per product licence!

(What does the fee cover? Although I hope you agree the fee is laughably small considering the valuable products and licences I will be sending you on behalf of Steve, I’d like to tell you what it’s for and the sheer amount of work involved. Steve has given us only one master copy for each product. These originals are far too valuable to send through the post to you, so we have to create an expensive ‘one-off’ copy of the product involving high-quality digital colour printing. We then also have to create a faithful high-definition copy of the Masters to send to you. We also need to process the paperwork and print a copy of your legal licence to the product; again a one-off in your name; and all the other paperwork. We need to run off a copy of The Money Tree which we’ll send to you – again, expensive as they will be printed digitally one at a time. Then we have to pack and ship all of this to you individually and handle your queries etc. I hope you can see this is quite a costly and time-consuming business. I hope you can also see how valuable those names you are going to generate are for us!)

Let Me Repeat, You Keep ALL The Money You Make From The Worldwide Sale Of These Products. If That’s £10,000 A Month Or £30,000 Per Month – You Keep THE LOT!

  And of course if even this modest monthly fee is too expensive for you, I fully understand and thanks for at least reading this far – that marks you out as special by itself! I’d like to say: “Come back when you can afford this” but alas, this opportunity will be long gone by then as all The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System places are expected to go within a very short period.

(But before you walk away, consider this. ALL businesses, no matter how tiny, need some money and £197 a month is as cheap as they come!)

   This Is A One-Off Deal.

Does that all seem okay to you? I hope you agree Steve has tried to be fair and keep the costs minimal for you when you are starting up as he remembers what that was like (and so do I!).

And naturally we’re willing to back this with a full guarantee in the unlikely event that this is not for you.

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

 I just know you’re going to be blown away by the sheer quality of these products and the valuable licences you will receive. But I fully understand you may need some reassurance.

 So please examine The Money Tree, the first product, the sales letter and the licence for a full 30 days from receipt. If you are not 100% convinced that this could work for you, simply send it all back (in any condition) and receive an immediate full, no-quibble refund of your first payment. Also, if at any time you feel you have enough licences or want to stop for any reason, you can cancel the payment at any time by telephone or by email.

 All licences received by you remain fully in force whether or not you remain in The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System.

(Please note that no refunds will be given after the 30 day trial period.)

Heres What You Get Each Month…

Let me briefly summarise what you will get if you decide to join The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System.

1. One top quality product a month.

Exactly as you would sell it to your customers. You will be astonished by the sheer quality of these products.

VALUE: Between £57 (for a simple manual) and say £497 (for a set of CDs with a manual.)

2. The high-definition MASTER artwork files for any printed materials, and the high quality CD masters.

 Use these to run off as many copies as you like. (Tip: In The Money Tree Steve shows you a way of getting low quantities done for very little money. You will NOT need to have lots of manuals printed and CDs run off at large expense, stacked in your garage or wherever! You’re going to love this tip.)

 3. A full Licence in YOUR name allowing you to produce and sell unlimited copies worldwide.

  Such licences usually range from £1,000 - £20,000 PER LICENCE!

  You will receive one such valuable licence each month.

  I will also send you…

 4. The Money Tree - a complete ‘how to’ manual of insider secrets.

 This is an extraordinary manual which Steve has created for you. I’ve read it and I can assure you it contains all of our inside secrets and more besides. It contains a step-by-step blueprint to make an easy fortune out of information publishing - all the tips, tricks and techniques which he accumulated through running this business over many years.

 The Money Tree is a step-by-step “Idiot’s Guide” to making a fortune in the information publishing business. Really, a teenager could follow this, so have no doubts at all that you CAN do this as well.

Okay, do you reckon you’ve got most of what you need? I mean…is that a deal, or what? In that case, I think it is fair to say that. . .


People who know about this are banking £10k+ a month – from just ONE product! These are ordinary people, with no special skills or talents who just decided to cut themselves a better break in life.

Isn't It Time That You Had A Share In This Kind Of Action?

 Maybe what’s stopped you is lack of products and know-how?

Perhaps you’ve been tempted by (or even attended) £5,000.00 a ticket ‘licensing’ seminars where you get a bit of knowledge and a few licences (and no sales letters!) for some rather tired products. Fine if you’ve got that kind of money! But supposing you want ‘in’ to this mountain of money and only have a few hundred to start with?

   That’s where The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System can really help.

Believe Me, You Don't Want To Be Retired And Broke In The Coming Years - It Will NOT Be Fun. You Are NOT Going To Get A Pension Worth Having. If You Don’t Start To Take Action NOW, You Will Be Left Behind.

  Are you a man or woman of action? Do you 'walk the talk' or are you just a dreamer? Dreamers live broke and die broke.

  Are you waiting for your boat to come in? Are you pinning your hopes on winning the lottery? You'll still be waiting aged eighty, huddled in front of your one-bar electric fire in some grim council high-rise flat.

It is time, right now, to set out to create a better life. You’ve been waiting for a chance – this is it!

  Here, at last, is a perfect opportunity to make great money for you and your family. It could even bring you the ultimate millionaire dream lifestyle you’ve longed for. Many CLAIM they can make this happen for you, few can PROVE it like Steve has done.

This is not ‘pie in the sky’. This works. It’s easy. It’s here for you right now.

YOU Could Be The One To Have £1,000 A Day Coming Through Your Mailbox Or Arriving In Your Internet Account.

But only if you act fast. This is a strictly limited offer. Once the places are gone, then that’s it. I’m sure you understand.

Here’s a great question. “Are you serious about becoming wealthy?” If so, you have to make powerful decisions. If that puts you off, fair enough, but there will be many waiting to take your place.

This Is Likely To Be Oversubscribed 10x, So If You’re Having Doubts Right Now, It’s Probably Best To Step Aside And Let Someone Who REALLY Wants To Be Wealthy Take Your Place.

This is a deal only for courageous men and women of action. And... I have NEVER seen a deal like this and don’t expect to see one again. There are few things which can genuinely make you a LOT of money – this is one of them. To have a shot at it for only £197 a month is astonishing. It would set you back £5k to start a window cleaning round!

   Enough said?

To Join The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System Risk Free Click Here
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)

Within a short time you will be on your way to a bright, new beginning.

You’ve read this far – you could walk away, but. . . wouldn’t you hate yourself for missing out on the deal of the decade? They don’t come along like this too often.

Act NOW or someone else will grab this!

I look forward to welcoming you into The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System.

Best Regards


John Harrison

 To Join The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System Risk Free Click Here
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)

PS . This is a win-win deal for us both. You get the products, the sales letters and the valuable licences and all the know-how to make a killing. I get to Joint Venture with you down the line.

PPS. This comes with a complete Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee.  Even If you can't decide after reading the full story, then you still have no need to worry…you don’t need to make your decision now. You can take a look at the first part completely Risk Free. If you still don’t think it’s for you or your still not sure you can simply send it back for a full no questions asked refund. No risk, No cost to you. Over the years I’ve found I have a lot more respect for someone who refunds a product, than a person who might moan about everything being "rubbish" but doesn’t even investigate a bona fide opportunity they can examine completely Risk Free.

There is really no valid reason not to take a look at this…

Some Questions You Might Have...

I’m hoping I have covered everything in the letter, but if not, here are some more questions and answers.

Q: “Remind me what I get each month for my fee.”

 A: “You get one complete product per month in the form that it will be sold to the customer. You get a master worldwide licence for that product in your own name. You get the high-quality masters for these products. You get the sales letter associated with that product (in WORD form). You get the The Money Tree in month one, giving you instructions on how to make a fortune from information publishing written by someone who has made millions doing just that!”

Q: “Will I be in competition with you or any other big player?”

A: “No. Steve is adamant about this. This is strictly reserved for people just starting out on the path to wealth. I will not be selling these products myself and neither will any of ‘the big boys’ no matter how much we’d like to!”

Q: “Will there be any competition at all?”

A: There is competition in every business. However, Steve has come up with a really interesting (and I believe unique) way to ensure there is virtually zero competition for any product you decide to promote. You’re going to love this! These products have also been completely rebranded.”

Q: “Can I choose which products to have?”

A: “No. That would make the whole thing unwieldy for us here. Steve’s given us the top ten HOT products to start with and we will select a product each month and send it to you. If you don’t like it (very unlikely) you’ll only have a few weeks to wait until you get another one.” 

Q: “Can I have a licence in a name other than my own?”

A: “Yes. There is space on the form to write the name you want your licences to be made out to and also we are happy to print your licence free of charge – we’ll send you a form to allow you to do this. Some choose a company name such as ABC Publications.”

Q: “Does Steve own the rights to all those products?”

A: “Yes. He holds the master licence to each product and has the SOLE right to issue you a licence, nobody else does. He has delegated that right to Streetwise (only) to issue the licences.”

Q. “Can I buy licences for these titles elsewhere?”

A. “No. They are only available through this offer.”

Q: “Can I stop at any time?”

A: “Certainly. Just cancel your monthly subscription. There is no penalty. You can keep all the products you have been sent, and your licences remain valid, regardless of whether you stay on board or not.” 

Q: “I’ve seen licences like these sold for as much as £5,000 each. Is there really nothing extra to pay for these licences? It seems almost too good to be true.”

A: “All you pay is your monthly fee. Steve has insisted on doing it this way, even though I assured him we could easily sell the package for £4,997 at a time.”

Q: “Can I rename/rebrand/retitle the products?”

A: “Yes.”

Q: “Can I sell on licences for these products to others?”

A: Absolutely NOT! This is totally forbidden.

Q: “Is there a guarantee?”

A:  Of course! Please see the guarantee panel.

Q: “Are there any hidden extra fees?”

A: No, everything has been explained in this letter and there are no extra charges.

Q: “Why the urgency?”

A: Steve wants to go to Thailand soon. Also he is only looking for a small number of people so the urgency is on you to grab a place before they all go. Once the places have gone, that’s it.

Q: “Can anyone run an information publishing business?

A: Yes, if they are handed products and sales letters on a plate! It’s WAY harder if you have to create ten products and write ten sales letters!

Q: “How do I get in?”

A: Simply click here or contact our credit card hotline on 01709 361819

Q: “How quickly can I get started?”

A: “The very day you receive your first package!”

 To Join The Turnkey Easy-Cash Profit System Risk Free Click Here
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)


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