Betting ‘Professor’ Says…
“I Used To Hate Rules…But Then I Discovered One That Guarantees I’ll Never Lose Another Bet…
And Now I’m Looking For 25 Human ‘Guinea Pigs’ Who Want To Join Me, Exploit This Crazy Loophole And Win At Least £3,500 Each In The Next 35 Days!”


Dear Streetwise Customer,

  Imagine if your betting profits were a nailed on 100% certainty…that you were guaranteed to never lose a bet…and that there was a totally foolproof system you could deploy that would only ever win or break even at worst. Well thanks to a rule which every bookmaker in the U.K is forced to follow, you don’t have to imagine it.

Because it’s the loophole
to end all loopholes!

 And for reasons I’ll explain fully in a moment, it’s a loophole that’s open to anyone and everyone with an internet connection…and it will be open for ever.

 For the past four years I’ve been quietly implementing a simple system which exploits this loophole to the maximum, and milks it for all it’s worth. In all that time, and across hundreds of bets the system has not lost once. Nor will it – ever!

  It can’t!!!

As you’ll see later, this is something
I’m prepared to guarantee with my own money!

  Look, I know this sounds crazy. I thought it must be pie-in-the-sky nonsense when I first stumbled across it just over four years ago. That was until I tried it out for myself and started racking up the profits – and  while never risking a penny of my money.

  But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this I want to tell you a bit about myself and how I found out about this.

   My name is Nick Bailey. I’m 34 years old and have had an interest in betting and gambling systems for as long as I can remember. Right back to school days in fact. Over the years, I’ve had a go at everything…horse racing,  football betting, sports betting, arbitrage, laying, spread betting…I’ve even dabbled with financial betting.  You name it, I’ve tried it.

  I decided early on that studying ‘form’ wasn’t really for me (horses…football teams…athletes…they’re all unreliable!) and instead focussed my efforts on the numbers that underlie the whole betting industry. That’s how bookmakers make their money by the way – by making sure that the numbers are stacked in their favour.

And that’s where I got the nickname,
 ‘The Professor’…

  That’s what my mates used to call me. They’d find me huddled in the corner of the pub, scribbling out  numbers and calculations on the sports pages of a newspaper (no smartphones in those days) before underlining some horse, team or player and  dashing out to place my bets.

   Was I successful?

  Well I didn’t do too badly. I certainly won more than I lost, but I couldn’t rely on making a profit from one week to the next and I couldn’t help thinking I was missing a trick. It wasn’t until I’d done many years of this win-some-lose-some roller coaster that I discovered what I’m writing to you about today.

A diamond in the dirt

  As the internet grew, so did the number of sites dedicated to gambling enthusiasts and I spent more time than was decent (or so my wife said!) trawling the site forums for any snippets of information that might transform my gambling from a source of  fun and a bit of extra pocket money to something more interesting. If you’ve ever done that, I don’t have to tell you what a thankless task it usually is.

  What did these lunatics and fantasists do before the internet? Jeez!

But I’m glad I persevered,
because one day I struck gold!

  Now I’m being perfectly honest with you here…I didn’t think this up myself, and I don’t even know who did. The bare bones of  a system for making money from betting on horse racing without EVER losing were posted up there on this obscure site for all to see by someone with one of those anonymous usernames and just a handful of posts to his name. It was just a short paragraph – as I say, the bare bones – but the idea was there.

  I suspect that most people who saw it dismissed it as the work of yet another internet crank with too much time on his hands, but the eternal optimist in me couldn’t let it go. Although it had an element of ‘too-good-to-be-true’ about it, it also had what appeared to be some educated logic about it. There were numbers there, and I liked that.

  Anyway, I decided to give it a try – if what this guy (It might have been a woman…only just considered that possibility!)  was saying was true there was literally nothing to lose. And after a four year trial, I can say unequivocally…in fact I will guarantee it with my own money…

It can’t lose…I can’t lose…You can’t lose…
I can put it no more clearly than that.

  When I place a bet, I know in advance…and with absolute certainty…that I will either win or break even. Over the past four years, I’ve banked over £124,000 purely from following the system….about £600 a week on average.

  Why not more, if I never lose?

  Well there’s a limit on how many bets I’m able to place using the system. It’s not a magic wand…nor is it something that can predict the outcome of a horse race, but rather a simple mathematical formula that applies to certain races where the bookmakers hands are tied by their own rules and regulations.

  Now that’s a nice change. If you’re a regular bookmaker customer, you’ll know that the rules usually work in their favour. Well this is one that they got wrong – and now they can’t change it!

And so you’ll only lose if you choose to lose…
and why the heck would you do that?

  It’s true…the only way it’s possible to lose is by not following the system. You might even say that this isn’t gambling at all because it doesn’t  involve any risk. Most people will tell you that’s impossible. Well, let me tell you that they’re wrong…I’ll prove it and then I’ll guarantee it with my own money.

  More about that in a moment, but first I want to give you a bit more information about the system, and how it works…

Why bookmakers always win…

  If you’re a regular gambler you’ll know this already, but you might not be, and that really doesn’t matter at all. You see, anybody can do this. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never placed a bet in your life before. Because there are no losses, it’s suitable for anyone…even the totally risk-averse.

  Okay, so why do bookmakers win?

  They win because of the numbers. They employ skilled odds setters who create a book based around the chances of various events taking place, and then they build in a profit for themselves so that over the long haul, they make money  no matter what happens.

  So they carefully calculate the chances of various outcomes in a horse race, and then allocate a price (or odds) to that outcome which represents the likelihood of that outcome…plus a bit of fat for profit.  Their expertise together with the mathematical advantage makes them very hard to beat.

Well that’s what usually happens.

 Usually…but not always!

  You see, in one very specific situation they do something very different…they don’t calculate the chances of an outcome at all.  Instead they make an estimate based on the chances of other outcomes taking place. And those other outcomes are not a good indicator!

Apples and Cherries

  To put this is terms that might be a bit easier to understand, it’s a bit like a greengrocer pricing his cherries up at the same price as his apples without bothering to check whether he’s paid the same price to buy them in. A savvy buyer of cherries might find that they are on offer for a far better price than he might expect because no accurate costing has been done.
   Well that’s pretty much how this works, but the bookmakers aren’t leaving this loophole because they’re lazy,  incompetent or can’t be bothered. They’re leaving it because they’re hamstrung and hand-tied by their own terms and conditions. And these are not going to change any time soon.

They got it wrong!

  So all we’re doing is placing bets that have been priced wrongly (and often VERY wrongly!) because the bookmakers have got tied up in knots in their own web of rules and regulations.

  If you take this up and learn how to take advantage of it….it’s very easy by the way…you can be up and running and making money almost straight away…you’ll have a source of an easy first or second income right at your fingertips for life.

  This really is very easy to do:

  That last point is a biggie. I used to be a member of  a tipping service that was really successful, but you had to bet on every selection to profit. I was away one day and missed a 20-1 winner! It set me right back. That’s not an issue with this because every bet you place will be either a winner or a break even.

  Okay, so I’ve told you what you won’t need to make money with this, now let me tell you what you will need:

1. An internet connection with broadband

You’re going to be placing your winning bets online, so there’s no getting away from it, you’re going to need a means of accessing betting sites online. Regular broadband access will be fine.

2. A Betting Bank

How much? Well that’s is a difficult one. It really depends how much you want to win. The bigger your bank, the more you’re going to win. Because you’re never going to lose a bet there’s no need to allow for losses, but you might find yourself flitting between different bookmakers to get the best odds (to maximise your profits)  and that becomes more difficult if you have to keep moving money between accounts – not impossible, just more difficult. In any event, £300 should give you a good start.

3. An Open Mind

I wouldn’t call this cheating. Everything you’ll be doing is within the law and within the bookmakers terms and conditions. It is however, outside the ‘spirit’ of the rules and if that bothers you, this probably isn’t for you.

  I think I need to emphasise though, that there’s absolutely nothing the bookmakers can do about this, and they won’t have a clue what you’re up to anyway. It just doesn’t flag up on their radar, so there’s absolutely no chance of you getting banned either, provided you don’t get too greedy,

4. A Realistic Outlook

I’ve tried to give you the full picture on this – warts and all. This is an absolutely stonking proven strategy,  and an easy source of a guaranteed  weekly  income but  it’s not going to make you rich. In a typical week you might have a dozen bets which fit the strict strategy criteria with eight winning and four breaking even.  

  Most people can expect to make  £600-£850 a week using the strategy, which I think is pretty good going for half an hours ‘work’ each day. You can do that work when you have any free time, by the way. But I know some people are only happy if a system promises them ‘£50,000 by next Wednesday.’

  This one doesn’t do that I’m afraid!  But I’m not sure there’s one that genuinely does.

  Understood? Still with me…

  To make money from this, all you’ll need to do is look at the UK horse races taking place each day (a newspaper or online listing is fine) and then look for three key factors in each race which I’m going to tell you about when you join me in this.

  If all three factors are present (and they’re very simple to spot)…Boom! You have a nailed on ‘can’t-lose-no-matter-what’ profit opportunity.

  Can you imagine how exciting that is? Four years on, I still get a real thrill from picking these out over a cup of coffee in a morning. It’s genuinely like finding a £50 note  laying in the street.

  That might happen once in a lifetime. This happens to me almost every day.

  And it can happen for you too.

So let’s wrap this up…

  I hope I’ve told you enough for you to decide whether this is right for you. If you want to learn how to do it  for yourself, I’ve put every last  piece of information you’ll need in to a brand new manual called 'The Ultimate Loophole – How To Beat The Hog-tied  Bookies’.  

  The manual takes you step by step through the whole process. I wrote it assuming no prior knowledge of betting, bookmakers or odds, so if you’re not an experienced gambler, you can be sure that everything will be crystal clear and easy to understand. I’ve used real life examples in the manual so you can see how the strategy is applied to a real race.

  When you order the manual, don’t think for one minute that that’s the end of our relationship though. Far from it. When you order you don’t just get the manual, you also get me as well!

  Well, sort of…

  With your manual, I’ll send you my personal email address so you can contact me at any time….next week, next month, next year… for any help and advice you might need with your exciting new money making project.

And now to the price…

  This really wasn’t easy. I looked at some of the other gambling systems and strategies on the market. Many of them are offered at £500-£3,000 or even more, and when you look closely you see that none of them guarantee that you won’t lose like this one does.

  With a £600+ per week profit on the cards for you, my first thought was that I’d be foolish to give this away for much less than a couple of weeks expected profit – so somewhere around the £1,200 mark.

  But then I remembered two things:

   And so I decided to slash the price to the bone. If you want to reserve one of these ‘pioneer places’,  (more about that in a moment) you can do so at the bargain price of just £297. That’s about half what I’d expect you to make in your very first week using the strategy.

  As I said before, I’m so confident that you’re going to make money with this…and will never lose a bet…that I’m going to back that up with my own money, and a simply unprecedented guarantee.

Your Double Money
Back Guarantee

 Order ‘The Ultimate Loophole’ on approval. Read the manual and then take advantage of the back-up and support if there’s anything you don’t understand. Put the strategy into play for the next 60 days and then if you lose any money as a result of taking advantage of an opportunities identified by the system or fail to make a profit despite following the simple step by step instructions, simply let my publishers know and they will refund DOUBLE the price you paid.

 I hope you appreciate that I couldn’t possibly make an offer like that if I wasn’t 100% certain that what I’m saying to you is true. Follow the system instructions and you won’t lose money on any of the system opportunities and you will make a substantial profit every month.

 This guarantee is fully backed up by my publishers, Streetwise Publications.    

Just 25 Places Available…

  I said earlier that part of the ‘deal’ is  that you get open access to me for help, advice and back up. Quite frankly, I don’t think you’re going to need it (a child could do this if they were allowed to gamble) but I can’t know that for sure. So I’m going to restrict access to the first 25 people to respond for now, just to be sure that I know I’ve got plenty of time to help anyone who needs me.

  I’m 100% committed to making sure that this works for everyone who uses it. No exceptions.

 There will be more places available later…probably at a higher price once these 25 pioneers are under way and their profit testimonials start to filter through…but for now it’s just 25 places.

Here’s What To Do Next…

 You can reserve one of these 25 pioneer places by Clicking Here or by calling my publishers credit card hotline on 01709 361819.

  Either way, I’ll rush The Ultimate Loophole Manual out to you, and within just a few short days you could be up and running and making money.

  There really is nothing to lose by joining me on this, and here’s my promise…

  And if for any reason it didn’t work out for you (but that simply won’t happen!) you’re covered by my double money back guarantee.

  Get in on this today. You’ll be very glad you did.

Very Best Wishes,

Nick Bailey

P.S  Don’t forget, you’ll never lose another bet, you’re one step away from a
       regular risk free monthly income, and are fully covered by my double money
       back guarantee!

PPS  Just 25 place available today on a first-come-first-served basis.


Order now by Clicking Here or call Streetwise Office on 01709 361819.



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