"They Made Millions Betting On Races That Had Already Been Run!"

"How The Whitey Mob Ripped Off The Bookies, And How You Can Be One Of Only 9 People To Get On The Inside In 2020!"


Dear Streetwise Customer,

  Criminal gangs are nothing if not resourceful, and when the Chicago based ‘Whitey Mob’ turned their attention to fleecing US bookmakers in the 1950’s, they came up with a simple, yet ingenious plan…

They would bet on horse races that had already been run!

 Sounds incredible doesn’t it, but in the days before instant mobile communications, there were ways and means.

 The gang would hire an office at the racetrack, close to where race information was relayed to bookmakers nationwide, and then tap into the telephone line. When the race results came in, the mob diverted the call to themselves and made a recording of it. Next, they relayed the race results to gang members posing as ordinary punters in bookmaker’s offices.

  After leaving a few minutes for their partners in crime to place sizeable bets on the winner, the mob played the recording back into the phone line and the results arrived with the bookmakers – just in time for them to pay out!  The delay allowed the mobsters to place a series of sure-fire bets, and the bookies lost a small fortune each and every time the sting was pulled off.

  Now aside from being illegal (and likely to get you locked up!) this really wouldn’t be possible today. Modern communications would scupper any devious plans of this nature. But what if there was a way to cash in on the same idea…placing winning bets on events that have already happened?

Well there is.

  Modern technology may have put paid to the under-hand techniques employed by the Whitey Mob, but it’s opened up an even better opportunity -  better because it’s totally legal, totally undetectable and is as close to placing bets on events that have already taken place as you’re every going to get.

Here’s what it’s all about…

   If you were to place a bet on a horse race taking place at 2.30 this afternoon, then clearly you’d be placing your bet in advance of the race…or would you?  You see, although that specific race has yet to take place, other races just like it have very probably taken place in the past…

  Races with the same number of runners and riders, with similar records over the same distance on the same going at the same course…etc…etc…

  You get the idea?

  Somewhere in the records is a race which to all intents and purpose is exactly the same race.

And here’s the thing…

   If you can find that race and then look at the result, do you think it might give you a clear signal towards how today’s race will turn out?  And if you then placed a bet on that race, might that be almost as good as betting on a horse that had already won?

Let me simplify this a little….

   Imagine that a 100 metre race took place in 2005. The competitors were five overweight forty year old blokes and a 22 year old six foot two inch footballer. The footballer won the race. Now imagine another race taking place next week – same track, same distance, five overweight forty year olds and a fit 22 year old footballer. Different overweight forty year olds, different footballer, but the characteristics of the runners, distance and track are the same.

  Do you think the outcome of that 2005 race might give you a signal towards picking a winner for the race next week?

  Okay, I’ve simplified this a lot, but hopefully you get the idea. Betting on the footballer would be like betting on a race that’s already been run, even though none of the runners have competed against each other before. It’s like betting on an event that has already happened.

  Well that’s the exciting premise behind the now notorious advisory service I’m writing to you about today – one that I’m going to invite you to try out completely free of charge for the next 14 days. It utilises cutting edge 21st century database technology to predict the outcome of races that have already been run in the past and, to all intents and purposes, are about to be run again.

  It’s the brainchild of  Damon Blake, a self-confessed computer geek who openly admits that he knows nothing about horse racing, but he doesn’t need to. In fact, knowing nothing about horses or racing could be something of an advantage for Damon. You see, nobody who knows anything about horse racing would have come up with this!


  Because they look at a horse race in terms of form. That means looking at the individual horses and riders and making a judgement on their chances of success when compared with the odds.

Damon does none of this.

  He approaches it from a completely different angle... has a race ‘like this’ been run before, and what was the outcome.  He’s compiled detailed data on thousands of UK horse races over the past 20 years. His system is incredibly complex but what it does in essence is compare the data on upcoming races with his archive data to find a race that "has been run before."

  His strike rate is astonishing. But rather than attempt to convince you with what are (literally!) unbelievable facts and figures, I want to do something more tangible…

I want you to be one of just 9 new people to try this out for yourself for the next 14 days, completely free of charge and without obligation.

   That way you can find out for yourself. You can either ‘dry trade’ or place bets during the trial period. Your choice. Either way, the information won’t cost you a penny. You can then let the results decide whether to continue.

  Fair enough?

Here’s how your trial will work…

  When you sign up for the trial (more about that in a moment) we’ll ask for your email address. Damon will crunch the data overnight and arrive at his selections (if any) for the day between 10.00am and 11.00am. He will then send you his selections by email by mid-morning. The bets recommended will be ‘win-only’ selections, as you might expect.

  This is incredibly simple. There are no each way bets, lay bets, hedging, doubles, accumulators or anything of that nature. No complicated odds calculations, staking plans or minimum bets. All you’ll receive (and all you’ll need) is the name of a horse and the race it will be running in. You place a bet to win (or at least a virtual one) and that’s all there is to it.

All we ask during the trial are two things:

 1.  That you at least keep track of how the selections are performing. 

 2.  That you keep all selections confidential.

  This is very important. If we find at any time that anyone subscribing to the service has been relaying bets, sharing them with third parties, discussing or publishing them online, then their membership will be cancelled forthwith. This is going to make members a great deal of money,  but  it’s vital to protect everyone’s interests that we keep everything controlled and under wraps.  Putting this programme together has cost a great deal in time effort and money, and we can’t afford to have it compromised in any way.

  Still with me?

Here’s how to secure one of the new 9 places on the 14 day trial programme…

  I’m hoping you’ve realised by now that this is something pretty unique – a world away from the usual ‘tipping services’ that always seem to promise so much but deliver so little. I hope you also realise that there’s going to be a lot of competition for these trial places. 

But I don’t just want anybody!

  I said earlier that I need trial members to at least keep track of the bets. I just know that if I don’t introduce an element of commitment here, I’m just going to end up with nine new people who are quick off the mark, but don’t do anything with what we’re going to send them.

  So here’s the deal…

I’m going to ask you to send me a pound!

  No, that isn’t a mistake, you did read that right. I’m going to ask you to lodge £1 with me for the 14 day trial. Don’t worry, it’s still free because at the end of the 14 days if you’re not happy you can have your pound back! But I am going to ask for a pound in advance.

  Why such a small sum?

  Because believe it or not, even such a tiny, tiny commitment will put off over 80% of people applying for this…and they are precisely the 80% who will be quick off the mark when they see something for nothing...and then do nothing!

  Hard to believe isn’t it? There are people who would take this for free, but wouldn’t ‘risk’ a pound to try it out. If you’ve read this far, I’m sure that’s not you, so here’s what to do now.

Reserve your free trial place today…

 Simply Click Here And Sign Up Or Alternatively You Can Call Our Order Line On 01709 361819.

  Just £1 will be taken from your debit or credit card and this is fully refundable. If you’re not happy with the selections you receive during the trial period, just let us know and you’ll be refunded. If you wish to continue with the service after the trial period then you need do nothing. 

  And if you decide to stay with us (and I think you will) the price will be just £37 +VAT (£44.40) a month!

   It’s true, just thirty seven pounds a month and you’ll only start paying that once you’ve satisfied yourself that this is the real deal. What’s more you can cancel at any time. If you decide at any time that you don’t wish to continue, you can simply cancel and there’s nothing further to pay.

  There’s no long term commitment at any time, and nothing to pay at all until you know this is going to make money for you.

    When you take out a trial subscription, you’ll be emailed a simple step by step instructions to get the most from this unique service, and your bets will start coming through to you soon afterwards. Don’t expect dozens of bets each day. This is about quality rather than quantity.

But as I say,  you’ll need to act fast….

 Click Through Now To Reserve Your Place Or Alternatively You Can Call Our Order Line On 01709 361819.

  If you’re one of the first 9 people to respond I’ll enrol you on the trial programme, and you will start receiving Damon’s daily selections within the next 24 hours.

  This message has been brief, but hopefully it’s told you everything you need to know. Lets start copying 'The Whitey Mob' by betting on races that have already been run. But let’s do it legally this time.

  There’s nothing to lose by trying this out.

Very Best Wishes,

John Harrison

P.S   Don’t forget, you can try this out for £1…and even that’s refundable!

PPS  If the 9 new places have been taken, there will be a message here. Don’t miss out for the sake of a few minutes.

 Click Through Now To Reserve Your Place Or Alternatively You Can Call Our Order Line On 01709 361819.


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