How Two Words Scrawled In A Jumble Sale Book Took Me From
'Broom-Pushing-No-Hoper' To £297,000 Cash In The Bank In Just 180 Days!

My Boss Laughed Out Loud When He Saw Me Sweeping The Floor At Work One Day...But It Was Me Who Had The Last Laugh!


Dear Reader,

I Can’t Believe What Just Happened To Me...

 Three years ago I was a dead-end bloke in a dead-end job...a middle aged man ‘kicked around’ by life, ignored and patronised by just about everyone around me. Broke and broken.

But Now Things Couldn’t Be More Different...

 We just moved into our dream home...a 5 bedroom detached house with a huge garden in a leafy suburb of town...and sitting outside on the drive is a silver Mercedes SL convertible and a dark blue Range Rover Vogue. Just last week, we returned from a 10 day Caribbean cruise and later in the year we’re off to the Maldives. All paid for in cash.

 It’s all a far cry from the 3 bedroom ex-council semi, the rusting Ford Mondeo and the fortnight in a high rise hell-hole in Spain, (all financed by mortgages, loans and credit cards) which was my life before the day that changed it for ever.

  My name is Terry Wilson, and I want to tell you about that day, what it led too, and how you can copy what I do now, (but without the blood, sweat and tears that I went through).

Okay, Here’s How It All Started...

  For more years than I’m comfortable remembering, I worked shifts in a factory making parts for the car industry. The pay was terrible, the work was boring and repetitive, and the shifts played havoc with my social and family life. My wife complained that we could never go out anywhere because I was always working...I did a LOT of overtime to make ends meet...and I never seemed to get to see my kids.

  Every year there was the threat of redundancy. Some car manufacturer would close yet another plant, and everyone would start worrying whether we’d be next on the hit list. For someone without a penny in the bank, and over £20,000 worth of debts, this wasn’t a comfortable situation.

   But do you know what I did about it?


 It’s true! Despite being in an insecure, low paid job that I hated, I just kept turning up day after day, year after year. Why? When I look back, I honestly can’t tell you. All I know is doing nothing seemed easier than doing something. So that’s what I did. Nothing.

So What Changed?


 One day I’d finished off making a component, and was sweeping up the mess around my machine. It wasn’t really my job, but I like to keep things tidy. That’s just how I am. Anyway, I was just about done when a group of the younger guys came past with my boss, a University graduate in his mid twenties.

"Alright Terry?", asked one. "We were just long have you been here now?"

  It was a question I hated being asked. Every time somebody asked me that, it was like being forced to face up to how much of my precious life I’d let ebb away. But I answered anyway...

"It will be 23 years in January." I said.

"Bloody hell," came the reply "You ’d have thought they’d have given you a gold-plated brush to sweep up with as a reward!"

I’m still not sure what happened next, but something in me just snapped. I could see my boss laughing in the background. Sure it was good-natured, but is this what my life had become...the butt of peoples jokes...a sweeper-up...a laughing stock...someone to be looked down on and patronised?

 The words came out so quickly I could hardly believe it was me saying them...

"Don’t think I’ll be needing one of those..." I said handing the brush to my boss "...because I’m finished."

 I turned around, got my coat and marched out of the door, leaving my boss and everyone else just standing there in stunned silence. It was only when I got outside that I realised what I’d just done. Part of me wanted to go back, but a bigger part wanted to keep see what else was out there for me. And that part won.

 To tell you the truth, walking out of that door was a lot easier than walking through the next one - the one at home.

  "Had a good day?" said my wife...

 That wasn’t a pleasant discussion, I can tell you. I thought I knew all the words for idiot, but I was wrong. She taught me some more. I understood how she felt, but my resolve was getting stronger by the hour. The worst was over. There was no going back - only forwards to something new. But I hadn’t the first idea what that ‘something else’ might be.

 Next day, my wife was still angry. She hardly spoke a word until lunch time when she mumbled something about our daughter needing to be picked up from school where she was running a stall at the annual jumble sale.

"You might as well go and make yourself useful. You’re not doing anything else." She said.


The Trip That Was To Change My Life...

 I set off about 45 minutes early (for some reason I didn’t really want to hang around the house!) and decided to spend time rummaging through the stalls whilst I waited. Jumble sales aren’t really my thing, but I do have an interest in old books, and as usual, one of the stalls had a whole stack of them.

 Most were the typical well-thumbed novels and cookery books, but right in the middle of the heap was a red leather-bound volume...about an inch thick with yellowing pages which looked interesting. I pulled it out (knocking over the rest of the heap in the process - much to the stall holder’s disgust) and carefully opened the fragile pages.

 Now I don’t know whether you believe in fate, but the very first page I turned to had the following sentence boldly underlined in blue ink...

"Surplus will never come to the man who works in another’s employ."

 Did I know the truth of that or what? So that got my attention. And then, a few pages on, again underlined in blue ink was this...

"It is the fool who in commerce takes his pay by the hour because his hours are limited but his needs are not."

 As I turned page after page, I found more and more sentences and paragraphs underlined and circled - each seemingly more boldly and enthusiastically than the last.

 When I arrived at the final page, right at the bottom, someone had written two words in capital letters in red ink, followed by three exclamation marks. It was almost like they’d absorbed the book, and then reached an important conclusion.

 On the inside back cover was a faded label with a name and address about 70 miles away - clearly the original owner of the book. On the back cover was another label - much newer this time scrawled in biro. It simply said ‘25p’.

 I reached into my pocket, pulled out the money and handed it to the lady on the stall. After destroying her display, I would have felt obliged, even if I hadn’t been so intrigued by the contents!

 "Any idea where this came from?" I said, pointing out the address label in the inside back cover.

"Don’t know who that is," she said "but I do know who brought the book in...a lad in year 7," She leant forward conspiratorially and looked to both sides to see if anyone was listening "His family are absolutely loaded - inherited millions from his Grandad last year. Having a clear out I expect, ready for their new place."

"How did the Grandad make his money?" I asked

"No idea." she said, popping the book into an old supermarket carrier bag and handing it to me.

My Mind Was Buzzing As I Headed Home...

 That night when everyone had gone to bed I took the book out of the bag and started to read. Every other page had underlinings or phrases circled and I decided to make notes on them. It seemed crazy, but I’d got this idea in my head - what if this young lad’s granddad had got rich from something he saw in this book?

 By 4.00am, I’d read the entire thing. It was absolutely fascinating. But what did it all mean? I went to bed mulling over what I’d read...and most intriguing of all, those two words written in bold red ink at the end.

 Next day, I was very tired and no nearer solving my problems - or so I thought. To kill an hour or two, I switched on my computer and started surfing the net. After checking my emails and a few of my favourite sites, I decided to tap in the old guys name into Google to see what I could find. If you’ve ever done that, you know what came up...thousands of web pages, but nothing I could tie up with the book.

   I was just about to switch off when I had an idea. How about tapping in those two words in red ink? Bingo! On one of the sites on the very first page of searches, I found the following words...

"It’s almost impossible to get rich working for someone else, and even if you work for yourself it’s still impossible if you charge by the hour."

 I couldn’t believe I found this!

 Wow! Almost exactly what I’d read (but in more modern language) in the book from that jumble sale.

 That sentence was in the middle of an ‘ezine article’ posted on a website. I went to the site’s home page and started to read. Those two words in red ink in the old book had made no real sense to me before, but reading the words on this website was like lifting a fog.

This Was What The ‘Red Book Man’ Must Have Been Thinking About!

 You see, it turned out that the guy who wrote that ‘ezine article’ had made a fortune using a method I’d never heard of before. He didn’t have any premises, any staff or any overheads. He didn’t even have any products as such, and yet he had a money-making system which was raking in millions of pounds every year - most of it sheer profit.

  Now that got me really excited. Why? Well when I delved a bit deeper, I found a guy in the 1920’s who’d made a small fortune with something remarkably similar. And then two more in the 1930’ s, and another in the 1940’s...all of whom had used a close ‘relative’ of what I was now learning about. It looked like my ‘red book man’ might have made his money using the same basic system in the 1950’s or 1960’s... and now this bloke on the ezine was doing it in the 21st century. Here was something which would endure for ever and a day...

And As Far As I Could See, Hardly Anyone Was Doing Anything Like It.

 It almost seemed like a ‘lost system’, the bare bones of which had been passed down through the generations, with only a handful of switched-on individuals rediscovering it and then ‘tweaking’ the system to cash in on modern conditions.

The Perfect Money Making Opportunity For Me...

 The great thing was that I wouldn’t need any start up capital. Just as well because I didn’t have any! I wouldn’t need any staff or premises either. Just as well again because I couldn’t afford staff or premises. And it looked like I’d be able to do everything from home. That was just as well too, because a roof over my head (albeit owned mainly by the bank) was just about all I had in the world!

 I’d never sold anything to anyone in my life, and after 23 years working on a machine, I didn’t want to start now. This system looked like it would suit me fine, because I wouldn’t have to do any selling. And I didn’t want to be shackled to working fixed hours because I’d done enough of that. Well with this...if I could make it work...I wouldn’t have too.

In Fact It Quickly Dawned On Me That If I Got This Right, I’d Barely Have To Work At All

 Those words from the red book now made total sense in the light of what I now knew...

"It is the fool who in commerce takes his pay by the hour because his hours are limited but his needs are not."

 Here was a system I could set up to run on which could make money for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...a system which wouldn’t even need me to be there to have money flooding in.

 It all looked so simple, and to be honest, that worried the hell out of me. You’ve got to remember that I’d just spent over 20 years as a semi-skilled machinist (and broom operative!). I’d been conditioned to believe that you don ’t get something for nothing. The idea of getting paid for doing nothing just seemed wrong somehow.

 But I spent the next couple of weeks doing some more research and getting a very basic plan together. What did I have to lose? Not much apart from some time, and I had plenty of that to spare. The result is that 17 days after picking up that red book for the first time, I was ready to ‘pull the handle’ for the first time...

Let Me Explain What I Mean...

 That’s just how I look at this system now ...just like pulling the handle on a fruit machine, but one that’s rigged to pay a jackpot almost every time. After I’d got my plan in place, it took just three phone calls to pull that handle.

And That First Golden Jackpot Pull Off The Handle Was To Change My Life For Good

 Within days, I had more money pouring into my bank account than I’d ever seen in my life, and I wasn’t doing much for it! Once I’d pulled that handle, I couldn’t stop the cash even if I wanted to. It just kept coming. To say I was amazed was an understatement.

 Thirty days after getting started I was opening my bank statement and staring in disbelief at the figures. I’d made over £5,000 in my first month ‘working’ from home with no business experience and no start-up capital - all from a standing start.

 What’s more I’d put in a fraction of the hours I used to when I worked for a living. And it was all done from my tiny kitchen table at home with no boss telling me what to do. No clocking-in, no getting up on freezing cold mornings, or working late into the night. Answerable to no one.

 When my wife saw our bank statement she flipped. You see, I hadn’t told her what I was doing (she wanted me to go out and get another job you see) and she was convinced I was doing something illegal! But once I sat her down and explained exactly how the system worked, she calmed down. And I’m delighted to say she’s never mentioned the dreaded ‘job’ word ever again.

Just As Well Because I Could Never Go Back...

 Nowadays, I get up when I want, spend my time exactly as I please, and only work if I really feel like it. But I’ve got to say this is so simple, and such good fun, that I feel like working quite a lot.

You Could Even Call It Addictive...

 And who wouldn’t be addicted to making £5,000-£10,000 or even more for doing a little preparation (which takes just a few hours) and then making the three phone calls necessary to pull that handle again? I don ’t think I’ll ever tire of that.

 As I told you before, I now have my dream house, my dream cars and go on the sort of expensive holidays I used to fantasise about when I filled out my lottery ticket. I’ve always loved expensive wrist watches, but could never afford more than a £20 digital job before. Now I have a collection of 6 ‘first division’ watches, and have just bought a beautiful Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso. So much more tasteful than a tacky Gold Rolex!

Wristwatches Might Not Be Your Thing, But I’m Sure There’s Something You’re Equally Passionate About...

 Can you imagine what it feels like after years of just scraping by, to be able to walk into the best jewellers in town and lay out over £3,000 in cash for something like that...not because you need it, but just because you want it? And do it knowing there’s plenty more cash where that came from?

Yes, It Really Does Feel Like A Dream...

 But none of it’s a dream, it’s a beautiful reality, and if any of this strikes a chord with you, if it gets you just a little bit excited (and I’m not sure what hope there is for you if it doesn’t) then you’re going to be blown-away by what I’m about to tell you.

 You see, over the last couple of years I’ve fine-tuned the system so that I can practically run it in my sleep. That £5,000 I made in my first month was fantastic back then, but if I had a such a poor month as that now, I’d probably be suicidal! I know I’ve got something special here, and now I want to take things to a new level...

   I want to prove that I can teach anyone regardless of age, sex, wealth, background or education to copy my success and earn an extraordinary income from home.

And That’s Why I’ve Synthesised Everything I’ve Learned About This Unique System Into A Comprehensive Private Start Up Blueprint.

   I’ve called it...

‘How To Make £1,000 A Day Before Breakfast!’

You’ll find out why when you get your hands on the blueprint. But don’t worry - you won’t have to get up early in the mornings to make this work for you. In fact once you’ve ‘pulled the handle’, you can lay in bed as long as you like and make money whilst you sleep!

 Now I want to be very clear about one more thing before I go any further...

 There’s absolutely nothing illegal or immoral in what I’m going to reveal. I’m not the kind of person to get involved in anything that isn’t completely above board, and I’m sure you aren’t either.

 If you’re ‘between jobs’ at the moment this will be perfect for you, but if not it really doesn’t matter. If you have a job, I certainly wouldn’t recommend you do what I did...storm off in a huff...because it isn’t necessary. You can easily run this system around work and other commitments in your spare time.

 Once the money starts rolling in, you can decide to give up working or not, but there’s no need just yet.

 In my blueprint, I’m going to reveal every last detail of how you can get this system up and running and working for you...within a matter of days if you’re in a hurry. I’m then going to show you how to turn it into your own ‘pull the handle cash machine - one which keeps churning out money wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing....

Prepare...Make 3 Phone Calls...Start Banking The Cash

What Could Be Easier Than That?

 Some of the things I’m going to tell you will surprise you - shock you even. If you’re used to making money the conventional way, then you’re in for a rude awakening. But I’ve kept everything practical and down to earth,(don’t you hate it when people over-complicate things just to make themselves look clever?) and made all the instructions step-by-step simple. Anyone of average intelligence can do this...

Cancel That! If A Broom Wielding Machinist Can Do It, You Don’t Even Need To Be Average!

 This isn’t one of those phoney get rich schemes. It’s a time-proven system for making extraordinary sums of which I’ve adapted, fine tuned and perfected for you to use and profit from in 2015 and beyond.

I’m Going To Show You Exactly What To Do And Exactly How To Do It

 But I’m not going to do it just yet. Not here in this letter. You see I was lucky. Damned lucky. In fact when I look back, I can’t believe how fortunate I was. That first ‘pull of the handle’ was a Golden Jackpot success, but that was more good luck than good judgement. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I really didn’t. And that’s the danger with this system...

It Looks So Simple - And It Is - But You Need Certain Inside Information To Make This Work Right Now

 If I gave you the raw details here, you’d be tempted to jump the gun and fly straight into it. It has that effect on people! There’s a big problem with that...You will try and almost certainly fail!

 As I said, I was lucky. I made some pretty wild assumptions which turned out to be right. You might not be so lucky, and if you crash and burn, it will be doubly difficult for anyone else coming along later with the ‘full story’, doing it right.

 I’m not about to unleash a hoard of ‘cowboys’, fouling up the market for the rest of us. This is my golden goose and I’m not about to see it killed. So I hope you can contain your curiosity for a little while longer. I promise it will be worth the waiting to learn how to get it right.

Just One More Thing...

 Before I tell you how much I’m going to ask for you to see my system manual, (I know that’s going to come as a very pleasant surprise) I just want to address something which is probably gnawing away at you. If this is so good, why the heck would I want to tell you about it? It’s a good question with a very simple answer...

For Money!

 You see, I know that when you see exactly how this works, you’ll be so excited that you’ll be delighted to pay for the manual, and when you do I’ll make a profit. If that bothers making a profit from you....then I’d genuinely rather you didn’t send for this.

  If you order a copy, and decide to give this a go, then you’ll be absolutely no threat to me or my private ‘cash machine’. You’ll understand why when you get the system manual. So as you see, I’ve got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose from sharing my little discovery with you.

  So how much would you expect to pay to view this information - the information that has taken me from a miserable job and mounting debts, to complete financial freedom with cash in the in my dream house, driving my dream car, and taking the holidays which...yes...I only used to dream about?

Well How About Nothing...Not A Penny?

 You see I’m going to invite you to learn every last detail of what I do, how I do it and how you can do the same without any risk or obligation whatsoever. The cost of my manual, if you decide to keep it and act on it is just £77.00 (+P&P)...a ridiculously small sum I’m sure you’ll agree to get the blueprint to copy my proven moneymaking system.

But I Only Want You To Send For My System On Approval

 I’m confident that you’ll absolutely love the system manual I send you. I don’t think you’ll be able to wait to get started making money. But I know you can’t be sure of that just yet. So here’s what I want you to do.

Discover The Secret Of My Cash Generating System Risk-Free And Fully Protected, With My No Questions Asked Cast Iron 90 Day Money Back Guarantee...

Your Risk Free Cast Iron 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order a copy of ‘How To Make £1,000 A Day Before Breakfast!’ on approval. If you don’t think the system manual I send you is worth at least 100 times what you paid.

If you can’t see how it would work for you, or if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, just return it within 90 days for a full unconditional, no-questions-asked refund of the purchase price.


  So even if you decide to return the system manual for a refund, you’ll still get to find out exactly what I do and how I do it - for free. You see I don’t want to keep a penny of your money if your don’t think you can benefit from my system, and change your life forever.

Look, I’m Not Stupid...

 I know that you could order the system manual, return it for refund, and get everything for free. You could, but I don’t think you will, any more than I would have stolen the book from that jumble sale.

  You see, when you find out for yourself how simple and lucrative this is, you’ll be glad to pay the price. And quite frankly, I doubt that the sort of person who wants to trick me out of a measley £77.00, is ever going to benefit from the system anyway.

Let Me Send You This At My Risk Today..

 So there you have it. The rest is up to you. If you want to get hold of a copy of my system manual on approval - without risk or obligation...

Order Your Risk Free Copy Of 'How To Make £1,000 A Day Before Breakfast' By Clicking Here Or Just Call My Publishers 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.

 Three years ago I was broke, defeated...a laughing stock. I was a mess. This system completely transformed my life, and I know it can do the same for you. I know you still can’t be sure yet, but you’ve absolutely nothing to lose by allowing me to prove it to you first.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very Best Wishes,


Terry Wilson

Former "Broom Pushing No Hoper"

PS. I just want to be clear. You need no capital or special equipment to get this working for you, other than a basic home computer. Everything else is in the system  manual. This isn’t anything to do with an internet business or gambling.

PPS. The first thing you’ll learn in the system manual, is what those two words written red ink were!

 Order Your Risk Free Copy Of 'How To Make £1,000 A Day Before Breakfast' By Clicking Here Or Just Call My Publishers 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline On 01709 361819.


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 I recently purchased a copy “How to Make a Thousand Pounds a Day Before Breakfast” from you and was delighted with the manual. It really is mind-blowing when you think about how many different products could be produced.”
- Neil Stephens – Co Durham

“Just completed reading Terry Wilson’s manual. Very interesting and informative. Well worth the cost. Thanks again!”
- Steven Scappaticii – Email

“Very interesting book of advice and well written”
- Albert Bishop – Barnsley

“I recently purchased the ‘How to Make a £1000 Per Day Before Breakfast’ publication from you and must say it was very inspirational.”
- Alastair Sharp – Email


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