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  Money is something we all need plenty of. The fortunate few know how to make money easily without working hard for a living. These are people who do not have to go to work to enjoy a life of comparative luxury. They do not have to worry about a job or pensions or unemployment. Today you have the chance to join them and we are delighted to bring you one of the genuine ways to make a healthy TAX FREE INCOME in only a few minutes each day – and you can do this just by following in the footsteps of someone who is already doing it.

    Have you ever wondered how on earth some people can drive around in luxury cars and always have plenty of Cash without going to work? This exclusive information reveals one of the ways you can do it and gives you all the answers you need to enjoy the same wonderful lifestyle yourself. All you have to do is COPY a successful model.

  If you do the same as someone who always has plenty of cash, lives in a beautiful house and drives the car of their dreams – all paid for from the fruits of their knowledge – without ‘working’ for it -  then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be fulfilling all of your dreams aswell. The same actions will produce the same results. Money "can" be easy to come by!

This Amazing Step-by-Step Guide Shows You How.

  You can choose to generate a healthy second income or to eventually give up your day job and enjoy the same freedom and lifestyle which is being enjoyed . . . . . .every single day by others. This information is so powerful it cannot fail if you just follow it step-by-step.

Secrets Revealed.

  Now for the first time ever a Professional has broken ranks to reveal all the secrets of how you could make many thousands of pounds a year, every year, by doing something which is very easy to do every day simply by following exactly the same proven methods that he uses himself to enjoy a wonderful care-free lifestyle. Now You Could Do The Same.

  Even if you are not familiar with horse racing and don’t know one end of a horse from the other, don’t worry! This book contains an easy solution which will enable you to enjoy a fabulous tax-free income simply by following the authors personal advice each day – on the authors professional daily advice line, which is an Exclusive opportunity strictly limited by personal invitation to our special customers.  Allow me to introduce you to . . .

"The Magnificent Seven
Professional Winning Strategies"

  If you are familiar with horse racing you’ll recognise the incredible value and wonderful opportunity this information presents to you. Because never before has a Professional Investor revealed all of the closely guarded secrets that enable the few to be so successful.

  At last! Information which hasn’t been available – up ‘til now. Quite frankly we were amazed when we saw just how easily the professionals make bundles of cash on a daily basis. I tried just one of the methods in this book and made over £900 in my first week and I had never backed a horse before in my life! (The strategy I used was revealed to me on page 43, check it out when you get your own copy). Imagine being able to win everyday, this information shows you how you could.

  We’ve seen other publications about winning systems, but usually they are only about one system. This book shows you seven of them and plenty of other powerful cash-building information aswell. So we can honestly say we have never seen anything like this before. Today you can find out for yourself just how good this information is. You won’t have ever seen anything as good as this!

Putting The Systems To The Test

  On one Saturday I followed just two of the systems. Now, I don’t personally know a thing about horseracing! I just took a few minutes out of my day to follow the step-by-step format in the book and I stuck to two systems I particularly like.

  I had four bets and placed £10 on each one. These are the results: Miss Langkawi WON 5/1, Rosarian WON 9/4, Chase The Sunset 10/11 LOST, Swansea Bay 2/1 WON. I staked a total of £40. With three out of four winners my return was £122.50, giving me a profit of £82.50, a 205% return on my investment. This is not a one off – it happens time and time again! Or why not just follow the daily advice line if you want to! You’ll be amazed at the quality of this service which you can try for yourself if you choose to get hold of this information – another Three Winners today!

The Bookies Don't Want You To Have This Information...

  This brand new book reveals the incredibly powerful strategies that true professionals use to generate large amounts of tax-free ready cash on a daily basis. Now this knowledge can be yours and you have the opportunity to use exactly the same proven strategies that will bring you the same fantastic results.

  We know you’ll have doubts. But cast them aside because the information before you is special, very special. In fact specialised knowledge like this is rarely revealed. Today you can pick up a Golden Key you can use to make money:

Everything Is Included And Nothing Is Left Out. In This Wonderful Book You’ll Discover:

PLUS  Check out the amazing information contained in the chapters:

‘The Professionals Secret Weapons’

‘Make Yourself Invincible’

‘Accelerated Success’

‘Four Aces’ and

‘Heads You Win, Tails You Win’

  Put simply, this book is a must-have for anyone that’s serious about winning large amounts of cash every week.  It’s like having your own expert right by your side.

    There are no less than SEVEN proven money making strategies in this book and you could make a decent additional income from any one of them on its own, so imagine the knowledge and earning power you’ll have at your disposal with seven proven money-making machines!

    Every body dreams of finding a way to make easy-money, but what if you were actually able to make enough money in just a few minutes each day so that you really could start to enjoy the finer things in life? Imagine that! It would change everything wouldn’t it?

Well The Dream Just Turned Into Reality!

    Now, we are not saying this method of achieving a better financial future is for everyone. In fact if you’re short of cash we would actively discourage you from following this method, because one of the things the author stresses is in order to be successful you must have a sum of money to start with which is completely separate from your household budget and one you can treat as a dedicated resource. This could be as little as £250, but it should be a sum you can treat as a dedicated ‘bank’ so you can use it freely without causing yourself concern or affecting your household finances in any way.

    For those of you who can afford to make professional investments on the Gee Gee’s, you’ll quickly discover this is a much better way to achieve capital growth and far greater returns on such a dedicated sum than the current measly 0.25% per year interest rate would give you. Take a winning investment on an Even Money shot for example, (poor odds in the world of horse racing), this in fact returns all of the money you invested and a 100% return on your capital! E.G. a £50 investment would return at £100.

    And not many people will know or appreciate that even a small £5 each-way double (£10 in total), winning at odds of 5/1 and 6/1 returns a massive £238. Or to put it another way a 2300% return on your investment! Imagine if it was a £25 each-way or a £50 each-way stake. Your returns would be £1,190 and £2,381 respectively, TAX FREE. No wonder that horse racing has never been so popular in the UK as it is today.

    Now imagine you have the personal advice of a dedicated expert on your team and you could call on the specialist knowledge of someone who knows how to find these winners. Well that’s exactly what this book will give you –the inside information on how it’s done. What if you could then call on your personal expert for daily advice so you could be sure your money is on the same ‘investments’ as his? Well now you can do that too! Because this book comes with the option of being able to join the authors professional advice service so you can profit from the authors personal research each day and put your money on the same winners as he does!

From Now On You’ll Be Able To Find The Winners And Make A Ton Of Money Easily!

    Do you know that with this knowledge you could be able to generate a Tax-Free income of UP TO £100,000 PER YEAR OR MORE just by following in the footsteps of someone who’s already doing it! OK we know an extra £100k per year isn’t going to make you rich, but with that kind of extra money coming in you’re bound to quickly notice a dramatic improvement in your lifestyle.

  Think of it, - an extra £8,000 per month! With that kind of extra disposable income coming in you’d quickly be able to clear all your debts, buy the things you really want, when you want instead of having to scrimp and scrape. There’ll be no more ‘just getting by’ because for a change you’ll be able to start to really enjoy life without worrying about counting the pennies. Treat yourself to a luxury holiday each year courtesy of the bookies!                   

  Buy that new car you’ve always wanted and if you don’t know what to spend it all on then you’ll quickly be able to amass a huge pile of cash in your bank account for the future.

    This is very real and a One Time Only chance for you to take advantage of this special invitation to you today. The opportunity will not come around again as this invitation can only be sent to each person once only so don’t miss out by procrastinating - take positive action to make a dramatic improvement to your income starting from today by securing your own copy of this strictly limited issue information. We have just 500 copies to release and they will go quickly so you’ll need to reserve yours within the next 72 hours to be sure of securing a copy of what is undoubtedly the best information of its kind and it’s only available exclusively from us.

  So how much would you expect to pay for something which could give you up to £100,000 or more not just this year but Every Year for the rest of your life once you have it?

  What’s it worth for you to be able to generate a tax-free income of many thousands of pounds each year with the knowledge this book will give you?

  Well you’ll be pleased to know the cost is substantially less than the 3, 4 or even £500 you might have paid elsewhere for just one system, even though this book gives you seven amazingly effective winning strategies.

  Also, with the knowledge you’ll learn, you’ll no longer have to rely on those expensive tipping services charging you up to £6,000 per year!  See the chapters on ‘Leverage Your Success’ and ‘Gone Fishing’ and not only save yourself a fortune but make yourself a fortune from the secrets you’ll discover. You could save yourself £6,000 a year right there!

Never Worry About Money Again!

    Don’t worry; we’re not interested in extortionate prices. We believe in a fair deal and in providing quality products at real value-for-money. So we’ve decided to release this information for just £197. Others would charge you at least £395 for information of this quality and that’s for each system! Here you’re getting all seven incredible cash generators for one fantastic all-in price.

 Your Profits Are Guaranteed…

  If you want one of these places, read on and I’ll tell you how you can join. You can be up and running and in profit  – in less than a day. And what’s more your profits come fully guaranteed!

Your 90 Day Test Drive Money Back Guarantee

  Send for The Magnificent Seven on a home trial basis. Try out the system in the comfort and privacy of your own home for the next 90 days.

  You can take advantage of the help and support service. And then if for you fail to make a substantial return on your investment, let Streetwise Publications know and they will return your money in full!

  Please note that this isn’t one of those airy-fairy guarantees you see a lot these days. The Magnificent Seven package is really easy to copy. There’s no big complicated  manual and once you’ve seen how it works, it  can’t be taken back again. So if it came with one of those silly guarantees where you can send the product back for refund if you don’t like the look of it, I think Streetwise would be crazy. This is the real deal!

  So just to be clear, if you’ve got any thought about ordering this just to ‘have a look’, it’s probably better you don’t order. If you’ve got any thought about ordering so you can copy it and get a refund, it’s definitely better you don’t order! But if you intend to order and put the system to a proper test, then you’re fully and completely covered by the money back guarantee.

Fair enough?

    This information is not in the public domain and is exclusively available by invitation only. We are writing to invite you to acquire your own copy of this great book today before the limited print run is sold out.

    OK it’s time for you to decide whether you’re going to be a winner or not! The price shouldn’t be a consideration for you because...

It’s A Self-Financing Acquisition!

   You’ll quickly start building a healthy bank of cash winnings as soon as you start using this information and your investment in knowledge will be repaid to you many times over. Betting with confidence and using proven winning systems will make a dramatic difference to your bank balance from now on.

Remember, this is truly incredible value-for-money information which brings thousands of pounds every year! 

  So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity because this is an offer that will not be repeated and is a genuine Invitation Only Special Offer for this book. You can make this the start of a wonderful cash-rich future by ordering your copy today.

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  And just days from now you can start to create money with the powerful knowledge which will be yours for the rest of your life with this wonderful book of secret knowledge –

"The Magnificent Seven Professional Winning Strategies"

Regards and Best Wishes,

Lisa Squires

 P.S. There is definitely an art to winning consistently and the amazing seven professional winning strategies in this book will give you the magical keys to success from now on.

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