“I’m using this ‘weird’ new trick to CLEAN UP with ONE trade. The most SURE THING I’ve ever known.”

- Jim Hunt,
creator of Corporate Raider and SV-60


Thanks to this new stock market loophole I’ve discovered YOU would retire from this ONE quick and easy trade.


Dear Friend,

   Just imagine: one and you’re done. And, after intensive testing, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to imagine this at all; it’s been tested for 35 years, and most recently in the last 12 months.

    First it was a theory, now it’s a FACT.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds farfetched- I thought so too before I triple-checked the proof and then saw it in action over the last 12 months. But, on the contrary, when you see this loophole in action you’ll find this is actually about as realistic as you can get.

    Breaking into a safe also seems farfetched… unless you found the key. And a ‘key’ is precisely what I’ve discovered. It’s the key to what is, without doubt…

The Easiest Retirement on The Planet.

   One trade a year. Retire. Proven.

    Actually, the system shows an average of making 0.6 trades a year! Well, who wants to actually do a load of work…?

    And I’m NOT talking about some cherry-picked, pie-in-the-sky, lottery ticket kind of scheme with two chances of success: slim and none. I’m talking about the most extensively proven trade I have ever come across in my entire career. It’s an unbelievably weird trick that’s unbelievably simple and fast to use.

    You would only need ONE thousand pounds to make this ONE trade, but the more money you want to play with, obviously the more money you stand to make. And I intend to make even more money- MILLIONS- from the next one, that’s how certain I am of this!

    That’s nice for me, but why am I letting you in on this trade…?

Nobody knows this…

   Nobody in the world knows this secret, and it needs to stay what way. Please do NOT show this document to anyone, under any circumstances. Thank you.

  I can safely say that nobody in the world knows this secret because, as ultra-simple as it is, it’s so unusual and innovative that I alone could have possibly discovered it. You won’t find this secret anywhere else, and I intend to patent it after I clean up with it.

  Nobody knows this secret, nobody uses it, and nobody ever will, apart from me… and you if you’re lucky enough to tag along (after signing a confidentiality agreement).

  A big reason why this secret works so consistently is precisely because nobody else knows about it!

   The only reason you’re reading this now is because you’re one of my students- someone who’s already demonstrated that they are determined to succeed as well as keep a secret. But back to the question I asked: why am I offering to cut you a copy of my ‘key to the kingdom’…?

Why am I spilling the secret to YOU…?

  Great question. I mean, don’t you get tired of hearing from all those ‘Samaritans’ crawling out of the woodwork and onto your front door mat, offering to share ‘secrets’ with you? If a secret really was any good, they’d use it themselves and get rich from it, so why would they bother writing to you about it?!

  Let me tell you a little secret (a real one!) about all these so-called ‘secrets’ out there, because I’m as sick of all the scammers as you are:

  Behind 99.9% of the ‘secrets’ peddled to you is third-hand, unproven drivel, slopped-out by broke, lazy, amateur salesmen who’ve never used what they’re offering, let alone tested it for integrity over decades of tireless research, as I have.

  Sorry if I sound a bit hot-under-the-collar, but I don’t want this proposal to get confused with any of that nonsense. As I hope you know by now, I am in the 0.1% of good guys out there. Which is why I have a reason for allowing just 1.7% of my students to copy me:

  You only need one thousand pounds to retire with this one trade, but, as I already said, the more capital I can get together, the more money I stand to make from this trick. This will be The Trade of My Life, so by charging a small access fee to a close circle of people I trust, I can increase my stake and make even MORE money.

    So you see, my agenda is transparent, honest, and legitimate. Unlike The Establishment’s…

How ‘their’ hidden agenda enslaves you…

   But, if you prefer, there’s always the more beaten path to retirement: the path that The Establishment wants you to take… because it serves their end, not yours.

  There’s an old expression: “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut…”

  The old school-tie network that controls the banks, the government, and the media has a hidden agenda that enslaves you for your entire life. ‘They’ each get a payoff by keeping you in the dark about information like I’m giving you (they would do anything in their legal power to stop me). The banks get your monthly cheques for what you hope will be a retirement one day, the government gets taxes from those banks (40% of Britain’s revenue is from financial services!), and the media are controlled by banks as well as getting substantial advertising revenues from them.

  But let’s focus on those monthly cheques you keep sending them…

  The banks will only make money if you send them money and you leave it with them. That’s why they tell you to ‘buy and hold’ (sound familiar?), to just accept the rough with the smooth, and to leave the complicated business of investing to the ‘experts’.

  In short, what ‘they’ want you to swallow is a seductively simple and credible lie:

  “It takes an entire lifetime of saving with US to have enough money in the pension pot to retire. Small print disclaimer: But it’s possible that all your money will go up in smoke, in which case we are not liable.”

  Think about it: why would The Establishment have any interest in presenting you with a PROVEN way to retire on just ONE thousand pounds with just ONE trade? They wouldn’t! In fact, they would do all they could to discredit such an idea. And you can’t really blame them- why would any organisation have an agenda that would result in its own destruction??

  Keep sending ‘them’ those monthly cheques- I’m legally gagged from telling you not to- but at least see through the game that’s going on here… and open your eyes to an alternative path, a secret path that ‘they’ do not want you to go down...

  Don’t worry though, we won’t be doing anything illegal, we’ll just be escaping on our terms, not ‘theirs’. But enough about them; let’s talk more about this one trade to retirement…

The ultimate shortcut…

  So why and how did I come up with this?

  I’m not a genius, I’m just a man with an unhealthy obsession with the stock market… and two young children who are growing up too fast and who need to see more of their dad. Maybe you can relate…?

  Time is our most precious commodity. So, after I put the kids to bed each night, I tirelessly searched for a way to make all the money I could ever want from the stock market… only in a way that required as little of my time as possible, that would allow me to execute the trade from a very simple trigger, and from as few trades as possible.

  Little did I know before I started my research that this would involve only making ONE trade…!

  How did I do it? Not by being clever or technical. I found this secret by using something I call ‘The Power of Precedents’…

  In the stock market, like much in life, history continually repeats. Human fear and greed will never change. And this means that the secret to what happens in the future- the secret to predictions- is found from what happened in the past. In short, precedents.

  So I was searching for hidden patterns in history, something that had uncanny accuracy for achieving what I wanted: the most amount of money from the least amount of effort.

  And I found it…

   Sure, I’m legally forced to tell you, “past performance is no guide to future performance etc.”, but the facts speak for themselves- if you know what to look for you’ll laugh at how the same thing happens over and over again. My research always begins by looking at what happened in the past, and then tirelessly playing around with simulations, and looking for precedents that hold true over time.

  It’s certainly not easy (it’s a ton of work, actually!), but it is simple in principle. It’s like any important scientific discovery in history: it takes suffering a lot of failures to finally find the success.

  But when you finally find it, chills go down your spine. And if you’ll allow me to show you in person, when you see how spookily reliable this secret is over DECADES of proof, chills will go down your spine too…

    I have NEVER seen such a simple and reliable trade, proven over such a long time, as this. The most recent trade would have allowed you to retire from ONE trade. The next one will be The Trade of My Life. This is my new secret weapon, and you won’t find this in any other material of mine.

    I am NOT talking about some cherry-picked fantasy trade made after the fact with the power of hindsight, like buying Facebook when it was just $20. There are thousands of stocks to choose from, but with this secret there is only ONE item to trade- all we have to do is make a simple call for it: UP or DOWN. And I have discovered a foolproof way to correctly make that simple ‘UP or DOWN’ prediction.

  So how does it work? How is this possible? Here’s how…

Hotwire the pension system…

   The pension system consists of the government forcing you to write monthly cheques to the banks (either directly or via an employer or via the taxation system), and then making you wait until you’re practically dead before they (hopefully) give you your money back… after they’ve had their way with it.

  I think that is a ludicrous proposition for people.

  That’s why I worked so hard to discover a super-reliable way to ‘hotwire’ the pension system… a way to retire WAY faster, easier, and cheaper. In a sense, we’re going to legally hotwire the entire pension system...

  It’s a super-cheeky shortcut that employs a ‘weird trick’ to retire from a single trade… it exploits a stock market anomaly, a ‘glitch’ in the system…

  Here’s how I might explain it. Imagine playing a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’… only there are no snakes and there’s only one ladder…

  Snakes? Think stock market crashes. This is immune to market crashes and I have the public record proof of this fact. Let me say that again so I’m 100% clear: this secret is IMMUNE to stock market crashes.

  Ladders? You only need ONE ladder- ONE trade. And the only way that this trade is allowed to run is if it’s going ONE way: UP, and it keeps going UP! We only play if it’s virtually obvious that we will win...

  We’re playing by different rules here. We’re not going to spend the rest of our lives riding out the storms, blindly ‘buying and holding’ so we can buy Porsches for bankers as they dangle the hope of a cat-food retirement in our face…

  Instead, we’re riding on their backs. But when they lose it? Not interested- we only play the game when we’re going to win, unlike the bankers who always have to play the game.

   So how do you play this game?

  By looking at a simple YES/NO indicator that takes you under ONE minute to do. Done in sixty seconds. Again, this is a completely new discovery- you won’t find this in ANY other material of mine.

  If the indicator says YES, you place this trade and then wait until it says NO, and then you close the trade. If the indicator says NO, you don’t place the trade.

  Obviously I can’t give away the secret here, but…

  If you’re among the few people who do get to see this secret when I demonstrate it in the comfort of your own home, your jaw will drop at its simplicity, power, and PROVEN perfection.

  I will show you PUBLIC RECORD PROOF of this fact on the DVDs.

All you need is ONE trade…

  I am NOT exaggerating: I’ll show you undeniable proof that only a thousand pounds is required to make this trade. And you’re not handing that money over to someone as a fee that you’ll never see again, it’s just the deposit that the broker will require, just as all brokers require a deposit for any trade.

  What’s so amazing about this isn’t that you need some capital to make this trade, what’s amazing is how little the amount of capital required is compared to the huge upside this trade has.

Total novice? Good…!

   I hope the nagging sceptic inside you is running out of ideas by now, but I suspect the biggest worry you have is if you’ll really be able to do this, perhaps because you have little or no experience or that you struggle with anything too complicated…?

  Please let me emphasise something in flashing neon lights:

  The more experience you have of trading, the more disadvantage you will have for this ONE trade.

   Even if you haven’t read a single word of any of my courses, even if you’ve never traded before in your entire life, even if you dropped out of junior school, you WILL be able to do this. Any trading experience will be a disadvantage because it will make you want to tinker with the beautiful simplicity of this secret and mess it up.

   I actually prefer it if you have no experience, because after watching these DVDs, you’ll not only be able to make this ONE trade with me… you’ll become a trading guru.

That’s how simple I make things for those under my wing…

Just look over my shoulder…

Each week I’ll also send you a live video of me using the system for myself! And please know:

Now, I only want to dedicate my time to people who are serious, so places go to the fastest people to step up and put some ‘skin in the game’. But I think you’ll be surprised and relieved to know that one-time dues for this two-day DVD recording, and my weekly videos is just £397 (plus VAT). With everything in mind, I hope you see that as insanely good value.

  Once we start, you will see that fee as ridiculous, and you might even feel guilty for paying such a small amount for the life you’ll be living! I understand that even putting this relatively small amount of skin in the game may be out of reach for some, but even to those people I say:

   And that’s all part of the test of suitability for membership. Even if you don’t have this much money sitting in your bank account or on a credit card, you’ll find some way to make it happen

  But why am I offering you this?

  If I stand poised to catch all this money that looks likely to come showering down upon me very soon, why am I bothering to invite you on board? The answer to this question is simple:

  But I have to keep the numbers extremely low so once again I must ask you:

Only the minority can get access…

  Apologies, but I obviously have to put a cap on numbers with something this sensitive, so there can be only 99 members a year.

  As I write, there are 3,983 people in the database that I could nominate to become members, and 43 places were snapped up so far. So only 56 of these people can become members from this invitation.

  How do you get one of those places? You have to ACT NOW…

Never work again…

  If you wait too long to act it will be too late- you’ll have missed the boat… the boat that rode a tidal wave of cash while most people drowned in debt and poverty. You just have to choose a path. You now have a rare chance to turn everything around.

Simply CLICK HERE to place your order, and let’s make it happen.

Or call Streetwise Order Line on 01709 361819 (24hrs).

  There has never been a better time than now to join me.

 With Sincerity and Godspeed,

    Jim Hunt.   

Simply CLICK HERE to place your order, and let’s make it happen.

 Or call Streetwise Order Line on 01709 361819 (24hrs)


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