Who Else Wants To Pocket  A Totally Hands-Free Guaranteed Income From Their PC Or Laptop?

This Foolproof Robot-Controlled Betfair Strategy Could Be Making You An Automatic £59, £85 Or Even £127 A Day By This Time Next Week… 

 The Even Better News?

I Want To Send It To You For Free!


Dear Streetwise Customer,

  I don’t want to waste your time…you’ll know in an instant whether this is something you’re interested in…       

Here’s What I Want To Give You In A Nutshell…

 It’s a unique file you can quickly load on to your computer. Once it’s on there it places Betfair trades for you without any more input or effort from you at all. It’s completely automatic and will work…for ever!

And It Will Relentlessly Make You Money…
Day After Day, Week After Week, Month After Month!

 So you can set the thing running, go off to work or whatever else you’re doing that day, and then come back home (or log on to your account if you’re away) to see how much you’ve won that day. There’s absolutely nothing more for you to do.


  Well not quite. I’m not saying there will never be losing days. In fact there certainly will be. No system or strategy wins all the time.  It doesn’t matter a jot though because losing days are very few and far between and the in-built checks and balances ensure that you always come out ahead of the game….

  One day you might win £80, the next day you might win £110 and £65  the day after that. And then you might lose £20 the day after. You get the idea. The profits mount up, and when you have to do absolutely nothing to get them, it’s great. I just checked my accounts, and since I started using this just a few weeks ago, average daily profits have been £59 based on £10 per point automatically dialed into the system.

And It All Happens While I’m Getting On
With My Day…NOT Staring At A Computer Screen.

 But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. I haven’t introduced myself yet or told you why I want you give you this exciting automatic profit generator for free.

  My name is Paul Bent. You might recognise my name from the £3,000 a day Profitable Investment Education (PIE) courses I’ve been running for the past couple of years in conjunction with Streetwise. Those course have attracted rave reviews and are genuinely changing lives,  but they’re only useful and helpful for people who have a big sum of money to invest.

What I’m Writing About Today Is For Everyone!

   Long before I learned how to make money from money through the PIE strategy I was interested in making money from nothing. For over 40 years I have devoured every last piece of information on betting and gambling strategies. If there’s a course, I’ve been on it, if there’s a strategy or system I’ve tried it, if there’s a betting service I’ve subscribed to it. Some were good…others awful!  

Have I Been Successful?

  Well I’m not sure that having all your betting accounts closed down by the bookmakers can be classed as ‘success’, but it certainly shows that the bookmakers didn’t find my business profitable once I figured out how to make it pay. Betting has contributed significantly to my income for a long time now. I suppose you’d call me a semi-professional gambler, albeit one who makes a lot more than many full time pro’s.

  Over the years I’ve learned to sort the wheat from the chaff. Contrary to what the ill-informed masses might tell you, it is possible to make a regular and guaranteed profit from gambling. I’m living proof of it. And thanks to technological advances, it’s now possible to do it without actually being there or doing anything, and without being a ‘techie’ or anything like that…

Welcome To The World Of Betting ‘Bot’s’

   When my betting accounts were closed down (I found a way around that eventually) I supplemented my income giving Betting Masterclasses. And that’s when I realised something interesting. Hardly anyone who attended knew anything about betting robots or automatic betting software, which I thought was a real shame because they’re the ‘Dirty Secret’ that give the pro’s an edge.

What’s a Betting ‘Bot’?

  It’s a programme which you can use to place and  trade bets automatically…without being there to do it. They cost just a few pounds a month to run. I’d been using ‘bots’ on Betfair for years to automate my money making from betting and free up my time. And I assumed most people knew all about them. But I was wrong.  And those that did know a bit about them weren’t even scratching the surface of the potential.

I Just Want To Pause For A Moment To
Spell Out What You Can Do With A Bot…

  You can set it up so that it’s looking at a particular betting market 24 hours a day. That could be horse racing, football or something else. The Bot is programmed with instructions which effectively say, if ‘X’ happens do ‘Y’ . Once it’s set up there’s nothing for you to do. Just go about your day and check on profits when you feel like it. Easy…

But It’s Not That Easy!

  Just like any other computer programme, the results you get are only as good as the instructions you put in. Automatic and Right is good….automatic and Wrong is bad! To make money using a bot you need to set it up with a strategy that works…

Well How About If You Had 56 Of Them?

  When I looked around online I found plenty of people who would sell you a ‘Bot', but nobody who would provide you with the missing link…the proven strategies and systems that turn automated betting systems (bot’s) into 24 hour a day cash machines.

  When I realised how little was known about this lucrative opportunity in automatic betting profits, I decided to do something about it. So I decided to commit everything I know about making automatic profits on Betfair to paper….the lot!

  My brand new manual, ‘Winning Cash On Auto-Pilot - How To Use Betting Bot's To Make An Automatic Second Income For Life' walks you through the different types of bots available…explaining what they do and how you can use them….

But The Most Important Part Is This…

  The majority of the manual is dedicated to revealing the systems that professionals use,  and how to prime your Bot to deliver regular profits. The key thing here is that these systems allow you to deploy complex betting strategies in ways that would be virtually impossible if you were trying to do it manually – and all completely automatically.

You Get The Bot, You Choose One Or More Of The Proven Strategies And You Make Money. Simple As That.

 Now I want you to be clear about this…

 What we’re talking about here is nothing to do with picking winners, hot tips or insider information. Nothing like that. Your profits will come from the automatic systems which act instantaneously  to trade a betting market…Locking in Guaranteed Profitsand nipping potential losses in the bud.
  If you’ve ever been on Betfair and wondered why you always seem to be one or two steps behind the market, well now you know! It’s because the pro’s are using Bot’s primed with Proven Strategies that practically guarantee that they’ll come out in front, no matter what happens. And they’re doing it while they’re relaxing in the pub, working out at the gym or whatever takes their fancy,  while you’re sat staring at a computer screen at home!

It’s The Dirty Betfair Secret They Don’t Want
You To Know About….But Now You Do!

  Here are just two examples:

 In fact, you can see both of these strategies in operation by clicking the Screenshots below:




Your Free Bot Strategy!

  I’ve already told you about another of those strategies and it will come to you free of charge and ready to go.  It’s called 'Variant 6 Strategy'. All you need to do is load it in, decide how much you want to win and turn it on.

  Imagine that…coming home from work and checking to see how much the bot has won for you today without you even being there or aware of what it was doing! It might be £67 one day £85 the day after and £47 the day after that. But as I said before, these small regular profits mount up.

  It’s as close as you’re ever going to get to having an ATM installed in your living room and pumping out cash every time you switch it on.

That’s How The Pro’s Do It, And Armed With My Manual And Free Ready-To-Go Strategy You Can Do It Too.

  And remember, that’s just one strategy. There are 55 others to choose from in the manual.

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

  Well the first thing I want to say is that there is absolutely nothing else like this available anywhere else. Nobody else is revealing exactly what these bots can do,  which ones to use or the strategies to employ to turn your computer into your very own cash machine. You can make £100’s of pounds a month with the free ready-to-go strategy I’m going to supply to you, even if you  never did anything else. Remember, that strategy is currently netting around £350 a week and there are 55 other strategies just like it to choose from.

  So I hope it won’t surprise or disappoint you to learn that I’m not going to be giving the manual away for pennies. I’ve decided to set the price at £297…definitely not pennies, but an absolute bargain when compared to the automatic Betfair profits you will make by implementing just one of the 55 strategies I give you.

You Could Very Easily Net More Than The Purchase Price In The Very First Week Using The Free 'Variant 6 Strategy'  I’m Going To Send You With The Manual.

   Load the free strategy up, set your computer running and you WILL make money. Simple as that!

But There Are Just 50 Copies Available Today…

    I want to make sure that everybody gets up and running and making money with this as soon as possible. It’s really simple to do, but I want to be on hand to help with any questions or queries you might have. So I’m going to limit this batch of manuals to just 50 copies. Once everyone is up and running I’m sure there will be more available, but fifty is the limit for now. So if you want to get in on this early, order today!

To Order A Copy Of 'Winning Cash On Auto-Pilot' And Claim Your Free Variant 6 Strategy Click Here Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)

   That’s about all for now, but if there’s anything you’re unsure about, you can contact me via email on:

I look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you into the Betting Pro’s corner for a change.                   

  Kind Regards
   Paul Bent

P.S  When you receive the manual, your FREE 'Variant 6 Strategy' (the one that is currently averaging a £59 a day profit) will come with it…ready to go. You can be up and running and ready to start making your first automatic profits with that in less than half an hour!

To Order A Copy Of 'Winning Cash On Auto-Pilot' And Claim Your Free Variant 6 Strategy Click Here Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)


 Customer Comments...

"I recently bought your "Winning Cash on AutoPilot" from Streetwise and think it's great. I like Variant 6"
-Paul Andreas

"Hi Paul,
I have read your book and I must say that I am very happy with everything. Your advices, strategies and ideas are absolutely amazing."
- Jonas

"Paul, I am now using your fantastic system & loving it.”
- Peter Wilde

"Just a quick note to say a big thank you. Today's win has now totally recovered my investment. It can only be profit from here!"
- Malik Azam

"Absolutely over the moon to have 3 successful bets. You have been so positive, honest and encouraging each time I've got in touch - I realise how amazing this is and am very grateful!"
- Winny Avery

"Wow thanks Paul, this is superb information."
- Richard Marsh

"Your instructions were so easy to follow that even I managed to follow then & I am in my 80th year. Thank you again for a great Christmas present."
- Peter Wilde

"The book is fascinating really enjoying it."
- Albert Charles

"I have tested your systems with TBE during the weekend and I am very impressed with them. Well done!"
- Jonas Silva

"I have just joined you and I am excited to get started and the fun times ahead. Thank you for your great work :)"
- J Buksh

"Thank you for sending the Variant Strategy. Excellent reading and I now ask you to email me the settings so that I can get started. Many thanks for your past hard work.
- Thomas Hutt


“I have only just got home after a long and very hot day (one shouldn’t complain) and so this is a very brief courtesy note just to thank you so much for taking such trouble to answer my query.

Your attitude and dedication to your newbie members demonstrates what a thorough professional you obviously are.

The guide to betting bots has made me realise what the pro’s have quietly been up to behind to scenes.”
- Tom Phipps

“Great system by the way, thanks”
- Paul McNicholas

“So good, using the varaint6 and 6a I have got my fee back even with a couple of losing days”
- Ian

WOW what a fantastic read! Since receiving the book last Thursday I have read it three times and still am finding new angles!”
- Gary Wood

"Last year I purchased from you Paul Bents 'Winning Cash on Autopilot' and V6 Strategy, now here is a system that does work and was able to cover my original investment within a couple of weeks and continued to make good profits since, now that is 'value for money'.

- Chris Meadows

To Order A Copy Of 'Winning Cash On Auto-Pilot' And Claim Your Free Variant 6 Strategy Click Here Or Call The Streetwise Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)


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