Previously £177...But Now It’s Yours For Free!

 It’s The Eight-Minutes-Or-Less ‘Fat Cat’ Loophole…

“Now You Can ‘Steal’ An Extra £500-£600 Every Time You Sneak Into One Of These Big Company Money Vaults Through The Secret Back Door I’m Going To Show You…

The Greedy Corporate Drones Don’t Want You To Hear About These…But You Just Did!


Dear Streetwise Friend,

Look I know you’re busy so I’ll come straight to the point…

  I’ve stumbled across a totally legal (but borderline ethical) way to cash in on the greed of some of the biggest and most influential companies in the country. It’s the way that you, or anyone else, can lay claim to hundreds of pounds each month by exploiting an  embarrassing loopholes which the ‘big guns’ know is there, but hoped that nobody would notice.

     Bad Luck….I Found Them!

  It’s a loophole you can exploit from home, working from your PC, laptop, Mac or laptop at any time of the day or night. Fire up your internet exactly when you choose and within minutes you can be sneaking away with easy cash profits – and all without risking a penny of your own money.

   In a moment I’ll tell you all about this loophole, why it was created (and then left) and how I found out about it. I’ll also tell you why I’m going to spill the beans for free…

  But I’ll also be asking you to consider whether your ethics will allow you to take advantage of this and pick up the money at all. But first let me ask you a question...

Do You Think The Last Recession Was Bad For Everyone?

  Of course it hasn’t! The truth is that for a pretty ruthless band of mammoth fat cat companies working in some ‘down and dirty’ sectors, it’s been a licence to print money. Or to be more accurate, it’s been a licence to fleece even more money from their vulnerable and gullible customers. It’s as if there’s a conspiracy to keep you just above the poverty line. I should know. I used to work for one of these outfits.

Welcome To Rip Off Britain!

  There’s no doubt about it. As people like us have struggled to make ends meet, they have been raking it in like never before. Profits sky high and through the roof. Big wage rises and bonus’s for the bosses. Champagne all the way.

   Well here’s the thing….

   In their greed...their rush to stash away as much cash as possible…they’ve made a crashing and potentially ruinous, mistake. You see, they’ve tried to be too clever. (Or too greedy) and hidden away in their little money-grabbing machines are a series of huge gaffes…glaring loopholes which anyone knowing where they are can exploit to make hundreds of pounds every month.

   Let me be clear. This cash is sitting there waiting for anyone to pick up. You don’t need to have any prior skills or knowledge and you don’t need to be a customer of any of the companies that have left themselves exposed to these loopholes. In fact you never need to spend a penny with any of them (or risk a penny) to bank the cash they’ve left laying around. This is literally free money and it’s yours for the taking.

        Let Me Introduce Myself…

   My name is Anthony Davies. I’m just an ordinary guy…wife, two kids and a mortgage…who got tired of being exploited and tired of being kicked around. I used to work in a pretty lowly shop floor position for a company you would instantly recognise from your local high street. Who is it? Well I’ll tell you more about that if you decide to take this to the next stage and we get to know each other a bit better.

   But for now all you need to know is that it was this crummy job that gave me the ‘in’ on these loopholes.  I’d not had a rise for 3 years and what this did was give me a way to write my own pay rise cheque. Within days of stumbling across this I was banking an extra £600-£1,000 a month for just a few minutes work – and that was just the start. What I’m doing today is inviting you to do the same….

Make A Fast, Effort-Free £500-£600 Each Month By Exploiting These ‘Fat Cat Free Money Loopholes’…

  And then take the whole thing to the next level if that’s what you want to do.

   My Discovery…

  I first woke up to this when I was going through some paperwork in the back office of the firm I used to work for one day, and I discovered that a small number of customers were quietly banking free money at the companies expense.

  Some of them seemed to have just stumbled across it by accident, but some of the others had it figured out.

  How could I tell?

  Because they came back for further helpings…again and again and again.

What’s More, They Were Getting Away With It!

   You see, in an attempt to make even more money, the company had left itself wide open to systematic customer raids – by those who’d figured out the system. Now of course they could have simply barred these customers or turned them away, but they didn’t. If you’ve ever worked for a large organisation you’ll know why – the customer is always right. If a handful are taking advantage or ripping the company off, it’s just put down as ‘cost of sales’ with a shrug.

They Don’t Really Care If A Few Milk The System Just So Long As The Majority Continue To Fall For Their Bullshit And Tricks.

  Anyway, I started asking around friends in the same line who worked for other companies, and guess what? In almost every one there were similar loopholes being systematically exploited. They weren’t all exactly the same, or open at exactly the same time, but it was the same thing – a big company trying to rake in even more cash and leaving itself exposed.

  Now the free cash to be had from my company was perhaps a few hundred pounds a year. Nice, but nothing to get excited about. But when I started to explore all the loopholes available, the cash haul amounted to thousands of pounds a year.

   And what’s really exciting, is that it can be accessed via the internet and diverted into your own bank account in less than eight minutes a day.

  So How Does It Work?

  To bring this to life, imagine a bank of safety deposit boxes something like this.

   There are perhaps 100 boxes to be raided this year alone, and each one has somewhere between £50 and £500 locked away inside. Some have dates on them, before which they can’t be opened. Others are ready to be raided straight away. But how do you get the money out? Well you can’t unless you know the combination for each box. It’s only three numbers, but you need to know what they are.

  Well what I’m writing about today is just like that. I’m going to give you the secret combination to all these boxes…all these money pots, which in their greed, the big boys have left laying around. They’ve exploited you and me for long enough. Isn’t it time you turned the tables and got your money back – with interest?

Are You Ready For A Smash-And-Grab On The Fat Cats
Secret Vaults? Great I’m Driving The Get-Away Car
And It’s About To Leave!

  When I first hit on this I thought there must be some kind of mistake – that it wouldn’t work for me or that it wouldn’t be as easy as it looked. I suppose I’d heard “If it looks too good to be true it probably is” too many times and taken it to heart.

  The first time I logged on to my computer to unlock one of these free money vaults, I honestly didn’t expect it to work. Shows what years of being on the losing end of things can do for you…

  But ten minutes later, there it was in my bank account. I’d siphoned off a whopping £95 with ease. I thought it must be luck or a fluke and quickly set about opening three other vaults I had on my list. Half an hour later there was another £179 in my account.

This Was The Real Deal. I Was On My Way!

  I’d discovered a totally legal loophole in the company’s system – not just that, but I’d discovered that there were similar loopholes in other companies systems. On their own, they each amounted to an extra few hundred pounds, but when put together, there was thousands on offer. And almost all of it could be accessed from an ordinary PC or laptop.

Slowly Siphon The Cash Out And They Won’t Even Notice!

  Just imagine that for a moment. Armed with a little inside information about where these secret vaults are located and when they can be opened, you switch on your PC or flip up your laptop from anywhere in the world….and siphon a torrent of free money into your bank account. You can do this at ten o clock in the morning or ten at night…midday or midnight. It doesn’t matter a jot. Once these vaults go live you can pick them off at your leisure.

Imagine Going To A Casino Where The Dealer Showed You His Hand Before You Played Yours And Didn’t Care How Many Times You Beat Him? Why Wouldn’t You Cash In?

  Just one reason I can think of….

  You see while this is totally legal, I don’t think it’s totally ethical. These companies set up their systems to separate you from your money – not the other way around. In their haste, they left some loopholes which they either didn’t know about or thought nobody would notice. They don’t want to give you this money. They don’t want you to have it.

  Now the way I see it, they’ve ripped me off as an employee and they’re making obscene profits fleecing their customers. If I can get my own back (with interest!) then I can live with that. Your moral code might be different to mine, in which case this probably isn’t for you.

  Still with me? Good because in a moment I’m going to tell you how you can get hold of full unedited details of these loopholes completely free of charge. They won’t cost you a single penny and you’ll be able to start opening free money vaults and banking money within eight minutes or less.

  So why am I going to send you this for free? Well there are two reasons. The first is that I genuinely want to help ordinary folk like me get revenge on the big company bullies who have been systematically ripping us off as employees and customers.  And it won’t harm or affect what I’m doing one iota. So why not? Hope that makes sense.

And the second reason?

  Well it’s a bit of an ethical bribe to get you to try something else…something that I was introduced to by a guy called Ian Walsh, who stumbled across what he calls The Viral Code back in 2014,  and has been making serious money from ever since. Since Ian introduced me to The Viral Code, I’ve been using it alongside, The Fat Cat Loophole and they work great together.

  I’ll now hand you over to Ian...



The Fat Cat Loophole

To Claim Your Free Copy Click Here

For More Information On The Viral Code Please See Below...



From The Desk Of Ian Walsh...

“How You Can Make An Extra £150 A Day (Or a Great Deal More) From Home By Tapping Into The Viral Code…

Former Taxi Driver Discovers How To Beat The Youngsters At Their Own Game And Rake In An Effort-Free Daily Income By Tapping Into The Viral Code Cash Secret.”



I think you’d like my ‘working’day...

  You see, I don’t have a job and I don’t have a boss. There’s no alarm clock, no early starts, and no commute.  I work when and where I choose, and when I say where I choose…I mean anywhere I choose.

  It just so happens that I like to work from home, but that’s just me. Truth is, I could do what I do anywhere in the world where there’s a broadband connection.

  And so could you.

  That’s the only thing you need to do what I do.

  I don’t buy anything and I don’t sell anything. I don’t really provide a service either – not in the traditional sense. And yet every month, several thousand pounds drop into my bank account, and it all comes about because I stumbled across what I call The Viral Code, a childishly simple way to make money online without buying anything, selling anything, providing a service or doing any kind of regular work at all.

  Sometimes I use the code every day, other times I take the day (or week!) off and just let things run. You see sometimes, triggering the code just once gives me a pay-out again and again and again – sometimes for months. Occasionally for years!

  Sound good?

  Well if you stick with me, I’ll tell you what I do, how I do it, and how you can be up and running and  copying me in next to no time. I’ll even direct you to the websites where I start the whole process rolling, so you can see for yourself.

  But I’m not a natural for this, I’m really not…

  Truth is that I used to be a bit of technophobe and didn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account before I got into all this. So for me to be making £150 a day from this viral code is just crazy.

  But it’s happened.

It’s a bit like lighting the blue touch paper on a firework...

  I just stand back and wait for the slow burn to become more of a visible flame and then BOOM….it takes off! And when it does there’s nothing more to do other than stand and watch. With a firework, it usually culminates in a cascade of sparks. When I trigger the viral code, it culminates in a cascade of cash flowing into my bank account…one that just keep growing as the code takes hold.

I know what you’re thinking...this has to be harder than it sounds...


  Well how about this….

  When I first discovered The Viral Code back in 2014 I made £40,000 with it in the first year, starting from scratch.

  And that’s while I was figuring everything out.  And what’s really exciting is that the ‘work’ I did on it in 2014-15 is still paying me an income today.

  I can show you everything you need to know to trigger the viral code for yourself

  I’ve teamed up with a guy called Andi Leeman, my viral code partner-in-crime, to teach you everything you need to know to bank ongoing cash profits from this hidden money-making goldmine. More about that in a moment.

  Anyone can do this, and fast!

Incredibly, You Can Access and Trigger The Code In Under 4 Minutes!

  Once you know how!

  The great thing about all of this is that once you’ve triggered the code, it pretty much runs on autopilot – generating cash for you when you’re at work, at the gym, in the pub, on holiday, relaxing in front of the TV or whatever. Yes, even when you’re sleeping!

  Isn’t that great? Once you’ve triggered the code, it continues to make money for you again and again and again….

You do something once and it just keeps paying!

  What will you be doing?

  Well this is the one point where you might want to bail out – where you think this isn’t for you.


  Well what you’ll be doing for the most part is stealing and copying other people’s ideas and turning them into cash. So I’ll be directing you to certain websites and locations online where the best ideas are to be found. Stealing the idea is a simple as clicking a mouse – copy, paste and it’s done.  

  Triggering the code from there is child-play. It can be done in as little as four minutes.

And that’s it – your work is done!

  You’ve triggered the code and there’s no stopping the process now. You couldn’t stop the wall of cash if you wanted to. It’s out of your control.

  What do you do next?

  Steal something else and start the whole process again!

  There’s no limit to how often or how many times you can trigger The Viral Code and therefore no limit to how much money you can make.

  Remember, you can spend as little or as much time as you like on this. You can work on it at any time of the day or night too… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t fit this in with your work or other commitments.

  So let me just summarise the process here again for you:

  1.   Seek out other people’s ideas. There are thousands of great ones out there being under-exploited.

  2.   Steal the best ideas. Copy and paste is all it takes.

  3.   Trigger The Viral Code. You can do this in as little as four minutes.

  4.   Go back to number one and repeat!

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong...

  This isn’t a magic wand that works every single time. Life just isn’t like that. Sometimes you’ll go through the process and not make much money at all. Heck, sometimes you’ll make nothing. But it costs you absolutely nothing to trigger The Viral Code and takes very little time to do. And what you’ll find is that as you get more practiced at learning what to copy and steal, your ratio of ‘hits’ to ‘misses’ will get better and better.

  And in any event, it’s great fun searching and experimenting. You’re going to have a ball.

Here’s How You Can Get Up And Running...Fast!

  We’ve put everything you need to know about this fascinating way to siphon money into your bank account from home in a new insider programme that you can access and exploit from right from your computer screen. Things like…

  You’ll see real life examples of where we’ve copied and stolen ideas from, how we triggered The Viral Code and then what happened next.

  It’s exciting stuff.

  The Viral Code is brand new and nobody has seen it before today. You are one of the very first people to hear about it…

And I’m going to let you have a copy for next to nothing!

  The Viral Code is something you can exploit for yourself to quickly create an automatic income for yourself – one that keeps repeating over and over again for no extra work. Remember, when I first stumbled across this in 2014, I mad £40,000 in my first year, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was just figuring things out.

The Potential Is Huge...

  Truth is that I’ve made a lot more money since, and the more I’ve looked into this, I’ve realised that I’m only scratching the surface. In the programme, I’ll tell you about people I’ve discovered who have made millions…yes millions…using their version of  The Viral Code. I’ll show you exactly what they’re doing and how you can copy them.

  Yes, it might take a bit more work, but the potential is there, if you really want to take this to the next level.

  So no matter whether you’re looking to make a few extra grand each year to pay for some of the luxuries in life, £40,000-£50,000 a year to replace your job and allow you to retire early, or a multi-million pound fortune, The Viral Code Programme we’ve put together can help you achieve it.

  We’ve set the price for this at a very reasonable…but not inexpensive… £797. That’s less than you can expect to make the very first week you put this into practice properly. When The Viral Code goes on sale to the general public later in the year, that’s the price it will be.

  But as I said, I want to give you a great deal on this.


  Well I have two reasons….

  The first is as a thank you from our publishers for putting your trust in them thus far, and the second is a bit more self-serving for me!

  I need you!

Why We Need YOU...

  We want  to build up a network of people  who know how to access The Viral Code. Once you start to trigger the code,  it’s going to help if you have other Viral Code insiders who you can link up with.

  I know you won’t fully understand this at the moment, but trust me, you will! For now though, understand this…

  The more people we have in our network, and the more money we’ll all make together.


  So here’s the deal…

  You can have access to the full Viral Code Programme, including The Viral Code Handbook, all 53 video’s, regular video updates,  and access to unlimited help, advice and support  for just £297. That’s a saving of £500 on the regular ‘general public price’.

  It’s a win-win- for all concerned.


Make Money Or Your Money Back!

At £297 it’s going to pay you back many times over – and fast!. I wish someone had been on hand to spoon-feed me this information when I started out. I’d have happily paid ten times the amount without even thinking about it.

I know you’re going to be having fun and making profit very quickly, but I’m aware that you can’t know that for sure at this stage. So here’s the deal.

Order a copy of The Viral Code on approval at the specially discounted price of £297.  If, for any reason, you fail to make the profits I’ve talked about, simply return the programme to us, at any time within 12 months of purchase and your money will be returned in full.

  Quite frankly, the only way you won’t make money with this is if you don’t take action! But the guarantee is there for you just in case.

  To become a Viral Code insider and get access to…

  - The Viral Code Handbook

- 53 Video’s for you to view from your PC, tablet or laptop.

-  Regular video updates

- Ongoing unlimited help advice and support, 

…on approval and without obligation, Click Here.

Or call our 24 hour credit card hotline on 01709 361819.

  Either way, you can be up and running and onthe path to making money within hours of receiving the package and putting it to work.

  Order your copy of the programme now, while you’re thinking about it. This offer is open to the first 200 customers to respond only and The Viral Code will only be available at £797 after that.

  Don’t forget, when you order  a copy of The Viral Code on approval, you’ll also get a completely free copy of The Fat Cat Loophole, which normally sells for £177, and is yours to keep even if you decide to return The Viral Code under the money back guarantee.

Kind Regards,


Ian Walsh
Co-creator – The Viral Code

P.S You don’t need to know anything about the internet, social media or websites to make money from this. The programme will tell you everything you need to know.

PPS    Remember the £297 special price is open to the first 200 customers only. After that, the price will revert to £797 and it won’t come with a free copy of The Fat Cat Loophole.

PPPS  You can access and trigger The Viral Code in 4 minutes or less!


What’s The Deal?

The Viral Code normally costs £797, but if you’re one of the first 200 people to respond, you can get the full programme including The Viral Code Handbook, 53 videos, video updates and ongoing advice and support for £297.

You will also receive a free copy of The Fat Cat Loophole by Anthony Davies which normally sells for £177. The whole programme comes fully guaranteed for 12 months and you get to keep The Fat Cat Loophole even if you decide to return The Viral Code under the money back guarantee.

To Order Your Copy Of 'The Viral Code' And A Free Copy Of 'The Fat Cat Loophole' Click Here.



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